Libby Meredith and her husband Roger, a college professor, have a quiet, comfortable marriage. They journey to the Great Smoky Mountain region of Tennessee, where Roger will spend his sabbatical year writing a book. Their neighbor, an unhappily married mountain man falls in love with Libby at first sight. Although plagued by guilt, Libby cannot deny the sudden, overwhelming passion and exuberance she feels as a result of the mountain man’s confession of love. Their brief, idyllic infatuation is interrupted by sudden violence.

Also Known As: Primavera en otoño, En promenad i vårregnet, A Walk in the Spring Rain, Die Frau des Anderen, Caminhando Sob a Chuva de Primavera, Chuva na Primavera, Setnja po prolecnoj kisi, Bahar yağmuru gibi, La pluie de printemps, Hennes annen vår, Enas peripatos stin anoixiatiki vrohi, Secretos de una esposa, En tur i forårsregnen, Passeggiata sotto la pioggia di primavera, Die Frau des Anderen West, Kävely kevätsateessa, Spacer w wiosennym deszczu, Haru no ame no naka o

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