A young attorney looks to gain a position at a prestigious law firm while secretly dating his boss’ daughter, who he’s hoping to marry; but when his loving girlfriend decides to arrange a surprise family weekend get-together, his plans blow up in his face, especially with the arrival of his ghetto-fied family, the Stankershets. Travis and Courtney portray love interests who struggle to hold on to their relationship all while their two families wage war in an explosion of hilarity. It’s the far east against the deep south; strict, traditional, Korean customs versus a backwards, country way of life. In the end, Travis must find a way to make the two families peacefully co-exist long enough for him to propose to the woman he loves.

Also Known As: A Weekend with the Family, Dinner with the

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  • sander-truu
    sander truu

    This movie made us look at how diverse each family is and how the interactions between our families sometimes is not so pretty. Heck sometimes our inter-family interactions are just as messed up. Love and acceptance is all that matters. Everything else will work out.

  • reet-ots
    reet ots

    To be honest, a lot of people on here talk bad about this movie but I love this movie. But we all have our opinions. I rated this movie a 10/10 because it is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen also it’s my opinion about the movie. I think if you are scamming the comments to get an idea if you want to watch the movie. Try it out. It is a pretty good movie. It made me laugh a lot.

  • stacy-russell
    stacy russell

    The acting from Ms.Tran was completely unnatural and felt forced in my opinion, I feel like this whole movie could have been scripted better.

  • vajen-schrant
    vajen schrant

    Bad acting!! Why was Chantel Jefferies in the movie? She had like one line. They basically took B2K and Instagram “thots” and made a low budget movie. They made the Asian mom a stereotype as well as the black family. It’s actually pretty offensive to both ethnicities. Not funny at all.

  • antipatros-melitsopoulos
    antipatros melitsopoulos

    When you fall in love and you’re considering marriage, meeting your significant other’s family can be a very stressful experience. You want to make a good first impression and you want this family that you plan to join to accept you. Your future happiness may depend on it. Yeah, that’s some pressure right there – even under the best of circumstances. Now imagine having that first meeting with no warning, an immediate misunderstanding with your mate’s parents, a clash of cultures and then your family showing up unexpectedly to witness – and complicate the whole thing. Sound like fun? Not for the characters in “A Weekend with the Family” (NR, 1:21) and, unfortunately, not for the audience either.Travis Stanley (Marques Houston, who also co-wrote the film) is a hot young lawyer who is planning to propose to his dental hygienist girlfriend, Courtney Clancy (Karrueche Tran). She learns this when she discovers the ring in the house they share. She’s excited about the impending proposal, but she’s very concerned that neither one of them has met the other’s family. Courtney decides to surprise Travis with a weekend getaway, but doesn’t reveal that she’s taking him to meet her parents at their vacation home. She also secretly calls his parents and invites them for the weekend. Two birds, one stone.Travis is in for a weekend of surprises – and he’s not the only one. When Courtney drives up to her parents’ house and tells Travis where they are, he goes into a minor panic, but gathers himself and tries to make the best of the situation. When he meets her father (Dorien Wilson), who is a judge, a secret comes out that reveals why Travis had been avoiding meeting Courtney’s parents – and casts doubt on his intentions. But the Clancys push forward with the purpose for their weekend gathering – celebrating the Korean New Year, a holiday that’s very important to Courtney’s Korean mother (Suzanne Whang).The family (including Travis) dresses and otherwise prepares for a very traditional Korean holiday meal, but then the doorbell rings and Travis is surprised to see his own family on the Clancy’s doorstep. As everyone sits down to eat, Courtney’s father and Travis’ father begin to argue. The liberal, loud and uninhibited behavior of Travis’ father (Clifton Powell) and mother (Wendy Raquel Robinson) doesn’t sit well with the conservative, upper middle class judge. Courtney’s mother tries to keep the peace, but the rest of the weekend involves tension and insults between the two families, putting a lot of stress on the relationship between Travis and Courtney. Meanwhile, there’s a subplot of a budding romance between Travis’ brother (Black Thomas) and Courtney’s sister (Chantel Jeffries) and another subplot involving the judge running for state senate, a candidacy that is jeopardized by the ongoing inter-family fighting.This movie feels like a low-rent retread of Ben Stiller’s “Meet the Parents” (2000). Both films include a boyfriend meeting his prospective fiancé’s family while spending a couple days at their house, plus dealing with her intimidating and suspicious father. Both films also include such details as the ruining of an irreplaceable family heirloom, a sporting event during which one family member gets hurt, someone being arrested and someone lying about his real name. Take all that and throw in the embarrassment that Stiller’s character suffers when his fiancé meets HIS parents in the 2004 sequel “Meet the Fockers” and you’ll see that there’s not much in this film that’s original… or funny… or otherwise entertaining.”A Weekend with the Family” sadly squanders a premise with real potential. What could have been a fun and original Korean-American / African-American version of those two Ben Stiller movies instead settles for recycled plot points and random outrageous behavior masquerading as comedy. This plot is cheaper and has more holes in it than a box of generic macaroni and cheese. It’s hard to imagine real people in situations like these acting the way these characters do. Exaggerated behaviors can be very funny, but not with these actors performing this script. I will say that Travis and Courtney, when they have the screen to themselves, make for a charming couple and several isolated dramatic moments actually work pretty well, but all that is more than overshadowed by many ridiculous situations, a lot of overacting, dumb dialog, embarrassing attempts at humor and rampant racially-insensitive gags. When choosing a movie for your day off, do everything you can NOT to spend a minute of your weekend with this family. “D”

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      Are you a parent or a teacher?

  • zaza-kirt-aze
    zaza kirt aze

    The film is like a bad movie from the 80’s… The idea was great , maybe not so much original but it’s take you to the new Asian black thing no one talking a bout. the Asian culture is very popular now so it could have been something unique, but it’s all end with the idea because it’s like white racist wrote this script. what the most annoying is the Korean wife not really Korean and she speak with accent, she even doesn’t look like Korean woman and not acting like one . they just using the Chinese stereotypes and it’s not funny at all. We’v seen Al ready the black poor family that acts like animals in front of the reach black family that couldn’t accept this nature, and by “this nature” i mean “the black nature” they are ignorance, aggressive, sexual and all those stereotypes we all know ,but is it sum up with this dumb old superstitions? i don’t think the audience even the white ones believe this anymore or this make them laugh.

  • ashot-kayfejyan
    ashot kayfejyan

    I only made in 36 minutes before I had enough I don’t know how it ends nor do I care to know how this movie ends I have never been more disgusted with a movie in my entire life and I am severely disappointed in the actors and actresses except ms. tran she’s said anti-black rhetoric in real life so nothing she does surprises me whether it’s in film or in real life. This movie is beyond offensive and the crappy quality of this movie speaks volumes what I don’t understand is how they managed to get actors that are so highly respected Wendy Raquel Robinson, Shondrella Avery, Clifton Powell and Dorien Wilson to participate and act in this ratcheted movie! I can’t speak for the Asian-Korean community but I don’t understand why they would choose someone who is Vietnamese and Black to depict your culture and represent your community this way that’s a spit in the face and I basically saying that you all look alike, that the culture is the same and that all blasians look alike! Chris Stokes and Marques Houston were CLEARLY COKED OUT OF THEIR MINDS when they made this movie because the disrespect was there on both fronts! Again I can’t speak for the Asian- Korean community but I just felt it was SOOOOOOO DISGUSTING how they put on treasured Korean clothing and began chanting and making a complete mockery out of the culture I was completely fed up after Raquel who played the mother began singing a hymn and the moment I heard the blatant disrespect of African dialect when they all began to CLICK THEIR TONGUES WHILE SPEAKING! This movie is disgusting and every single person who played a part in it should be ashamed, ASHAMED, ASHAMED, ASHAMED! Be wary of these Marques Houston and Chris Stokes collabs and be wary of any movie or TV show involving ms. karrueche tran because please believe if she’s in it then you already know it’ll be a RACIST DISASTER! I seen this on Netflix, it needs to remove this movie from their roaster immediately all of the comments/ reviews state the same it’s racist and offensive to BOTH Asian-korean and black culture! LAST BUT NOT LEAST THE ACTING AND THE WRITING WAS SO BAD SO BAD SO BAD, WHY DID THEY EVEN BOTHER MAKING THIS MOVIE WHY DID THE ACTORS AND ACTRESSES I LOVE AND RESPECT SO MUCH SIGN ON FOR THIS, THIS RACIST POS! I AM FLOORED and WHY DOES KARRUECHE TRAN KEEP GETTING CASTED FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SHE CAN’T ACT! SHE LITERALLY CANNOT ACT AND THEY KEEP PAIRING HER WITH PEOPLE THAT WE ACTUALLY LIKE TO SEE AND THAT CAN ACT! But tran or no tran this movie was terrible and they need to kill it with fire.

  • natasha-reynolds
    natasha reynolds

    I’ll keep this short. Coming from a half Korean family, I was excited to watch a movie that might show something similar to my experience. I was extremely disappointed. I can’t speak for the black side of the family, but as a Korean I find this pretty racist. The Korean mother is a complete Asian stereotype. In my opinion, apart from the hanbok they wear, there was nothing about the family that was accurately Korean. From the chopsticks in the daughter’s hair, to the weird bowing thing they did before dinner, together this movie is a complete train wreck. We Asians aren’t a joke, and African American people aren’t either.