Rahul is a singer, who loses his career due to his drinking habits. He meets Arohi in a bar in Goa, where she works to earn a living. Impressed by her singing, he promises her to take her to Mumbai and make her a star, where they fall in love with each other. Aashiqui 2 is a musical love story of these lovers who goes through love and hate, fame and failure in their lives. However will they stay together accepting their success, or will they breakup due to their ego?

Also Known As: Romance 2, 愛するがゆえに, Жизнь во имя любви 2, Aashiqui 2

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  • sig-ciro-neri
    sig ciro neri

    The Guy drinks and the girl is just lame. Now that’s Aashiqi 2 for you. A slow sluggish, predictable torture, an unending tale. Some people said that its about true love. True love was no where to be seen, it was all tears, weeping & crying(that too without a reason).Aditya Roy Kapoor was good, Shradha was just average.at some point of time, you do get irritated by “Arohi.. Kuch Nahi”Thumbs up for the Song “Tum Hi Ho”. P.S. – In my circle, I’m the only one who hated it. I was taken to a theater just to watch it. Cant Believe I wasted 3 hours on this crap.

  • heogyeongsu

    It was an awful movie. It didn’t have any morale to be given to the audience. A very awkward story which can never hit to the mind of a reasonable movie goer. It was hard to believe at many places. I am really unhappy to find Indian movies without any message or wrong messages conveyed to the audience. What they want to tell to the movie goers. It was overly extended to beyond 2 hours, whereas it could have finished in 1 hour. Every second minute some idiot used to appear to taunt the hero about his affiliation with the heroin, which he used to take serious and then start consuming more alcohol.. what nonsense. I wasted my 2 hours and literally I was fast forwarding this by the end to get rid of this stupid movie. Better, If I have watched an animated movie. The only good thing was the title song which was too dragged to much in the movie again and again. Acting was Average. A must avoid for any sensible man

  • tiffany-wiggins
    tiffany wiggins

    Score 3/10 This film revolves around the emotion love but it is not there. They fail to establish this emotion. Nothing is new in story as well as in screenplay. A few dialogues are just OK. Starting 20 minutes of film is unbearable slow. Scene of heroine’s introduction, where she forces hero to collect the tomato rather than accepting any monetary help is OK but rest are below average. There are many illogical scenes. Heroine fails to recognize a well known singer, even whom song she loves to sing and perform in the first long introduction scene but she recognizes him so quickly in second meet. Performance wise Aditya Roy Kapoor as Rahul, has no expression on his face as well as in his voice except shouting. Sharddha Kapoor as Arohi, is good but best in emotional scenes. Music is just OK. After all a disappointing film.

  • olga-makogon
    olga makogon

    5 stars for music only. it would have been better if they could have launched the album only. i rarely watch Hindi movies now, because i know the story handling capacity of Indian directors specially like mohit suri. i was sitting and getting bored so i decided to watch a movie, when i couldn’t find any other movie, i thought of watching aashiqui 2, there were other movies too, but i chose this one because it was the sequel of blockbuster of first aashiqui, with some good numbers i thought i could enjoy this movie and see some romantic story, but by the middle of the movie i lost all hope and decided to finish the movie by pressing the fast forward button, thats the good point of Hindi movies that you could finish them at the click of a button without missing much, now to the movie, there is a man who is alcohol addict, the movie doesn’t tell a thing about how he became a alcohol addict, what problems he had which made him such a dipressed man, he has a good career, but the reason was missing, after accepting the fact there that might be a reason, i moved ahead, now the hero meets the heroine of the movie, the hero was nice to her, and instantly fell in love with her, got to know her story and life and her talent,decides to make her a superstar, this becomes his dream and which he achieves too, the girl tried to persuade so that he could leave his habbit, but he refuses to do so. and finally to help her , ends up ending his life, this is way beyond logic for me that a person can end up his life for other person by committing suicide if its his/her love,mostly a person commits sucide to end his/her miseries. the story was just so unrealistic and out of the world. i thought a lot about the pshycology of such a person but i couldn’t figure that how he is so dumb that he could help her by ending his life. cant write much

  • elmars-silins
    elmars silins

    My sister watched this movie first. And she told me to have a handkerchief before watching the movie. Reason: the movie is so emotional that she thought I won’t be able to control my tears. It made me too excited and I watched it. While watching, I kept on thinking that my sister had lied because nothing such happen. But suddenly, in a scene where Aarohi talks to RJ’s uncle saying that she was ready to leave everything to get into RJ’s world (sharab ki duniya), I couldn’t help myself. And I realized my sister was right to some extent. The performances by the new comers are great. Director has also done quite a good job. The movie is romantic. My friends say that it’s too much romantic (Aarohi… Kuch nahi, bus yuhi) and they don’t like the way the movie ended. But for me, despite some mistakes, everything’s fine, the whole movie is nice. Background music and songs are awesome, gonna be favorites for everyone. I recommend don’t listen to critics, you watch it.

  • kristi-bates
    kristi bates

    ‘Aashiqui 2’ is A Decent Watch! Director Mohit Suri delivers a rather depressing tale on love, along-with amazing music, soothing background score & sincere performances. ‘Aashiqui 2’ Synopsis: A faded music sensation promotes a new talent, only to see himself in greater pain later on. ‘Aashiqui 2’ has a slow-paced first-hour, but an engrossing second. The film doesn’t begin well, but comes up gradually & ends depressingly. Shagufta Rafiqui’s Screenplay lacks pace in the first-hour, but deserves credit for a captivating second. Mohit Suri is a talented storyteller & he has directed the film nicely. Cinematography & Editing are fair. The music is amazing, while the background score is soothing. Performance-Wise: Aditya Roy Kapoor & Shraddha Kapoor deliver sincere performances in lead roles. Also, they share a wonderful on-screen chemistry from start to end. In the supporting cast, Shaad Randhawa & Mahesh Thakur are excellent. On the whole, ‘Aashiqui 2’ has genuine merits.

  • filomena-colombo
    filomena colombo

    Aashiqui 2:In the year 90’s and 2000’s we have had many great Indian movies but sadly, since let’s say 2009-2010 the movies became more and more boring. Bad copies, bad acting, bad comedy and etc.. the worst movies became blockbusters..This movie can be put in the same category with the few great (refreshing) movies like 3 idiots, barfi, vicky donor. It’s a new story and not the 505th love story.Okay now about the movie; Wow, just wow! Brilliant story, great acting especially since both are new, at some points they even acted mind blowing, great songs etc.Finally a movie that stays with you for a while and if you have a heart, it will make you cry.To be honest, I made this account only to give this movie a 10 and it does really deserve it.For me, this movie is one of the best movies in the bollywood movie industry.Enjoy watching it and take some tissues with you because you will cry for sure.

  • kadri-laats
    kadri laats

    Very misleading for today’s youth. Love can conquer everything. Love gives you hope and faith to live life not to lose your life. Very slow and dragging movie. The only good point about movie is song and music. Acting is also good. But the message story conveys it’s not appealing. It’s not a movie one can remember forever like KAL HO NA HO or DDLJ. the story of success and failure of stardom is very old. Giving up life for your loved one is not really a solution. Must avoid.. don’t waste your time. Movie could have been really fast paced. movie is not that effective to put a good sign. Aditya Roy Kapoor is quite promising with his superb acting. very less was from Arohi.

  • tadeas-vlcek
    tadeas vlcek

    Before watching this movie i happened to come across a review by someone somewhere and i was totally blindfolded by the reviewer, every positive aspect about this movie was ridiculed and written on as a negative. But the TRUTH- I would like to keep my review short and truly agree to the fact that this movie is for people who has loved someone (be that anyone, not just a bf/gf) with all that they got. It left me heavy hearted insanely same as what i had felt at the end of ‘Titanic’. The music is awwww-some and the movie in a nutshell- Cant get any better! Kudos to the actor and actress, awesome chemistry! You guys brought tears to my eyes!!!

  • carolina-porto
    carolina porto

    Movie Review: Aashiqui 2This movie is about untreated depression, which ends up in a suicide. The Urdu word “Aashiqui” means “Showing love for someone”. If that was the case, then the whole movie was quite ironic cause there was no love shown, rather hatred for self and for someone you claim to love by following it through a coward act of suicide. Leaving your loved ones at the mercy of a world without you, by choice. It took me 5 years to finally bring myself to watch a movie that has been so successful at box office and popular, especially among the youth. When something is this popular, I usually don’t watch it right away as I seem to give it some time to gather enough reviews. Its like reading a product’s reviews before actually being the “first victim” of any such product.Watching this movie was quite depressing and many times, I just wanted to turn it off right in the middle. But each time, an awesome music will stop me. It has great songs, playback singers and simply amazing musical production. IMHO, probably the only reason this movie became so popular i.e. its music and songs. Beyond that, a complete failure at everything. I do want to give credit to the acting but something inside me stops from doing that only out of my frustration at the movie scriptwriters. Probably a classic example of how a good music and a good acting can save a potentially terrible movie plot. I strongly recommend you to NOT watch it as I will NEVER watch it again.

  • titos-tsatsanes
    titos tsatsanes

    while i set down to write a review for this film, i thought what is really good things that this film have….? littreally nothing. from starting to end everything goes flat. Aditya Roy kapoor need acting class. even after 4 film he does not know acting. even very easy emotion that he didn’t carry out. he play the character that drunk all the time, but his dalogue tone & speech is as as other person even director has not noticed. few question i really like to ask to Mohit Suri which he didn’t explain in film…! 1- why Rahul was drinking alcohol all the time in film…? 2- why he want to make a SHradha as a singer…! 3- he really love Shradha or he hate her fame or he frustrated for nothing..? 4- why he was breaking glass, tabel and other stuff in house all the time?…? if u really want to see the grate performance than watch ‘awargi’… Anil kapoor was his best. even Satish Kaushik & Govinda as a supporting cast were nice. overall Aashiqui 2 is mixture of Film Daddy, Awargi, Abhiman….

  • antonia-rosa-pozo-robles
    antonia rosa pozo robles

    I would not call it a movie. It was an ensemble of people who were groping for a meaningful story, screenplay, direction and choreography. Sometimes in life everything go bad; Asshiqui 2 is that bad! It is an old plot of a rich prodigal guy loving a poor prodigal girl. They strike a bond immediately and viewer never understand the why and how of that! There are so many loopholes, plain faces of lead actors, even side actors did bad (other than a watchman, he was good). Dialogue delivery of actors unpolished, plot unplanned, and haphazard. There was no congruity between actions and emotions. Direction was lost at its best. Movie did not even care to explain many vital questions like what was wrong with RJ, how Aarohi became so successful? Who was RJ’s dad? Why RJ became a moron? Why didn’t RJ and Aarohi marry? And ultimately, why did RJ commit suicide?There is an endless list that I prepared while watching through a typical substandard family sop like movie. It was a time to kill in the cinema hall.Music was the only good thing. And I got enough of it.Avoid this movie.

  • lovre-vugec
    lovre vugec

    After about two years after Rockstar I experienced almost the same effect with Aashiqui 2. It is much more dramatic like any conventional Hindi film. Heavy dialogues which will sometimes get you thinking. The script and story actually doesn’t matter much when it gets the job done for the audience. The film has its own moments. Sometimes they will look a bit lame to you but ultimately the viewer will fall in love with them. I usually get a bit bored while watching Hindi films and this one kept me hooked, was more of an accomplishment.The story is a bit well paced in the first half and keeps it grips the viewers with many different shots and then comes the second half in which the struggle with alcohol abuse is mainly focused and is shown excellently. Mohit Suri didn’t wander into ridiculous depths to show the alcohol abuse but kept it strong, unlike Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Devdas. It wasn’t required here because the movie didn’t require it. The second half was jeweled with symbolic sequences and again gets the viewers thinking about alcohol abuse and its consequences.The sound, the music was awesome and that’s where I think I am comparing this film with Rockstar. The music of Aashiqui 2 knitted up the scenes spectacularly and made you high and low with it and in the end even got a lump in your throat and a teardrop in your eye.I won’t say that acting was the forte’ of this film but the actors did a commendable job. Shraddha Kapoor’s inncocent but pure dialogues and acting will keep you hooked.Despite of all the minor flaws. You will fall in love with this film without a doubt and that is what counts.I will give this film a 3.5 on 5 for a good package all together. Cheers.

  • kalevi-miettinen
    kalevi miettinen

    As an essential clarification, I would like to begin with the fact that if a film is remade or its sequel is planned after decades, then there are simply no grounds on which either the films or their music can be compared in any form or manner whatsoever. And the gigantic reason for this valid argument is that those two projects are purely related to two different times, distinctive eras and two diversely brought-up generations which don’t allow us to discuss any kind of comparative study related to the projects unnecessarily. Therefore the review here has nothing to talk about the original AASHIQUI released in 1990 or its extremely popular music in the paragraphs ahead.However, the other harsh reality here remains that with AASHIQUI 2, the Bhatt camp once again proves the wide spread notion in the industry that they truly know the film business more than anybody else in the present, when it comes to making remakes, sequels and inspired movies with some hit tracks unarguably. The film has a title fetching them an instant recognition due to its brand value, an already successful soundtrack, an interesting fresh lead pair and the whole ‘Cost-Factor’ under control like a perfectly planned business venture which has no probability of giving them losses even if the film is not liked by majority of the audience sitting in the theater. Also following their own decades old track record, this time they pick up the 1976 version of A STAR IS BORN, directed by Frank Pierson and featuring Barbara Streisand & Kris Kristofferson in the lead. Interestingly, the English film has its own history of remaking in both the West and the East beginning from the year 1937. After its initial release in 1937, it got remade twice in 1954 & 1976 (in the west) because of its engaging subject on music & its illustrious career struggles. In India, Hrishikesh Mukherjee made his own cult classic ABHIMAAN in 1973 featuring Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bhaduri (Bachchan) in the lead, which was a subtle Indianised version of a similar tale. But it’s the current 2013 remake of the Hit, which religiously takes its inspiration from the 1976 version of A STAR IS BORN, revolving around the life of a immensely famous Rock Star fading away from the charts due to his drinking habits & arrogant nature.No doubt, director Mohit Suri and his writer Shagufta Rafique add their own notable insertions in the script to make it an intense emotional love saga, as always expected from the Bhatts. But in the process they push their film into an avoidable zone which is too melodramatic, extremely slow and not so happening for the young audience in particular, after its first hour. In straight words, the film begins well with all its introductory scenes and manages to hold the attention of its viewers in a decent manner. But just before and after the intermission, it loses all its pace, becomes completely predictable and offers nothing in the name of entertainment (read emotional pleasure), despite of having some good tracks playing in the background.At times it does make you feel the ‘Mahesh Bhatt Impact’ in few of its lovable scenes, but along with that the film also has few directly lifted sequences from the original as usual. It begins with an exactly similar scene taken from the 1976 remake of A STAR IS BORN, the couple meet each other in a bar in almost the same settings and then the film ends too on an identical note, truly following its inspirational source from the West, unsurprisingly.The film’s Soundtrack is already a Big Hit, its Cinematography is fine and the Background Score provides what was required from it in a decent manner. But somehow I felt the arrangement (orchestrisation) of its songs too heavy and repeatedly interfering with the otherwise melodious compositions of the tracks & their meaningful lyrics. In the acting department, the fresh pair is likable and they have also acted well in their difficult roles respectively. Yet the appreciation would more go towards Aditya Roy Kapur than Shraddha unfortunately. The boy impresses you right away from his first scene itself and then seems to be at a comfortable ease with his confused character throughout the film. Shraddha looks cute and does well particularly in the second hour. She is sure going to win some hearts with her innocent feature, but still I couldn’t feel the emotional attachment with the two characters suffering together on the screen and couldn’t relate to them honestly as I wished too.Probably one of the reasons for this detachment from the film was its story-base which in the current scenario is simply bizarre and unimaginable. Because today there is no place as such for Pop Singers or their Individual Pop Albums in Indian Music Market anymore. Yes, this was the scene in the 90s when Pop Culture was flourishing in India due to the Cable TV revolution in the country. But in this new millennium, only film music rules the nation and there is almost no scope of any Pop Artist to make such a name & fame in only few weeks as shown in the film.In a nutshell, it has got performances and some good music too but how many times we are supposed to see the same rotten story again & again like dumb viewers. Its fine that in our part of the world if you have a Hit soundtrack then half of your box office battle is already won. But what about the entertainment factor or the emotional connect in a movie for which the viewers are there sitting in the theater. And in case that is missing in an intense love story such as AASHIQUI 2, it really doesn’t deserve any high ratings as far as this review is concerned.

  • christopher-martin-taylor
    christopher martin taylor

    While people will surely draw similarities between Aashiqui-2 and Abhimaan as the theme may be similar but the treatment is contrast. Here, the story revolves around how obsession pulls you down and importantly there are no ego clashes but a lot of love for each other that eventually gives strength to both for taking their final decisions.In comparison to its contemporary Aashiqui, this one wins the race in all but the music department. I guess Aashiqui-1’s music can’t be challenged till date and it will remain a milestone forever. Having said that, music of Aashiqui-2 is no less than brilliant, I was humming the songs when I came out despite hearing them very first time so surely they are intoxicating.Story as many would be telling is similar to Abhimaan, a super star musician RJ is rapidly declining from his stardom but he doesn’t care of it much. Amidst of this fall to disgrace, he comes across Arohi, a subtle middle class “Dream to catch Moon” girl. He is blown away with her vocals and gives her a dream of making big in music. He in the entire journey to her stardom stands next to her protecting and promoting her being immensely in love with her not caring his personal status. As they say, fame comes with fate. In this case Arohi’s rise to top brings happiness to the couple but society brands RJ as a fallen tree who is taking solace in the rise of Arohi. Arohi on the other hand holds together RJ not to fall completely apart, sadly unsuccessfully. The stigma of being the one who is pulling Arohi down from her rise, RJ part his way from her leaving her to become what he always dreamt for her.From the cast point of view, both protagonists fit their roles to the best. Shraddha Kapoor as a middle class girl looks every bit of it, she looks ravishingly refreshing, not with lot of makeup her natural beauty does the charm all the way. Acting wise, I thought she could have done a better job but she was convincing in her role. My pick of the movie is definitely Aditya Kapoor. He has done few roles before this movie but nothing special to mention, this movie would make him a star he should be. His role of a drinking problem ridden vocalist has been revelation. The only thing which I thought was missing was a die for chemistry between both the leads. Mohit Suri needs pat on back for handling the story so well; this movie is surely director’s baby. Final acknowledgement to the singers of this movie, Aashiqui-1 made T-Series what it is today, similarly these new singers have made their mark by giving vocals in Aashiqui-2, I hope they will succeed the same way.8/10 for the good show.

  • jose-francisco-colomer-arcos
    jose francisco colomer arcos

    Aashiqui 2 starts of beautifully with a captivating song that you will find yourself humming as you walk out of the theater.Many things hold the movie strong.This was the first time I saw the lead pair Aditya Roy Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor and i was mighty impressed. Aditya with his semi-dashing,semi-conservative looks does a great job portraying a conflicted singer who is past his prime and turned an addicted alcoholic. Shraddha who plays a budding singer whom Aditya promotes exhibits great talent playing a charming and loving girl.The lead pair move the strings in your heart with their powerful performances.The audio of the movie is superlative,the background score is good and two- three songs stand apart.The songs and great acting are the highlights of the movie.On the flip side the second half kinda drags with belabored scenes along with a few scenes that lack common sense.The movie should probably have been half an hour shorter.The ending is unconventional as well.Still the movie has enough stirring moments and is decent enough to watch in the theater!

  • alexios-anagnostes-ampatzianes
    alexios anagnostes ampatzianes

    Awesome movie. Great Songs. Divine music. Beautiful story telling.You will fall in love with this movie.Despite being newcomers the actors have done a very good job.Forget the critics – they get paid to criticize. There problem is that they know how to do it but can’t do it themselves.The movie touches you like no other love story ever has.The best Love Story ever made.Will cherish watching this movie for the rest of my life.What an experience,what a movie.Go fall in love.

  • tanya-murray
    tanya murray

    I usually don’t bother writing reviews or anything but this movie made me register on IMDb just to write here…. This movie is awesome…. In fact awesome is a small word… Both Aditya and Shraddha carried their roles brilliantly. You can see that one wants the other’s success and one wants only the other in their eyes…. Strong acting, Legendary music, and fantabulous script…. What more can you ask from a movie….. Sun raha hai tu and Tum hi ho will remain in my heart for ever…. I seriously advice people who have loved someone ever in their life to see this movie…. And those who have not fallen in love yet should definitely watch this one….10/10….

  • juliana-valente
    juliana valente

    This one is out of this world. The benchmark for the last part of the 20th century was set by Aashiqui 1 and this one has set a new benchmark for 21st century.Amazing performances from the two lead actors to say the least. Once you listen to the music especially TUM HI HO, it is hard to take it out of your mind. You will only understand this movie if you were in Love and lost your love due to certain circumstances surrounding you. This movie will surely touch many many people if not everyone. Well done guys, it will surely take a lot to beat this movie and come out trumps.Thanks each and everyone involved in Making this Blockbuster !

  • elsa-gunnarsson
    elsa gunnarsson

    Its been a years that i haven’t seen a romantic flick which has not got SRK or which is not a Yash Raj banner’s movie..Aashiqui 2 is a complete surprise which has beautiful songs that connects to the hearts. Aditya & Shraddha both are incredible in the movie.This movie has tried to show how an alcoholic tries to fight to quit the habit & how his love goes beyond her ways to tender him & protect him..I was little disappointed with the ending. However, this movie could have had multiple ending so considering that it wasn’t that bad..It’s a must watch kind of romantic movie if you have a taste for it..

  • vicenta-amat-villalonga
    vicenta amat villalonga

    AASHIQUI 2 (Movie Review)ONE LINER:Meri Aashiqui Tum Hi Ho..!!EXPECTATIONS:Expectations were not much high till the first trailer came.. But as the trailer came the hype the buzz the expectations became so high. Bhatts returning too romance. T series production. AASHIQUI was a total cult hit brand. So continuing it. Mind blowing music.. Expectation rose day by day…VIEWS:1. Firstly the movie is a total surprise package as it is not at all any resemblance with AASHIQUI or ABHIMAAN..2. MOHIT SURI gives a total change movie here getting away from his route and He delivers..3. It’s all and all romantic movie seen after a long long time. Pure clean sweet cute romance..4. A total romantic movie which makes u fall in love with it since the very beginning.5. Music is just mind blowing. A total chart buster.6. ADITYA ROY KAPUR & SHRADDHA KAPOOR are just wow..7. Overall it’s a lovely romantic movie having its heart in its place and will not much give more details otherwise movie story will be revealed.A different approach to a great extent.STORY & SCRIPT:Story is very good. Script is beautiful. Screenplay is good. Dialogues are lovely.DIRECTION:MOHIT SURI delivers an all and all romantic movie and his direction is beautiful. His one of the best. After WOH LAMHE & AWARAPAN this His another great work as director.MUSIC:Music By ANKIT TIWARI, MITHOON & JEET GANGULY is just the one of the best soundtrack have heard in a long long time.. With TUM HI HO and SUN RAHA HAI NA are just mind blowing and jump up each other whenever u hear another one. CHAHOON MAIN YA NAA and BHULA DENA are too good too.. PIYA AYE NA has a great impact in movie. Remaining beautiful too.. Just awesome Music.CASTING & ACTING:ADITYA ROY KAPUR after giving beautiful performances in London DREAMS, GUZAARISH & ACTION REPLAY gets a solo role and he delivers totally. He gets here what He deserved. He is Brilliant.SHRADDHA KAPOOR is another talent to watch out for. She gets all scenes so beautifully.She is superb. She is Cute. She is sweet.SHAAD RANDHAWA good..Remaining actors OK.PLUSSES & MINUSES:PLUSSES:1. Love And Romance.2. Music.3. Lead actors.4. Chemistry between lead actors.5. Movie’s Execution and directionMINUSES:1. Few places pace drops but u don’t think of it much as remaining it’s beautiful.2. Telephone sequence between Son and Father is useless, No need for it at all.CONCLUSION:OVERALL a Lovely romantic movie showing pure love, love and only love. What u can do for ur love. Aashiqui 2 lets u fall in love with it instantly. And furthermore it has a quotient that It’s a movie one will either love it or might be totally opposite.RATINGS: 9/10.

  • manana-c-ec-xlaze
    manana c ec xlaze

    “Aashiqui 2” is just an Amazing Movie.. I can’t really say anything about it, I’m really speechless..Aditya Roy is such a talented actor and such a nice guy.. I couldn’t felt even for a moment that he’s acting, It was seems like he’s really living those moment and his love for Arohi was true..And the Music of this Movie.. I better not say anything because all you know these songs are…. truly Incredibly Awesome. I hope the songs of this movie will last forever… and People will love the songs more than they loved “Aashiqui 1’s” songs.. and Arijit Singh was such a talented singer and we couldn’t have realized it before, He’ll become another Kumar Sanu soon.Well, The true value of this movie will only understand those people, Who are in Love. I hope it beats all the old box office record..Long Live Aashiqui 2 😀

  • aimee-goncalves
    aimee goncalves

    Aashiqui 2,a truly amazing love story. It was a pleasure watching such a beautifully directed movie with a great and different story. Fantastic work by the not so experienced new faces Shraddha kapoor and Aditya Roy kapoor which made a very beautiful couple on stage. It wasn’t the usual same old love story script but very well written and executed script. The emotions and truly incredible songs put up at appropriate moments were the charm! Shraddha kapoor’s roles in her previous films like “luv ka the end” , “teen Patti” were not as effective and couldn’t bring her into the limelight. But this movie is surely going to be a great comeback for her in the Bollywood film industry.Same goes with Aditya Roy kapoor.A very effective n deeply heart touching love story which is a must watch if you like love story movies..!!

  • sharov-agafon-georgievich
    sharov agafon georgievich

    Truly Aashiqui 2.The film is targeted at the youth.It will leave your eyes wet and your throats dry.Amazing chemistry and performance.Must watch.8/10Mohit Suri tunes the first half slowly, allowing the romance to simmer in torment and triumph. Aarohi’s character is endearing, but displays innate strength. Rahul stays pretty much ‘bottled’ (like ‘Devdas’ with a cause), with sudden outbursts of frustration and fury.Story is a ‘fix’ for die-hard lovers.AASHIQUI 2 brings romance back on the Hindi screen — intense, pure, selfless and heart wrenching. A stirring account with brilliant moments, bravura performances, strong emotional quotient and addictive music, this one’s an absolute must watch for the romantics. On the whole, Aashiqui 2 is an entertaining film with hit music and the sacrificing nature of the heroine as it biggest trump cards. It will keep its distributors smiling.

  • roy-jenkins
    roy jenkins

    Brings romance back on the Hindi screen â?? intense, pure, selfless and heart wrenching. A stirring account with brilliant moments, bravura performances, strong emotional quotient and addictive music, this one’s an absolute must watch for the romantics.