Ace Ventura, emerging from self-imposed exile in a remote Himalayan hideaway, travels to Africa with explorer Fulton Greenwall to find a sacred bat which is told will avert a war between with Wachootoo and Wachati tribes. Of course, when Ace gets involved, all hell breaks loose…

Also Known As: Ace Ventura em África, Ace Ventura: Kad priroda zove, Hamos sti zougla, Den galopperande detektiven rider igen, Ace Ventura: Vaghti Tabiat Fara Mikhanad, Ace Ventura 2: Volání divočiny Czech, Ace Ventura: Operación África, Ace Ventura - Jetzt wird's wild, Ace Ventura - Når naturen kalder, Ace Ventura 2, Ace Ventura: Hív a természet, Ace Ventura: L'appel de la nature, Ace Ventura - Den galopperande detektiven rider igen, Ace Ventura - Luonto kutsuu, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, Eisas Ventura: kai gamta šaukia, Ντετέκτιβ ζώων 2: Χαμός στη ζούγκλα, Budala dedektif Afrika'da, Ace Ventura 2: Uma Aventura na Africa, Ace Ventura 2: Um Maluco na África, Ейс Вентура: Повикът на природата, Ace Ventura: Zew natury, Ejs Ventura - Zov prirode, Ace Ventura: Un loco en África, Ace Ventura 2 - Klic narave, Ace Ventura 2 - Naturen kaller, Ace Ventura Goes to Africa, Ace Ventura en Afrique, Ace Ventura - Un nebun în Africa, Ace Ventura, un loco en África, Эйс Вентура 2: Когда зовёт природа, Ace Ventura, Pet Detective: The Curse of the Wakiki, Ейс Вентура: Поклик природи, Ace Ventura - Missione Africa

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  • nathan-freise
    Nathan Freise

    It is to bad Carry doesnt do any other movies as great as this one, It is the movie that made Carry famous, his humor, goofy faces, and his freaking huge hair

    • nathan-freise
      Nathan Freise

      All you people who say Ace Ventura When Nature Calls is NOT FUNNY are a Knucklehead McSpazatron

  • kaxa-gujabize
    kaxa gujabize

    Jim Carrey stars again as Ace Ventura in this fly by night sequel whose script looks like it was pounded out in a day.. While the first one was crude and funny ..this one is just crude..hardly any laughs at all.. it just seems tired and you just want it to end..on a scale of one to ten…2

  • kare-jacobsen
    kare jacobsen

    Jim Carrey tries hard to bring When Nature Calls to the level of Pet Detective, but even he could not help it. He might of gone a little over board in the jokes here, but I still laughed. It had that same whacky humor, like the previous film only not as good this time. The plot is basic like the first one. I don’t know about anyone else, but I did not find Ace Ventura annoying at all. Quite the opposite, very amusing and entertaining. Why not take a look at this film?. You might not be disappointed.

  • jure-mikulandra
    jure mikulandra

    Despite being retired since a cliff top incident with a racoon, Ace comes out of retirement to help find a missing sacred bat that is the symbol of peace between two African tribes. However he finds things are not all as it seems.The sequel to the first film was never going to be a fantastically inventive affair but rather more of the same, albeit not as fresh or different. The plot is almost meaningless and certainly not important to enjoying the film. The comedy is everything and it almost manages to make for a good film. Opening with an inspired and hilarious Cliff Hanger spoof followed by a reference to William Shatner’s episode of the Twilight Zone, the film fails to really keep it up and slips into relying wholeheartedly on Carrey’s mugging.Mostly this is funny but it is less sophisticated than the first film (if it’s possible to describe the first film as that!). The jokes become more about the faces he pulls than about any invention in the dialogue or writing. As such you’ll like this or hate it based on how you like Carrey when he is manic. I like him when I’m in the mood and laughed pretty regularly here.Carrey of course carries the film with ease but also has famous support like he did in the first film. However they are not given as much to do and are of less value – Callow, Gunton and McNeice are not that missed when off-screen. Of curiosity value are several British actors playing Nigerians – Akinnuoye-Agbaje is better known as the amazing actor from Oz on HBO and is given nothing to do here, meanwhile Okonedo is pretty and humorous for those of us who know her better for her gritty role in Clocking Off on BBC1.Overall anyone watching this should just be aware of what they are getting – it’s a silly comedy that is totally reliant on Carrey’s mugging to carry it. If you’re not in the mood for that then avoid – but even if you are then you should be aware that it still might not be that good a film.

  • alina-salminen
    alina salminen

    Jim Carrey is a gifted actor. He has really done some great things. Think of “The Truman Show” and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, I even enjoyed “The Mask”. But the man’s biggest gift is also his biggest problem. Sometimes he really doesn’t know when it’s all too much.This time Ace Ventura will have to rescue an albino bat out of the hands of some bad guys. The bat is very important for some African tribe. They want to give it as a wedding gift when one of their girls will marry a man from another, hostile tribe. If Ace doesn’t find the bat in time, the entire tribe will be murdered by the other one. As Ace goes on with his investigation, he finds out that he has been chasing the wrong guys and that the real culprit is someone he never suspected.”Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls” is a sequel, and most of the time a sequel is much worse than the original. And this movie isn’t an exception to that rule. It really has nothing to offer but Jim Carrey making the weirdest faces, some childish ‘humor’ (For instance spitting in someone’s face or crawling out of the ass of a rhino) and the worst overacting I’ve seen in years. I guess this movie will be loved most by 5 to 10 year old kids or by people who have the IQ of a snail with brain damage. I give it a 3/10.

  • lisa-green
    lisa green

    This inevitable sequel finds Jim Carrey reprises his role as the title character Ace Ventura, a detective who specializes in retrieval of tame or captive animals in Ace Ventura:When Nature Calls. Ian McNeice,Simon Callow,Maynard Eziashi,Bob Gunton,Sophie Okonedo and Tommy Davidson play key supporting roles.His latest case, the disappearance of a rare African white bat, draws him out of his spiritual retreat at a Tibetan monastery following the tragic outcome of his previous case.Ace Ventura is on assignment in Africa to prevent a tribal war by saving a white bat sacred to both sides. Along the way, he nearly sleeps with a seductive African princess before her wedding, experiences astral projection with an enlightened monkey, masturbates, collects bat dung and, last but not least, is birthed by a mechanical rhino. Often short on taste, the film is nonetheless full of good spirit and plenty of genuine belly laughs particularly during the fight scene with a diminutive tribal champion.Not for every taste, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls is either hilarious or insufferable, depending on the viewer’s opinion of Carrey’s unique brand of slapstick and sight gags. If you’re ready to laugh like a pack of hyenas, if you want more fun than an industrial-sized barrel of monkeys, you know what to do.Watch this film for that reason and also for guilty pleasure.

  • dr-merethe-pedersen
    dr merethe pedersen

    I watched this film in the cinema when it came out. Not intentionally – we had planned to watch Seven, but it was sold out. The options were Babe the Talking Pig, or Ace Ventura 2. I wish i had spoken up for Babe the Talking Pig.There were four of us watching this film and we only stayed until the end out of politeness. Left to my own devices, and in a cinema with about five other people, I would have walked out after about 20 minutes. I actually really enjoyed Mask – but this film, despite a famous cast, is truly awful.This film is a complete turkey. There is no plot to speak of and the madcap physical humour grates after about a minute. It is the same the entire way through – there is no characterisation to speak of, just an endless stream of deeply unfunny attempts at humour. Terrible.

  • boynak-soylu
    boynak soylu

    Jim Carrey is a funny guy. Parts of this movie are funny. Too many parts of this movie are too disgusting to be funny. If you have a brain dead child, he or she will enjoy Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. I laughed at parts of this movie as they are actually pretty funny. The main problem is that the actors are very obscure celebrities and Carrey has the whole movie to himself. The Ace Ventura character is not funny enough to carry an entire movie without good supporting help and there is little of that here. Carrey is much funnier when he becomes subject to the plot, not when he tries to dominate it. Subtle humor is always funnier anyway but Carrey is too hyper and/or manic too frequently for my taste. That kind of action sinks Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. The movie is light hearted and is easy watching and the overall plot really isn’t that bad. The Ace Ventura character has worn out his welcome by the end of this, however, which is no doubt why there hasn’t been another sequel and probably never will be unless Carrey gets desperate.

  • joseph-french
    joseph french

    I loved the first Ace Ventura. But this travesty turns what was a good detective story with lots of humor into a piece of crap. I hated this movie. I would have walked out but my friends watned to see it. I can’t think of a single time i laughed in this gross monster of a movie.

  • jason-james
    jason james

    Ace Ventura – When Nature Calls, was the first movie I can remember that I simply had to see. Not because the first movie was that good but there was just something so mesmerising about Carrey that he was too important to ignore at that time. He had three hit movies in a row, although I didn’t really enjoy Dumb & Dumber that much either. Boy, was I disappointed. Not only did the movie suck but there is a mean spiritness running all the way through the proceedings that is hard to swallow. I am not talking about the gross-out humor, like Carrey making the biggest loogie in history (by the way that was quite disturbing) but the director seems to think that Ace has to be the World’s biggest jerk to survive in the African setting.As in the first film, many of the supporting characters are just decorative, except Simon Callow (he was the gay guy who croaks in Four Weddings and a Funeral) and Sophie Okenedo. It’s amazing she was nominated for an Oscar this year judged by this film. Carrey totally dominates every scene and it looks like that the star in him has taken over completely. That’s acceptable, as so many 20 million Dollar men would probably do the same.The plot of the movie does seem more thought out but in this kind of venture who cares. It is totally under the mercy of how many catchphrases Carrey can recite and the rather embarrassing slapstick humor. Another annoying thing is the way Ventura has suddenly been turned into a pervert although the twist at the end is rather clever.So in summary the film is in very bad taste but there was a market for that sort of thing as the movie was a huge hit. But please, let’s stop the insanity before Jack Black, who is the next pretender to Carrey’s place, takes over.

  • eduardo-martins
    eduardo martins

    What twisted gods or forces sent Jim Carrey and Ace Ventura to this world and for what sins? Watching this “movie” is the kind of punishment that makes the worst ancient Chinese tortures seem like picnic. Were I a brain surgeon, I think if I had to perform a lobotomy on someone, I’d just make them watch “Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls”. I thought Adam Sandler’s “comedies” were at the very bottom of the barrel of the worst movies ever made, but “When Nature Calls” must be knocking from below them… This “film” isn’t funny, isn’t entertaining, isn’t original, and in fact it’s not even disgusting (though it tries to be, I must admit that). Why do they spend any kind of resources on such trash?

  • marcus-perez
    marcus perez

    The strength of the original was allowing Carrey to display his own unique brand of wild anarchic humour within a story which, while slightly ludicrous, was at least plausible, entertaining, and believeable.This sequel fails because it looses that vital final element. While the directing allows Carrey to go a bit too far into toilet humour at times, the scene where a mechanical rhino gives birth to Carrey especially, this is half expected in a sequel to such a movie and does not ruin it entirely. Its failure is the sheer stupidity of Ventura gaining ‘spiritual enlightenment’ in Tibet, before being called over to Africa to meet a series of English stereotypes while trying to solve a truly implausible plot.I still cannot believe that such respectable actors such as Simon Callow would agree to do this type of movie, something that all other Hollywood actors from the first movie avoided.At his best, Carrey is hilariously funny, at his worst, he’s like this.

  • brittney-wade
    brittney wade

    I thought that Ace Ventura Pet Detective was pretty funny but this movie was so bad that I was embarrassed to be watching it. There were a couple of funny jokes repeated from the first movie. The new jokes were lame butt jokes. I probably would have thought they were funny when I was eight years old if my mother had allowed me to go to movies where men are sodomized by gorillas.She didn’t.It is also very ironic that this movie was filmed at the 777 Ranch in Hondo, Texas. Celebrities and other rich people go there on vacation to shoot tame game animals, many of which actually appeared in the film. For $3,500 you too can personally shoot one of the scimitar horned oryx from the herd in the movie.

  • cvetka-nemec
    cvetka nemec

    Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (1995) Review: After a funny and clever first installment, we get a sequel. However, Some sequels should have not been conceived.Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls is not funny. This movie is more than just stupid, it’s has a lower I.Q. than Forrest Gump. This movie does not rely on good comedy, it relies on complete and utter stupid s**t.I was shocked on how much this sucked. The first movie had good witty comedy with a slab of clever to boot. The clever and wit of the first is not here. The plot is meaningless, the acting is too desperate and the comedy fails on so many levels. There are a few funny parts, but the rest is stupid humor, garbage humor, rinse and repeat. The main problem: somebody did not burn the script.The Last Word: If you like stupid, and I mean unintelligent crap, than this is for you. The comedy gets tired and forced. At least Carrey got to pay the rent with the paycheck, so it’s not a total loss.

  • dana-stafford
    dana stafford

    I was shaky about ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE. It treaded on the line between funny and silly, between good and bad. This one crossed the line. It wasn’t especially bad, but I can’t call it good. Most of the good jokes are recycled from ACE VENTURE: PET DETECTIVE. All that’s left within ACE VENTURA: WHEN NATURE CALLS are stupid gags. (This proves my theory that sequels that are made the very next year of the movie are never as good, aside from SCREAM 2.)Ace Ventura, (Jim Carrey) after accidentally letting an animal die in one of his cases, has gone into self-imposed exile. But he returns to the pet cases at the request of Fulton Greenwall (Ian McNeice) to save a sacred bat. The wealthy Vincent Cadby (Simon Callow) has paid Ventura to save the bat before two African tribes go to war over it.Jim Carrey is his usual overacting self in this movie, but it’s more annoying this time. This is the stage of his career I really didn’t care for. This movie is still not as bad as DUMB & DUMBER, though, but the jokes are either old from the first movie or stupid. Ian McNeice and Simon Callow do an OK job, but their characters are not interesting because of bad plot and acting. The absence of Courtney Cox is probably the worst part of the movie.My final analyses…don’t bother with this movie unless you are a Jim Carrey fan.

  • vik-tor-vasaze
    vik tor vasaze

    N’ah wasn’t a fan of this film. I just thought it was a stupid in the wrong way, whereas the first one was stupid for all the right reasons!The only thing that makes me laugh is how desperate British “thesps” Simon Callow (fresh from the success of Four Wedding and a Funeral) and Ian McNeice were to make a big Hollywood film!Best moment from this film was probably the Slinky moment and the birth of a baby rhino! And they only managed a smirk from this writers face!4/10

  • timothy-mitchell
    timothy mitchell

    Jim Carrey is one of those actors you will find yourself either adoring or hating. He does not ever “underact.” This movie made me laugh so hard I cried (even after the fifth time!) From the robot rhino scene to the monopoly guy Jim knows how to be hilarious. I saw the first one (liked it a lot) and have to say this one is way better! I am a huge fan of Carrey. I don’t think there are many people who can make such a variety of facial expressions. The only reason this is not a ten is because there is (as usual with Carrey) some inappropriate stuff thrown in. But if your love laughing and you love Jim, this movie will fit you “Like a glove!”

  • snizhana-dubina
    snizhana dubina

    I just got done watching ‘Ace Ventura’ 1 as well as 2 in a row and I must sadly state: I have been disappointed.Do not get me wrong; I like this movie, but not nearly as much as the first one. Though, gotta give it that: The movie is still pretty funny, which, however, is expected of a comedy movie.Even though this movie is a tad longer than the first part, I just could not find myself puzzle over the (admittedly rather Indiana-Jones-like) case this time, whereas I had much fun doing that over the case in the first one. Simply put: No suspense whatsoever in this one.As stated above, though, I did have to laugh quite a few times at the jokes presented in ‘Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls’, which is not the only good thing (of course). This movie does still have an interesting story, which I believe to be quite surreal compared to the first movie, though that adds some more ridiculous vibe to this comedic title.Summarizing, there is only one thing left to say: If you solely watch this movie for the comedic purpose, you shall have a great time!

  • pilar-ramon-partida
    pilar ramon partida

    One of the best and my favorite comedy movies ever! I have watched it at least 7 times and found it funny each time. All those guys saying this part is not as good as the first one, must be out of their sense of humor! This part lives up to its expectations and i found it even funnier than the first part. You might get bored watching the first part 3 or 4 times but not this part! This is a must see film if you haven’t seen it already. I own its DVD and keep it very close to my DVD player all the times…never know when i’d like to watch it again 🙂 I would give it a well deserving 10 out of 10, it cant get any better than this. I really feel sorry for those who didn’t find it funny. Please Don’t miss it…watch it today!!! Highly recommended!!!!

  • jennifer-ayala
    jennifer ayala

    I loved this movie ever since in come out in 1995 when i was six years old…I love Jim Carrey am a BIG fan of him…and i think that this was his best performance…he just so funny in this movie…”It’s the mucus that binds us” still cracks me up today… His other famous saying “Ok take care now, by bye then” and “alrightly” are classic lines…Its best to see the first movie “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”, before you see the second movie so you get the feel of Ace Ventura…the jokes get so much more funnier in the second movie…Just the way Jim acts as Ace is genius…i recommend everyone see this movie…

  • aunins-jezups
    aunins jezups

    I didn’t think the first movie was any great shakes.Sure, it had Carrey in it, running amok and mugging and mimicking and making every rude sound a kid would learn by eighth grade. But the story just kept getting in the way.That’s why “When Nature Calls”, in my opinion, is much funnier.The story of securing a sacred bat is neither too intrusive nor annoying and leaves room for gags aplenty. And Carrey…. Well, he enters a slapstick marathon and wins the gold in every event. I swear the man is made of rubber.Some of the jokes are pretty gross (the spitting ritual, the “guano” references, etc.) but why should that come as any surprise? Most comedies gear for that kind of humor anymore and, more or less sophisticated, reach the same common denominator: body fluids is funny, dude.Still, without the fluids and functions, there are still great scenes (Ace’s entrance in the dining hall, the monks’ reaction to his departure, his behavior at the slide show, his driving habits, his escape from a mechanical rhino) and plenty of opportunities to see Hollywood’s most uninhibited comedian use every conceivable part of his body to make us laugh.I laughed. His work is done.When this “Nature” calls, answer it.Nine stars. And remember: do not pass go, do not collect $200.

  • andrew-weaver
    andrew weaver

    Well, then god help you. I’ve known people who are not big fans of Jim Carey’s style of comedy and I can see their point. He’s just outrageous and rarely witty. But this movie has a bit of everything: clever dialogues, beautiful locations, and of course Jim Carey at his very best.I find it much funnier than any of his other works. The Mask had too few of the ‘mask’ scenes, Pet Detective was just about OK, nothing great. This movie though is better because the story flows freely(unlike P.D) and it has a lot of Jim Carey (unlike The Mask). The scene at the monastery is actually brilliantly shot and to have such OTT comedy at what otherwise seems so mystical a location, I’ve never seen something like that. And lastly, yes it may seem a bit absurd, it’s Ace’s love for animals that comes out quite well. To have gone to a seclusion for losing a racoon(he was not paid to find anyways) is both hilarious and heart warming.The rhino scene alone would’ve made this one of my favorite comedies, but there’s so much more on offer.8/10

  • tracey-terry
    tracey terry

    Despite most views of this movie, I thought it was just as good as (and in some aspects better than) the original. Of course there was a lot of recycled humor, but there was also a lot of original humor too. I was a little bummed to find out that Courteney Cox wasn’t returning in the second installment, but they did just fine without her. I doubt it will happen, but I would love to see an Ace Ventura 3 someday.I thought the scene where Ace is trapped inside the animatronic rhino was the funniest scene in the movie, but the film is filled with other great scenes too. I also loved the fact that he is a lover of all animals, except Bats. I thought that was such a funny idea for the character. I mean, what does that say about bats if a lover of all animals can’t even stand them and finds them revolting. Just thinking about it makes me laugh. I just love the irony I guess. Anyhow, there isn’t much more I can say about this film other than if you liked “Pet Detective”, you should see “When Nature Calls”. “Bumble-Bee Tuna”,-Chris

  • dott-rosolino-ferretti
    dott rosolino ferretti

    I don’t normally respond to these kinds of things, but after reading some of the negative responses I couldn’t help myself. There is a movie out there for everyone, something everyone NEEDs to laugh at and who can relate to. This movie is the opidemy of my humor and the extreme way it portrays the upper crust world of stuffy, snobby, self absorbed unrealistic people who think the world revolves around their view and opinions is classic and makes me laugh in a way that is honest for me.I read that some people were offended by it and want to get others to share their view. All I gotta say is, “If you didn’t like the first one, why did you go to see the second one? Just to complain?” Do all of us “Friends” of Jim Carey a favor, if you don’t like his humor, just go find some stuffy anal retentive “fluff” film, and write reviews on them that we will never read since those movies are for stuck-up self absorbed types. Sorry I just didn’t think it fair that these people are “Flameing” this as if there are no other possibilities.Thanx for reading.

  • khristina-udovichenko
    khristina udovichenko

    Is it dumb? Well, it’s definitely low-brow, but it also has some gags that are undeniably clever. Is it racist? Yeah, a little, but it’s also satirizing old stereotypes about “Dark Africa.” Is it immature and and gross and sophomoric and over-the-top? Yes. Yes, it is.But someone (well, me) once said the only thing comedies have to be is funny. And this movie is dang funny. Need I remind anybody of the scene where Ace insists on dropping a slinky down the hundreds of steps leading up to a Buddhist temple? (“It was RIGHT there!”) Or the slideshow in which Ace’s hand appears to greedily devour a poacher’s crotch? That’s just hilarious!The great thing about this movie is that it doesn’t settle for outlandish set-ups that only seem to be jokes. This movie gets full bang for its comedic buck. Do we have a fight with a crocodile presented in-and-of-itself as humor? No! In a lesser film, perhaps. But Ace Ventura goes the extra mile, bringing us childish schoolyard taunts (“Stop hittin’ yourself! Stop hittin yourself!”) And is it enough to have Ace chasing the villain through the jungle in a monster truck? No – he actually pulls up next to him and utters a bon mot worthy of Groucho. Also, where did that monster truck comefrom?! The sheer resolve not to explain the truck’s presence is a sublimely satirical dig at movies that might place monster trucks in the jungle just for cheap, lazy wackiness.This movie is anything but lazy. Jim Carrey, like no actor before him, pulls out all the stops as Ace Ventura. Is he milking things? Oh sure. He’s milking things like Paganini milked the violin, or like Michelangelo milked the Sistine Chapel. He’s inventing a manic persona so complete and fully realized, that it transcends standard comedy and achieves something mystical and poetic and truthful. And that’s how it keeps from being annoying.This film is too casually dismissed because it looks like a terrible movie. I was hesitant to watch it. But maybe, years and years from now, it will achieve the kind of subversive cult-film status it deserves.