When an adorable baby boy is added to the Addams household, Wednesday and Pugsley do not hate the baby, they just aren’t necessarily excited about his existence. Ok, yeah they do hate the baby. So Wednesday and Pugsley must get rid of the new addition one way or another. Meanwhile a new nanny is added to the household who overtakes Fester. The Addams must stop the nanny, but how?

Also Known As: Pri Addamsovih 2, Los locos Addams 2, Die Addams Family in verrückter Tradition, Ценности семейки Аддамс, Valorile familiei Addams, Οικογένεια Ανταμς 2, Vrednosti porodice Adams, Addamsite suguvõsa 2, Den heliga familjen Addams, A Família Addams 2, Les valeurs de la famille Addams, Adamsu seimos vertybes, Addams family 2. - Egy kicsivel galádabb a család, Addams Family Values, Моральнi цiнностi сiмейки Адамсiв, Addamsova rodina 2 Czech, Los locos Addams II, Los Locos Addams II, Rodzina Addamsów 2, Семейство Адамс 2, La famiglia Addams 2, Adamsu šeimos vertybes, Vrijednosti obitelji Addams, Addamsova rodina II Czech, Addams Ailesi 2, Oikogeneia Addams 2, Det bli'r i familien Addams, La familia Addams: La tradición continúa, Addams Family 2

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