Provides an extraordinary account of low cunning at the heart of Greece’s 2015 financial bailout. The more defiant the left-wing Syriza government became, the more it was met with intimidation from some or duplicitous reassurance from others.

Also Known As: Ενήλικοι στην αίθουσα, Comportarse como adultos, Comportem-se Como Adultos, Adults in the Room, Enilikoi stin aithousa, Взрослые в комнате

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  • iudina-valentina-zhdanovna
    iudina valentina zhdanovna

    I was lucky to watch a sneak copy of the film and i must admit that in general it was way below my expectations. The book was much better. I gave one star because of some scenes. The adaptation was poor, the actors pathetic.The story unfolds in very low and boring pace, without any suspense or drama feel. This is the style of Gavras, a typical school of so-called art cinema, where you usually leave during the interval. I did not as i was hoping till the last moment that the film would make a turn around.Pure waste of time

  • butkus-vejune
    butkus vejune

    Actors are better then the actual persons they depict so they are good in their job. How can you play the roles of Varoufakis and Tsipras without wearing orange wigs and big red noses?

  • samantha-reyes
    samantha reyes

    Adults In A Room is based on the homonymous book, which is an unapologetic, shameless self-celebration of Yanis Varoufakis; but that’s fine, as the book is authored by Yanis Varoufakis, who’s fully entitled to consider himself as a god put on earth. Never mind history proved him wrong on every level, we live in the era of wild populism where reality is what you want it to be. What is instead amazing is that a respectable director like Costa-Gavras lended himself to the operation of endorsing the delusional fantasies of the book by transposing them extremely loyally onto the screen. This is in essence the story of Yaroufakis v Rest Of The World, and the result is: Yaroufakis wins! Yaroufakis got it all right, the rest of the world got it all wrong; Yaroufakis is the only hero in the room, the rest of the world is a bunch of wimps, arrogant, incompetent idiots. The movie is bad even on a purely cinematic level: there is virtually no plot apart the sequences of meetings if the Euro-Group are utterly boring, there are some scenes which are farcical and kitsch, performances are amateurish, almost theatrical. All in all, I felt the movie was an insult to intelligence.

  • baldur-kitzmann
    baldur kitzmann

    Really great movie! It is very interesting to see the hypocrisy of EU and how naive Tsipras was.

  • eduarda-branco-jesus
    eduarda branco jesus

    This is one of the worst movies of Mr. Gavras. In my opinion, this one along with “Le capital” are very bad movies.”Adults in the Room” is based on a really poor script. The story is f course one sided, it is fictional rather than political (which is bad for the movie as it strives to be political), in several occasions the script becomes hilarious, while the acting could only be characterized as ridiculous.The problem with Mr. Gavras is that in both this movie and the Capital, he is dealing with subjects and issues he is completely unaware of. Instead of asking for some help, even for the sake of making the point as he would like too, he believes he can present to the audience financial, macroeconomic, legal or international relations issues in a childish, non-scientific way, ending up making a poor movie.Greece is now borrowing from the markets with interest rates lower than the US, unemployment is falling, banks are open, many of the taxes imposed during crisis, are gradually being cancelled. Greece was saved by the Europeans, not by charlatans, which makes this movie even more irrelevant to reality, no to say anything worse.

  • khristophoros-sakellariou
    khristophoros sakellariou

    Neither the film nor the book are to the least relevant as to the greek political crisis. A consciously one-sided film, and a pretty bad one. As for the book it is the utter fiasco of the most arrogant and narcissist persona non grata ever. Gavras should have shown more respect for his home country over the dreadful position taken by the decisions of a group of incompetent politicians led by a completely undecided and disoriented prime minister. One should definitely be prepared before going to the theatre. I mean actually go through the “2015 political facts” and -try to- read the Varoufakis utopia/book

  • susanne-paulsen
    susanne paulsen

    What was this?Loulis played well and that’s it.The other cast is bad.Mr Gavra it was your worst movie.

  • dr-akgol-yagin-firat
    dr akgol yagin firat

    Both the script and the acting were terrible. It can be perfectly explained since the book was a laughing stock as well.

  • gunta-lacis
    gunta lacis

    Gavras movie is based on the book by ex minister Varoufakis who portraits himself as an idealist fighting for the good of the people. The movie is full of cliches and stereotypes lacking coherence. Christos Loulis is probably doing his best, but, he has not captured Varoufakis’ character. It is a waste of 2 hours !

  • tirza-van-der-plas-koster
    tirza van der plas koster

    It is not a realistic movie it is based on one person memories.

  • daniel-lima-pinto
    daniel lima pinto

    I saw this movie at its premiere in Greece. I didn’t realize how time went by, since the story and the directing were so fascinating that kept me at the edge of my seat. Of course I was so interested in the plot, since whatever is described in this movie has plenty to do with me as a Greek and as a European. But this is not a movie you can simply ignore, no matter one’s political beliefs.The acting of some of the actors was excellent, while others seemed to struggle. The soundtrack was superb and the plot unfolded in a natural way.This movie does not have a happy ending, nor should it have. It is the most essential type of art. The type that gives you a glimpse behind the curtains of this world.

  • kevin-curry
    kevin curry

    It is very good for people to know a side of the story of what happened in Greece in 2015.

  • kaarlo-jaaskelainen
    kaarlo jaaskelainen

    Very well-presented film with excellent actors and good direction. Also very informative about how some political events took place in a critical period for Greece.

  • uvarov-ignatii-feodosevich
    uvarov ignatii feodosevich

    Apart from the scenario, which I could very well understand it would be one-sided and radical populist before even seeing the film, I was deeply disappointed by the technical aspects of the film too. In most of the parts, it looked really cheap and of minimum artistic value.Gavras can do better and he has proven it in the past.

  • alana-vieira
    alana vieira

    Good casting and photography in a loyal transcript of Yanis Varoufakis’ original book. However I found the direction uninspired and dry. The film could be watched as a dramatised documentary as the events are stripped down of any emotional attachments. It is recommended for people that prefer a visualised version of the author’s excellent book.

  • lisa-hess
    lisa hess

    A modern political film from an expert director with a cast of mostly new actors. A must watch in your new films list.

  • maureen-washington
    maureen washington

    Bad Aesthetics, mediocre acting and the directing was inconsistent with really bad, pointless cuts. The lighting and the filters were out of place and did not match with the script and the story telling. All these facts do not add with the budget of the movie or the expectations of the production. If you want to waste a bit of your time you can watch this.

  • aleksander-olesk
    aleksander olesk

    The movie kept balancing it self between the areas of respectful and boring. The ending was shot in a poor laughable, unprofessional way and it killed the mood for everyone. 130 minutes of uneventful anticlimactic scenes with barely passable performances.

  • tanja-mlinaric
    tanja mlinaric

    On behalf of all Greeks who left the country running away from the posh pseudo left wingers with illusions of grandeur starring this fake story – don’t waste your own money to watch the memoirs of Yiannnis. 1/2 million paid for by these same guys (increasing Greek debt just a bit more) in advance was more than enough compensation for this piece of…work. Money well spent on self adulation.

  • marica-karmelic
    marica karmelic

    This year I had the opportunity to attend Venice film Festival. One of the movies I saw there was Adults in the Room by Mr. Costa-Gavras. This movie is all about Greek politics and I’m from Greece too so I was excited to see how they were portrayed. The movie was excellent, it demonstrated the situation how it really was of course from Mr. Varoufakis book who was really an insider to the politics back then. All in all, the movie is worth watching especially for people who are into politics and don’t pay attention to the bad reviews they are from Greek people with different political beliefs who also haven’t seen the movie because it’s not out yet. Thank you for reading.

  • olahne-fazekas-eva
    olahne fazekas eva

    It isn’t one of the best of Gavras but still most reviews are from the individuals that disaprove of anyone trying to go against the european ang greek establisment and thus have a deep distaste for Varoufakis. Don’t mind them and their low ratings. The garbage truck of history and the social unrest caused by their conservative fears that let the establisment continue their destructive “solution” in Greece and elsewere wil take care of them. See this movie with a grain of salt allways and make up your own minds.

  • santa-klavins
    santa klavins

    Honestly I couldn’t believe starting from the first scenes of the film that this was a Costas Gavras film. It screamed “quick and dirty” approach through out the entire movie. Bad direction, bad lighting and photography – almost amateur. It’s really a pity that such an acclaimed creator made this work… Nice surprise from the Loulis in the role of Yannis Varoufakis, at least he was ok to watch.

  • per-helland-nguyen
    per helland nguyen

    Gavra’s “Adults in the room” is a modern greek tragedy. Christos Louli’s prerformance as Yanis Varoufakis in one of the best performances in the modern greek cinema. The premise and the action line of the movie, remind us classic ancient greek tragedies. This is a masterpiece.

  • dennis-ritter
    dennis ritter

    Having read the book “Adults in the room” I was waiting much more from this film. My impression is that Gavras, trying to fit the book in a two hour movie has messed it up. In contrast to the book I couldn’t see any evolution of characters but meetings meetings and more meetings (Eurogroup etc). Thé scenes failed to give the narration and the atmosphere that exist in the book. Moreover the film is messed up chronically. Someone who doesn’t know the story cannot understand if the whole story occurs in a week or a month or more. The use of first names was really annoying. The Final scene is completely out of nowhere and is nonsense, coming from Greek musical from the 60’s.No in contrast to the book – which I consider as a must read – this film is a total mess. C’est dommage pour Gavras.

  • niels-thygesen
    niels thygesen

    A clear view from within the eurogroup during the Greek drama. Gavras is bold and shows high tensions, clear colors of the circus we live in, luck of democracy, solid reasons for criticism of an amateur leftist government including Yianis and a great Lulis acting this role. The finale though is weak imo. A solid 6! – but we must revisit the film a few years later. Gavras takes the risk and makes the movie from his and Varoufakis point of view and gives a true atmosphere of the time. If you watch the film watch it trying to stay out fro m political parties and personal views. Discuss it later.