Having already in their possession two of the rare Napoleon Diamonds, the masterful jewel thief, Max Burdett, and his seductive partner-in-crime, Lola Cirillo, decide to retire in the sun-kissed Bahamas. However–bent on keeping the precious third and last Napoleon diamond out of Max’s clutches–the maladroit FBI agent, Stan Lloyd, follows them to the tropical haven, convinced that the intrepid duo is planning the next heist: stealing the last fabulous gem being displayed on the island. But, is this truly Max and Lola’s intention? Above all–after a successful and lucrative career in crime–how hard can it be to resist the temptation of one more job?

Also Known As: Poslije sumraka, Complot au crépuscule, Diamond in Paradise, След залеза, Pärast päikeseloojangut, Gün batarken, Пiсля заходу сонця, El gran golpe, Golpe no Paraíso, To teleftaio kolpo, Το τελευταίο κόλπο, Po saulelydžio, Coup d'éclat, After the Sunset, Po sončnem zahodu, Ladrão de Diamantes, Az utolsó gyémántrablás, Hot de diamante, Po zachodzie slonca, После заката, After the Sunset - keikka Bahamalla, Al caer la noche, Posle sumraka

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  • rango

    Great summer movie