After new CIA recruit, Kelley Chandler (Polish) is seriously injured during a mission, surviving only on life support, his wife Tess (Agron), a former CIA operative, becomes determined to find out what happened to her husband. As the details of Kelley’s last mission unravel, showing that his accident was an inside job, Tess puts everything on the line to keep Kelley out of harm’s way, even if that comes with dangerous consequences.

Also Known As: Boyunduruk, クリティカル・ブロンド, Against the Clock, Headlock

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  • blanca-del-hervia
    blanca del hervia

    I didn’t find this film confusing except in a good way. The basic plot is very clear, and the acting is excellent. If you’ve ever had a dream where you felt panicky since it was so hard to wake up, you’ll probably understand this film better. The fear of a spy in a coma with the need to wake up and prevent international terrorists is very suspenseful. The direction is powerful in conveying the spy’s upset, fear and dream state confusion of what he really remembers and what is from his sub-conscious. The wife is courageously fighting the CIA to keep her husband alive when even her own father turns against her. Wonderful ending!

  • jennifer-stratton-arnold
    jennifer stratton arnold

    How much did they these actors to be in this horrible film. Not worth watching unless you are unintelligent

  • gagys-vyte
    gagys vyte

    I have no idea how I even made it 3 minutes in. I have ADD, but these quick scenes with random effects just made me dizzy and confused. I was literally feeling nauseous. They were also unnecessary and distracting. That’s why I do not recommend to even attempt to watch this movie, and recognize it’s existence.

  • josefa-eva-rocha-boix
    josefa eva rocha boix

    Honestly the worst most annoying movie ive ever watched. I couldnt finish it after really really trying too and i cant remember the last time i didnt watch a movie start to finish. The annoying constant ringing sound is enough to make you wanna vomit. Suuuuper garbage. No real plot. A bunch of high paid actors so how is it simple thisntrash?

  • nikol-ticha
    nikol ticha

    This picture is the worst i have seen yet dianna agron this well this picture had quite can be good

  • laura-jakobsen
    laura jakobsen

    The synopsis of this film, it sounded good. But in the words of ‘Allo Allo’s’ Captain Bettorelli- “whatta mistaka to maka”. It is excruciating to watch. I gave up after about 12 minutes. Disjointed scenes, barely audible dialogue, white noise sound track, it made me think I was in a coma.

  • kristiina-soon
    kristiina soon

    The movie is confused about the story it wants to tell. Nothing is clear The music and sound effects are too loud so you can’t hear the conversation between characters. Extremely boring and awful.

  • jaime-martinez
    jaime martinez

    If I start a movie I always want to watch it to the end. This movie is utter rubbish. It’s the result of someone overthinking an idea and desperate to create something different. It’s an acute failure and an example of something impossible to watch. Awful. I’d give this zero if I could. I watched 20 minutes and I feel bitter about the time I wasted.

  • daniel-sandoval
    daniel sandoval

    I finished this monstrosity of a movie only because I like to finish what I start, but I felt like I ran 2 marathons back to back afterwards. 30 minutes into the movie so much happened incoherently that it was almost like watching 2 hours.I kinda got what the movie was trying to portray but its delivery sucked. It was so choppy that I thought I was losing my intelligence.The acting was mediocre at best. Andy Garcia shoulda pass on this project. All he did was yell. There was very little if any, character development.I’m not one to tell people what to do, but skip this one.

  • dr-magdalena-ceja
    dr magdalena ceja

    I tried sticking with this but it gave me a headache. It was completely nonsensical. It’s fine to have a few of these disjointed weird scenes in a movie to portray some emotion or dream sequence, but the entire movie like that is just too much. You can’t follow what’s going on, it’s just really an unpleasant experience to watch and you don’t even manage to pick up any interesting plot from it, and what plot there is, just isn’t worth the torment of sitting through weird flashes and CGI and random loud noises. It’s the movie equivalent of going on an acid trip in an abattoir.

  • marijan-furlan
    marijan furlan

    Incoherent plot with an unbearable screenplay; visually despicable, annoyingly disjointed, unintelligible, headach-inducing, nauseating, nonsensically insulting and barely tolerable for about 20 minutes max, at which point had to terminate it with prejudice to preserve self respect.

  • pani-sylwia-taranek
    pani sylwia taranek

    Went to see this film because of Andy Garcia, his appearance in this movie, however was a little as a supporting acting to a main male character and his name cannot be listed as a second one, unfortunately. The story line is not bad but this movie is nor possible to watch due to massive occurrence of flashing images. After half an hour I got sick and hearly left but decided just to listen this movie, a new experience. If you require a headache it’s your kind of movie.

  • artur-faria
    artur faria

    “All signs point to the loss of brain function”. So says Justin Bartha’s character in 2019’s Against the Clock (my latest review). Is he secretly talking about the raucous movie he’s in? Possibly. Is he talking about the inapt sensory overload in the movie he’s in? Definitely.Anyway, “Clock’s” scenario goes like this: A Central Intelligence Agent named Kelley Chandler gets injured during a mission and winds up comatose. His wife (Tess Chandler) goes to great lengths to try and save him from a vegetative death. Mark Polish plays Chandler with stuntman overkill, unintentional physical comedy, and almost no dialogue. Every sequence involves him basically running and falling and running and falling and running (lather rinse repeat). Polish also directed Against the Clock while writing the laddish script as well. All I gotta say is “C-list” ego trip alert! Natch.Only released in the U. S., saddled without an MPAA rating, and harboring the feel of something made by a film school graduate who couldn’t wait to show off his mad skills, “Clock” is abundant style over minimal substance. This flick is loud, seizure-d, and jittery, with a visual palate equivalent to a stoner’s nightmare and editing that looks as though it was done by a couple of simians on Foxy Methoxy. While watching the massively cross-cutting Against the Clock, I was reminded of the late Tony Scott and some of his stuff from the mid-2000’s (Domino, Man on Fire). Too bad Scott is Orson Welles compared to the headache-inducing and morbidly chi-chi Mark Polish.”Clock”, with its alternate title being Headlock, stars the likes of Andy Garcia and Justin Bartha (mentioned earlier). They are known actors who play “Clock’s” dodgy CIA directors (Gerald Hotchkiss and Peter Hobbs). Bartha and Garcia unknowingly damage their reputations in this vehicle. They are decent but it doesn’t help that every other supporting performance around them feels as wooden as Pinocchio’s forehead. Bottom line: Against the Clock is the classic case of a Hollywood studio letting their director do whatever the heck he wants, when he wants. When “Clock’s” story finally comes together after numerous scenes being discombobulated to the nth degree, “time has run out” on the viewer’s patience. Rating: 1 and a half stars.

  • nuc-a-xec-uriani
    nuc a xec uriani

    This is another film where someone is conditioned to have a great memory and put together all the data inside their brain and there are no false memories. A CIA agent, Kelly Chandler (Mark Polish) is to gather intelligence on a massive terrorist attack which will be 12 cities across the world. And then the coma…Both the CIA and his wife try to extract the data from his brain and they work both against and with each other. Now the film is mostly the interactions that are mixed with the confused thoughts of Kelly in a coma which are disjointed and repetitive. They are also meaningless to the viewer. It was overdone and a poor way to show his confused mind. The script needed editing, to say the least. The distorted man and the distorted voice was a low budget waste.Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

  • alicia-ofelia-sandoval-uribe
    alicia ofelia sandoval uribe

    I understood the movie, but without the constant jumping around from location to location, all this could be edited out and it would only be a half hour movie. It was pointless to watch an hour of “being lost.” We the audience get it.It wasn’t a very good story as the editing killed it.

  • mtro-lourdes-puente
    mtro lourdes puente

    This movie is 50% the guy rolling on the ground. 20% trying to run like a dog. 20% actually running and 10% nonsense

  • terje-hagen
    terje hagen

    Now normally I review a movie with the idea that I liked it, or didn’t like it, and I give my reasons why this is so.This is a whole new category for me – a movie that will make you sick. The final music track right at the end sings, “We’ll make you go insane!” Yup. That’s right. That’s the idea.I feel incredibly sorry for anyone who is stuck in a cinema and has this happen to them. Dreadful sound that veers constantly between near unintelligeble dialogue and BAM! CRASH! WALLOP!!! at screaming pitch; relentless crash-flashing-unintelligeable shot shifts that never cease, I just have no words.Yes, I do. AVOID. This is not a movie, it’s … barbed wire to the eyeballs, hot neeedles in the ears and probably MK Ultra hidden messages cut in between.Doesn’t deserve to be called “a movie.”

  • benthe-spiker
    benthe spiker

    I tried to give this a fair shake, mostly because Patrick Bauchau was on screen quickly and I’ve always enjoyed his work. But from the first disjointed scenes that look like PeeWee Herman playing a dead body to hideously edited and conceived static cut graphics over the entry exposition info dump this thing felt more like a drug fueled 1970s art film than anything considered today.

  • ziggy-bach
    ziggy bach

    Have no idea what this movie is about. Flashing images confusing & frustrating. Andy Garcia the only draw – was he desperate for work. Kudos to anyone who can make it to the end of the movie.

  • craig-williamson
    craig williamson

    From the opening credits, “Against the Clock” was a tedious and fragmented film. Beyond the incomprehensible story, the style of the film was a blurry kaleidoscope of digital images.Another downside was the lack of interest in the characters, especially the principal love relationship.This was a low-budget effort that never fleshed out characters, developed a coherent style, or engaged the viewer with the curious plot related to espionage and national security.A bummer!

  • jorgen-kjaer
    jorgen kjaer

    This convoluted confusing excuse of a movie took me all of twenty minutes to eject from my DVD player. A blank screen is better than this bomb.

  • thibaut-riviere
    thibaut riviere

    We tried to watch it but it was just so bad we couldn’t get through it. Horrible, disjointed flashbacks and quick scenes that quickly flash at you with no idea what they are trying to say. It was a waste of time and if you can watch the entire movie then you deserve an Oscar! Sound is either too LOUD or too quiet and impossible to hear. No in between. It deserves a Negative ten stars.

  • theodoses-moutousides
    theodoses moutousides

    After at least half an hour of disjointed unintelligible fragmented flashback scenes that made no sense, I gave up. I really would just like a story to follow, but this movie seems to be about putting the same guy in a million different places all at once without any flow at all.