In the small town of South Renford, Alice Adams comes from a working class background, although she aspires to be among the upper class. Alice’s mother blames her husband for their low social standing, despite his working hard and Alice not blaming him for anything. Regardless, Alice tries to do whatever necessary to put on appearances of wealth and social standing, despite everyone in that class in town knowing who she is, and thus largely ignoring her because of her false airs. First meeting at a society ball, Alice surprisingly catches the eye of Arthur Russell, surprisingly as he purportedly is engaged to débutante Mildred Palmer. As Alice continues to hide her true social standing from Arthur as he courts her, Mrs. Adams pressures Mr. Adams into doing something he doesn’t want to do in an effort truly to become part of the business class, that measure which entails sinking all his money into a business venture. Beyond the time when Arthur finds out the true nature behind Alice’s facade, other issues may bring the fragile Adams society house of cards tumbling down around them, and thus the happiness Alice is seeking with Arthur.

Also Known As: A Mulher que Soube Amar, アリス・アダムス, Primo amore, 19 år, Vid 19 år, Booth Tarkington's Alice Adams, Sonhos Dourados, La mujer que supo amar, Alice Adamsová Czech, Sueños de juventud, Элис Адамс Soviet, Alice Adams, Húszéves lány, Mam 19 lat, 19-vuotiaana, Desirs secrets

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