A recently widowed traveler is kidnapped by a cold blooded killer, only to escape into the wilderness where she is forced to battle against the elements as her pursuer closes in on her.

Also Known As: Alone

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  • anonymous

    This is the wrong movie. It’s not ‘alone’ it’s a shit remake to a mediocre Korean zombie movie ‘#alive’.

  • b

    Not the right movie.

  • neonazi

    How can I dowload movies?

    • vikv-administrator
      VIKV Administrator

      You need to get the computer mouse inside your anus. Then it downloads automaticly.

      • michio

        What an idiot having a mouse in the ass is the best ya could come up with? You better be careful when mommy catches playing with the computer you will get punished, maybe go play a game on your play station and leave comments to the adults.