Christine (Liza Soberano) an Art Studies major student at University of the Philippines Diliman a smart and very ambitious who is in a relationship with a Biology student at University of Santo Tomas, Raf (Enrique Gil) a very total opposite character of Christine.

Also Known As: Spoliarium, Alone/Together

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    The subtitle is not right…

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    It stops at 0:01.19

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      What th heck I have a profile I’m a girl KSKSKS

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    I love it

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    I got too excited with this movie because of how much Liza Soberano is overrated in the Philippines. But their (Liza & Enrique) acting skills still aren’t comparable to KathNiel movies. All of KathNiel movies, whether they’re RomCom or drama, always gets me. I regret not having the chance to watch ‘The Hows of Us’ when it was in theaters here in the US. I’ve been waiting for it to be available for rent on TFC or somewhere online.This is the first movie where they finally kiss on screen but I didn’t feel the ‘kilig’ :/ Meanwhile it was all chills for me when it was KathNiel’s first kiss on screen in Barcelona (if I remember correctly).Overall, the movie is good. I just felt that there are many things missing that I can’t explain.

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      Nice movie ❤️❤️

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      Theres no english subtitle

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    greg taylor

    It’s a realistic movie not just about love, but also about hope, arts and dreams. It makes one realize that it is never too late to go for your dreams and follow your heart. It is well-written and beautifully delivered by the cast! There were good lessons imparted and it would be sad to miss it. A must-watch!

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    jennifer wilkins

    The movie revolves around them “cheating” with their partners, but it’s okay because we don’t know much about them because there’s an apparent lack of character development. Typical Filipino film.It was also so cringey that they had to repeat over and over again how they are smart, overachievers and cum laude, like that would actually change anything on their bad acting.The whole film has the sense of being quite contrived, Alone/Together, more like Never/Again.

  • suvari-dumanli
    suvari dumanli

    The movie was overall a good movie from start up to a scene where a exaggeration was found. It felt like from that scene forward, it was rather procrastinating and lazy for the scriptwriter. It didn’t build in for the other characters to move forward with the plot. And it meant for the director to focus the spotlight on Liza’s character. And it was all realistic but all throughout the movie, there were some scenes that offered plot holes and unrealistic value to the movie. From a critical artistic standpoint, the scenes up until the hospital scene was great and astonishing. And it resumed from the New York scenes. But going forward after the resto scene, it was devastating and by all means, excruciating to watch. It felt like lazy writing. But it truly shows the theme and lesson made to give to its auidence. And so, it shows as an entertaining movie. There was so much talent wasted however, otherwise it was a good performance from Liza and Enrique. It proved to entertaining but not so to be compared to the likes of isang daang Tula and meet me at St gallen. The problem was the unjustified endings of the characters. No character developments, no good or at all supporting characters. Other movies as said above showed evident proof of the characters becoming. This movie showed nothing but the straight lesson that needs to be addressed to auidence. And yes, it’s the value on how realistic love should be. It makes people realize and recognize how love should have its own set of boundaries. The movie deals with issues like dreams and its correlation to relationships. And more so on the choice of career and trusting someone with it. It would be 5 stars for me, if I were, an average movie goer. But nah, it was entertaining but not artistic overall

  • tony-knapp
    tony knapp

    Alone/Together (2019)The movie caught me off guard with its impressively dramatic lines, as other mainstream movies always do. A relatable story between two what-ifs romance, that also tapped into historical revisionism issues in a light emotion-grabbing process. 🙌Sadly, dramatic lines wouldn’t be enough to band-aid a bad formulaic screenplay. As the film jumps between two timelines at the beginning, a non-linear narrative became its matchstick for my underdeveloped attachment to liz-queen relationship. The introduction to our characters’ relationship was cut short, and non-distinctive if you compare it to other Jadaone or star cinema films. They had the chance to be distinctive with their UP-UST cultural relationship, but the film did not delve into that and choses to have generic-advertisement-type of cheesy connection.The absence of character background, and arc on Enrique’s role contributed to shortfall of the romance that film wanted to establish in the first place, as if the whole movie is solely about Liza.It would be a great movie if the story was marketed and developed in focus of Liza’s ordeal, and not a story of romance rushed, cramped, confined, and forced to ”appear original”.Do not believe me, it was a great watch for valentines season, if you are for good soundtrack and heart-breaking lines.and the movie trailer was really great.