Reuben Feffer thinks he’s found the love of his life but on his honeymoon he discovers her cheating on him with a scuba instructor. Reuben travels back home to get his life on track. On a night out with best pal, Sandy Lyle, Reuben discovers an old school friend, Polly Prince. Reuben feels a connection straight away, and tries constantly to get her to like him. But it’s not going to be easy for Reuben, especially when he spends his days calculating risks, and when someone unexpected turns up.

Also Known As: Quero Ficar com Polly, Og så kom Polly, Otan gnorisa tin Poly, ...E alla fine arriva Polly, Napokon Polly, ...und dann kam Polly, Bobby my love, In prisla je Poli, Y entonces llegó ella, Probleemid Pollyga, Riskni to s Polly Czech, I onda je naišla Poli, Derült égből Polly, Voici Polly, Men så kom Polly, Risk, А ось i Поллi, А вот и Полли, Ir štai atejo Poli, Mi novia Polly, Polly gelince, Οταν Γνώρισα την Πόλυ, Untitled John Hamburg Project, Along Came Polly, Nadchodzi Polly, Polly tuli kuvioihin, Surprizã: Vine Polly!, ...och så kom Polly, Polly et moi, Romance Arriscado, Tu Khi Có Polly, Завръщането на Поли, Risknem to s Polly Czech

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  • andreea

    Is not Along Came Polly!!!

  • david-p
    David P

    Along Came Polly-2004 is not the correct movie please fix it.