Lost for centuries, the legendary Sword of Azundati–a magnificent blade imbued with an unlimited magical power–is the only thing on Earth that can defeat the dark necromancer, Kalungo, and his demonic minions. After surviving a devastating attack on the emerald city of Imbissi, the untamed Amazon warrior, Queen Dyala, embarks on a peril-laden quest to retrieve the mystical artefact, along with the equally fearless sisters-in-arms, Tashi and Tashinge. However, treachery, sorcery, and betrayal stand in their way. Will Dyala, the dauntless Amazonian defender, thwart the evil sorcerer’s plans for world domination?

Also Known As: Амазонки, Amazon, As Amazonas, Amazons West, Amazones, Fúria das Amazonas, El enigma del talismán, Amazonas, Im Reich der Amazonen West, Amazons, Αμαζόνες, Amazonki

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