Erik, and Cooze start college and pledge the Beta House fraternity, presided over by none other than legendary Dwight Stifler. But chaos ensues when a fraternity of geeks threatens to stop the debauchery and the Betas have to make a stand for their right to party.

Also Known As: American Pie: Dom Beta, Beta House, American Pie präsentiert: Die College-Clique, American pie presents - Leshi... orgion, Placinta americana: Fratia Beta, American Pie: Caindo em Tentação, American Pie Presents: Beta House, Američka pita: Bratstvo Beta, American Pie Presents Beta House, Prci, prci, prcičky: Spolek Beta Czech, Amerikai pite 6. - Béta-ház, Американски пай 6: Братството, American Pie Presents Beta House New, American pie présente Campus en folie, Американський пирiг 6: Переполох у гуртожитку, Folies de graduation présente - La confrérie Beta, Американский пирог представляет Переполох в общаге, American pie - Fraternidad Beta, American Pie: Bractwo Beta, American pie presenta - La casa Beta, American Pie 6: Beta House, American Pie - Beta House, American Pie Apresenta - A Fraternidade Beta

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  • aaron

    Pls upload more movies to this site. This site should have 1k+ pages of movies on it.

  • mhaaviir-puurnnimaa
    mhaaviir puurnnimaa

    Aside from the fact this film is a complete rip off of revenge of the nerds, it fails to even come close to being funny at all. I liked the first three American pie films and the naked mile was quite good, so I was thoroughly disappointed when I saw this film. Its a tale of irritating frat boys doing moronic things and it didn’t make me laugh at all. They only praise I have for this movie and that is the female nudity that seems to be used for no reason. Its jokes are unintelligent and there is no character development at all. At least the other American pie movies have a good story line and funny jokes, but this had neither. If you like retarded movies with soft-core sensibility’s, I recommend you see this film.

  • eusebiu-diaconescu
    eusebiu diaconescu

    To summarize this movie: Without a real plot, this movie consists of 80 minutes of deranged characters either drinking or making bad jokes. The music is just awful, the humor isn’t funny and all the female characters slutty idiots or total geeks. It seems to me, that the movie has actually been written by a 14 year old boy, who thinks that drinking is cool, women are designed to please men and all that oppose that view are geeks. Also, the movie has nothing to do with the original American Pie movies, other than a few names and Mr. Levenstein who is a minor character in this one. The only good thing about this movie are the nice looking girls. Don’t watch this movie and don’t be fooled by the 5.4 rating, because it obviously overrated and doesn’t deserve anything above 2.

  • alek-sandr-p-ap-azyan
    alek sandr p ap azyan

    Let’s cut to the chase: this movie is softcore pornography marketed for the masses under a name that the studio is milking every last penny out of the American Pie teat. Period.The whole plot (and that shouldn’t imply that there’s a whole lot to go around) serves as a vehicle to show the audience more boobs and sex scenes.If you’re a Tween guy, and you’re too squeamish to purchase actual pornography, then this is the movie for you. Otherwise, the movie doesn’t have much to offer at all.The acting is sub-par, the character development is virtually non-existent, and the story is a nonsensical knarl of nudity, binge drinking and pranks (none of which are particularly memorable).Go buy real porn if that’s what you want to see, and if not, go watch a GOOD movie. Animal House, Kids, or even the original American Pie are all great cinematic works, and all of them contain heavy alcohol use and nudity.”It’s not how much, it’s how you use it”

  • nancy-nguyen
    nancy nguyen

    OK so there’s nudity, but hey, there’s free porn on the internet for whomever likes it. And its just silly how they forced tits into every frame. I mean i was embarrassed, not from the nudity but from the far-fetchessness of the producers/writers of this piece of crap.The movie is NOT funny at all, its just extremely predictable all the time. There is no plot, no dramatic content at all. This is way waay worse then the other pie-films and they arnt that great either:) If you’re really drunk or maybe a 13 year old buy who are really obsessed with tits this might be acceptable, otherwise not. May it forever roth align with crap of the same magnitude with regards Erik the questmaster flash MC

  • alina-artemenko
    alina artemenko

    This is by far one of my favorite of the American Pie Spin offs mainly because in most of the others the main character (one of the young Stiflers) always seems unrealistic in nature. For example AP: The Naked Mile. You have a teenage guy surrounded by naked college chicks , and has one in particular hot on his trail to rid him of his virginity “problem” and he ends up stopping mid-deed and rides a horse back to sleep with his girlfriend, who keep in mind gave him a “guilt free pass” for the weekend. I can appreciate the romantic aspect of the whole thing but let’s be realistic; most people who are watching these movies aren’t particularly searching for a romantic story.Whereas the most recent installment finally seems to realize who the audience is and good old Erik Stifler seems to wake up and smell the roses and as always Mr. Levenstein lends his “perfectly natural” eyebrow humor to the equation and scored a touchdown with this new movie.

  • viktors-lapsa
    viktors lapsa

    This was the worst film i have seen for a long time. Not only that it has nearly nothing to do with the other American Pie movies, the story is obvious, flat and absolutely not funny. The girls are nice though, but spending your time watching a cheap soft porno would possibly be greater than watching this film.This film seems to be a very bad made sex ad, made for an audience that is not older than 12.I never visited an American college, but i would seriously doubt that anyone who did could really laugh about any of the scenes.Save your time, do something else.

  • roger-hellstrom
    roger hellstrom

    Considering how boring “The Naked Mile” was and how bland and unfunny the characters were, who in their right mind thought it would be a good idea to do a direct sequel to what was arguably the franchise’s worst entry?! Really? Did anyone really care enough about the lame Stifler cousins and their dorky friend to warrant another film about them? If they insist on killing the American Pie series with all these direct-to-DVD sequels, at least keep doing different movies with different characters. “The Naked Mile” was so disappointing that I held out hope that maybe the next one, with hopefully better characters, setting and story, will revive the series. But no. Instead they made the mistake of picking up where the last one left off. This one’s even worst than the last. Forgetting that the Pie films are supposed to be sex comedies, the writers forgo the comedy part entirely and focus on the sex instead. Yes, children. If you see enough breasts you won’t notice that the cast has no talent and the movie has no script or budget. Nothing new is brought to the table here. No attempt is even made to bring anything new. It’s sad considering “Band Camp’s” admirable attempt to bring the original theatrical film’s mixture of comedy, gross-out humor and endearing characters to the made-for-DVD series. It may have not fully succeeded but at least it tried. The same can’t be said for the abortions known as “Naked Mile” and “Beta House”. The only good thing I can say about “Beta House” is that at least actor Ross Thomas had the good sense to stay away from this one.

  • permun-naz-yildirim-gulen
    permun naz yildirim gulen

    For those with little time on their hands, I’ll sum it up quickly, in one word…pathetic. There are a lot of good examples as to why this movie fits perfectly under that description. So much so that you can barely go through 2 minutes of screen time without seeing something completely stupid and pointless forced upon you. Want a fully naked woman in the first 10 minutes? You got it! The reason she appears is so pointless though that it really sets the tone for the rest of this piece of juvenile crap. You can almost glimpse into the deluded minds of the 12 year old boys that wrote this piece of garbage just by watching this crap that they expect the public to actually pay for!!??!!! I’ve watched many a movie franchise decline over the years, but American Pie;Beta House has to be one of the worst offenders when you consider that despite the average nature of the original movie, it’s still a thousand times funnier than this dreck.The plot is predictable, and sometimes you actually feel like you’re watching a school play. The things that happen in this movie are so unrealistic that it takes a lot of suspension of disbelief to actually watch it (we’re talking Star Wars levels of suspension, like the kind you need to convince yourself Jar Jar is real)The plot is paper thin and mostly the events that transpire are only there to show another pair of breasts or set up yet another pathetic joke. There is no acting talent to speak of, all you get is a bunch of pretty boys trying to make us laugh. And ohhh how they fail!!!! Every gag falls flat and the only thing I laughed at was how socially unaware the scriptwriters appear to be. How else can you explain the bulls**t they try to pass off as a story?They pass up every opportunity to do something worthwhile and entertaining in favour of badly written, lowest common denominator nonsense. The characters have to complete a set number of tasks before they are accepted as members of Beta House, but this is dealt with mostly by a series of very brief montages that imply that they are completing the tasks but we see little to no evidence of it actually happening. Its a very lazy way of telling a story. It also misses opportunities to be funny in doing so.(Imagine say The Wizard of Oz where all the important events happened offscreen instead of on it, and all we see is Dorothy high-fiving the Scarecrow every now and again and saying “Gee that sure was a great adventure we just had back then”) Lazy. Lazy. LAZY!!!!The female characters have little or nothing to say. All they do is get naked for no apparent reason and are used as visual props through most of the movie. You braindeads that only seek T&A will not be disappointed, but for that reason alone shame on you. If you buy this on DVD you will be contributing to the downfall of society in your own special way. Congratulations.

  • bozo-ljubic
    bozo ljubic

    So, American Pie: Beta House is the 6th American Pie movie in the series. Although, it really has nothing to do with the original three American Pie movies except some of the characters are supposed to be related to the characters in the original trilogy and Eugene Levy is in it (can’t that guy get better gigs?).There is very little to compliment this movie on. There aren’t any funny jokes. The acting is painful to watch, especially the girl with the “southern” accent which sounds more like a Canadian’s impersonation of a British woman pretending to be a hillbilly by using the word “ya’ll.” This movie makes me feel like such an idiot. Why didn’t I apply to a college where nobody goes to class (but everybody gets good grades), girls consistently take their clothes off in public, everybody has promiscuous unprotected sex without the burden of babies and STIs, and you can ejaculate all over a girl’s family photos without her minding? Really, this series has lowered itself to the standards of softcore porn. Maybe for the next one, they’ll finally break down and hire Ron Jeremy as the lead. I’m sure they can just tie it in to the series by making his character Stifler’s 3rd uncle once removed or something like that.

  • rachel-mahoney
    rachel mahoney

    Great movie made for the teenager. It’s not for the younger nor older.American Pie Presents: Beta House was real funny and had lots, lots of nice chicks in it. It’s for the teenager eye to see! Then should not the teenager rate this movie? Me, myself and I(Teenager i am)would say that the movie is “Eye-candy”, and everybody who has seen all the other American Pie movies should see American Pie Presents: Beta HouseNot the best acting, but it is OK.Over And OUT

  • yassin-mercks-postma
    yassin mercks postma

    Funny, sexy, hot!!! There is no real plot but you needn’t anyone…so the naked or almost naked girls and the typical fights between college-cliques need no development!All in all the whole seems to be known from simply every film in this category but the reissuer reached the goal that this film can be recognized out of thousand others.Last thing I’ve got to say. Unbelievable funny!You’ve got to see it!!! And if you are young and you want know more about the female body you’ve got to see it twice

  • gal-cuk
    gal cuk

    this film is a good entry to what has a become a very popular series as you may or may not now this is a sequel to the naked mile. it takes place one year after the events of naked mile and it now finds Erik going to the same collage as seen in the naked mile and Erik gets the chance to live with his cousin who is still the ladies man and is basically Steve stifler but in collage and they have to go up again the evil geeks. There are some funny bits in this like when Erik first goes in to his dorm room he sees his roommate and his girlfriend together Wesley the drinker always drinks way to much and can never remember the night before. overall this is the best entry since the American wedding 6 out of 10

  • pedro-estela-espinoza-escalante
    pedro estela espinoza escalante

    * Firstly, although many say it is the worst of the series, i don’t think that it is true,considering this one ideally reflects the 21 century teen mentality .it brings perfect opportunities to make you laugh and remind you of the good teenager times when you would have liked to have same fun as the characters do.* I Agree with the fact that it is a teenager movie but comedy movies nowadays aren’t supposed to be for teenagers?i mean… cinemas are mostly the place for teenagers to hang out; plus ,seeing such a movie during a sleepover or something like that is very good for having a very good time.* Many comment about the amount of nudity in this movie. Well…let’s get real…doesn’t that reflect the thoughts of teen guys like those from the movie? what would you like to see…smart books,romantic stuff? that is not at all what would be in those teenagers’ minds …* To conclude, i think that if you are a teenager, you must absolutely see the movie, and even if you are a real grown up man or a woman, you should see it if you still have a teen mind or you often think about how it was being a teenager,or things like that. Thanks for reading!

  • wesley-briggs
    wesley briggs

    For starters, I would like to say that I’m a fan of the American Pie series. Even though ‘the naked mile’ and this one are the two worst, this one seems to be the downfall of the whole series.First of all, the best part of the film was that it was an American Pie film, which is always appreciated.However, there are tonnes of bad things to say about this film. First of all, the story has a very stale ‘arc’ structure. First, there is the introduction of the characters, then the pledging of the beta house and finally the Greek Olympiad. Each of which has exactly 25 minutes of length. Apart from the general staleness of the plot, there is little to no character development, which makes a double whammy of a bad plot.Apart from that, I deeply disliked the stereotyping in this film. That is, showing the jocks as the extremely cool, only-thinking-about-sex guys, and explicitly displaying the geeks as inferior. Also, it shows females only as sexual objects, and males as only wanting to treat the females as sexual objects.Apart from that, the acting was also poor. With perhaps the exception of Steve Talley.So, in the end, a generally horrid film, if seen from a critical point of view. If seen from a teen point of view, I guess that it’s better, but this film is rated 18+ in most countries, so it shouldn’t really be seen by minors.

    • jacod

      FYI u are hot as fuck

  • heather-garrison
    heather garrison

    Why do they even try? I mean, come on, how long they think the whole “Stifler” hype will last? Just stop it! It’s not even funny anymore, it’s just sad…As you figured out from the title of the movie, Beta House, is about a fraternity, freshmen, girls and, the most original part of them all, falling in love. Of course, the guy that has his way with the chicks is Stifler, who, along with his mates, tries to complete another apparently impossible task. I won’t reveal more about this “original” plot in order not to spoil your fun, if you decide to watch this “class A comedy”.To sum it up: awful acting + dull script + wrong use of the American Pie franchise = total waste of time! This movie is unbearable, but if u decide to see it after all, make sure you bring your friends. Hey, at least you won’t suffer alone! :))

  • bonnie-reed
    bonnie reed

    i just watched the movie i was afraid it’s gonna disappoint me. i was rather surprised at the end though. The American pie franchise is still in my favorite franchise movies of all times. yes, it won’t be true if i say that i enjoyed it as mush as i enjoyed the original ones. beta house along with the previous two pies definitely lost something that the first two pies had.it is not gonna become a classic as the first two already did. but what the hell-it is still funny with a lot of good moments and i think it should be the first movie to pick if you wanna have fun and relax after a hard day at work or school. beta house deserves 6/10 but i gave it 7/10 just for being another slice of PIE.

  • fru-ulrike-danielsen
    fru ulrike danielsen

    Ti%s and As*, lots of boobies. Some great characters, fun filled pranks and well put together teen action in this spin off of the Amercan Pie franchise. This feels like really OLD SCHOOL. It feels a bit like Porkys for the 2000’s. Some great funny characters combined with some very humorous situations make this one a real surprise for me.Whilst the original cast is all but gone except for one, this movie I found really entertaining. Lets not get too excited, you have to take it for the booby teen comedy that it is, but for what it is, it excels. The characters are likable and funny, the girls are hotter than hell. The fun and games are hilarious, with some stuff I’ve never seen before in comedies, they make me cringe but laugh at the same time.So ignore the haters and give this a run and see what you think. Don’t expect the classic American Pie, but expect something that should make you laugh and spark your attention for an hour or so.

  • dr-yayak-gul
    dr yayak gul

    Well American pie beta house is not you’re Hollywood Box office smash The movie goes straight to DVD and the old cast from the previous American pie are back. The story line is not the best but it is not the worst even with that I still found my self enjoying this Film Beta house is mainly for college kids and people with a good sense of humor, Based on silly tricks,frat house,drinking,a lot of nudity, not for you’re Average thirteen year old. If u can get passed the weak storyline and u kinda like the idea of kids going crazy at college u will love this movie. This is not a family movie don’t let you’re kids watch this movie

  • dominique-manning
    dominique manning

    Wow, this was another good spin off of the original American pie, not as good as band camp, but definitely a lot better the naked mile. Dwight and Erik stifler lead the comedy in this one, but I actually preferred the dialogue in this one to the naked mile. The script was written a lot better and the comedy flowed more smoothly, however most of the comedy came from sex, but that’s okay because that’s why we watch these movies anyway right? The midget Rock also had a really good cameo, considering the intense effort given by him in the naked mile, his scene with stifler was awesome and had me laughing my ass off when i saw it.The movie was a definite improvement in my opinion compared to the naked mile, if you liked any previous American Pie films, you should like beta house, unless you view all of the American pie spin-offs a waste of money.

  • daniel-kamsaryan
    daniel kamsaryan

    This movie is plain fun.I has nothing to do with the original America Pie, but it is fun to watch.Another try, but better than Band camp and The naked mile, at least funnier.Just after first five minutes i was laughing my ass out, so I decided to call my friend and we would watch it together.We had a few beers and we had fun.You will not find any deep message in this movie, but it’s worth watching.So, lay back and just enjoy.

  • astrid-danielsen
    astrid danielsen

    Stifler, has finished running his naked mile and is now attending Beta House. Crazy stuff happens, people run around naked and nerds are made fun of and this series is dead in the water. The Naked Mile was a crap film, but I found it to be significantly better then Band Camp. It seems they’ve gone back to what didn’t work for them and it shows that they don’t care either. You can tell where the target audience is and they nailed it perfectly. Young teenage boys who like to see naked women, crude humour and beer drinking will love Beta House, everyone else can pretty much look away.Star Wars became a massive success that stunned audiences with it’s ahead of its time special effects. Lord of the Rings created an entire world of mythical creatures and massive battles that dazzled the eye. The Matrix changed the way action and sci/fi films were made, specifically with the cutting edge special effects. With all the advancement in technology, we eagerly await the next big thing that will have our jaws dropped to the floor. Then comes American Pie: Beta House, which pushes the boundaries of what technology can do. When people have created spaceships, landscapes and creatures using CGI, Beta House decides to use this technology to create semen. Yes, the thing that creates life, the thing you see so many times in pornography films is created and time slows down to show us the white residue shoot across the room onto a teddy bear. Is this funny? Disgusting? Neither? Beta House shows more nudity then The Naked Mile, which is surprising considering the previous installments title. Does the film need it? Of course not, does it ever advance the plot, does it ever? Does it ever get a laugh? Does it ever get young boys aroused? Yes the women are beautiful, but if I am the one who thinks there is too much nudity then you might as well just have made a porno.The female who catches the affections of our main character is pretty and doesn’t annoy the viewer, like previous girls have done in the series, but not once did I ever believe this character would ever do what she does. I’m pretty sure every action from the characters in this film are far from realistic. The American Pie series has fallen from a realm of reality into a fantasy world. None of the events in this film would ever happen, if they ever did then I need to attend this school IMMEDIATELY. Is this film suppose to make people feel like they are having a good time? Well it doesn’t, we are watching them have a good time, by the end of the film we hate them for all the fun they are having.There is a “Deer Hunter” scene in the film, but to make it “funny” for today’s audience they decided to substitute bullets wit horse semen. Are you laughing yet? Instead of shooting themselves with said semen in the head, or face, they place the gun in their mouths. Are you on the floor laughing yet? The first time we are introduced to Stifler’s roommate, he’s having sex with his girlfriend. Are you cheering at the nudity yet? The film at first seems like it will be about the boys trying to get into the frat house, but then it shifts to them already being in the frat house, but needing to perform certain tasks. Then it shifts to a competition between nerds and the boys. It goes a little “Revenge of the Nerds” on us for a bit and it seems out of place. I honestly do not know what these film is about because it goes all over the place.Most of the comedy seems forced for shock value. Even at the beginning with the Dad showing his son the list of people he has had sex with. The joke is in there somewhere, I think it might be the fact that his wife is not the last name on the list, or it could have been that one of his son’s friend’s mother was on the list. Either one, it doesn’t work.I guess if you haven’t guessed it yet, this film is not funny. Nor does it seem to be focused, the story is pathetic and the so called crude humour that the series has been known for doesn’t shock. Skip this lame installment and any future ones as well. I do not know why I have seen all the entries in the series, but for some unknown reason they seem to have found their way to my eyes.

  • murat-schweitzer
    murat schweitzer

    I don’t usually register and make comments. But this Movie was so lacking in everything I had to watch it all the way through, to make sure someone wasn’t playing a sick joke.The acting was vapid (if you can call it that) the plot was non existent. I appreciate tits and ass, as much as the next guy, but honestly I’ve seen classier porn.can I do any better?….sure, I went for a crap two hours ago. I was surprised to see that Eugene Levy was caught seen alive in that complete and utter waste of time. It’s Movies like these that end acting careers.

  • pan-olgierd-glaza
    pan olgierd glaza

    I have to hand it to the creative team behind these “American Pie” movies. “Direct To DVD” typically is synonymous with cheap, incompetent film-making. Yet last year I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself thoroughly enjoying the DVD sequel “The Naked Mile”. The filmmakers took advantage of the opportunity to deliver a raunchy, yet funny little film. This year they offer up the followup, “Beta House”. This is the honest truth, “Beta House” makes the first few “American Pie” movies look like “The Little Mermaid”.This is no holds barred, tasteless, laugh-out loud fun. Sure, the story is a bit thin, but that’s the beauty of the whole thing. Within the first 10 minutes we’re introduced to the all the main characters, the new supporting characters, get a handful of raunchy gags, meet the villains, and establish the general plot-line. With all that out of the way, the movie becomes a no-limits ride. The gags are a plenty, and they DID NOT hold back in this one. I’m talking male semen, urine, dildos, chicks-with-dicks, sex with sheep, female orgazim sprays, and plenty more. Not to mention the fact that not a minute goes by without boobs or a sex scene.Returning from “The Naked Mile” are John White, Jake Siegel, Steve Talley, and Eugene Levy (in a similar supporting role as the last few films). The entire cast does fine work. Steve Talley (Dwight Stifler), in particular, has a great energy and screen presence. I predict good things for him. The film is also loaded with great movie references for those who keep their eyes open. By far the biggest laugh of the film for me was “The Deerhunter” parody. Classic.The bottom line is, if you’re a fan of the series, you’ll feel right at home with “Beta House”. It really pushes the limits of good taste, but in the end is pretty damn funny.

  • angelina-oskanyan
    angelina oskanyan

    Although it’s an R rated movie, I really doubt that you’ll really enjoy it unless you’re a teenagerWhy? Because there’s no real plot, no character development,no funny jokes. The only thing that this movie has plenty of is nudity. Tons and tons of naked or almost naked chicks (pretty nice ones I might add) to feast your eyes on.I really can’t understand why this movie has the American Pie title since it’s only a bad combination between an erotic movie and a comedy without succeeding in being either of them.My suggestion is to watch this movie only if you want to see some naked chicks, but you’re too shy to rent/buy an erotic movie. Gave it 1/10 for the 2 smiles i had in the entire movie and another 2/10 for the nice chicks

  • albina-gorjup
    albina gorjup

    American Pie: Beta House is sort of in limbo between genres. On the one hand, it’s a comedy with no plot and few genuinely clever jokes. On the other hand, it’s porno that’s a tad too soft-core to actually turn on any viewers. Essentially Beta House is a collage of sex scenes – some humiliating, others just lame attempts at humor – with a couple thin plot points thrown in an effort at cohesiveness. The characters are barely even two-dimensional, most development relies on knowledge of Naked Mile, and the “important” plot scenes are so far apart that you wonder why the writers even felt the need for a story.In all fairness, I did not go into this movie without expectations. I liked the original three American Pie movies, and thought Band Camp and Naked Mile were solid rentals. I thought Naked Mile was almost good enough to be released in theaters, and so when I saw that some of the same characters were returning for Beta House, I was excited to see this installment. I was aware that there would be numerous scenes of debauchery and sexual humiliation in multiple forms. And I was fine with it, because in the past, these scenes were backed by the story and were well integrated into the plot. In Beta House, however, it’s almost as if the writers forgot why the formula in the other AP movies worked. They spent too much energy working in the nudity that they forgot to actually write a story.This movie is a disappointment and not even worth a one-dollar rental. The jokes are lame, the story is non-existent, and the porno-aspect is too tame if that’s all you really care about seeing.