When an old clock arrives at home as a gift, strange things begin to happen. The family that proudly assigned a privileged place to the clock in the living room, is unaware that this thing is a link to an old and evil house…

Also Known As: Huset som gud åter glömde, Amityville chapitre 6, Amityville - Ütött az óra, Amityville 1992: Najwyzszy czas, Amityville 1992 - aika on tullut, Amityville 1992: It's About Time, Amityville 1993, Amityville 1992: Es cuestión de tiempo, Амитивилль 1992: Вопрос времени, Amitivilski užas 6: Bilo je vreme, Amityville: It's About Time, Amityville 1992: es cuestión de tiempo, Amityville 6, Amityville 6: Uma Questão de Hora, Amityville 1992: El mal vuelve para vengarse, Amityville - Face of Terror, Amityville - A Vingança, Amityville: Uma Questão de Hora

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  • petar-barkovic
    petar barkovic

    1992 : Its About Time – and it concerns a clock. Do you see? Its clever. In a way.What wasn’t clever was basing a whole film around it. This has to be the worst film ever. Name one bad film and I guarantee you this is worse. Except maybe Halloween 3. I sometimes have nightmares about being battered to death by the extra heavy deluxe editions of these two movies tag teaming me until I’m a bloody pulp.The film concerns a clock / lamp ….thing which was removed from the Amityville house. But , get this, its possessed! As was the toaster, the oven mitts, and the TV remote. Fortunetly for their new owners they were successfully exorcised. Unfortunately for us we have to watch the evil lampstand kill people in the attic.This comment was meant as a warning not to watch this film or your DVD player will literally be possessed by an evil you wish you never borough into your house.

  • varga-jozsefne-kiss-maria
    varga jozsefne kiss maria

    After an almost completely unrelated part 5, we get a sequel that puts the series about an evil house back on track. This one builds on the idea that 4 started, objects from 112 Ocean Ave. that kill, and does it without being a retread.!!!POSSIBLE SPOILERS!!!Jacob Sterling returns home with a strange antique clock from the town of Amityville, Long Island. As soon as he sets it on the mantle piece the evil is released, and for Jacob and his family, life is going to be one hell of a terrifying trip through time. Good story, acting, and effects. *** out of *****.

  • milos-krejci
    milos krejci

    The first direct to video low budget horror sequel that picks up the plot point furniture inside the infamous house will absorb the evil presence and unleash it within any house it resides. To bad they didn’t keep it going for five instead of confusing the time line making this set after three.The story isn’t very original having business man Jacob Sterling return home to deal with his unruly son and try to reconnect with him. Starting to become a staple in this series with dysfunctional or ulterior families. I like the grandfather clock prop becoming a haunting, emotionless face.Another bonus point over the last sequel is the effects are better equipped, real like and used to efficiency. The atmosphere feels dreadful, spooky and has contempt for the audience. Stephen Macht gives a stalker performance raising the stakes for the children as he terrorized them before they can destroy the cursed object.Not The best in the series, but a decent follow up after the last lackluster video. Check out its about time for chills, thrills and shills.

  • shelley-taylor
    shelley taylor

    This movie is about a clock that is haunted and evil. It messes with reality and time, cursing the people in a house.A great soundtrack and some really memorable scenes. The actors and story keep the film from dragging. Shawn Weatherly is attractive and a good leading lady.If the film had been a little darker and scarier that could have made it even better, but certainly a good one to grab up and add to your vhs collection.

  • sissel-elin-gulbrandsen
    sissel elin gulbrandsen

    A dad come home and bring this clock, that he got from the Amityville house, for the family.(I saw this movie back to back with Amityville 4: The Evil Escapes as they are Very similar to each, bear with me, i may write about scene of the 4th movie,instead of this one.)What I do remember of this movie, is that It’s dose not take long before strange thingw start to happen, like when the boy come down at night to turn the living room light off, when he dose the room turns red and nothing like it was before, every time he turns off the light that happens.The next day, when the Dad is out jogging, he is then attacked by neighbour who let her dogs lose on him,then stabs the dogs that cuts dogs nose and dog runs off.later at home he dose not want to get treated,the bite is getting more painful, every tick of the clock, later he goes to see neighbour and see that dog never did attack him at all, as she or never left the house that day.a lot more odd things happen in the house, to many things to mention, this movie never gets boring.The ending of the movie, was just like it thebstart of the movie as it was about start all over again, I was like you have got to be bloody kidding me (At this point) but I am clad, it did not end that way.

  • prof-bjarne-winther
    prof bjarne winther

    SOME COMMENTS MAY BE CONSIDERED SPOILERS: Take one movie with a loyal cult following, steal the cursed object premise of Friday the 13th: The Series, and presto, you have a bunch of objects vaguely and distantly related to the first Amityville Horror movie that the cast of the TV series know nothing about. Jack Sterling (Stephen Macht) takes home to sunny California a cursed clock that quickly makes itself to home. Before you know it, there’s time warps a plenty in the house and weird things happening in the neighborhood. It’s not very scary, often tedious, and the plot shows very little creativity. Several scenes are fixated on ooze as if the writer is obsessed with sewer water.There’s some nonsense about the historical Gilles De Rais as this made-for-video movie tries to be scary, but it actually just repeats the same inane material from the first sequels. What it is is a weak horror movie with the Amityville Horror mythology weakly tagged in to it to try and make it more scary. The cast is lackluster; Shawn Weatherly isn’t as attractive as she used to be, and Megan Ward actually seems bland until she makes a stunning transformation from a girl next door to a total babe! The movie could have centered more on her and less on her dad’s degeneration and her brother’s fictitious would-be criminal behavior possibly being conjured by the house, the father or whatever. She’s missing from too much of the movie, and becoming as attractive as she does, I’m left looking for her and the brother for the rest of the movie. The scene with her boyfriend melting into goo was just too campy to belong in the script. His vanishing could have been much more creative, after all, she’s sitting on a table top train, what if she shrank him down to that size just before she ate him or did something else. In fact, most of the script needs one major over haul except for the one continuous shot where Rusty Sterling leaves the kitchen in the morning and returns to discover it’s now night! It’s possibly the only really good scene in the whole fiasco. Actress Nita Talbot, possibly best known as the Russian spy on “Hogan’s Heroes,” is very little instead of given a much bigger part. The whole movie is about manufacturing a fake reputation by supernatural means instead of creating a top-notch haunted house movie. Overall, the movie ranks as fair to dismal, but it’s not much of a horror movie.

  • robert-holmes
    robert holmes

    The story was a little cheesy, evil clock and all… but the effects were good and it was actually somewhat scary. Don’t get me wrong strictly `B’ material, but definitely entertaining. Sound story, decent characters, semi believable (as supernatural events go) and even some horror and some humor.And as for the guys: nothing here really, extremely brief sex scene at beginning not even worth mentioning, but one fairly erotic scene with the daughter and a demon controlled reflection. Good and seductive but no nudity.

  • pinter-imrene-major-judit
    pinter imrene major judit

    After the abysmally dour filth instalment “The Amityville Curse”, the sixth outing “It’s about time” was a step in the right direction. Not perfect, but at least far from boring. Like the fourth film which had a cursed lamp (yep you’re reading that right), this one too sets the curse in another household in another town, but the instrument used here is an antique clock that is purchased in Amityville. It unleashes a dark supernatural force that begins to control the family, as they start turning on each other and acting out of character. Directed by Tony Randel (“Hellraiser II: Hellbound” & “Ticks”), the straight-to-video “It’s about time” is a nasty little horror film concentrating more so on its vivid special effects and grisly jolts then building anything in the way of suspense. Some of the imagery is atmospherically staged, while the ghastly make-up effects (outside of the black goo) had me thinking of “Hellraiser”. Even throw in a touch of incest. The performances hold up well enough. Strong turns by Stephen Macht and Shawn Weatherly with the likes of Megan Ward and Nita Talbot rounding it off. Also Dick Millar makes a cameo. The concept had creative touches, however the story mechanics are quite fundamental, but at times it can go over-the- top and be very hysterical in its silly outbursts. Too bad I find the payoff to be weak. “It’s about time”.

  • petri-paakkonen-markkanen
    petri paakkonen markkanen

    I read this in depth review of all the Amityville Horror movies, and it said that this was one of the very best. It also said that most of them were very bad. After I saw this I understand that the others must be horrible. Because this is not very good.The plot is strange, and in the end I’m not really sure I understood what had happened at all. Hah, weird.It is not scary. Not hugely entertaining, just OK. Which is why my score is 5. In the middle. OK. Meh. It has got some charm here and there, a little humor, but honestly not much sticks out.I am very fascinated by horror movie series, with countless sequels, it’s just interesting to see how they develop. Unfortunately, this movie series is pretty darn boring. And every movie has less to do with the Amityville-house than the last.I do really like the remake with Ryan Reynolds, though. That one is pretty solid. And the original is OK.

  • ljubica-vidmar
    ljubica vidmar

    “Amityville 1992: It’s About Time” is a lot better than expected for one of these entries.**SPOILERS**Returning home from work, Jacob Sterling, (Stephen Macht) shows his girlfriend Andrea Livingstone, (Shawn Weatherly) and his family, Lisa, (Megan Ward) and Rusty, (Damon Martin) a new clock that he picked up from his work. As they continue on with their lives, they start to notice that there’s something wrong with the house, and when he is attacked by a local dog, he is bed-ridden and forces her to bring her friend Dr. Leonard Stafford, (Jonathan Penner) to come out to help her. As the weird events surrounding the family continue, and soon start to branch out to others in the community, they realize that the incidents are caused by the clock, which was brought along from a house in Amityville, New York that once belonged to a deranged teacher who’s soul had possessed everything in the house. Realizing the danger, they try to leave the house before they all succumb to the house’s evil powers.The Good News: This one here is a lot better than expected. One of the good things about it is the film has a couple really great cheesy scenes that work wonderfully. The trick with the light-switch in the living room at the beginning is pretty cool, mainly due to what the room switches over into, a call-out to the original with goo that appears in people’s bed one minute and not the next, a really tense moment where a game of sibling roughhousing turns violent and much more. There’s also a fantastic sequence where, as one character waits for a microwave to finish, it stops and another character appears suddenly in front of them, going off on a rant about the effectiveness of a particular firearm before turning it on them to question whether or not anything sexual happened between a former couple, then is revealed to all have been a subconscious hallucination. It’s big one, though, is when the changed daughter lures the boyfriend down into the basement to sleep with him, only to have the tables turned in a sequence so glorious that the end result has to be seen. It also decides to give way to the sleaze when desired, with the simply superb sequence where, dressed in a night-gown, she proceeds to check herself out in a full-length mirror, and after a couple seconds, the mirror-image begins doing other activities, and soon after pleasuring herself, reaches out of the mirror and repeats it on her in person. It’s sleazy and certainly leaves a wonderful impression on it. There’s even a pretty nifty, sweat-filled sex-scene that keeps the sleaze moniker intact through most of the film. Aside from the cheese, it has some good stuff in it, most notably the realistic and brutal dog-mauling. This one is incredibly realistic, due to the dog continually going after the same wound time and time again, the absolute refusal to let go and bring the target back closer to it when it tries to escape and ends with it showing a lot of brutality. It’s a really great, fantastic scene that really has a lot going it. The last big part in the film that works is the cheesy deaths, which are pretty bloody. There’s a fire-poker through the leg, a radio’s power cord shoved into the mouth and electrocutes, leaving a dark, festering wound around the point of insertion, impaled in the chest and a rope-hanging, among others to get some nice blood and gore in here. All these here make the film more than enjoyable.The Bad News: This one here doesn’t have a whole lot of flaws, but they are there. The fact that this one is still a really big cheese-fest is one of the main concerns with this one. It’s not completely serious, at least in tone, despite what is offered as being definitely cheesy in appearance, or at least in execution. The conclusion to the basement sequence is quite a perfect example, and is one of the main reasons as to why this one will score lower than most of the other flaws. The ending is another small factor, using a time-honored trick to end it that can be seen coming from a mile away and doesn’t have any differences away from the usual. The slow, more methodical pace is something that could’ve been fixed, mainly since it would’ve shortened it a bit since there’s no reason why this goes on for as long as it does, but otherwise, these here are the film’s flaws.The Final Verdict: A lot better than expected, this one here has a lot more going on for it than the others and is one of the better entries. Give this one a shot if the series is entertaining or if there’s something in it that appeals to you, otherwise then stick away from this one as there’s a lot better ones out there.Rated R: Violence, Language, animal violence, Nudity and a mild sex scene

  • adele-renard
    adele renard

    Amityville 1992: It’s About Time (1992) ** (out of 4)Jacob Sterling (Stephen Macht) returns from a business trip in NY and has an antique clock with him. It turns out that this clock has a bad history including being present in the infamous Amityville house. Soon all sorts of bad things are going on so Jacob’s son (Damon Martin) and girlfriend (Shawn Weatherly) must try and destroy the clock. This here was the sixth film in THE AMITYVILLE HORROR series and it was one (of many) that went direct-to-VHS back in the day. I think what really hurts this film’s reputation is the “Amityville” title because I’m sure there are fans of the original three movies (why I don’t know) who come to this cheap horror film and are disappointed that it’s really not connected. Like HALLOWEEN III, if this film was released on its own and not part of a series then perhaps it would be enjoyed more. With that said, no one should mistake this for a good movie because it’s not. However, it’s still better than your typical low-budget film. The story itself isn’t the greatest in the world but I think there are enough interesting ideas to where you can stay entertained. The film also benefits from some pretty good special effects and you’re going to be shocked at how good they are compared to most movies like this. We get a rather vicious dog attack that looks quite real and the leftover impact of the attack is on full display throughout the rest of the movie as the wounds continue to ooze blood and other stuff. There are also a few other creative death scenes but one is without question really bad and I’m not going to spoil it but it’s something that happens after an almost death by car. You won’t miss the scene. The performances are also better than normal with Weatherly really coming across good as the girlfriend. AMITYVILLE 1992: IT’S ABOUT TIME shouldn’t be looked at as a masterpiece or any sort of good cinema but it’s certainly much better than most films in the series.

  • samantha-cook
    samantha cook

    You know.. “The Amityville Horror” was terrible. The original that is. I’ve yet to see the remake. but remakes are awful nowadays anyways. But I just want to say it. Amityville Horror is terrible!I’ve seen almost the entire series. “Amityville Horror”, “Amityville 2: the Possession”, “Amityville 3D”, “Amityville: The Evil Escapes”, “Amityville 1992”, “Amityville: A New Generation” & “Amityville: Dollhouse”.The only film in the series that I enjoy is “Amityville 1992 : It’s About Time”. I remember it sticking out when I saw all the sequels when I was younger (I went through a phase in my early teenage years, trying to see every horror movie & its sequels).I waited forever for this to come out on DVD and it finally did October 2005, and of course I couldn’t find it anywhere. Finally I found it about a month ago and snagged it for $9.99.I watched it tonight for the first time since I first watched it years ago. This movie is awesome. The soundtrack is beautiful. The characters are all very enjoyable, especially the son Rusty, and the psychiatrist Leonard. The main character Andrea is smoking and so is the daughter. We’ve got pretty creepy ghost scenes, a witch, an early 90’s teenager, a good amount of gore, a sister trying to seduce her brother (and him flipping his lid and trying to get out of the room). I love this movie.I also noticed some great homages to Lucio Fulci’s “The Beyond” & the “Evil Dead” films.So why am I upset? 3.4 out of 10 rating on IMDb.com? 14/100 on Rottentomatoes? What the hell? A terrible full frame, awful transfer, no special feature DVD from Lion’s Gate. This movie is so slept on it’s not even funny.Go break your $10.00 and purchase this film, I heard you can get it online for $4.99. It’s one of my favorites, it’s easily the best in the Amityville series, and it’s a great, cheesy, early 90’s horror film.

  • zdenek-marek
    zdenek marek

    Being number six in a long line of AMITYVILLE sequels, AMITYVILLE 1992 (well it seems like it could actually be!) was never really going to be any good. Supernatural horror sequels never really seem to work, no matter how much of a classic the originals were. Look how the OMEN series depleted rapidly in quality, gasp as Freddie Kreuger becomes less of the ultimate evil and more like that old geography teacher that everyone used to play up to – vomit as the EXORCIST franchise went from classic to jurassic… Number six just doesn’t sound good!And IT’S ABOUT TIME really doesn’t do anything to argue this matter. Some nice ideas are here, don’t get me wrong, but the film just lollops along with a pace that starts to feel like time is stopping altogether! The only gratification I got (and the only reason why I held out) was the wonderful scene where the lovely Megan Ward experiences her ‘para-sexual’ awakening. Great cinema – I can’t really complain!So make of this review what you will – AMITYVILLE is not nearly as bad as some from this genre, and it is not entirely unenjoyable. Just plan something else to do at the same time – this film requires only a fraction of your attention (about 10 minutes halfway through actually!), so your brain might start to drum its bio-rythmical thumbs…

  • jole-bianco
    jole bianco

    ‘It’s About Time’ rehashes a concept last seen in ‘Amityville IV: The Evil Escapes’, in that an artifact from the infamous Long Island house is relocated into the home of another family, where it soon begins to take over their lives with its demonic intentions. Hardly surprising, given that John G. Jones was the scribe for both installments. This, I have to say, is the better attempt, and it goes a long way towards rebuilding the damage done by the painful and indeed execrable 5th film, ‘The Amityville Curse’. This time around, the artifact is a clock, and its hellish influence not only possesses both the house and its occupants (naturally), but plays around with time itself, breathing at long last some new ideas into the franchise. The tension is reasonably well-paced, allowing for a gradual build until all hell breaks loose.At the same time however, ‘Amityville 1992’ still suffers from a fairly silly and uneven storyline, aggravated by sloppy editing choices that prevent the overall effort from meshing together seamlessly. Add to this some rather hammy acting from veteran performers Steven Macht and Nita Talbot, along with some just plain bloody awful acting from Jonathan Penner, and it becomes difficult to take the film seriously. Thankfully the principal lead is Shawn Weatherly, who avoids the obvious temptation the script offers to go over-the-top and gives a creditable performance under the circumstances, as does Damon Martin, in what looks to be his final film.Nonetheless, ‘It’s About Time’ makes a far better effort to remember its roots than its two predecessors. With minimal rewrites, IV and V could very easily just be standalone horror flicks, but the plot of VI rests upon the apparently again-destroyed Amityville house’s past history. On the one hand, it has no conscious ties to the DeFeo murders, but in the universe of the film franchise, these were supposed to be influenced by the house’s long-present demonic incumbents, and it is here where ‘It’s About Time’ builds its story. In the process, it grafts yet another unnecessary centuries-old European explanation for its dark history which I didn’t really buy into, but I can let it slide since new ground is being explored. After all, I also have to put aside the obvious fact that if this clock has been in the house all along, why does it only manifest its powers now? Yet this is the most interesting aspect of the film, and if anything, Jones should have really let fly with the time distortion element and tried harder to pull it together into what could have been an even better and possibly mind-bending tale.At any rate, ‘It’s About Time’ pulls the franchise out of the mire that the previous installment dumped it into. It’s still fairly silly, but a great improvement nonetheless.

  • maksim-suvorov
    maksim suvorov

    Amityville 1992 is the best of the Amityville sequels by a country mile. I even enjoyed it more than the original. The story completely ignores the dreadful Amityville Curse (thankfully) and carries on the story of the evil/possessed objects being sold off from the original house. In part 4, there was an evil lamp which possessed a little girl. This time it’s a clock. A family buys the clock and within days, some of the family members become possessed by the evil of Amityville. Pretty soon time starts to move forward and backwards at a rapid pace. All of this leading to a neat conclusion.There are some really cool time travel moments in this as well. Hours pass by in minutes for some characters without anyone else noticing. It’s the most unique of the Amityville movies to say the least. and WOW, finally the acting is pretty good. The cast did a great job in this one. And the house the family lives in even has the windows which look like eyes, similar to the actual Amityville house. Good special effects in this too. There’s a vicious dog bite and a man who melts. All pretty real looking.Amityville 1992: It’s About Time is the best of the Amityville movies by a mile. The acting is great, there’s realistic special effects, and an intriguing plot. This one does not disappoint.8/10

  • univ-prof-svetlana-zahn-mba
    univ prof svetlana zahn mba

    Okay I admit it. The Amityville movies are definitely one of my guilty pleasures in life- but hey everyone has a vice right? I just genuinely get excited before I’m about to see another, and so far (with the exception of the incoherent snooze-fest that is Amityville 3/ 3-D) they’ve all been pretty entertaining.So they aren’t highly polished works of art, the standard of acting is variable to say the least, and the series did very quickly descend to made for TV/ straight to video territory. But I find the films to be a lot of fun, and considering the sheer number of sequels (seven and a remake to date) for the most part each film does manage to bring something new to the series, and considering the original concept of a haunted house doesn’t lend much in the way of creative flexibility, it has been fun to watch the different ways in which the subject matter is approached.Amityville 1992 : It’s About Time (or simply Amityville: It’s About Time as it is known on DVD) continues the theme of items from the original Amityville house ending up in new households, only to wreak havoc, as introduced in Amityville: The Evil Escapes. In this case it is an antique clock, which the audience will discover has a history of its own. However, rather than go for the obvious “and then things get thrown around the house and the walls bleed route” the writers have decided to play with the theme of time- we see glimpses of the past, time slows down and speeds up, and events are undone. Yes the premise of course is ultimately silly- time warps don’t fit comfortably with Amityville lore, but it does make for a nice twist in the saga.I liked the fact that characters were flawed also- our heroine Lisa (played convincingly by Megan Ward is introduced to us as a woman who is cheating on her psychiatrist boyfriend with an ex she knows she shouldn’t get involved with/ Okay it’s not groundbreaking stuff, but for the genre of horror it’s a nice move away from the virginal stereotypical protagonist. In many other horror films she wouldn’t be the female lead, she’d be the prime victim.Expect some unintentionally hilarious dialogue, one of the charms of the Amityville horror movies, and look out for an interesting death scene which reminds me of the Final Destination films- you think you’ve escaped death by oh no you haven’t. In fact it’s delivered with (I hope) a real tongue in cheek sense of humour- you’ll know what I mean when you see how the poor character is finished off! So to summarise- silly fun that’s certainly worth renting. If you’ve seen the other sequels you’ll know what to expect- it won’t make for high brow film discussion, but it’ll entertain for a couple of hours, and make you laugh a couple of times too.

  • niklas-pettersson
    niklas pettersson

    ***SPOILERS*** The fifth installment of the Amityville Horror that really has nothing to do with the famed haunted house. It has to do with an antique French clock that supposedly was found, before the cursed dwelling was finally demolished, in it.Getting the clock for a steal widowed architect Jacob Sterling, Stephen Macht, brings it back to his home to Southern California as memento of his trip back east. The clock as it soon turned out is in league with the Devil in being able to drive people to do evil and ungodly things. It also can drive those who are in possession of it insane as it soon does to the unsuspecting Jacob.Jacob ends up being brutally mauled by his neighbor’s sweet and lovable dog peaches ending up with both rabies and a gangrenous right leg. Mad and deranged Jacob, not seeking medical help, goes completely insane locking himself up in his room and playing with toy houses as his two kids Lisa & Rusty,Megan Ward & Damon Martin, and live in housemaid and lover Andrea, Shawn Weatherly, flee in panic. It soon becomes evident to Rusty that it’s that damn clock that driving everybody in the Sterling home crazy which now includes, besides his already cracked-up dad Jacob, his sexy hot to trot sister Lisa.Things get so out of control that Andera calls for help in having her former boyfriend psychiatrist Dr. Lenoard Stafford, Jonathan Penner, come over and get the now criminally deranged Jacob committed to the nearest mental institution before he cause any more damage! This all backfires with Jonathan not the crazed and out of control Jacob left hanging, or better yet twisting, in the wind.***SPOILERS*** The movie ends much like it began but with the knowledge, to those watching, that it was that clock that was responsible for all the mental and psychical carnage that happened in the movie. It was there and then that Andrea did what she should have done right from the start which would have prevented all the mass hysteria, and insanity, from occurring! And thus saved the world, or those in the movie, a whole lot of pain and suffering.

  • kristel-ruggiero
    kristel ruggiero

    A decent straight to video sequel to a “popular” franchise. “It’s About Time” centers on a possessed clock that happens to be from the original Amytiville house. A family with intentions to renew their life, move to a beautiful mansion. Unfortunately for them, they buy the possessed clock and that’s when things start to get horrible.This is probably the second best sequel in the franchise, following “The Possession”, a sinister sequel. “It’s About Time” obviously centers on the possession topic and has the occasional poltergeist scenes provoked by the clock’s evil glow.This movie scared me when I first rented it (I was 8 or 9) because it has a dark, creepy atmosphere. The mansion is scary enough for a movie like this. The f/x are below average but it’s normal for a direct to video sequel.If you are a fan of haunted house or possession flicks, this is a very good option that exploits the greatness of direct to video.

  • jozef-switaj
    jozef switaj

    I love B-horror movies. Ones that are not too gory, slightly campy. Amityville 3-D is one of my favorite all time movies.So when I saw this out on DVD, I scooped it up. I wasn’t sure what to expect.It’s actually quite decent.This guy, the father of a family, brings home this clock. Which came from the Amityville house, but has an older history than that.The family is a bit odd – you have the father and two children (both teenagers, one a metal-head guy and the other sort of a goody girl) and an ex-girlfriend of his, living with them. She apparently helps take care of the kids while he is a away. And she has a boyfriend, a stereotypical loafer wearing psychiatrist.Anyway, various haunting type stuff happens. Much of it is time based, since it’s focused around the clock. Most of this is pretty cool, actually. Also some stuff from the original movie, the black goo coming out of the ground/pipes stuff. And some stuff seems borrowed from the Omen series. And meanwhile, the father gets possessed. Sort of. But he’s not really the focus of the movie. Basically each character gets equal time, with the main focus being the ex-girlfriend. I really enjoyed it a lot. Not scary, but lots of stuff is different than you’d expect, or think what will happen. Surprisingly intelligent. Much better than the original movie.

  • sherry-willis
    sherry willis

    This was best sequel by miles There was a gr8 opening theme And Ammytiville house lighting up Then the time itself, which by the film means,can wind all to quick for us all.The original film is usually the best but the last film in series usually gives it a run for its money.Lots of violence in film,which is good ,the clock itselft is so much more controlling than a lamp. i love horror films and compared to some recently this measures up very well, underrated film The brilliant thing about this is, is not a lamp, but time controls all…. If only time could be wound back like the clock does, but for our benefit. we could play the game again

  • vorobev-panfil-kharitonovich
    vorobev panfil kharitonovich

    This is one of the best AMITYVILLE entries,though it doesn`t mean much.In this 6th entry on the series,a family is menaced by a satanic clock.Forget about the plot and pay attention to the lovely MEGAN WARD(ENCINO MAN,ARCADE,RATED X…).POSSIBLE SPOILERS: There`s a wonderful scene with MEG touching herself in the front of a mirror and discovering how sexy she`s really. Don`t miss this scene no matter what.

  • jill-perkins
    jill perkins

    I’m binge watching the Amityville titles I haven’t seen before and am being reminded that all in all this is a poor franchise.It’s About Time otherwise known as Amityville 1992 begs the question what would happen if an item from the infamous house was relocated to another? The answer is a pretty bad movie will happen.A man buys an antique clock that came from the Amityville house, before you know it strange things are happening and himself and other family members seem to have been possessed by something evil.This did at least feel like an Amityville movie and reminded me a lot of Amityville: Dollhouse (1996) A passable watch for fans but as a standalone movie it’s really not great.The Good: Amityville vibeThe Bad: Another cheating antagonist Pets getting killed in every damn horror film is overkill Flawed confusing story Things I Learnt From This Movie: Amityville is a major contender for the most butchered franchise in movie history

  • siv-johansen
    siv johansen

    For the sixth installment, the Amityville series is back in California, as in Amityville: The Evil Escapes (“Amityville 4”). This time, Jacob Sterling (Stephen Macht), a single father and an architect, brings the “Amityville Curse” home with him by way of a possessed clock that he picked up on a business trip to Amityville. The fact that the clock is the source of the burgeoning evil our cast of characters encounters is one that they don’t really figure out for themselves until near the end of the film, but it’s not a spoiler to reveal that to readers, because it’s clear from the very first scene that the clock means trouble. So this is one of those films where the audience will be egging characters on to figure out something that the audience already knows, and which it often seems the characters should more easily discern.Director Tony Randel seems to have chosen the setting of the film to invite associations with the Poltergeist series. The suburban neighborhood of Amityville 1992: It’s About Time, or “Amityville 6”, looks very similar to the neighborhood in Poltergeist; for all I can remember of Poltergeist at the moment, it may very well be the same location. But it doesn’t matter if it isn’t, the desire is still there to latch on to same kinds of archetypes, so that evil invades generic U.S. suburbia, with the hope of making the fears more relatable and immediate for the audience. That’s not the only film reference that Randel makes. One of the odder and more enjoyable ones, for which I still haven’t figured out the symbolism, is a fairly literal quoting of Ed Wood’s famous footage of Bela Lugosi in front of Lugosi’s home, walking out of the front door with a black cape on (of course), and slowly going over to smell a flower. Wood shot the footage without a specific use in mind. It ended up in Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959). Randel recreates the scene (minus the flower in a direct way) with Iris Wheeler (Nita Talbot), one of the more interesting, although a bit underused, elements of Amityville 6. The appropriately named Iris is something of a “seer”. She has visions of evil invading the Sterling household almost immediately. Later on, she functions as a plot facilitator in a number of useful ways–she provides a link to a more esoteric, supernatural world while simultaneously anchoring, catalyzing and supporting our more grounded/realistic characters’ mounting beliefs, she provides important historical information, and she is the first to be dispatched by the evil presence. Her death scene manages to be amusingly ironic, and maybe even a bit absurd, but without bringing the film into a humorous mode; it veers towards but doesn’t quite visit campiness, as do many subsequent events.The twisted relationship dynamics in the film are particularly interesting. Jacob returns from his trip to Amityville to greet his children and Andrea Livingston (Shawn Weatherly), a former live-in lover who was watching the kids. Jacob quickly reinitiates their physical relationship, but Andrea makes no bones about wanting to get back to her boyfriend, Dr. Leonard Stafford (Jonathan Penner). Jacob suggests that Andrea have Leonard stay at the house, and eventually, this does happen. Meanwhile, Jacob is supernaturally devolving into a George Lutz-styled monster, from the same forces that got to George, but Jacob is also physically transforming–or deteriorating more accurately–in a more literal way. There is complex love triangle material between the three throughout much of the film, and Randel executes most of it so it works on two levels–as a straightforward but twisted soap opera and as horror with a strong psychological edge. This is reflected in Leonard’s job–he’s a psychiatrist, and appropriate to one of the popular stereotypes about psychiatrists, Leonard is the character who falls apart psychologically in response to the Amityville curse.The Amityville force has often been about unhinging deeply suppressed “dark” feelings and desires in its victims. That works as a catalyst for the twisted relationship dynamics, including between Jacob’s kids, Rusty (Damon Martin) and Lisa (Megan Ward). Lisa is the one with more hedonistic suppressed desires, which might seem surprising given the initial character development of the two kids, but on the other hand, Rusty is more outwardly expressive from the beginning, so maybe it’s not so surprising after all.The more purely supernatural aspects of Amityville 6 are both a bit understated and charming in their own way. As suggested by the subtitle, “It’s About Time”, time and especially time manipulation provides the theme for much of the supernatural material. This enables characters to be placed in alternate realities and it gives Randel and his writers another way to explore elements of characters’ subconscious minds, including their fears, of course. Maybe more could have been done to work the time theme into the film in various surrealistic ways, as when that material occurs, it’s certainly one of the films’ strengths, but the decision to take a subtler track and stay closer to soap-operatic realism wasn’t a bad one.

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    uros mihelic

    “Amityville: It’s About Time” follows a California architect who returns from a business trip in New York, where he acquires an antique clock. Soon after his return, he is in a terrible accident that leaves him bedridden; meanwhile, his family experiences an array of bizarre occurrences in their house. Little do they know, the clock they’ve brought in was from the Amityville DeFeo house, and is doing more than telling time.I’ll be frank here: none of the “Amityville” films have ever been spectacular—even the original, which, though a good haunted house film, had its flaws. The sequels have been hit and miss, and 1990’s “The Amityville Curse” was abhorred by many (I actually somewhat enjoyed it, but that’s another story). As the installments in this series progressed, they’ve tended to sprawl out to the point that each haunting is incidentally connected to the Amityville house via objects rather than geography—this occurred in Part 4 where a lamp possessed evil powers, and would be re-used again in the followup to “It’s About Time” in “Amityville Dollhouse.” Long story short, the series as a whole is rather silly. With that out of the way, I do think “Amityville: It’s About Time” does have some goods to offer. Where the earlier films in the series were more concerned with suspense, this sequel goes straight for thrills from the beginning, though there is a bit of character building as the film meditates on the disintegration of a family. The clock itself acts as a catalyst in the warped dynamic, and there is a lot of playful writing involving the clock’s powers and its relationship toward time.The film manages to evoke a weirdly oppressive suburban atmosphere, and the performances throughout are better than what you find in most direct-to-video fodder; Stephen Macht’s role as the breadwinning architect-turned-madman is decent, and Megan Ward and Damon Martin play convincing enough teenagers. Nita Talbot is a bit of a show-stealer here as a matronly neighbor who uncovers the truth behind the family’s turmoil.Overall, “Amityville: It’s About Time,” though not a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, is one of the better “Amityville” sequels. As silly as the premise may be, there is a decent amount of fun to be had. A few memorable performances plus some appreciable special effects and playful writing render this worth a watch for genre fans. 6/10.

  • nazar-aleksiuk
    nazar aleksiuk

    This one is probably one of the better sequels, and though it doesn’t really live up to the classic standards, it sure packs a punch.Unlike the fourth and seventh and eighth sequels, this one delivers far more suspense, though a lot of it is typical and expected, such as the declining sanity of the buyer of anything related to Amityville. But it’s well-done/well-put-together, and the idea of an Amityville-possessed clock is far more ominous than a stupid lamp, mirror, or a doll-house, you’ve got to admit.It even has some real gore thrown in there… what a surprise… Also, this is the first Amityville that really relies on lies, cons and deceits of people and how things like that can tear families and attachments into shreds.It’s a decent sequel, I suppose.