Photographer Keyes is given an old mirror from an homeless person he photographs on the street, takes it home and gives it a friend. He doesn’t know yet that people see horrible things happen to themselves in the mirror and later these things come true. Are these really suicides or is there a demonic force behind the mirror?

Also Known As: Amityville 1993: The Image of Evil, Horror Amityville: Nastepne pokolenie, Amityville: A Nova Geração, Amityville - Darkforce, Amityville: Una nueva generación, Amityville - uusi sukupolvi, Amityville: Az új generáció, Amityville 7: A Nova Geração, El regreso, Amityville: el rostro del diablo, Amityville 7: Una nueva generación, Amityville - A New Generation, Amityville 7, Amityville: A New Generation, Амитивилль 7: Новое поколение, Amitivilski užas 7: Nova generacija, Amityville: Ondskans ansikte

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  • nika-stipanovic
    nika stipanovic

    Not a good one. -Not at all.This installment revolves around a descent of the original murderer inside the Amityville home who must face his past to rid himself of the nightmarish terror of Amityville itself.It’s basically nothing. My bet is that this film was made for some extra fast-cash to buy a boat or something… because this one’s just ridiculous… Thankfully, it doesn’t kill or ruin the series, but it just has no effect on the series at all.I’d have to say that just the fact that it is constantly referenced to the old, infamous house is probably the only thing that makes this one slightly more bearable than “The Amityville Curse”.

  • dr-j-szalai-csaba
    dr j szalai csaba

    Oh dear. This sequel has a mirror, this time, which houses the evil spirit of a psychopath which murdered an entire family with a shotgun in the Amityville home. The mirror captured the entire ugly incident of the horrified family who had no time to prepare for their uninvited guest. The mirror is given to a photographer, Keyes(Ross Partridge)by a bum(..who just so happens to be his lunatic father, and the man responsible for killing the family)and it’s evil soon terrorizes those in a loft(..such as Keyes’ painter pal Suki, portrayed by Julia Nickson-Soul)where he lives when they look into it. Soon Keyes is having nightmares, looking through the eyes of his father as he guns down the family in cold blood, worried that he might follow in his footsteps. Soon he sees other occurrences through his father’s eyes like that terrible day pops bashed his mother’s head against the floor of an institution or experiencing a moment inside the cell as doctor’s administered a drug to immobilize him.Pretty solid supporting cast who deserve better than being stuck in junk like this, such as David Naughton(American Werewolf in London)as the proprietor of the loft with which Keyes lives, Richard Roundtree as an eccentric sculptor/artist, Terry O’Quinn as a psychologist-detective, and especially Lin Shaye as a hilarious ditsy, rather strange secretary-nurse in the asylum(..the one which held Keyes’ father) soon to be closed down.Rounding out the film, the sexy, leggy Lala Sloatman as Keyes’ supportive girlfriend, Barbara Howard(Friday the 13th:The Final Chapter)as Naughton’s betrayed wife(..he was on the verge of starting an affair with Nickman-Soul), Jack Orend as the sadistic fiend who attempts to provoke his son into killing innocent people as he did, and Robert Rusler(A Nightmare on Elm Street 2:Freddy’s Revenge)as a rejected lover(..of Nickson-Soul)who meets an unfortunate demise while ripping apart paintings as a revenge for his dismissal.This film is a poor special effects movie merely using the Amityville title as a cash-in. The franchise has never been that great to begin with, but as each sequel was green-lit, it grew worse and worse. After the third film, furniture from the infamous house become “possessed” items tormenting folks. The cast try hard, though, but the material(..a mirror causing chaos and murder through supernatural means)is lacking in quality..and the rather mediocre special effects don’t help matters. O’Quinn, as little as he has to work with, shows why he’s such a great actor, he can even shine in excrement such as this. All’s not lost, you get to see Sloatman always wearing super short skirts(..or her man’s shirt in panties), showing off her legs throughout..hey, you have to find a silver lining somewhere. Believe it or not, AMITYVILLE:A NEW GENERATION was the seventh film in the franchise! Coolest part of the film were the portraits of demons painted by Nickson-Soul’s artist, perhaps inspired by the evil mirror after looking into it.

  • iancu-florea
    iancu florea

    Mirror Mirror On The Wall: Who Is The Worst Amityville Of Them AllOh the horror! The streak of rotten “Amityville Horror” sequels continues in “Amityville: A New Generation.” In the direct-to-video affair, an up-and-coming photographer (Ross Partridge, whose credentials include (1) episode of “In Living Color” as well as playing “Businessman” in the “Prom Night” remake) brings a haunted mirror back to his hip and happening pad. It’s not long before the mirror starts distorting reality, shedding some light on the wannabe-artist’s past as well as threatening his circle of friends which includes Shaft and Asian-Shannon Doherty in its ranks. Yet another “Amityville” flick where the “Horror” happens outside of the iconic house from the Margot Kidder/James Brolin original, it’s no surprise to find “A New Generation” deviating even further from the original formula than before.Not that twisting the formula is such a bad thing — it sort of worked in “Amityville 1992: It’s About Time” (sort of) — but the execution leaves quite a bit to be desired. For those keeping score, “Amityville: A New Generation” is the seventh installment in the shockingly long-winded and consistently mediocre “Amityville Horror” franchise. It’s to be expected that the film isn’t exactly top-notch material, but even judging it as a b-movie doesn’t do it justice. The plot, if you can call it that, is really just an excuse for the presence of some admittedly cool paintings and softcore nudity (its only redeeming features, really). The horror in this “Amityville Horror” is in its banality. There is simply no tension to be found, and the bloodshed is kept to a minimum. Add this to the fact that hardly anybody in the film (save for Roundtree and Terry O’Quinn, cashing a check in an otherwise thankless role) can act to save their lives, and you have one very tepid experience.Even those who lapped up the schlock served up in the silly movie-of-the-week “Amityville 4: The Evil Escapes” or even the aforementioned 1992 affair will be hard-pressed to find anything redeeming about “A New Generation.” To be quite frank, it’s a chore to sit through and even when the film tries to twist things in an effort to re-connect itself to its roots, it just doesn’t work. Whatever thrills were to be had with this premise were squeezed out by the anemic sequels that came before. Even if you enjoy cinematic junk food like this, approach with caution. This is not only the “Amityville” franchise at its worst, but also bottom-of-the-barrel even as far as ’90s horror and DTV fare go.

  • gorgunay-akca
    gorgunay akca

    (Plot) An old mirror winds up being bought by a photographer, and it ends up causing a whole lot of problems. Is the Mirror possessing some sort of evil? Of course Sherlock!I had one thought that kept recurring through my mind as I was watching this. How did this DTV piece of junk managed to assemble such a great cast? Were they in need of work that badly? David Naughton (who has a thankless role) Julia Nickson (of Rambo II fame) Richard Roundtree, Lin Shaye, Robert Rusler, and Terry O’Quinn (Stepfather I & II) You would think it would be better off served for a film worthy of their talents… My problem with this movie is the same problem I have with a lot of the Amityville movies. They stay near trouble… especially in Julia Nickson’s case. The way her character is written made my head spin. It also lacks suspense or even the slightest amounts of entertainment. I enjoy low budget movies when they are fun, but this is derived of fun completely and it just gets increasingly sillier throughout the filmFinal Thoughts: It’s a DTV sequel to a movie that shouldn’t have spawned so many sequels to begin with, but it sure beats the heck out of watching this movie. Stay away2/10

  • borislav-gaida
    borislav gaida

    This is a great horror film. It very underrated. It is not a 3.6. It is better then Amityville horror (1979). It is better then Amityville II the possession. It is better then Amityville 3 the demon. It is better the Amityville 4 evil escapes. The Amityville cures it better. Amityville it’s about time is also better. The Amityville dollhouse is also better. Amityville (2005) is also better. This movie has great story line. It is the seventh Amityville movie. It has great acting. It also has great special effects. I give it 9 out of 10. It is no 3.6. People do not like this movie because it is a sequel. See this movie. It is a great movie.

  • alexandre-mia-moura
    alexandre mia moura

    I was so glad to be over with Slasher Month having to binge watch all those stupid horror movies but at least that’s finally over. What this? For Direct To Video Month, there’s tons more stupid horror movies! Yeah! The Amityville Horror series has to be one of the least satisfying of all time. I lost count of these, but I think this is actually the seventh! This movie features a magic mirror that belonged to the owner of the Amityville house. Looking into it makes people kill themselves or directly kills him, oh I don’t care. This film is surprisingly dull.There isn’t even that much focus on the evil mirror itself. It’s mostly just people talking and strange dreams or hallucinations or something. It’s hard to keep track because everything in this movie is so uninteresting. There’s just nobody to root for. Okay, I will give it credit for doing one good thing. We get to see Terry O’Quinn in the movie! I guess it helps that “Lost” had so many actors that it’s easy for me to recognize them in other movies. He’s actually pretty good, but he alone can’t save this pointless film. It just feels like a long episode of a bad TV show. *1/2

  • torben-petersen-carlsen
    torben petersen carlsen

    Wow Wow Wow i love and live for the amityville movies and this one is another great success the special effects are good acting good horror good everything good good good so ignore everyone else WATCH THIS MOVIE give it a chance it has lots of potential 7/10

  • ebbe-nissen-schmidt
    ebbe nissen schmidt

    A man is talking to a bum, who end up, giving him this mirror, this time is the mirror, that has the evil force in it.then he gives the mirror too their next door neighbour, soon anyone who look into the mirror will die.It was good idea, they could have done so much more, and better.This is a stand alone movie,so it not connected to any of the other in series, saying that this is third stand alone movie in the series The acting in this movie was not that bad, the movie it self was way to predicable, can be really, really boring at time,i wish there was a lot more gore then there was, I did enjoy, one or two so what gory scene, which were really well shot.This is one the weakest of them of all, it not the worse one in the series.The Amityville Curse is still the worse of the series, this movie in the second worse but still watchable, unlike The Amityville Curse.I going to give this movie 3 out of 10

  • susanne-le-roux
    susanne le roux

    Most people don’t like this movie, but I actually enjoyed it. The only thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t mention the other films, it just shows the infamous Amityville house.!!!SOME SPOILERS!!! A young artist buys an antique mirror from a bum on the street. As soon as he puts it in his apartment, evil things start happening to his friends. He also discovers who is Father was and his past. Good story, acting, and o.k. effects. ***1/2 out of *****.

  • vilte-kalvenas
    vilte kalvenas

    Here we go again, another mediocre entry to the Amityville franchise that seems to get less interesting the further along it goes. I don’t know, but I do miss the ominous house itself which featured prominently in the first three films. Sure it has connections and even the image of it appears in the haunted antique mirror which came from infamous Long Island house, but it’s just not the same. The straight-to-video fare “A New Generation” is the seventh film, where the terror scraps suburbia for an urban apartment building filled with budding artists who one-by- one fall to the evil entity. An antique mirror is given to a photographer by a homeless man. Soon after accepting the gift, the man starts having haunting visions of a killing spree which might just have some relevance to him. But he’s not the only one who’s been affected by the demonic force within the mirror, but those living in his studio building begin to find themselves possessed/or infatuated by these dark forces. The plot tries to tie in a little more to the history of the Long House island, especially with the main character’s (an affable Ross Partridge) connection to what’s actually happening. So most of the time is spent with Partridge’s character trying to uncover the truth and dealing with flashbacks. Didn’t make it any more interesting though. Predictable and interchangeable. The imitating special effects do have its moments, but there’s a real lack of atmosphere and thrills. Sure it’s slickly directed, but feels vapid and flat. There’s a good supporting cast featuring Terry O’Quinn, Richard Roundtree. Julia Nickson-Soul and a very twitchy David Naughton that do enliven things.Hardly terrible, but rather uninspired.

  • vaidas-gronskis
    vaidas gronskis

    Well, at least this was the last sequel that I could find at Blockbuster, because this movie was just downright horrible. I mean, I can understand how hard it would be to get rid of an evil house. We’re talking starting a horrible fire, bulldozing, flood, etc. But a mirror? How hard could it be can it be to get rid of a mirror?! This was the most horrible movie that could’ve put the title of Amityville into the picture! Well, a group of friends who are pretty much from the start, are a bunch of freaks. One of them is a photographer of some kind and buys a haunted mirror from a homeless creepy guy, teaching me a valuable lesson, don’t buy things from homeless creepy guy. Of course, the horrible deaths and chaos ensues this group, though I can’t imagine anyone missing them.Please, skip Amityville: A New Generation, I’ve already got a few complaints about my generation, so I think this was a premonition. Not to sound so crazy. 😛 But believe me, this is horribly acted, not well thought out, and not even scary! I feel so bad for the original writers of The Amityville Horror, they must be crying every time person witnesses this film.1/10

  • samoilova-faina-feliksovna
    samoilova faina feliksovna

    There isn’t enough space to explain the many ways this movie is a disappointing mess. Silly special effects and an incomprehensible plot are the least of this movie’s problems. The film looks like it was conceived in the mid-eighties and just stewed until it could finally be made in the early nineties. The mullet-headed “hero,” (complete with fashionable “Miami Vice” three-days shadow beard), the ham-fisted slams at Ronald Reagan, it would be funny if it didn’t take itself so seriously. As it is, the movie is just pathetic. I actually feel sorry for the poor actresses who wasted their fine nude scenes in this awful movie.

  • kundzins-tenis
    kundzins tenis

    Movies just don’t get worse than this. Horrible plot, terribly timed, pathetic characters and effects and yes this is using “B” standards.And for the guys: nothing, this movie is a terrible let down, couple scenes that could have been great but you get nothing but build up with no delivery.This movie appeals to no one, horrible movie,it had bad; plot, acting, “B” flavor, special effects and everything else. Plus no nudity or erotics for guys or the girls.

  • dott-anastasio-sala
    dott anastasio sala

    You know the first time I heard this series used appliances as weapons of horror I was stunned and thought it was silly until I actually got around to seeing how refreshing they were. Each set offers something new to explore like an early pilot for the Friday the 13th series about cursed objects this time a cursed mirror that links to the past murders taken place in the infamous Amittyville house.Keyes Terri, a struggling artist, who learns what I believe to be believe he was the only survivor of the Defao murders and now the past has come back to claim him. However the film in no way addresses which child he was suppose to be or why he wasn’t heard of or seen in Possession.Another complaint is once again the atmosphere is perfect, but the characters don’t take the mirror seriously at times like its a practical joke and building up a suspenseful climax only to cut it short to soon. The repressed memories becoming a little repetitious instead of shooting new sequences.The acting was the best this series has seen, full of life and energetic, hitting all the notes the script calls for. The sets extraordinarily creepy, creative and haunting.You think after seven sequels the franchise would run out of steam, but this proves it still has legs to stand on. Don’t caste aside this series yet and pick up this gem today.

  • jacob-grant
    jacob grant

    In this seventh outing to Amityville a haunted mirror brings bad fortune, possession and death to an artist and his friends.What sets this apart from the others is the cast, it has the excellent Julia Nickson as well as industry veterans Terry O’Quinn, Lin Shaye & Richard Roundtree. Thanks to this the movie wasn’t an complete bust, but still mostly.With a baffling story, very little actual horror and being another film that just screams “Milking the franchise” There isn’t much to the films credit and I’d say one for fans only.The Good: Outstanding cast especially Julia Nickson The Bad:Nonsensical plot Rather dullThings I Learnt From This Movie: This Amityville binge is going to cost me some brain cells

  • anyeongil

    “Amityville: A New Generation” wasn’t all that bad, but really could’ve been better.**SPOILERS**Struggling artist Keyes Terry, (Ross Partridge) wife Llanie, (Lala Sloatman) and friend Suki, (Julia Nickson-Soul) try to make it with an art show, and manage to take a mystical mirror home. The rest of their friends, Dick, (David Naughton) and Janet Cutler, (Barbara Howard) think it’s a useless purchase until a series of accidents plague them and their friends. As the strange occurrences begin to mount, Keyes begins to suspect that the mirror might be responsible. Doing a little digging into it’s past, he discovers a startling secret that puts him and his loved ones in grave danger.The Good News: There’s a couple of pretty decent things about this one. First of all, the different gags done with the mirror itself are pretty good. The way that it is able to show a special image and is able to trick the participant in the mirror to kill themselves to look exactly that way is a nice trick to see. The kills are pretty cleverly done and do manage to get some shock out of them. The opening kill with the glass looks creepy, and is the best overall kill. The loft killing is the most suspenseful, as the fallen portraits, creepy in their own right, are brought in with a maze that is brought in to play is a nice addition. The final half hour is it’s best part, with some nice action scenes and a little bit of suspense thrown in as well. There’s the main reason for watching the film, and it makes it seem a little better than when it really wasn’t.The Bad News: There’s still a couple of major things wrong with this one. The fact that there’s hardly any action at all in the film is a big factor. The only thing that happens is the kills, which are pretty much it. The rest is useless running around without much of anything done, and it’s hardly anything interesting that happens during that time. It just makes for a boring experience. The second is that it really has nothing at all to do with the story of the first film and has no real connection at all. That only a small number of references are made and that nothing even takes place in the fabled house makes it weird how the connection is made. These are the main problems, as the major bore-ness hammers it home more than anything.The Final Verdict: Really only guilty of being a rather boring film with no real action at all, and it does have enough other moments to really give fans of the series a couple of rather interesting scenes. Take a shot on it, there’s worse films out there than this one.Rated R: Graphic Language, Violence and Brief Nudity

  • amanda-sanford
    amanda sanford

    Okay, maybe I’m a little bit too harsh on this movie, since I worked on it and got stiffed on the Credits for SFX… But, I hadn’t seen it in about eight years, and when I recently managed to track down a Laser Disc version of Amityville: a New Generation,(yes, the older, really BIG Laser Discs, that you have to stop and flip over to side B, just when a movie gets really interesting…) I was disappointed by how “dated” and bland it seemed to be. It kinda’ reminded me of a time when I sat down with some friends to watch my video collection of “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In” and I had to keep explaining the jokes to everyone…Oh, well, at least the nudity never gets old, (kinda’ like that girl in the bikini on Laugh-In…)

  • iago-chelize
    iago chelize

    Ok, I admit, I have not seen the original yet; but in all this movie isn’t all that bad. The idea of objects (like a clock in Amityville 6 (1992 it’s about time) or a mirror in this tale (Amityville 7) carrying the original horrors are a bit hokey, but then again it makes sense. I liked this movie better than its time traveling predecessor and this one gives an interesting history if an Amityville family through the deranged father/psyco-killer handing the mirror and its inner demons to his son (who unknowingly accepts the gift and the re-opening of buried images/memories). Maybe it was because I was in New York and Amityville is in Long Island, but this film is at least average (hence a 5 or 6).

  • bernard-lemaitre
    bernard lemaitre

    Amityville: A New Generation marks a different take on the Amityville saga- focusing on the personal history and demons of our main character, the likable floppy-haired Keyes Terry played by Ross Partridge, rather than focusing solely on things that go bump in the night. In this sense Amityville: A New Generation is a more thoughtful film that its predecessors, and a bit of a slow burner.It certainly won’t win any awards but it does try something different- time is taken to introduce us to characters, in this case a group of struggling artists very much in the 90210/ Melrose Place mould of attractive, living in amazing apartments but supposedly broke and angst ridden. It’s endearing in its own way- right down to the fashion. The occasional self importance regarding the “artwork” can lead to some unintentional humour, all of which adds to the odd charm of this film.It is nice to see appearances from an older David Naughton (the male lead David Kessler in An American Werewolf in London) and a younger Terry O’Quinn (who plays the enigmatic Locke on the television drama Lost) Overall though the film is unlikely to set anyone’s world alight it does draw you in, and you will find yourself caring for the lead. However as I’ve said before, expect a different pace and style from the earlier Amityville horror films. Like 1992 its focus is as much on characters changing as supernatural happenings. So be aware of what to expect if you’re thinking of picking this one up.

  • michael-chambers
    michael chambers

    This movie was not nearly as entertaining as the first couple of Amityvilles. I think it actually had a budget that broke the triple digits. The flashback scene to the nut house was genuinely scary. That’s about it. The “dancing demons” were pretty hokey. The idea of highlighting an art show with a poor shmuck coming in and shooting his friends with a Supersoaker was less than Grade-A. That is why most people hate artists.

  • krystian-simon
    krystian simon

    The short synopsis of “Amityville:A New Generation” goes like that:a young photographer Terry Keyes receives a mirror as a gift and sees in its reflection a link to murders committed in Amityville decades before.And slowly the artists loft he shares with friends Suki,Dick and Pauli is turned into a living chamber of horrors,as they too fall prey to the dark seductive powers of the mirror.”Amityville:A New Generation” is an average horror flick at its best.There is a little bit of suspense and the characters are surprisingly likable,but the plot is slow-moving and the finale is laughable.I’m not an enthusiast of “Amityville” series,however this seventh installment is actually passable,if you are in the right mood.6 out of 10.

  • adam-krejci
    adam krejci

    This is an okay movie, but it doesn’t generate much excitement or suspense because there’s not much done with the mirror and the characters are not especially interesting. This picture is less about the mirror than it is about this kid’s history concerning his deceased, murderous father. The only truly interesting characters are the detective, played by The Stepfather’s Terry O’Quinn, and Llanie. And just like in the previous film, “It’s About Time”, there’s no Amityville house either (except in flashbacks). If this really is a new generation, then I would have preferred the old one. **1/2 out of ****

  • dott-silvano-barone
    dott silvano barone

    ‘A New Generation’ is the third Amityville entry to base its plot around writer John G. Jones’s premise of an item taken from the Long Island house that causes spectral misery and death for its new owners. First a lamp, then a clock, and now a mirror. However, this is also the first Amityville since ‘The Possession’ to directly tie in to the real- life events that started the whole series. This time around, Keyes Terry (Robert Partridge), an artist, is given a macabre-looking mirror by a homeless man one day. Soon enough, people around him start to die, eventually leading to his discovery that the mirror once hung in the Amityville house – indeed on the very night a man named Franklin Bronner (Sonny Montelli in ‘Amityville II’) murdered his entire family. Unfortunately for Terry, his discovery of the mirror isn’t entirely coincidental, and he soon learns the truth about his past a truth he’s kept buried since childhood.This 7th installment in the often worn-out franchise is something of a disappointment for me. Things were starting to pick up with the silly and uneven, yet entertaining ‘It’s About Time’, and given how much this film tries to draw upon its roots – not the first episode, but the source material itself – it should have been better than it was. However, three trips to the same well with yet another evil artifact from the Amityville house with yet another explanation for the malign paranormal visitations is wearing on me, to say the least. One of the biggest weaknesses of the Amityville franchise is the steadfast determination by each set of producers to completely ignore every other episode in the series. On the one hand, it’s perfectly reasonable that they don’t want to be tied to someone else’s continuity, but at the very least, they could maybe acknowledge story lines that have already been done and just possibly *not repeat them over and over again*.There’s also something rather plodding about the way in which the story unfolds, doubtless due to the inevitability this repetition-fest brings. Since you already know what’s going to happen, the carefully-paced build-up is simply slow and tedious. Or maybe it’s just tedious anyway. Director John Murlowski probably could have done more to heighten the tense atmosphere associated with the mirror rather than simply having it flash red and emit chattering ‘evil’ voices, which lacks any kind of subtlety. There were times when characters seemed fairly unfazed by its otherworldly qualities. If they don’t take it too seriously, why should we?Which is a shame, because ‘A New Generation’ has a more-than-capable cast. I was going to hold off on watching this until I saw the name ‘Julia Nickson’ in the credits. She captivated my attention just as she always does, and if anything, I was annoyed her part wasn’t more extensive. Terry O’Quinn was equally charismatic and again, underused. Partridge himself in the lead role clearly fits the early 90s over-coiffed lumberjack-shirted square-jawed hero type, and while I’m not sure he really gave it the gravitas needed, it’s not as if anyone here is performing Ibsen.The sets are also worthy of note, from the dramatic artwork filling Suki’s room, to the claustrophobic corridors featured in flashback/supernatural sequences. Getting the look of these right is especially important given how certain sequences are repeated throughout the film to simulated fragmented memories. Clearly, Murlowski is more of a visual director rather than either an actor’s director or one of horror. Unfortunately, it is meant to be a horror film, after all.’A New Generation’ sees the same race being run for the third time in 4 years. Add to this the lack of direction where it was really needed and the whole effort fails to stand as tall as it should. However, it should be acknowledged for its strong ties with the source material and some good actors in not necessarily their finest hours. Honestly, the ideal person for this is someone who hasn’t seen any of the sequels past ‘The Possession’, for whom the story won’t be such a massive deja-vu trip.