A dollhouse that is a replica of the infamous Amityville haunted house is given to a little girl. Soon after, all sorts of horrible unexplained accidents start to happen. The family must work together to fight off the terrifying evil that has inhabited their lives.

Also Known As: Amityville Dollhouse, Casa de muñecas, Amityville: Drzwi do piekla, Amitivilski užas 8: Kućica za lutke, Casa de, To kouklospito tou diavolou, Amityville 8: Ördögi játék, Amityville: Dollhouse, Amityville 8 - A Casa de Bonecas, Кукольный дом, Amitvyille 8: La casa de las muñecas, La casa de muñecas de Amityville, Amityville 8, Amityville 8: A Casa Maldita, Amityville - Das Böse stirbt nie, Amityville - Tollhaus, A Casa Maldita, Amitvyille: La casa de las muñecas, Amityville: la maison de poupées

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  • nodar-gagua
    nodar gagua

    Well if you’re expecting originality from the eighth Amityville film in the series then you have too much faith in B-movies. This is of the standard haunted house drivel that has filled the late-night television screens of the ’90s, although as a plus this ISN’T a television movie for once so we do get some more adult material not to be found in that watered-down format. There are a few things to recommend this film to genre fans, but don’t expect too much as it simply rehashes all the tired old clichés that were done in previous haunted house movies. I’m reaching here.Supernatural phenomena includes a pet mouse that turns into a giant mutant rat creature (only seen from under a bed, though, perhaps thankfully), chocolate sauce oozing down a staircase, a very nasty giant fly that returns from the dead and flies down someone’s ear (not for the squeamish), a man getting nails driven through his feet (none gory but still shocking), a girl getting her head burnt by a possessed fireplace (!), a voodoo doll that comes to life and wreaks chaos, and the chief villain as a steadily decaying grinning zombie who brings to mind the one in HOUSE, for some reason. Although he’s a weak and silly villain, his makeup job is fantastic.For some reason the events are now centred around a possessed dollhouse, so how’s that for the weakest link?! It doesn’t make much difference in the course of things. There are various bits of stupidity (music deafens one character but he doesn’t realise all he has to do is take his headphones off) as you would expect from a mainstream movie like this. Hey, at least it’s filmed well with none of this annoying pseudo-stylish camera-work that has been marring films as of late.The cast is a mixed bunch. We’re stuck with a deadhead boring male lead (Robin Thomas) and an obnoxious teenage son who turns out to be not so bad after all. The intelligent daughter is an obvious descendant of Heather O’Rourke’s character from POLTERGEIST while another timid child is just irritating. One of the highlights of the film for me was Starr Andreeff’s performance as the step-mother, Claire; I found this actress to be absolutely GORGEOUS and the film doesn’t disappoint on that front, as it were. Andreeff has also appeared in other horrors, mainly vampire films such as CLUB VAMPIRE which I’ll be sure to check out.Things get predictably over the top at the end, with a spiritual friend turning up to help out and a zombie going on a rampage in the house which is now full of red lights for some reason. Characters jump through fireplaces with scant regard for audience comprehension. Add to this cheesy dialogue such as “this is a place of evil” and you have the formula for a fun, but dumb, movie. Oh yeah and I forgot to mention the slimy full-size demons who turn up at the end to provide some menace before getting dispatched as the whole building explodes (again) in one of the most drawn-out destruction scenes ever filmed. We’ve all seen this sort of thing before but it’s a time-wasting rehash.

  • iva-svobodova
    iva svobodova

    This is the most ridiculous movie I have ever seen. Nothing was explained in the end, leaving it open (and Definitely not in the way that makes you hope for a sequel but the way that makes you think “what the hell just happened”) and none of the movie even made sense. Why was the doll house demonic? How did the zombies fit in? Why did the mother fall in love with her stepson? I wasted two hours of my life on this pile of crap. NEVER WATCH THIS MOVIE. And I’m not saying this to make you want to watch it just to see how crap it is. I’m seriously saying GET OUT NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN AND RUN TO ALL YOUR VIDEO/DVD OUTLETS AND BURN EVERY SINGLE COPY OF THIS MOVIE IN Existence. Whoever made it should BE SHOT.

  • mirella-silva
    mirella silva

    This movie was real bad. Can’t anyone come up with an original idea instead of spoon feeding us the same old crap with a different title? Don’t waste your time on this one. There are much better things to do in two hours than watch this flick.

  • warren-abbott
    warren abbott

    Minor spoilers! A dollhouse that is a replica of the infamous Amityville haunted house is given to a little girl. Soon after, all sorts of horrible unexplained accidents start to happen. The family must work together to fight off the terrifying evil that has inhabited their lives. It’s not the worst in the series, certainly not the best. For a part 6 or 7 in a dying series, I suppose it could have been much, much worse. There’s a little gore, not really enough, a couple of cool parts but it’s loaded with more clichés then a Hallmark family film (The kid who hates his mom’s new husband, the teenage brother who refuses to listen to his father, need I go on?). A couple of characters were likable, my favorite was Tobias (Franc Ross, he also happened to be the only character that died in the whole film!). Once we see the demons at the end they aren’t bad (I like the big red guy with leathery wings and sharp teeth, he was cool…oooh…) but they show up to late and we see to little of them. The ever-decomposing ‘Dead dad’ was nice and icky, I always looked forward to seeing how bad he looked next time he appeared. It’s an adequate time-waster, but only that. Recommended ONLY to those whose goal is to see every horror film ever made!4/10.

  • iboram

    Amityville Dollhouse is a really fun 90s supernatural Horror & Thriller & it’s absolutely fine!!! It’s what it’s ment to be a fun straight to video Horror. I like it when sequels move onto other characters & other situations but are slightly linked to the others films it creates a fun universe within the franchise just like what Halloween did with the BRILLIANT cult classic season of the witch & what Friday the 13th did with A new beginning!!! That’s all fun to me & stops things getting boring so here in Dollhouse it’s all completely new characters & a new setting & new house & IT’S all good creepy fun, i enjoyed bk in the 90s when i got it on video & it’s still good fun now & a hundred times better than most of todays crap

  • clemence-de-la-garcia
    clemence de la garcia

    The title is terrible, but the movie itself is not. It is actually a fairly fun little romp. The special effects aren’t as bad as in the other Amityville sequels. The acting is bearable if not award winning material. Give it a chance. Watch it in the spirit in which it was intended. It is a brief diversion from the real world.

  • eomyeji

    A poor film with a bad history that destroy original Amytiville history. The History has a inconsistent argument and the last part of the film is very stupid and incredible. What on earth does that strange figures mean? Please the devil is powerful and it need a best consideration of the director. In fact,a terrific film.

  • bay-seracettin-nezihi-sezgin
    bay seracettin nezihi sezgin

    This is just another extension of the over-used Amityville story. The film has a plot interesting enough just to keep your attention through the whole movie. It is basically the same idea as the other movies: A family moves in, the house becomes cursed, they find out what is going on, and baMMM they escape. Anywayz, if you are a fan of the Amityville movies and have not seen this movie yet, I definitely recommend you give it a chance.

  • priit-lauri
    priit lauri

    The Amityville movies are getting a tad bit annoying, but this was pretty good. It made me jump a few times, so I guess it’s not that bad. If you want an average horror movie, choose this one.

  • marc-boulay-leveque
    marc boulay leveque

    There isn’t a single fly in this movie, which is spoofy, sometimes funny, oftentimes pretty scary, and loaded with some unique special effects (“Dead Dad,” the walk-through fireplace, the tarantula). I liked the “natural” acting afforded by the younger son, performed by Jarrett Lennon, notorious for underplaying his roles (thank goodness!), and his fear (but natural devotion) of his dead father, and his reluctant drive to do what he’s told, made for some emotional moments. If you like “FUN horror,” see “Dollhouse.”

  • peter-rivera
    peter rivera

    Eddie Murphy gave the best indictment of the Amityville series’ believability when, imitating the new owner of the house, he said, “Oh baby, this place is beautiful. There are trees here and dogs and its a beautiful neighborhood and…””Demon: Get out!””Too bad we can’t stay baby.”Again, in this movie, all of the family’s problems would be solved if they did one simple thing. Leave!!! Just leave the house. That’s always been my policy when my dead relatives come through the closet and giant mice run under my bed. It’s time to go! Why does it take these people so long to figure that out? Even if they don’t want to leave the house, why don’t they just destroy the doll house? One sledge hammer blow and all their problems are over. This is a movie that is so bad that you will call friends to tell them it’s on just so they can be in on the badness. The real horror is that they keep making dreck like this, keep employing no-talent actors and writers, and waste valuable plastic that could go into useful items like dildos and replacement parts for George W. Bush’s head.

  • kristijan-puljiz
    kristijan puljiz

    The Amityville Horror: in the real world, it’s about a young man brutally murdering his family one night on a drug-fuelled rampage. In the world of film and fantasy, it’s about demons in the cellar, possession, evil lamps, sinister clocks and unnecessary 3D. The film franchise has had a long life and some of the installments have been – and let’s be kind here – god-awful. ‘Dollhouse’ was the very final installment before someone turned back the clock with the 2005 reboot, and having watched every single Amityville thus far made, I can honestly say it’s not the worst. No, for that, we have to go back to 1992 for the pain and misery that is ‘The Amityville Possession’. Many of the sequels would spin a yarn from an artifact removed from the Long Island house that would then raise hell in a new setting. In ‘Dollhouse’, the house itself is an artifact in miniature. When the Martins, a dysfunctional Brady-style family (two single parents and their kids coming together as one unit) move into their new home, conflicts are down-to-earth and domestic until Martin Snr finds an old dollhouse in the shed that just happens to be the spitting image of the infamous residence in Long Island. As soon as the replica is brought into the house, things begin to go pear-shaped. Household appliances take on a life of their own, people start having bad dreams, and Jimmy, the youngest son, begins to see the rotting animated corpse of his dead birth father. Will everyone realise the cause of the disturbances in time, or will they all succumb to the evil designs of the dollhouse?Amityville VIII, unlike its predecessors, makes no attempt to tie its plot in with the source material. No references are made to the DeFeo murders, demonic possession, or even the house itself. The only connection is the obvious visual link with the Dutch-colonial dollhouse, whose origins are never explored. It’s as if the producers are saying ‘Look, it’s straight-to-video, you know the story, no-one will be watching who doesn’t.’ However, putting aside the very obvious question regarding where the dollhouse came from and what connection – if any – it has to the actual Amityville house, the story follows the familiar structure of its predecessors: characters possessed by demonic forces, unexplainable local phenomena and even killer insects. Also present is that same sense of deja vu, wherein you once again know you’re watching a generic horror film with the word ‘Amityville’ stamped on it. To expect a lot at this stage however, after even the recycled ideas have been recycled, would be asking too much. This latest retreading still manages to be entertaining and not without its moments, and the actors present give convincing enough performances with the material handed to them. Compared with other entries in the series,the horror elements here are lower in tone, and the death scenes few and far between. There are a few dodgy monster moments, which while tied into the plot, aren’t realised with the kind of budget that would do them justice, and the prosthetics only just about work. Overall however, the story follows its own internal logic well enough not to cause irritation and so long as you don’t try to integrate it into the Amityville universe, it’s an entertaining enough 90 minutes.I have to say that watching every Amityville in the series has been torturously painful at times, sometimes making me wonder why I’m a sucker for B-grade horror. However, there have been some notable entries as well, with 1992’s ‘It’s About Time’ probably the most imaginative. ‘Dollhouse’ is a less ambitious rehashing of the formula, but it stands above the real clankers, enough to not leave a bitter aftertaste.

  • kyle-benson
    kyle benson

    Dollhouse is a personal favorite treat of mine about a young girl receiving a special gift from her aunt looking exactly like the famous house from Amittyville with enclosed voodoo dolls to boot. Its interesting exploring rather the likeness brought the evil poltergeist or was the suggestion the demons are haunting Bill from his childhood in side the house before it burned down?It develops further into the mythology with protective spells, rules for the house and how to stop it from possessing you instead of being a helpless victim. This is what the fans have waited to see since four instead of rehashing yet another plot point endlessly. My only complaint was showing the demons and making them goofy instead of an ancient entity bent on harming the living. The effects were finally perfected using fire as symbolic of the dollhouse’s rage from the uncle making a remark being rewarded by his present being ran over by a truck, Bill makes his daughter out it away only to have his new wife become hot for his son and Toby having his girlfriend set ablaze.Flowing smoothly it never drags, feels incomplete or rushed. The humor worked well even though The last line from Todd worrying about his dad building a new house was corny. The music was sensual, horrifying and brings out all the emotions the script writers intended. This is a grand finale to a fascinating series never afraid to take risks or try new ideas.

  • viktors-caune
    viktors caune

    This one, (the last one), really has it’s quirks- seriously.This film consists of all of the right ingredients of a modern horror flick: Sex, lies, drama, horror, fantasy, suspense, terror, and “lots of fire” all together in bits, thrown together to make an INREDIBLE come-back for the Amityville series.A doll-house takes the role of the terror this time, and ultimately leads to the final confrontation, and the final ending of the Amityville saga.The series has lived long, and has gone out with a big BANG as a wonderful 90’s flick.This is a good one, folks. Make no mistake.

  • aurora-cristea
    aurora cristea

    Amityville Dollhouse (1997)The Amityville Dollhouse was an hour and a half of cheeze, horror, gore, terror, etc. The movie had some boring parts, but was for the most part quick moving and entertaining. The whole dollhouse idea was sort a stupid, but hey it works. I recommend this if you haven’t seen any of the other Amityville films. 6/10.

  • kristi-liiv
    kristi liiv

    Funny (slly) movie, and definitely not to be taken at all seriously, that’s for sure. This is an all-out SPOOF, that’s all, so watch it tongue-in-cheek, and laugh as much as you wish. The special effects were surprisingly good, most of the time. The walk-through fireplace, the burning up of the house…… pretty darn good, actually. What knocked me out, of all things, was the son, “Jimmy Martin” (outstandingly portrayed by young actor JARRETT LENNON), who came across so naturally, so charmingly, so intelligently, so humorously, so nicely. He stood out, because he seemed REAL, instead of being just another actor playing a part. Where IS he these days?!

  • iancu-ababei
    iancu ababei

    “Amityville Dollhouse” is your average low budget B-horror movie, but it isn’t too bad in my opinion. It follows a suburban family who moves into a new house the father built, so it seems that there’s no way the house could be haunted. But the Amityville evil finds it’s way in there, after they discover a dollhouse replicating the Amityville house. They decide to give the dollhouse to their youngest daughter for her birthday, and that’s where it all begins. The dollhouse begins to exert an evil force upon the family. I tend to have a soft spot for low budget, cheesy type horror films of this type. Even though they may not be top notch quality, I find most of them entertaining, and they still manage to be alright in my book. Most of the cast here are unknowns, I only recognized one actress: Lisa Robin Kelly, who plays Eric’s sister, Laurie Forman, on That ’70s Show (my favorite television show by the way). The whole dollhouse idea is kind of dumb, I don’t know what a dollhouse really has to do with “Amityville”, but in the context of the movie it seems to work. There aren’t really any scary moments, and when it tries to be scary, it comes off more as campy, but I don’t really take this film so seriously.Granted it is a campy, low-budget horror flick, but “Amityville Dollhouse” still finds a way to entertain you, despite the cheap effects and minimal scares that it provides. Some may think I’m crazy, but I was entertained by this flick. It’s nothing special and I wouldn’t go too far out of your way to see it, but it’s an okay corny horror movie. Like I said, nothing special, but not too bad. 5/10.

  • michael-simmons
    michael simmons

    Bill Martin (Robin Thomas) and his new wife Claire (Starr Andreeff) move into the new house he built in the California mountains. In a shed outback he finds a cute little dollhouse designed just like the famous Amityville, NY abode. How this got here or who built it is never explained. This is no Barbie Dream House though as this dollhouse crushes Bill’s gift bike for his daughter’s birthday and the parents resort to the “this should make a great gift” routine. The eighth and final Amityville flick before they did the remake. After part 3, the producers felt they could circumvent the whole Amityville house thing by having various possessed items from the house be the gateway to terror. So we had a lamp (AMITYVILLE: THE EVIL ESCAPES), a confessional (THE AMITYVILLE CURSE), a clock (AMITYVILLE: IT’S ABOUT TIME) and a mirror (AMITYVILLE: A NEW GENERATION). So I guess a dollhouse isn’t that ridiculous. This is actually a two-for-one deal as we get a possessed recycled fireplace too (there is general confusion as the house was built on foundation of an old house that blew up to suggest it was the Amityville house, but this is clearly set in California). I’m just glad they stopped with this one or we would have ended up with the likes of possessed toaster in AMITYVILLE: YOU’RE TOAST. Or an evil stove in AMITYVILLE: YOUR BLOOD BOILS. One thing this sequel does that is surprising is bring back the taboo sex angle from part 2, along they play it a bit safer with the stepmom lusting for the stepson. Other than that, it is pretty routine stuff with the occasional cool effect here and there (like the progressively rotting dad who haunts his young son a la John Landis’ werewolf classic).

  • dipl-ing-elmar-caspar-mba
    dipl ing elmar caspar mba

    This family have just moved into a normal house, this family has a Mother named Claire who as one son called Jimmy , Claire is Married to Bill who has a daughter Jessica and she as a older brother Todd but Jimmy (who is very annoying) dose not seem to like his step family, however the other do like his step-mum.When Bill goes to the shed, he finds the doll house, that is the Amityville House.Soom strange thinks start to happen in the house, the haunted doll house break the daughter bike, that they were going to give her for her Birthday , so they end up giving the doll house instead but she soon finds out that the doll house is evil.Jimmy is also affected by the evil force, as they got his dad back from the dead to see him, at first his happy to see his dead dad, that look like a Zombie but soon starts to get scared of him as he think he dead dad is going kill his step dad.My favourite scene is this movie as to be, when Jimmy Mouse goes to Jessica room and enter the doll house. As the mouse goes in the doll house, goes under the bed in in the doll house, that when Jessica bed starts shake and she see an enormous white mouse appears under her bed.I really liked that scenes it was really well made, I enjoyed that scene and the whole movie, it was very entertaining from start to the end and it was not boring or predictable like previous movies at all.I liked the way the the movie ended and the acting was great in this movie.I am going to give this movie 8 out of 10

  • dr-gustav-pechel
    dr gustav pechel

    “Amityville VIII: Dollhouse” is a better entry than it should be with a few problems.**SPOILERS**Moving into a new house, blended-family Bill Martin, (Robin Thomas) his wife Claire, (Starr Andreeff) and their children Jessica, (Rachel Duncan) Todd, (Allen Cutler) and Jimmy, (Jarrett Lennon) find their familiar differences start immediately when they arrive. Cleaning up around the property, they find a large doll-house tucked away in a gardening shed and decide to fix it up as a special gift. After giving it, they soon start to experience a weird series of events and freak accidents that appear to be accidents but are soon convinced something is wrong. Learning that the doll-house given as a gift resembles a mysterious house from Amityville, New York that housed a Satanist before being engulfed by a fire, and when Uncle Tobias, (Franc Ross) and Aunt Marla, (Lenore Kasdorf) inform them that there was several bits of wood from the house used to build the doll-house, and it’s causing the manifestations. With the visions getting worse, they try to stop it before it takes on further stress for the family.The Good News: This one has some really nice moments to it that make it really exciting. The main thing this gets right is that there’s a return to the house’s look, as the doll-house is the original to a tee. The looming windows that set off a pair of eyes, the distinct chimney, and there’s some good parts that come along from the house’s appearance. The look is still there, and even there it isn’t the centerpiece of the film, it still has enough to get the point and fear across. The film also works well with it’s cheese, and there’s some great amounts of it in here. The ending half of the film, where the full powers of the house are unleashed and monsters, demonic spirits and more are unleashed, ushering a large, grand series where big spectacle, special effects style scenes make this one really fun and entertaining. The monsters are fun and inspired, the action is good and it’s all done with a great sense of fun. The film also manages to spread it through the rest of the film, mainly in the form of a complete gaggle of shock cuts that come along, making it feel like a rather traditional entry of a horror film. It has even more fun in here with a deliciously sleazy subplot where the mother starts having sexual desires after being around the step-son, and in one fantastic scene begins to rip her clothes off and pleasure herself after an encounter, and when interrupted by her husband, switches over and initiates a more intimate encounter to cover her tracks. It’s a great scene, and is certainly helped by a sex scene earlier that helps along the sleazy action. There’s also a lot of fun to be had from just how it exploits that much fun, and the cheesiness here is something that is just overwhelming and makes it so entertaining. These here all make the film entertaining.The Bad News: This one doesn’t have a whole lot of flaws, but there are a few. The sheer ridiculousness of it all manages to be the biggest one here, since it manages to, at once, point out the idiocy of the premise and how it turns it into something that really should’ve been gone over a little more carefully. Building a house on the site of an accident that tore the first one down is bad enough, then to find a small shack that has survived is merely conspicuous, and then to ignore what’s a few inches away that will clearly lead to a bad idea is something that is just confusing. It has a real lack of interest from it’s plot because of this difference from the plausibility from the story, and it’s too ridiculous, and combined with the cheese, makes it feel like there’s a problem to overcome due to the cheese it has. There’s also a flaw in here with the story about the dead father. Frankly, it’s way too unrealistic to think that a nine-year old kid wouldn’t be afraid of a decomposing, rotting corpse shambling into his room in the dead of night, even though it’s a familiar sight to them. The request is unnatural, and the acceptance of it from the start is unreasonable. These here are the film’s few flaws.The Final Verdict: A little cheesy, but still fun entry in the series that has some fun to it but has a couple of flaws to keep it down. Give it a shot if you’ve come this far in the series or are in the mood for a simple, harmless film that provides some fun, but if you haven’t got much interest in the series give this one a pass.Rated R: Graphic Violence, Language, Nudity and a sex scene

  • daniel-jones-moore
    daniel jones moore

    Well, if you’re like Miss Otis here, there is nothing that you like better than sitting down with a big ole bowl of popcorn and making fun of bad horror movies. For those of you that enjoy MST3K_ing (no that isn’t a word) movies, this one is a real treat. There’s bad acting, a convoluted plot, and even a darling scene where a small boy runs to embrace his long dead, badly decomposed daddy – isn’t that just precious?! You CAN have a lot of fun with this movie – if you approach it with the right attitude.

  • svetlana-eftimie
    svetlana eftimie

    A perfect late-night sci-fi channel movie, and far more entertaining (for me) than the original Amityville.The way the dollhouse creates different demons for each character, and the cheap but effective sfx, reminded me very much of the Creepshow or Graveyard Shift movies. Also, the ‘fright’ scenes skip along at a respectable pace and frequency, as opposed to other films which often plod through the middle.Sure, the script contains some appalling lines and characterisation, and there are a few moments where more highly strung viewers would be screaming at the stupidity of the characters. I just smile.With 15-20 years of further advances in sfx, and the cultural tendency of under 30’s to confuse sarcasm with valid criticism, I can see why this film has such a low score on the IMDB. Individually, the elements don’t stand up to a whole lot of scrutiny, but taken as a whole on its own merits (compared to similar films of the same period), I really enjoyed it. A few better lines, and better known actors, and there’s no reason why people wouldn’t look on this with the same sort of affection reserved for Poltergeist.Don’t miss if it’s on TV.

  • lara-halambek
    lara halambek

    Bill Martin (Robin Thomas) builds a house to raise a new family of his own with his teenage son Todd (Allen Cutler), his daughter Jessica “Jessie” Martin (Rachel Duncan), and Claire Martin (Starr Adreeff) and her nerd son Jimmy (Jarrett Lennon), an outcast boy that misses his father (Clayton Murray) and has the mouse Max as his only friend. Todd has a girlfriend, Dana (Lisa Robin Kelly), who is frequently with him.Bill finds a doll house in the garage that is a replica of the infamous Amityville haunted house and he gives it to Jessie on her birthday. Soon the family experiences evil accidents and Bill’s sister Marla (Lenore Kasdorf) and her husband Tobias (Franc Ross) discover that the doll house is possessed by demons that are threatening their lives.”Amityville: Dollhouse” is another story of the franchise “Amityville” with a reasonable plot and terrible conclusion. I saw this movie for the first time on 15 Dec 1999 on VHS and today I have just seen it again. It is unacceptable that Tobias sacrifices his life to save the Martin family and Bill and Claire end the movie laughing, after losing their friend and all possessions in the fire. My vote is five.Title (Brazil): “A Casa Maldita” (“The Damned House”)

  • benjamin-vargas
    benjamin vargas

    My interest was starting to fade with the Amityville franchise, especially after “Curse’… but I wanted to see all the films and “Dollhouse” is probably the best sequel since “The Evil Escapes”. Somewhat minor in that regards, but still better. Again it’s another cheaply produced TV movie, but this time the cursed object happens to be a replica dollhouse of the Amityville house. Odd choice, but it did create certain creepiness. It affects the household in the usual manner, especially possessing the family and turning them against each other while feeding on the fear and anger it creates. Nothing really surprises here, as again it’s a mixture of the previous films with its own slant. However it moves by fast enough, entertains with its twisted shocks, an eerie score effortlessly fits in and the characters for most part are fairly agreeable. Some of the make-up FX (that of our demonic guests) and special effects are well done, especially when the dollhouse becomes the gateway to hell. It gets crazy, but fairly entertaining. The cast give dependable turns with the likes of Robin Thomas, Rachel Duncan and Starr Andreeff. Neat, cosy horror that amuses despite its lack of new tricks.

  • fatima-franco-diego
    fatima franco diego

    Needing a present for his daughter’s birthday, a father finds an old dusty doll house and decides to clean it up to make it presentable. What he doesn’t realize, this doll house isn’t for innocent little playthings, this house holds evil spirits inside! Unknowingly, the little girl releases the evil inside and the spirits are free to wreck havoc.A pretty good sequel that contains some good, eerie and creepy moments throughout. Out of all the sequels the original ‘Amityville Horror’ has spawned, this is one of the better ones. This is an entertaining film with a good concept. So sit back and enjoy.