Can a kingdom change its nature? Yan, one of the Ten Kingdoms, is constantly at war. Yan’s emperor dies from a battle wound and a general’s treachery. His successor is unclear: his daughter Feier, who would be the kingdom’s first empress; his favorite, Xuehu, a warrior of noble heart but not noble blood; and, Hu Ba, the ambitious traitor. Xuehu is Feier’s protector and teaches her how to be a warrior queen. Hu’s followers plot her failure, first in a kidnapping plot, then in a coup. Feier is saved from the kidnap attempt by Duan Lanquan, an ingenious hermit with a shrouded past. He treats her wound and gives her a vision of a different kind of kingdom. Can his dream become hers?

Also Known As: A Imperatriz e os Guerreiros, Cisárovná a Bojovníci, An Empress and the Warriors, 江山美人, Císařovna a Bojovníci Czech, エンプレス 運命の戦い, Cesarzowa i wojownicy, Imperatorka i njeni ratnici, Kingdom of War, Императрица и воины, 江山美人 Hong, L'imperatrice e i guerrieri, Frumoasa împărăteasă, Das Königreich der Yan, İmparatoriçe ve Savaşçıları, Jiang shan mei ren, The Kingdom and the Beauty, A yan királysága

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