Having left San Diego for New York City, Ron Burgundy is living the high life with his wife Veronica Corningstone and son Walter Burgundy. However, when the boss decides to promote Veronica to full time lead anchor and fire Ron, everything changes. Now heading back to San Diego, Ron is washed up and working part time at Sea World. His shot at redemption though comes in the form of a man named Freddie Schapp, who’s an executive producer at the Global News Network, the world’s first 24 hour round the clock news channel. He hires Ron, who proceeds to reunite the news team of Champ, Brick, and Brian, and head back to New York City. While there Ron and his news team are given the graveyard shift and a challenge. Ron comes up with a radical new idea to transform the news and that puts him at the top of the game once again. But how long will Ron’s newfound fame last? And will Brick finally find true love?

Also Known As: Al diablo con las noticias, Khadashot be'hafra'ah, O parousiastis 2: O mythos synehizetai, Anchorman 2: Efsane Devam Ediyor, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Continued..., Legend kõige halvemast ankrumehest, Телеведущий: И снова здравствуйте, Nguoi Dan Chuong Trinh 2: Huyen Thoai Tiep Dien, Anchorman 2: Super-Sized Version with 763 New Jokes, Anchorman: Fortsat flimmer på skærmen, Los amos de la noticia, Телеведучий 2, Anchorman 2 - Fotti la notizia, Présentateur vedette 2: La légende se poursuit, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues: Super-Sized R-Rated Version, Legenda telewizji 2: Kontynuacja, Al diablo con las noticias 2, Žiniu vedejas 2: legenda tęsiasi, Ο παρουσιαστής 2: Ο μύθος συνεχίζεται, Anchorman - Die Legende kehrt zurück, Que Se Lixem As Notícias, Jebes novice, Legend Ron Burgundyst jätkub, Spiker 2: Legenda se nastavlja, Anchorman: The Legend Continues, Ron Burgundy: A legenda folytatódik, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, Anchorman 2, Légendes vivantes, Voditelj: Legenda se nastavlja, Tudo Por um Furo

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  • linas-butkus
    linas butkus

    Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy isn’t a classic if you ask me but it is still pretty funny. 10 years in the making, I thought the sequel wouldn’t be as good but still worth seeing. I was wrong.It was the kind of movie I felt embarrassed for the actors. The stupidity and humor-less jokes were that bad. I was a big fan of Carrell’s character but I really couldn’t tell you what funny line or action he did in this movie that had me laughing as much as the first movie.The movie simply made no sense at all. I don’t know what the writers were thinking but movie audiences expect more than this senseless crap.Either Will Ferrell was desperately seeking a big blockbuster but got lazy on it and came up with this crap, or he is a genius who has proved that as long as you put a few big names on a movie that made no sense whatsoever, you can still earn millions of dollars.

  • kristian-bakken
    kristian bakken

    What to expect more from a comedy than sincere laughter from the beginning to the end??Yet, Ferrell and his crew (and what a crew!!!) deliver above and beyond pure fun, a strong reflexion on today’s news channels mediocrity.Haters, when they try to massively smash down a movie of that kind (I couldn’t figure out why), just look ridiculous and lose all credibility.If you liked the first Anchorman, are a Ferrell fan, or if you just wanna relax and have a great time, go for it!Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I just did!!

  • andre-ramos
    andre ramos

    Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues – Film ReviewThe news team is back, and it’s kind of a big deal! The highly anticipated sequel to the cult phenomenon, Anchorman, is finally here after a nine year hiatus and see’s Will Ferrell reprise his most memorable role as eccentric newscaster, Ron Burgundy. And yes, with salon quality hair!The film is everything you’d expect from the comedy pairing of Adam McKay and Will Ferrell, and although not as good as the first film, it certainly has its moments with a fresh new storyline and an abundance of hilarious jokes. The film is just as silly as you’d hope, with Steve Carell saying ‘There’s little rhyme or reason to this world and that’s what makes it so funny.’. With perms, a werewolf, ice skating jazz flute, a pet shark and Harrison Ford the film truly is, in the words of Carell and Paul Rudd, ‘absurd’, ‘ridiculous’ and ‘inexplicable’, that won’t leave fans disappointed as one of the best comedies of the year.We pick up the story years on from the first film where, after hitting rock bottom and with the seventies over, the legendary news team reunite to take on New York City and the worlds first twenty four hour news network.Despite the film dragging in parts, the thing that really makes this movie is of course, what can only be described as, a truly flawless cast and the extraordinary characters they portray. The actors all expressed their deep admiration and love of working with one another, which comes through in their performances, and is a real joy to watch. The highlight of the film; however, is the climax which is quite simply mind blowing in its arsenal of heavyweight Hollywood actors, featuring cameo appearances from Harrison Ford, Sacha Baron Cohen, Will Smith and even Kanye West to name just a few from the explosion of talent. The only people they couldn’t get were Oprah and president Obama!Ferrell’s performance as Burgundy is bigger and better than ever with as much ignorance and narcissism as we’ve all come to love and admire. The other stand out performance of the film is Steve Carell as brainless weatherman Brick Tamland that is effortlessly delivered and simply hysterical. In one of the more touching moments of the film Brick finds love with an identically unintelligent character played by Kristen Wiig, leaving the nice message that there’s someone out there for everyone. This storyline isn’t without humor featuring a date at a vending machine, but that’s definitely not for everyone!Harrison Ford’s appearance in the film takes the concept of a deadpan performance to a whole new level of supremacy, which is sure to make you laugh, and adds to the weight of the already marvelous cast. Ferrell laughed ‘He (Ford) hasn’t seen the first Anchorman and I don’t think he has any intention of seeing this one either!’. Carell stated his disappointment for not getting the chance to meet the Indiana Jones star with Adam McKay joking they ‘banned him from the set.’ and producer Judd Apatow adding ‘Yeah, f**k that Steve Carell!’. All joking of course! Ferrell also discussed how the filmmaking process involves a large amount of improvisation. Carell commented how ‘An environment was created in which we could venture off into the land of improv.’. Christina Applegate, who plays ambitious news anchor Veronica Corningstone, recalls the first cut being ‘over three hours long’ and the films director, Adam McKay, has expressed his intention of releasing a second cut of Anchorman 2, featuring ‘the same plot and storyline but with entirely different jokes.’.When asked if another Anchorman film was in the pipeline Ferrell concluded that following The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter there’d be ‘at least fourteen’ Anchorman films! The producers even hinted at the possibility of a Step Brothers sequel, reuniting Ferrell with John C. Reilly, something that McKay says will ‘definitely’ happen again. So with that, another cut of Anchorman 2 and twelve more sequels there’s much to look forward to from these comedy titans.Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues hits UK cinemas December 18th and is the comedy to watch this Christmas.

  • jessica-schmitt
    jessica schmitt

    Read no further if you already know you’re not a Will Farrell fan. This is like mega-Farrell as the entire movie is Farrell’s brand of comedy – even when he’s not on camera. But, if you think Farrell’s brand of celebrating complete ignorance and buffoonery works then continue.The story is the logical extension of Ron Burgundy. He’s so bad he ends up at SeaWorld and is promptly fired there too due to some quite unacceptable behavior and “out-there” emceeing. The way of the Samurai follows and, of course, like everything else he doesn’t quite “get it”. Fate intervenes. A mogul, hilariously modeled after Richard Branson, is starting up a 24-hour news channel and wants Ron. This provides Farrell ample ground to plow, and plow he does. The absolutely most clue-less newscaster breathing becomes a major success in spite of himself. There’s no rationale, just constant immature humor elevated to a kind of science. It could easily offend, but it doesn’t because in its inaneness it rises up…and is funny and creative. Everything in culture is lampooned, sometimes so many in a scene that a second watch is even better.So what makes Anchorman 2 work? After the obvious, Farrell, it’s the writing and cast. Everything fits like a hand-in-glove. The old team with Paul Rudd, David Koecner, and Steve Carell is pure nonsensical magic. They’re the perfect foils for Burgundy to bounce off of. There’s a host of funny scenes with them all, but one of the best is when they’re motoring to NYC in one of those iconic GM General motor homes. Ron has a slight misunderstanding of what exactly “cruise control” does and the slow-mo scene that results is high art without any dialog needed.I know that so many just turn away from this stuff, especially when it is so over-the-top from beginning to end. For those of us who enjoy Farrell’s shtick it’s like golden nuggets that keep coming. Loosen up and laugh, it’s painless until you double-over and gasp for that next breath. Oh yeah, I’ve got to mention the musical soundtrack…It’s both campy as hell and pretty tasty at the same time and it is like another funny character thrown it for your enjoyment. For what it is this is crazy funny.

  • alfredo-leon-hervia
    alfredo leon hervia

    I’m going to start out by saying this: I like Will Ferrell, I like most of his movies and I like the original Anchorman.At times, I was just straight up embarrassed for many of the actors in this film. It was painful to watch certain scenes. It has been a LONG time since I’ve seen a movie in theatres where I’ve thought more about getting up and leaving than during this one. Hollywood robbed me on this one.Every once and a while you heard someone laugh in the theatre throughout the film. And as this unnecessarily long film progressed through many dumb plot twists, you start to realize that the people laughing in the theatre is actually just one guy. The type of guy who finds anything funny, or is laughing out of respect for the movie. I couldn’t figure it out.I hope that provides a good explanation as to why I think you shouldn’t pay to see this movie.

  • charles-swanson
    charles swanson

    I walked into the film expecting to see something half as good as the original. Trust me, it didn’t even come close. This movie belongs in the conversation with Godfather 3 and Ghostbusters 2 as one of the most disappointing sequels of all time. The whole cast returns to recycle jokes from the first film and throw out an occasional laugh. I think I only heard audible laughter in the theater three or four times during the first 110 minutes. To those who loved the first film and want to remember Ron Burgundy and co. fondly, either walk into this movie with VERY LOW expectations or watch a bunch of Ron Burgundy Dodge Durango commercials and wait for this movie to come out on DVD so you can skip everything except for the last ten minutes. So, so disappointing.

  • dana-green
    dana green

    Although there are a few moments of laughter, most of the film felt as if it was improvised by actors who think a little too highly of themselves. They probably think that they are so funny that whatever comes out of the mouths just HAS to be funny.Kristen Wiig was totally unfunny…she did what seemed to be a SNL character, that, unfortunately, had not yet been fully developed.Steve Carell gibberish was worse that ever…I guess he felt that it would be hilarious if he really went over the top.Overall, it felt like this movie was thrown together without a real working script. They had a legitimate good idea (the theme of how real news reporting morphed into reporting about unimportant events) and decided to wing it during filming…and of course, since they feel they are such brilliant comedians, they believed they could pull it off!

  • lisanne-maaswinkel
    lisanne maaswinkel

    That was the first thing I said as I left the cinema. Was that the best they could come up with after all these years? I’m a huge Anchorman fan, but whereas the first one felt fresh and to the point, this one is flabby and overlong. It’s not terrible and it did make me laugh a few times, but I expected so much more. The 24 hour news channel is a good hook on which to hang the gags and setpieces but unfortunately Ferrell and McKay don’t seem to know what to do with it, so they settle for recycling material from the original. By way of example, the mahoosive news reader fight scene from Anchorman is repeated here; the first time around it was funny and surprising, this time it’s lazy and stuffed full of tedious cameos by Will Ferrell’s showbiz mates. So much wrong with this film: sidelining Veronica Corningstone; not enough Baxter; a subplot in which Brick gets a girlfriend, no laughs there, it’s just odd and creepy; pointless roles for Harrison Ford and Greg Kinnear; a recurring thread of racial humour that is cringeworthy at best and at worst offensive. All of which leaves you asking: why, Ron Burgundy, why?!?

  • kenneth-zimmerman
    kenneth zimmerman

    This was one of the worst movies I have watched in quite sometime.The fist movie was fantastic and I still quote it to this day…Sadly they played the dumb card the entire movie. Only funny parts were raciest. They couldn’t make up their mind on what they wanted to do with this movie and brought in elements from the first that shouldn’t have been touched.Sorry this was a waste of time and money. The first movie will forever live in glory but this one will pass away.If you loved the fist movie I would recommend waiting for DVD or just pass this one.

  • kenneth-flores
    kenneth flores

    We all know sequels are usually not as good as the original. But this is especially true when it comes to comedy sequels. A joke just isn’t as funny the second time you hear it. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, proves the exception to the rule.While the first film began as a send-up of local TV news in the ’70s (and broadened out from there to include surreal battles with grizzly bears), the second installment starts as a parody of the early days of cable news. It picks up where the 2004 original left off, with Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) and wife Veronica Corningstone (Christina Applegate) anchoring a network newscast. When he’s suddenly fired, and his wife is simultaneously promoted, Ron goes into a tailspin and lands back in San Diego as the emcee at a Sea World-like attraction. An offer from a start-up 24-hour news channel prompts him to get back in the news business, and he sets out to reassemble his old team: reporter Brian Fantana (Paul Rudd), sports anchor Champ Kind (David Koechner) and weatherman Brick Tamland (Steve Carell).Ferrell and his co-writer (and frequent collaborator) Adam McKay — who also directs the movie — don’t just recycle old jokes from the first film. Instead, they explore new comedic territory. We get to see how Ron behaves as a father as he tries to reconnect with his son following his split from Veronica. (Hint: it doesn’t go smoothly.) There’s also a great subplot this time around for Carell, as his dimwitted character finds love with an equally brainless co-worker (Kristen Wiig).Ferrell and McKay also find much to parody when it comes to Ron’s new medium. In one sequence, Burgundy – in a single hour-long newscast – invents every bad cable news cliché. Like the original, however, Anchorman 2 is not merely a news satire. It spends most of its time going off in several funny, unpredictable directions. I won’t spoil any of the laughs or surprises, but two-thirds of the way through there’s a twist that’s not just out of left field, it’s out of the parking lot behind the bleachers. You won’t see it coming.Anchorman 2 is one of the finest examples of absurdist comedy since, well, the first Anchorman movie. There are moments so hilariously bizarre, they would make the Monty Python troupe proud. It took nine years to bring this sequel to the screen. It was definitely worth the wait.

  • haykowhi-gyowlnazaryan
    haykowhi gyowlnazaryan

    This will be hard to admit, but from time to time, a film occasionally surprises me- and I’m proved wrong. My first experience with the original “Anchorman” ended up being one of those times. I didn’t see it theatrically, and waited until a friend forced it upon me. What a revelation it was- a straight-up comedy, incredibly well-made and structured, with nearly every joke hitting the mark. Sure, it’s a complete farce, but one that worked extremely well. Audiences didn’t initially warm up to the theatrical release, but like a cult film, it found an immense audience on DVD- including myself.It comes as no surprise that there has been clamor for a sequel- the only issue is that Paramount had strong misgivings about making one. The box office wasn’t strong for the first film, and farce comedies don’t generally perform well. It’s wonderful that this did get made, however. Not only does it satisfy fans of the first film, but it contains enough fresh material and biting sarcasm to go around. It may not be as crisp as the first, and it contains a few awkward moments, but overall, it deserves kudos for continuing to take risks, and I laughed out loud multiple times.Summarizing the plot should be rather straightforward. The blustering Ron Burgundy (Farrell) has now married the daring anchorwoman from the first film, Veronica Corningstone (Applegate), with whom he has fathered young Walter. Life is beautiful for them until Mack Tannen (Harrison Ford) decides to retire at the network and makes Veronica, not Ron, the lead nightly anchor. Ron can’t handle it, leaves the network, leaves Veronica & Walter, and ends up back in San Diego, drunk in front of Sea World crowds. Luckily for him, he meets a recruiter looking to start a 24 hour news network in New York City. The idea sounds ludicrous to Ron, but perfectly normal and sane to us.Aside from the jokes and scenarios you can imagine after seeing the first film, the sequel offers a biting satire of today’s version of the “news”. With news networks on all the time, it’s necessary to fill that space with CONTENT. How do these networks acquire this content? Is it possible that the content isn’t always ‘newsworthy’? Is it possible the boundaries of acceptable news stories have stretched a tad over the years? Answers to all questions are a resounding yes. The fact that news and news anchors are now trusted less by the public are part of the reason that these two films exist, and that the farce is so resonant. It’s an unfortunate but true part of our society.Thankfully, “Anchorman 2″ understands the folly that is a good portion of news today. By showcasing Ron Burgundy on a screen surrounded by multiple talking heads, with headlines running across the top and bottom of the screen, we can clearly see how crowded news delivery is today. Creating a scene with Brick Tamland (Carell) going postal in front of a green screen points out the hilarity that is broadcast meteorology. After all, do we need high- tech graphics to tell us what weather is coming our way? The whole thing is silly, really, which is most likely the reason why these films work so well.If there are downsides to having this much fun at the theater, it’s the occasional overkill. Farce is susceptible to such things, and at nearly two hours, the film occasionally runs into that. The subplot involving Ron going blind and living in exile could have been skipped. Also unnecessary are the oddly repetitive and off- putting actions of Champ Kind (Koechner), illustrating the need for a more well-rounded character (or perhaps actor? This film illustrates why Koechner hasn’t been nearly as successful as his comrades). Poor Christina Applegate doesn’t have much to do this time around except react to what Will Ferrell’s character does to her, and the attempt to give Meagan Good’s producer a meaty role falls a bit short.For its’ minor drawbacks, “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” is still the year’s funniest film. It’s also an obvious achievement, not only to get these actors together again, but to give us a film that is worthy of our attention, all while inventing a few new laughs and trying its’ hand at social commentary. If there is another sequel, I’m not sure there is anything left to comment on. We know the ‘news’ is no longer news, and so we, the audience, have to choose what we consume. It’s a laborious task- perhaps one of the reasons why so many flock to The Onion, ‘The Daily Show’, and for all intents and purposes, ‘Anchorman’ films.

  • laura-white
    laura white

    Liking the first movie a lot, I was looking forward for months the second movie. The trailers and hype built up was huge. I saw it last night and it was awful. No story line, jumps from scene to scene. The jokes weren’t funny, and when you do laugh it was minor. Steve’s role was stupid as all he does is mumble words. I was happy when it was over and feel bad they ruined a good thing. How it got over a 7 rating here is beyond me.They could have had any story line better than the one they did. It bounced all over so much it was horrible. How about a GNN launch but a battle with another news team for the lead. This was minimal in the movie. Please save your money for a movie well made and an ounce of thought put into it.

  • dr-darren-butler
    dr darren butler

    Now i never ever have written a review for anything. But this movie was so funny that i got on here created an account just to tell everybody that this movie is by far the funniest film I’ve seen in the last 5 years. Its legit laugh out loud material. Ron Burgundy stays killin it as usual. If you don’t think this movie is funny, then YOU don’t know funny. Its like all the reviews saying this movie is so over the top it had too many jokes it was a disappointment is like going to the strip club and then saying that it had to many boobies inside and it was over the top and a disappointment. I just don’t get how anybody could not be comically satisfied after watching this film.

  • jason-diaz
    jason diaz

    I first want to say, the original was a classic comedy to me, I was excited for this since becoming aware of a sequel last summer. An hour in to the movie, I realized the plot (which really wasn’t all that necessary) wasn’t going to save the movie from a lack of originality. The characters are the same only more caricatures of themselves (especially Steve Carrell’s part). At the end of it, it felt like a high school reunion with people you realize were more sad than endearingly dorky. Will Farrell over acted. The Sea World bit was especially difficult, I guess it was supposed to be funny about a guy that never really had anything losing everything, I just didn’t find it anything but lost. It totally magnified the movie for what it was.. a re-run of a cheap and overblown sitcom movie.It should have been left well alone while it was nostalgic in the first movie.. the sequel more than outlived it’s welcome.

  • iaroslav-dubas
    iaroslav dubas

    Sick to death of reading reviews starting with ‘I was a massive fan of the first movie’, well this isn’t the first movie, its a different movie, stop comparing them! Anchorman received a big cult following for a reason, it was hilarious, awkward, weird and completely random in places. It has to to be said its one of my favorite ever comedies. But seriously!? What did you expect, something completely different? No! I didn’t! I didn’t want something completely different. I wanted more Ron burgundy, and plenty more brick tamland, which is what we got. Personally loved the film and cant understand why anybody didn’t enjoy the original wouldn’t like it too (unless you seem to think a movie called Anchorman 2, yes thats 2, needed to be something completely new and off the wall). Sometimes think people need to get there head out there arse and just watch a film for the pure entertainment purposes it was made for.Rant over. 8/10.

  • joshua-king
    joshua king

    AM2 is one of the biggest disappointments for a sequel I can ever recall seeing on the big screen. AM1 was silly, and sophomoric but it held together based on a cohesive, simple story line that was made funny by the characters. AM2 is a complete cash grab and I hope that anyone associated with this film is ashamed for what they helped produce. This movie is not funny, it is not well made, it is not well written. It has some of the worst acting, forced acting, and under utilized acting you will ever see in a film. The cameos were too little too late, the racial jokes were distasteful and old. Farrell blew up everything he could from AM1 to fill time.. Sex panther, News Anchor Fight, etc. etc. Please tell anyone you know that hasn’t seen this, not to. It shouldn’t make another dollar, its that bad.

  • prbodh-baadaamii
    prbodh baadaamii

    I am so glad I didn’t have to pay to see this movie and I had a gift card instead. This movie was terrible to say the least. I had very high expectations for this movie because I was such a huge fan of the first Anchorman. It seemed like the entire movie was just made up on the spot and filmed and there was no rehearsing at all. I’m sure for a lot of people this was a highly anticipated movie and instead it was absolute crap. I have advised all of my friends to save their money for a better movie and rent it when it comes out if you must watch it. I definitely will not be buying this movie when it comes out. Very disappointed. Just do yourself a favor and go see Wolf of Wallstreet or something else. Worst Will Ferrell movie in a LONG time.

  • marjanca-klemencic
    marjanca klemencic

    The words escape me when it comes to reviewing this movie…before I start, you should know, i’m a massive comedy fan, and enjoyed the first anchorman quite a lot, and also that this is my first review because the disappointment and anger this movie caused made me have to write a review…this movie was the biggest waste of my time and money, and had I not been with company,I would’ve left half way through. To be fair to the movie, the first 1 hour was okay, promising, and had a few laughs, but as the movie went on it descended into utter garbage, cheap humour and extremely drawn out scenes. The ‘plot’ was just…insane, I literally couldn’t believe what I was watching, the movie was mainly just shouting and stupid noises, the same joke drawn out 100 times, no plot, no substance, no nothing. When I checked IMDb, I was honestly expecting to see somewhere between 3-4, I nearly fell out my seat when I saw 7.2, this movie probably would’ve made more sense if you cut up the scenes into a complete random order. Truly a 1/10 movie.

  • marie-miller
    marie miller

    The jokes are not funny. Will Ferrell is stale. A waste of time. Unfortunately, it looks as though this script was written while smoking newly legalized weed and a parody of a parody is what this turned out to be. I find it very hard to believe the ratings on this movie and I am convinced, more than I have ever been before, that many ratings are simply a figment of marketing and that many movie viewers knee-jerk react to ‘names’ and slick advertising to approve of junk that under ordinary circumstances they would reject immediately. The Hollywood marketing machine has created a dud.

  • linda-foster
    linda foster

    The best part of this movie was Kanye Wests cameo. And I don’t even like Kanye. I know this movie is supposed to be over the top. I was a big fan of the first anchorman. But this was awful. I would’ve walked out 30 minutes in if I was not with a group of people. Turns out we were all thinking the same thing when we talked afterward. The jokes are horrible. About 10 minutes in enough jokes missed that I knew this movie was off. There were very few likable characters. Brick was repulsive this time around. His scenes were painful to watch. The final scene with the battle royal was horrible. It wasn’t funny and was drawn out too long. There was about 10 different news crews each with celebrity cameos that all missed. Oh, and Harrison Ford turned into a werewolf. I’m not kidding. I can take a joke, and love the humor of the likes of this comedy crew in general but there really is no reason to watch this movie. The first one had tons of quotable lines. This one, nothing. And it was about 45 minutes too long. A punishing movie to watch.

  • flemming-moller-thorsen
    flemming moller thorsen

    **Before I write my review, I want to make it known that I went into Anchorman 2 expecting over the topness, funny one liners, plenty of gags, and generally having low expectations given the trailers and over advertisement.**Despite having already low expectations, I was STILL disappointed. Happy Days coined the term “jumping the shark,” generally used for a television show that is declining in quality and attempts to use an outrageous plot device to keep viewer’s interest. Anchorman 2 has not only jumped the shark, but it has given us a modern update to that term, “Bottle Feeding the shark.” Not wanting to believe the movie could be so atrocious, I am actually trying to convince myself the shark feeding sequence was the film poking fun at itself and realizing it was terrible. If that was the case, it’s a hilarious satirical movie. If not, it’s a steaming pile of dung, which I suspect is the case.THE GOOD:The celebrity cameos were mildly, and I mean very mildly entertaining but they came far too late to save the movie.A few laugh out loud sequences (the first 30 minutes). Ummmmm….Nothing else really. :/THE BAD:Just not a funny movie despite trying so hard. Forced humor and a truly awful script written by Will Ferrell. It seems like Will Ferrell sat in a focus group of adolescent males aged 12-17 and put whatever they deemed “funny” into his script. Plenty of penis and vagina jokes for you potty humor enthusiasts out there!The black jokes and black dinner sequence were clichéd and boring. Everyone has heard a white person or comedian imitate a black person thousands of times and seeing Will Ferrell do it is not much funnier. I’m not easily offended, but more easily offended people would feel uncomfortable with these scenes in the movie. No quotable quotes. Anyone who saw Anchorman #1 can at LEAST rattle off a, “Stay Classy San Diego,” or a “60% of the time it works every time.” quote. No such luck here; there are no memorable quotes or sayings in this one. There was also a feeble attempt to recreate the “sex panther” scene with Brian’s secret drawer, but it was forced and stupid. You can bet that there will be a product line of Anchorman condoms coming out though as a result…The film randomly tried to get serious with its whole, “The American people deserve the truth, etc.” line at the end. I agree with the sentiment, but it was poorly placed in the movie and came off as a forced message. Bad script, unfunny characters, and the same tired situations are basically what sunk this film. Nothing good about it in all honesty. THE UGLY:Brick aka Steve Carell. Straight up. He was tolerable in the first film because his randomness was well timed and just so out of the blue that all you could do was laugh. In the sequel it is flat out annoying. I have never felt so much disdain for a fictional character in my life. From the first “death” scene to the last “marriage” scene I despised every second of Steve Carell’s screen time. Whoever thought to give Brick a love interest should be exiled from film making and possibly planet earth for all of eternity. I guess it was their poor attempt to give Brick’s character another dimension other than just seeming like a retard the whole time. Ugh, his love interest was a mix of Brick and Kristen Wiig’s character from Bridesmaids. To sum it up a combo of awkward and ANNOYING. If it weren’t for Brick being reintroduced in this film, I’d probably give it 4 MAYBE even 5 stars, but I actually felt mentally abused by how annoying his character was. Long story short, I could probably write a novel on how awful this film was, but this review satisfies my need to vent. If you value your time and don’t want to waste it, do NOT see this film. If you must see it; Don’t waste $10 or even a matinée admission price on this garbage, just red box it.

  • jason-perez
    jason perez

    Of all the things I expected to feel when I walked out of the cinema after seeing this film, disgusted that I paid money to watch it was not one of them. No effort has been made to actually make this film any good, or any actual sequel to the first. The writers have just crammed it with as much stuff as they could that made the first film so brilliant, and all they succeeded in doing was making it an overblown, awkward film that leaves you knowing that during every seen they’re just trying to force a laugh out of you. Its also been a long time that I was so consciously aware that the actors are just performing lines for a camera, there’s nothing natural about any of them. It all feels painfully scripted, all the one liners blatantly placed just to drag a laugh kicking and screaming from your lips. The last 45 minutes goes off on such a bizarre tangent I honestly had no idea what the hell was going on or what the purpose of any of it was. Truly disappointed with this film, and incredibly annoyed by the knowledge that it’ll be a box office smash purely because the first one is such a legendary film.

  • nvard-ishkhanyan
    nvard ishkhanyan

    I am extremely disappointed with this movie. I was a huge fan of the original and can quote you every single line from that movie however, my expectations weren’t too high for this movie because I knew it couldn’t be as good as the original. But I was not expecting this movie to be this bad The story line was awful. The parts of it didn’t fit and it kept jumping from scene to scene. They tried to use Brick a little more which in my opinion failed miserably. There were many lulls within the movie. At one point, I actually thought about walking out.I can’t believe they actually released this movie. Did they not watch it again themselves?Will Ferrell, you have destroyed your magnum opus.

  • kelly-tavares-nascimento
    kelly tavares nascimento

    I remember way back in 2004 when I went to the theater in high anticipation of Will Ferrell’s first starring vehicle(he was really a supporting actor in “Old School”) in the original “Anchorman”. I walked out of the theater feeling somewhat disappointed that the movie was just a so-so effort by a comedian I highly respected as one of the funniest people in the business. Over the next ten years,however, I became one of the legions of people who could quote the movie beginning to end while laughing myself into a stupor. Oh how I would continuously quote “It means a whale’s vagina” or “60% of the time, it works every time”. My point? I believe “Anchorman 2” will follow the same pattern with people. I have read many of the user reviews of this movie and they mostly provide the same complaint over and over again that the movie was sophomoric, vulgar and stupid and didn’t live up to the original. Really? I challenge those same people to look at the user reviews for the first “Anchorman” in 2004. I’ll give you a hint: They are the same reviews! Yet today, “Anchorman” is considered one of the greatest and most quotable comedies since “Animal House” and “Airplane”. Why? I believe it is because Ferrell and Adam McKay try to pack in so many jokes into one movie (almost every other line!) that many jokes go over peoples heads, some inevitably just don’t work or viewers miss them entirely because they are laughing from a previous joke. This is the same style of rapid fire comedy we are accustomed to seeing from Ferrell and McKay, as evidenced by the first “Anchorman”, “Talladega Nights” and “Step Brothers”. Over time and after re-watching these movies again and again, the jokes get rediscovered and the movie gets funnier.That is not to say that this sequel is as good as the first. Many jokes did not land and, in my opinion, the side story with Steve Carrell and Kristin Wiig was just not that funny. HOWEVER…there were quite a lot of jokes that did land. Smoking crack on television (who knew you couldn’t smoke crack on live television?), Champ Kind’s chicken restaurant(“I’m not eating that!”), the dinner with his girlfriend’s parents (“say whaaaat?”), his relationship with his son, etc. For the critics who feel this movie didn’t live up to the original, I ask that you remember how you felt about it in 2004 instead of the years (and multiple viewings) following its release. To the critics who just felt it was stupid, I wonder if you even liked the first. To those who are fans of Ron Burgundy and his band of idiots and who have yet to see it, just remember that you will have to watch this again and again in order to really appreciate it…just like the first movie.

  • pericle-caruso
    pericle caruso

    I still remember the feeling; that aura of anticipation that i felt when the announcement was made. Anchorman 2 was in production. Finally, big Ron was on his way back!!! The magical news team where going to be gracing the big screen and i couldn’t have been any more excited. The first film was very close to comedic perfection; it had everything that was needed and much like any film that you thoroughly enjoy you want to see more, but in the back of your mind you don’t want the film to become tainted. And although this film has its droves of fans, for me it was incredibly disappointing. They took it too far. The stupidity in the first film was perfectly balanced. It was funny. This however was over the top. There are certain scenes that are very uncomfortable to watch as they try so hard to make you laugh. And as the ridiculousness accelerated, my gut began to churn and any smile that wanted to force it’s way out to stay loyal to the first film was obliterated and all that was left was me,- insert summary here -. Disappointment is too feeble of an explanation to how gutted i was at the way this film played out. So much of the first film was regurgitated. First couple of carbon copy moments i tried to ignore and enjoy but it eventually became so obvious and so desperate. The continual “by the beard of…”, like quotations from Ron was tedious. And the shark….well i’ll let you see that farcical moment for yourselves.I tried, i really tried to enjoy this film, and yes, it had it’s fair share of moments that made me laugh, but it is nothing more than a moneymaker. And it will do its job. But that doesn’t stop it from being a massive let down. Sequels tend to work when they are planned, not when they are demanded.