Owen Huntington’s life is one continuous loop of work, eat, and sleep. A loop that keeps him from ever seeing his wife Zoe, or his three-year-old daughter MacKenzie. A loop that is sure to kill him. Then, one day, Owen discovers a long-lost Uncle died, and left his circus to Owen. What could have been a blessing soon unfolds into a curse. The circus is broke. The animals are all gone, and most of the crew are too old to be of any use. It’s a disaster. But something magical happens. Owen discovers Buffalo Bob’s secret. A box of Animal Crackers that gives the bearer the ability to become any animal in the box. Suddenly, there’s hope. If Owen can use the box to become these animals and perform, people will come. He’ll be rich. But Owen forgot one thing. Buffalo Bob had a brother: Horatio P. Huntington. Owner of the largest chain of circuses in the world, and Horatio would stop at nothing to get his hands on the magical Animal Crackers.

Also Known As: Shénqí mâxìtuán zhi dòngwù bînggan, Animal Crackers, Állati jó kekszek, É o Bicho!, Magical Circus: Animal Crackers, Bánh Quy Thú: Gánh Xiếc Phép Thuật, Křupaví mazlíčci Czech, 动物饼干, O Segredo das Bolachas, Печеньки, Shénqí mâxìtuán, Galletas de animalitos

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