After witnessing the apocalypse from a research bunker in the Scottish highlands, Jack survives with only the station’s AI mainframe computer ( J.I.M. ) to keep him company. When the food supplies run out 8 years later, Jack & JIM set out across the post apocalyptic wastelands to deliver an important message. Mayhem ensues as they encounter Ice Pirates, Cannibals , Cyber-Punks and Zombie Nuns.

Also Known As: Apocalyptic 2077

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  • nuc-a-k-evxishvili
    nuc a k evxishvili

    This charming indie flick has a lot going for it….. some mystery, some world building, a likeable hero, his endearing AI sidekick, all presented with slick production values that belie the film’s nearly non-existent budget. The things that usually drag this sort of thing down (bad acting, static unimaginative camerawork, poor audio) are nowhere to be found. This is the work of professionals doing it for love, not money. If these guys had a budget, there’s no telling what they could do. If you’re struggling over what to watch, give this a try. I think you’ll like it.

  • odarka-shmorgun
    odarka shmorgun

    Well quite frankly the only thing I see here are actors from h e double toothpicks. Lousy directing skills, stupid storyline, and the ability the combined the depravity of the generation that created it!

  • noyeongjin

    They should have issued a warning that watching this movie could be harmful to your health. This thing is best described as a local effort, and by local, I mean there were these three guys working in a convenience store who pulled straws as to who will act and who will direct. The third guy did everything else. The result is this fine piece of film art. Now, normally, I would give it a full, well-deserved star, but, because it might one day become a cult classic, I will lavish it with two stars instead and claim that I’ve called it first.

  • natasha-porter
    natasha porter

    Absolutely terrible. I’ve seen better acting at an infants school Christmas play.

  • odone-orlando
    odone orlando

    Okay, I get the limited budget, but that was dreadful, the lead “Actor” Ryan Flamson seems to have no idea of emotion in voice. The tone rarely if ever changes. He realises hes just eaten a mans leg in format of a Cheese Burger, no reaction, voice unchanged, witness gratuitous violence, no reaction, voice unchanged. It seems he was just dragged off the street and offered a hundred quid to “star” in a movie. if they did pay 100 quid, they were robbed. Meandering, pointless debacle and waste of all of our time.