In 1941, the world is radically different from the one we know from history books. Geopolitics has developed strangely: Napoleon V rules France and, for the last 70 years, scholars have been mysteriously disappearing, depriving mankind of their inventions. Without radio, television, electricity, aviation, and the combustion engine, the world is mired in outdated technology, dozing in the previous century’s knowhow dominated by coal and steam. In this bizarre universe, Avril (Marion Cotillard), a teenage girl, Darwin (Philippe Katerine), her talking cat, Pops (Jean Rochefort), her grandfather, and Julius (Marc-André Grondin), a young scoundrel and police informer, go off in search of Avril’s parents, two of the missing scientists. The quartet will face many dangers and mysteries in this strange new Rigged World.

Also Known As: アヴリルと奇妙な世界, A Rigged World, Аврил и поддельный мир, Η Απρίλιος και ο φανταστικός κόσμος, Abril y el mundo extraordinario, April and the Twisted World, April und die außergewöhnliche Welt, Avril et le monde truqué, Avril och den förunderliga världen, April and the Extraordinary World, April és az ál-világ, Niesamowity świat April, Avril y el mundo alternado, Avril si lumea prefacuta, Avril ja ihmeellinen maailma, Abril e o Mundo Extraordinário

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