When this movie is made in 1956, one could circumnavigate the globe in a little less than two days. When Jules Verne wrote the story “Around the World in Eighty Days” in 1872, he predicted that one day man could accomplish the task in eighty hours, but which most considered folly to do in eighty days in current times, that is except for people like Englishman Phileas Fogg, a regimented man who believed all it would take is exacting work, the skills he possesses. He just has to make sure a train’s schedule meets the required sailing schedule which meets the required coach schedule and so on. As such, he takes up what ends up being the highly publicized twenty thousand pounds sterling wager from his fellow members at the London Reform Club to do so, losing the bet which would ruin him financially. Along for the ride is Fogg’s new, loyal and devoted valet, the recently arrived Latin immigrant, Passepartout, who possesses unusual skills which could be major assets, but whose all consuming thoughts on the opposite sex could take away his focus from the task at hand. Although Fogg has accounted for certain transportation delays, he may not account for cultural peccadilloes he may encounter along the way which could also cause delays. He is also unaware of the true reason a man name Fix is following them, he who could also derail Fogg’s task permanently. As Fogg and Passepartout proceed on their journey, they get into one misadventure after another. Ultimately, Fogg may find other things in life more important than winning the bet.

Also Known As: Jorden rundt på 80 dager, Jorden rundt i 80 dage, A Volta ao Mundo em 80 Dias, La vuelta al mundo en 80 días, Le tour du monde en 80 jours, La vuelta al mundo en ochenta días, A Volta ao Mundo em Oitenta Dias, Dor-e donya dar hashtad rooz, Навколо світу за вісімдесят днів, Jorden runt på 80 dagar, Ocolul pamantului in 80 de zile, 環遊世界八十天, Aplink pasauli per 80 dienu, Okolo sveta za 80 dni, De reis om de wereld in 80 dagen, 80 nichi kan sekai isshuu, Ο γύρος του κόσμου σε 80 μέρες, O gyros tou kosmou se 80 imeres, Il giro del mondo in 80 giorni, Put oko svijeta za 80 dana, 八十日間世界一周, 80 nap alatt a Föld körül, Put oko sveta za 80 dana, Maailman ympäri 80 päivässä, Jorden runt på åttio dagar, Around the World in Eighty Days, Le tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours, Вокруг света за 80 дней Soviet, Around the World in 80 Days, Cesta kolem sveta za 80 dní, W 80 dni dookoła świata, In 80 Tagen um die Welt, In 80 Tagen um die Welt West, Michael Todd's Around the World in 80 Days, 80 günde devriâlem, Около света за 80 дни

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