Jerome, a kid from the suburbs who loves to draw, goes to New York City’s Strathmore College for his freshman year as a drawing major. Competition and petty jealousy consume faculty and students, with an end-of-first-semester best-student award held out as a grand plum. Worse, a strangler is on the loose, killing people on or next to campus. The idealistic Jerome falls in love with Audrey, a student who models for life-drawing classes and who responds to his sweetness. But he has a rival: the clean-cut, manly Jonah, also a first-year drawing student, whose primitive work draws raves and Audrey’s attention. As cynicism seems to corrode everything, Jerome is desperate to win.

Also Known As: El arte de la seducción, アートスクール・コンフィデンシャル, Поверително от училището за изкуства, Apostoli: 'Picasso' empisteftiko, Uma Escola de Arte Muito Louca, Umjetnička škola - povjerljivo, Art School Confidential - I segreti della scuola d'arte, Escola de Arte, Реклама для гения, Ízlésficam, Akademia tajemniczych sztuk pięknych, El arte de estrangular, Art School Confidential

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