Set against the backdrop of Badaun gangrape and murder case (2014), Anubhav Sinha’s Article 15 is a thrilling investigative drama based on true events.::Tejas_Vinda_AITS

Also Known As: Article 15

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  • jonathan-wick
    Jonathan wick

    Hello sir, please upload subtitles. Thank you. Have a nice day!


  • olaf-maslon
    olaf maslon

    It is the best indian movie of all time…💕👌👏👏

  • otfried-klemm
    otfried klemm

    Ayushman khurana as look …his intense looks…. The dialogues the look in his eyes having cinematographer beautiful. He has acted brilliantly. The story is conveyed properly in a very beautiful manner every scene has its own intensity. The movie made the day

  • nrendr-mllik
    nrendr mllik

    This is a must watch movie with excellent direction, good pacing, tight script, cinematography and music. Ayushman Khurrana’s acting is pitched perfectly and captures all emotions perfectly. Rest of supporting cast is awesome as well. This is a gripping social commentary on social evil of Caste System which we Indians grew up with and need to get rid of. This movie will be considered a Classic in History of Indian Cinema not only for dealing with a Taboo topic but also handling it with sensitivity and lots of love.

  • eugenios-zematikas
    eugenios zematikas

    It’s a film that’s always going to be remembered in years to come, a socially relevant film which keeps you on the edge of your seat. It’s as really & vocal it could be without it being over the top at any moment. In this movie hero is Constitution ( We the people) and not just a individual. Ayushman Khurana’s filmography is just getting better and so is the story telling ability of Anubha Sinha. Indian audience should take pride in watching such important film & encourage such hard hitting cinema.

  • angel-mcbride
    angel mcbride

    It is a true image of Indian villages and of those backward class people who still are living in discrimination mentality. Movie is based on a dark concept but humour will definitely make you hoot and clap…amazing punch lines! Appreciable efforts by writers and actors. Not only Ayushmaann, even background actors have done a superb job.

  • beliakova-iraida-kharitonovna
    beliakova iraida kharitonovna

    Do not miss this one. Everyone did a great job. Go and watch it.

  • sukhanov-longin-fadeevich
    sukhanov longin fadeevich

    Those who are seating in a AC room, never faced any type discrimination will always oppose such a cinema, because they don’t understand what is feeling getting abused solely based on someone’s caste, there are two perspective to the film first saviour of low caste is ultimately an brahmin which a great message that those who are seating in privileged post and comes from socially privileged community can think logically and act on it to make this country equal and great. Second this not hinduphobic or anti Brahman movie as the lead is brahmin it’s simply addresses the real issue which has been not represented and reported. This film shows us the blindly proud Hindus that we are not perfect as a community and there is lot achieve to make it perfect.

  • francisc-diaconescu
    francisc diaconescu

    This movie is a perfect example of a team of artists taking accountability of the social issues in India. I completely understand that revenue and profit cannot be overlooked in any professional industry, however, social responsibility is critical as well. Artists need to be honest and direct with their audience. I think this movie should be a lesson for those high paid actors who need to be less greedy and utilize their stature to help develop India.

  • heather-martinez
    heather martinez

    The current situation in India is the drama of religion. Hindu and Muslim or other minorities are not only political propaganda but also turning into the violence on ground activities. But then again in certain religion, there’s huge differentiation and discrimination in caste as well which must be shown on screen. Great work by the director and the filmmakers.Discrimination is one of the harsh reality of today’s India.

  • robin-hood
    robin hood

    Awesome movie with a nice struggling story of a girl.

  • jose-eduardo-andres-curiel
    jose eduardo andres curiel

    This is a masterpiece created by Anubhav Sinha. A hard-hitting , bold and brave attempt unleashed at the hate assassins. We need more such movie to generate awareness.

  • melk-owm-khach-atryan
    melk owm khach atryan

    Don’t go with the false propaganda.No caste is blamed or targeted in this movie nethier this movie is based on a single incident.It’s all about “Mansikta” of Society or you can say mirror to society.A must watch Movie.

  • eva-radocaj
    eva radocaj

    Article 15, as the name suggests is based on age old caste based discrimination that exists in our society. Ayushman Khuranna is an IPS officer who gets his first posting in the village of Lalgaon,UP. Only a couple of days before the date of joining, a gangrape followed by murder takes place where the two vicitms turn out to be of the lower caste. The film majorly highlights the plight of the lower caste people who live in villages like Lalgaon, where they face a prejudice by not only the upper caste but by the state institutions also.Anubhav Sinha has created a masterpiece, the film gives a feeling of a documentary and it feels nothing like a conventional Bollywood film based out of a small village of UP. Strangely, the film has no song nor does it have any dance sequence( which is a good thing). The film has used good humour which is evident from the fact that the viewers can be seen giggling at caste based jokes which goes on to show that the director has pulled the humour part beautifully without hurting the sentiments of the general public. In my opinion, Ayushman deserves a national award for this film since he has played his part beautifully. Thus, the viewers can expect themselves to be glued to their seats for the most part and can also expect a nail biting end.

  • ashley-ramos
    ashley ramos

    What Constitution says…a book contains all the things that are necessary for equility.so make this happen.

  • lia-silvestri
    lia silvestri

    ARTICLE 15 REVIEW :-It’s been almost 70 years that India accepted the Constitution and all the articles of it but do we really see Right to Equality lense clear? Especially in rural areas? NO. Article 15 was created by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar on one of the Most important and sensitive issue of our traditional society, giving everyone the Right to Equality regardless of what cast, state or religion person it is. Rarely any Filmmaker tried to focus on this subject, don’t know why, may be because of fear of controversies or some other threats. Just forget it, we can’t say it anymore as Article 15 has just become the Pioneer Film on that subject.The Plot of Article 15 is realistic as we see 2 Lower Cast underage girls are raped & hanged for the sake of 3 rupees and the 3rd girl is missing. An honest IPS officer Ayan (Ayushmann Khurana) gets his 1st posting in Lalgaon, exactly a day after the Girls are missing. He tries to find the rapist and murderers but the conflicts doesn’t let him catch them that easily. Later on predictable things like Political pressure, resistance in investigation, suspension and ofcourse conspiracy takes over the scenes. It is very important to have diffrent things in screenplay and quality in execution when it comes to a predictable plot where we already know that Protagonist gonna win at the end, and fortunately that something different and Quality is Found here. Anubhav Sinha had tried gutsy script before, he might have missed that quality with Mulk but he improvised himself as a Storyteller this time. Watch out for the Realistic execution, Ayan’s intelligent explaination against CBI officer and the Ending scene when the Truck passes and that Frame, that Voice note is used with Excellent direction skill. Without any doubt Mr. Anubhav Sinha, Article 15 is your Best Work till date.Talking about Ayushmann Khurana, this guy is in different league altogether now. The Kind of films he chose in last couple of years has put him in different league and Article 15 adds another good work in his pocket. Manoj Pahwa and Kumud Mishra have shined equally good in the film. Sayani Gupta and Mohammad Zeeshan Ayyub were there for little time yet both of them managed to leave an impact. The screenplay has something new to offer and the runtime never make it look boring. Although couple of moments looked unnecessary for this hard-hitting narrative, ot is still okay, those are forgiven for that tight convincing climax. Let’s keep minuses aside, because we have majority of plus points such as Strong Script, Brilliant Performance, Engaging Narrative, Excellent Direction and last but not the least, That Socially Important Content.As a whole, Article 15 breaks the silence on Very Sensitive issue in Loudest and Bravest Cinematic Shout. At one moment it looks like Bimal Roy kind of cinema but Bimal Roy was more focused towards connecting Human emotions rather than using Law books. Although Anubhav Sinha made it more regional, more Filmy and used Constitution at his Level Best, the perspective of both of the cinematic minds remains same. Article 15 will go down in Memory lane as One of those Socially Important films which we don’t see oftenly whereas it stands as one of the finest made in 2019 so far. If you are that Quality Cinema lover who is always ready to watch Content Driven Film with less or no Entertaining elements then you can’t really afford to miss Article 15.RATING- 7/10*

  • dr-kovacs-anna
    dr kovacs anna

    Ayyushman Khuranna (Ayan)One of the burning issues of the country is the caste system.Despite relevant laws and provisions, one can’t deny that the discrimination of various communities is there in our Country.The political class takes advantage of these conflicts and it further creates a divide. Very few films in Bollywood have plots that actually revolves around caste, shockingly.ARTICLE 15 is the story of a good cop trying to solve a caste-related crime.Ayan Ranjan (Ayushmann Khurrana) is an IPS officer from Delhi who has been transferred to a village named Lalgaon in Uttar Pradesh as punishment posting.As soon as he joins duty, he comes to know about a case involving three missing girls from the Dalit community in the village.the missing girls – Shalu and Mamta – is found hanging on a tree. The third girl, Pooja, is missing.it ws clear that Shalu and Mamta had been repeatedly gang raped and then hung on the tree. Ayan attempts to solve the case and find Pooja….What happens next forms the rest of the film.Story is very hard-hitting and deserves to be told. It is loosely inspired by events like the Badaun rape case and Una flogging incident.screenplay is engaging and keeps one hooked from start to finish.1 half is good & In the second hour however, the film gets quite complicated…The climax is quite impressive and the film ends on a fantastic note.ARTICLE 15 is a hard-hitting film that raises some important issues related to complex caste system of our Country.’Article 15′ is not a light watch, but it is definitely relevant, powerful.

  • jozef-pasierbek
    jozef pasierbek

    Hard hitting, compelling and gripping story which slaps you with the reality of our rural India. With excellent cast and acting this movie will remembered as cult classic.

  • elsa-mende
    elsa mende

    Its a movie based on real story and reflects the hidden truth prevealent in periphery (not in big cities where people are more educated).People often likes movies and tv series which dont really makes sense (like GOT which is purely fictional story away from reality) but when it comes to reality acceptance bcomes the real problem.No one can say if the movie truely based on real story or not, but even if 1% of story is true then it is not acceptable.Go and watch this movie with ur family and u wont regret it. Dont judge this movie. Think that u r watching a fictional crime movie.

  • teresa-bryant
    teresa bryant

    If you think this is just another crime drama film dont be in that state whatta movie touches every aspect of the caste system and shows what Indian Constituency has mentioned in the books. Ayushmaan Khurana as always nails it with his script selection and the kind of acting he does is just brilliant, give him any role he will win it like a king. Supporting actors is the wrong word for the other actors who worked in this film because this film doesn’t have supporting actors it has leads and everyone in this film is impeccable with their particular scenes and last but not the least Director Anubhav Sinha has given a gem in the form of a lesson that must be learnt.

  • ismo-gronroos-raisanen
    ismo gronroos raisanen

    No words. The film boldly engages all the parties involved in the social justice system. The story could have satisfied viewers even with limited domain, but instead of narrow approach of pin pointing, it chooses to broaden.Ayushmann is reaching new heights in every other film and other actors also nailed it. And some shots are spine chilling.

  • cenan-akcay
    cenan akcay

    A movie with great story and meaningful. Starting from it’s cinematography to it’s acting, it’s all fantastic which shows the great work of the director.The story itself and delivering many meaningful messages to the viewers is the best thing in the movie. System corruption, people’s acceptance to unfairness, poor being victims, dividing people into categories all these cases are shown in this wonderful movie.

  • birsan-akcay
    birsan akcay

    The perfect movie! Who highlights how worse Caste-system is.

  • odarka-chalenko
    odarka chalenko

    Anubhav Sinha is back with this crime drama, starring Ayushmann Khurrana in the lead. June is going superb for Hindi Film Indutsry. Kabir Singh is still running houseful. Now, this has come.Ayushmann is an IPS officer. He has been posted in a small village in UP. However, the next day itself, the police get two bodies of minor girls hanging on the tree. They were raped multiple times. The story gets its pace. And this crime drama continues with the subtext of casteism.Anubhav Sinha has tried to cover as many incidents of Dalits and other backward class people as possible which happened in our country in last few years. The motto is just to aware people on how this things work. From whatsapp messages to arrangement of strikes and rallys, this is how we are dividing us into groups. Also, this is 2019, not just 19! Justice should prevail for everyone without considering his/her caste. And there comes the title, Article 15, which gives each Indian basic rights.Ayushmann has given a splendid performances. He is too good for this role. Isha Talwar gives a needful support to him. Sayami Gupta shines in her effective role. Best of her was crying with Kumud Mishra in this film. Kumud Mishra is terrific. He has played this role like no one can. His slap scene is clap worthy. Manoj Pahwa again delivers wonderful performance. Mohd Zeeshan Ayyub has a special appearance. The time he comes in the story, the film picks up very high. Fantabulous performance by him.Movie has no songs in it. Just a satire song at the starting. And a rap song at the end credits.Dialogues are absolutely fantastic. ‘Power ki alag hi jaat hoti hai!’ Hard hitting one liners will blow your mind. Entire speech by Zeeshan Ayyub in the jeep is perfectly written. Audience were clapping on the last line of that dialogue by him. While my most favorite one has been spoken by Ayushmann to his officer, that ‘Jab Aag Lagi Hui Ho Aur Aap Neutral Rahen, To Iska Matlab Hai Ki Aap Unn Logon Ke Side Hain Jo Aag Laga Rahe Hain!’This is going to be a hit in Anubhav Sinha’s kitty. While in first half, I was not sure whether this one is more good or that Mulk! But I got clear answer in second half. Film picks up very high. There is a greatest twist too. Public were stunned in that scene. Film is superbly written by Sinha and Gaurav Solanki.There is scene of bodies of rape victims hanging on the tree, and a kid passes by. It gave me goosebumps. Another one is a man coming out of the gutter. One at the interval point, nd one at the last line of a long dialogue by Mohd Zeeshan. Also, it is not a serious film. This year’s the most comic scene is in this one. Ayushmann discussing castes with his team.Overall, Article 15 a is very much needful film in this time. It may not be linked with metro cities, but India is a nation of villages and small towns. Kudos to Anubhav Sinha and team for choosing this subject. Police were there in the theater for safety purpose. But there is nothing wrong in the film for any community or caste. This film will run with mouth publicity. So go and watch this entertaining crime drama. And ask yourself a question that Kaun Hain Aap! Bahujan, Harijan.. Ke Jan Gan Man me aate sirf Jan. #FarqAayega

  • jasmine-frazier
    jasmine frazier

    Anubhav Sinha’s ‘Article 15′ is designed like a crime thriller. And what works for the film is that it’s thought provoking, hard hitting while unflinchingly bringing to light burning social issues.The film is heavy on atmospherics, with the top notch cinematography (Ewan Mulligan) and background score adding to the mood. The feel is grim, gritty and grey often bringing a chill to the bone with palpable tension in the air. The images – some provocative and uncomfortable stand out, like the one where a man goes deep into a drain to unclog it and emerges soaked in the filth or the top shot of a group of policemen conducting a search in a swamp with their torchlights. The dialogues leave an impact. And the director brings out subtle nuances through his characters and setting which add to the essence of the narrative. The film’s storyline, interspersed with powerful and poignant moments leaves you with goose-bumps. The narrative definitely keeps you on the edge, but there are times when it feels a tad overstuffed as the layers, political intricacies and a multitude of characters seep in. And at times the pace dips.But certainly, the performances by an ace set of actors is one of the high points of the film. Ayushmann Khurana has you hooked instantly, belting out a riveting performance as the sincere, determined police officer. It’s an intense, gripping act as he gets under the skin of his character. Other noteworthy scene stealers include actors Manoj Pahwa, Kumud Mishra and Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub, in a short but impactful role as Nishad.’Article 15’ is not a light watch, but it is definitely relevant, compelling and a film that will spark conversation.

  • roze-jakobs
    roze jakobs

    The caste discrimination is a reality if you say it does not exist in modern times then why dalit is killed because of intercaste marriage. there is many who is saying that it is false story but cruelty is real and no one can deny the cruelty against dalit by caste Hindu. Many don’t like this movie because they can not face this movie actually, they do cruelty and caste discriminate against Dalits. After watching this movie if one person’s heart will be melt down that will be the victory of cinema and art. However, cinema is a emotions not science nobody make cinema on facts rather emotions.