A low-level triad “big brother” has a hot-tempered “little brother” who can’t keep out of trouble, and consequently is in constant need of being bailed out by his protector. The “big brother” is super cool, but lacks the ambition to rise in the ranks of the triad societies – and once he meets his cousin from Kowloon and falls in love with her, he even thinks about leaving “the life”.

Also Known As: Wong Gok ka moon, Vượng Giác Ca Môn, Καθώς κυλούν τα δακρυά μας, Carmen of the Streets, いますぐ抱きしめたい, Wang Jiao ka men Hong, Conflito Mortal, Пока не высохнут слезы Soviet, Kiedy łzy przeminą, 旺角卡门, 旺角卡門, Wang Jiao ka men, 旺角卡門 Hong, Wong Gok Ka Moon, Rexie Naner, Mongkok, Ao Sabor da Ambição, Ahogy peregnek a könnyek, As Tears Go By, Yeolheol nama South, El fluir de las lágrimas, Fatal Checkout South, Ölüm Hesabi

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