Ou-yang Feng lives in the middle of a desert, where he acts as a middle man to various swordsmen in ancient China. One of those swordsmen is Huang Yao-shi, who has found some magic wine that causes one to forget the past. At another time, Huang met Mu-rong Yin and under the influence of drink, promised to marry Mu-rong’s sister Mu-rong Yang. Huang jilts her, and Mu-rong Yin hires Ou-yang to kill Huang. But then Mu-rong Yang hires Ou-yang to protect Huang. This is awkward, because Mu-rong Yang and Mu-rong Yin are in reality the same person. Other unrelated plot lines careen about. Among them is Ou-yang’s continuing efforts to destroy a band of horse thieves. Oy-yang recruits another swordsman, a man who is going blind and wants to get home to see his wife before his sight goes completely. The swordsman is killed. Ou-yang then meets another swordsman who doesn’t like wearing shoes. Oy-yang sends this man after the horse thieves, with better results. We then find out what a man must give up to follow the martial path.

Also Known As: Dung che sai duk redux Hong, Ashes of Time, Ashes of Time Hong, Cinzas do Passado Redux, Cenuşa timpului, Ashes of time redux, Cenizas del tiempo, Emlékekre hangolva, 楽園の瑕, Este contraveneno del Oeste, Rakuen no kizu, Popioly czasu, Die verlorene Zeit, Cenizas del tiempo redux, Laika pelni. Atjaunots, Ashes of time, Na východe dábel, na západe jed Czech, Les cendres du temps, Ο περιπλανώμενος ξιφομάχος, Dong xie xi du zhongji ban, Az idõ homokja - Redux, Pepeo vremena, Dong xie xi du Hong, Az idõ homokja, Στάχτες του χρόνου, Dung che sai duk, Ashes of Time Redux, Les cendres du temps - Redux, As Cinzas do Tempo Redux, Прах времен, Đông Tà Tây Độc

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