Genre: Action, Drama
Director: Vetrimaaran
Stars: Dhanush, Manju Warrier, Ken Karunas, Tee Jay, Abhirami
Countries: India

Asuran is an action film directed by Vetrimaaran, with the story taken from the novel Vekkai written by Poomani, a famous Tamil novelist. Dhanush plays two roles in this film. Famous Malayalam actress Manju Warrier plays the female lead. Many people expecting this movie will be the benchmark for Tamil cinema in both critically and commercially. Trailer of this film was released on Dhanush’s birthday and the film was released on 3 October 2019.

Also Known As: Asuran

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  • gimyeongho

    There is no word to express the Experience. Such a wonderful movie i ever watched . pls watch it in theatres for good experience. Dhanush, Vetrimaran & G.V.Prakash kumar are the REAL ASURAN’S.

  • jangjaehyeon

    What is up with Dhanush and Vetrimaaran providing the audience with quality cinema every single time? All four movies of theirs are wonderful, but Asuran is on a whole new level. Sivasami (potrayed by Dhanush) is Dhanush’s best acting performance till date. Manju Warrier, Ken, TeeJay, Pasupathy all rock their roles perfectly. This is movie done right, characterization done right, acting and direction at its finest. MUSIC! GV Prakash has proved what a beast he is with his music. God damn! The bgm everytime Dhanush walks with his machete is the best “mass” background music in a long time.Please watch it in theaters. 10/10 does not seem enough for this movie, it deserves much more than this!

  • robin-larsson
    robin larsson

    Everyone should watch this movie, it has all feelings also it provokes social thaughts. Every scene in this movie shows so much hard work, every character gave his 100% for this movie also it deserves national award

  • mark-elliott-ii
    mark elliott ii

    Great movie , Actor Dhanush has revealed his best performance,next national award

  • marianne-du-faure
    marianne du faure

    The movie was really good, keeps you going from the beginning till the end, very realistic, has a good message.. And worth ever bit! Pretty violent and gory for kids bu a good movie for teenagers and youth!

  • sinisa-gudelj
    sinisa gudelj

    The acting of dhanush as a father is really hard to survive in that movie…the movie speaks about caste and poverty based problems

  • henrik-turpeinen
    henrik turpeinen

    One of the best movie I’ve ever seen Best screen playEverything is perfect

  • coejuweon

    One of the best flim dhanush career thats could be said. A masterpiece work by vetrimaaran and Astonishing performance by Dhanush. A absoulute pottential of award winning movie

  • zhuravlev-seliverst-iosipovich
    zhuravlev seliverst iosipovich

    Another classic flick from Vetri Maran Sir. Hope, this film receives more awards for all those artistic works. Handled an all time social issue and provided very great social message. Asusual Maran’s screenplay kept us stunned by having a nail biting and fingers crossed scenes. Eventhough it was based on novel, it was presented really well. Complete perfection in work on both technical and artistical side. Standing ovation to the entire Asuran Crew! 👍👍👍 First class cinema… Do Watch the film in theatres!

  • naira-xaratishvili
    naira xaratishvili

    Simple dont miss it. I can say it prequel to pariyerum perumal movie. Mostly you will agree with me after watching both movies. I can easily rate 10 but due to few cinematic fight sequence which is not expected from director like vetri maran

  • szabone-dr-kovacs-noemi-ibolya
    szabone dr kovacs noemi ibolya

    “Asuran” Tamil movieFamily drama with heavy dose of raw action. Screenplay adaption of the novel ‘Vekkai’ by well-known writer Poomani.As in their previous outings, Dhanush as the hero with director Vetrimaran, has given us another vivid and live depiction of the deep emotions and reactions of the villagers, in the period 1950s, towards land grabbing by the upper class. Manju Warrior and Pasupathy has supported the hero very well. All these three, put out their best performances.Camera work during the action sequences need extra credits.”Vada Chennai, Polladavan, Kodi, Aadukaalam” …. if you were not entertained by these movies, please miss this one too, this is not your cup of coffee, only for the brave hearts.7.5 on 10 for this Dhanush-Vetrimaran presentation.

  • sr-a-martha-nava
    sr a martha nava

    While watching, I can feel the emotions of the characters. That’s the victory of the whole team. I can definitely say, it’s an awesome movie. Love you Dhanush, Vetrimaaran and crew.

  • tomasz-borner
    tomasz borner

    Raw movie… Movie lovers definitely love it… Everyone scared to do this kind of movie… Good attempt.. This is world class.. It may be some what usual for Tamil audiences.. Violence with sense..

  • jeongminjun

    This is the best script portrayed by Vetrimaran among his films.A survival drama born out of the novel ‘Vekkai’ written by Poomani, with @VetriMaaran stamp attached all over it.No one can never ever portray this character as SivaSaamy(Danush) in a steller performance , Manju Warrier, Ken, TeeJay, Ammu – all actors did their part well.A struggling family to get past the Fu**k of caste politics and land cheating mafias.That climax smile from danush shows the real victory. Vetrimaran + Danush = Always SuccessGV’s background score thrills every frame.Adults only movie because of bloody voilance and bad words.

  • bianca-alves-figueiredo
    bianca alves figueiredo

    Best Film in Dhanush carrier ,all characters are shown with importance !! Sirapana – Tharamana Sambavam🔥. Must much , Screenplay – Vetrimaran 👏🏻👌🏻

  • leon-modric
    leon modric

    #AsuranRaw film ! Action sequences are amazing !Asuran is a story of blood and flesh. The film has got bright chances to win a few National Awards.Dhanush has delivered a terrific performance and the interval scene is one among the best mass scenes an actor can get in this kind of a movie. He has literally lived as the character.Manju Warrier, comes up with power-packed emotions. Pasupathi, Naren, Ken, Teejay and other members of the cast have done complete justice to their respective roles, music score from G V is Too good. Cinematography is totally flawless

  • michelle-flores
    michelle flores

    One of the best rural revenge movie in India. Truly deserve many awards. Truly deserving Oscar nominations. Dhanush is excellent & deserving many acclaimed award. VetriMaaran screenplay outstanding.

  • ani-agowjyan
    ani agowjyan

    As we all know about one of the greatest combination ever. Dhanush n Vetrimaaran. A only director who never tasted the failure. Only because he is having always cult classic n raw action drama genre. This one joins the club too. Natural acting n narrow minded straight story in linear pattern, so its easy to get with the story line. Here the plus is acting n the screenplay. Gv prakash working with Vetrimaaran after Kaaka Muttai. While hearing audio when released I feel like something is missing. But as of now after watched the movie everything is there actually. Everything crafted well. #Asuran yet a normal story with a classic screenplay. I have always wonder how this man writing screenplay for his scripts. Wow!

  • matthias-billung
    matthias billung

    Asuran is raw, brutal and packs a powerful yet satisfying punch. The characterization of all main actors were so remarkable that they would be stigmatized in my mind. Dhanush is so adept at exceeding his own previous performances. The genius of Vetri Maaran has yet again crafted an extraordinary cinematic treat. Please watch in a quality theater as the BGM is profound and impressive. Highly recommended!

  • ariana-vaz
    ariana vaz

    Can’t be explained please just go watch the movie and don’t mind the naysayers.

  • nathan-hinton
    nathan hinton

    Raw film ! Action sequences are amazing ! Everyone in the film just nailed there role ! Dhanush acting extremely powerful ! Vetrimaran such a gem for Tami l industry ! Note this movie going to grab all the awards for 2019 ! MUST WATCHHHH !!!!

  • saayaa-indrjit
    saayaa indrjit

    This combo always done a good movies so engaging to watch first half was too good and more engaging but second half was awful there is a lag in second half for more than 30 minutes of flashback gv praksh music and bgm score is pretty and intense and the stunts are very intense to watch overall a nice intense thriller with complete package dhanush creates a magic once again he is not hero in this movie he is a one of the actor in this movie

  • brian-molen-van-de-leemput
    brian molen van de leemput

    Expectation, Reputation, Pressure … So What! Vetrimaaran delivers a masterpiece yet again with absolute ease and conviction. Cinematography, BGM, Screenplay & Stunts are top notch. Screen presence of Dhanush is breathtaking. A must watch.. Strictly for adults ( violence )

  • sofia-andersen
    sofia andersen

    You can’t go wrong when vetri maran and dhanush combine. Cinematography and acting is in award winning standards. The best Tamil movie since vada chennai. Unbeatable!!!

  • mari-kumpulainen
    mari kumpulainen

    An absolute sheer brilliance from director vetrimaaran. What an outstanding story telling and screenplay. Dhanush national award confirm for his acting. No words to describe his performance. Manju warrier asusual she lived her character and killed with her performance. Teejay played small and important role in this movie & I’m shocked with his acting skills. What a performer he is. Background music of GV Prakash he nailed it. One of the best background score in 2019.This movie is sure shot blockbuster and also a best movie of 2019. Vetrimaaran & dhanush combo is always a gem.Asuran – Masterpiece