Lt. Col. Senda resists the idea of sending Japanese fighter pilots on suicide missions. He believes that what is really necessary for Japan to regain momentum in the war is for the air force to gather its most brilliant pilots into an elite squadron and use the unit to pinpoint attacks on the Americans. Disrespected by the kamikaze pilots who think the “non-suicidal” pilots are afraid, the unit redeems itself by stunning victories. But success leads the military leaders to expect too much of the unit, and new orders portend disaster.

Also Known As: Kamikaze, Victory, Die siegreichen Adler von Okinawa West, Wings of the, Aenonavmahia ston Eiriniko, L'ultimo volo delle aquile, Attack Squadron, Wings Over the, Крилата на Тихия океан, Escuadrón de ataque, Taiheiyo no tsubasa, Attack Squadron!, Mergulhando Para o Inferno

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