Magali, 45, is a wine producer in the south of France. She’s a widow, and her best friend, Isabelle, decides to find her a new husband. She puts an ad in the local newspaper and finds a nice man, Gérald. At Isabelle’s daughter’s wedding, Magali eventually meets Gérald. But there’s another man around, Etienne…

Also Known As: Ιστορίες του φθινοπώρου, Az ősz meséje, Racconto d'autunno, Jesienna opowieść, Poveste de toamnă, Syystarina, Herbstgeschichte, Cuento de otoño, 恋の秋, Cuentos de otoño, An Autumn Tale, Conto de Outono, Conte d'automne, Efterårseventyr, En höstsaga, 秋天的故事, Autumn Tale, Осенняя сказка

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