A poor but ambitious young man Ajay Sharma is a devoted son to his widowed, traumatized, amnesiac mother. He leaves home for Bombay to fulfill the mysterious promise he made to himself and his mother. On the way he gets a lift from his childhood friend Vicky Malhotra. Ajay has secretly seduced Seema, the elder daughter of business tycoon Madan Chopra and on the side, he also makes acquaintance of Chopra and his younger daughter Priya at a car race in Madras. Ajay promises to marry Seema but betrays and murders her by throwing her off the roof of a building, making it look like a suicide with the help of a faked suicide note which he obtained from Seema under false pretext. He then adopts the identity of Vicky Malhotra, makes the vulnerable Priya fall in love with him and also wins Chopra’s trust. However, Priya refuses to believe that her sister committed suicide and keeps investigating, which forces Ajay/Vicky to murder anyone who could possibly help her discover the truth.

Also Known As: Baazigar, Bazigar, Játékos, Lošejas, Игра со смертью, Ryzykant, Baazigar: Betrogene Liebe, Actor

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  • zhukov-sidor-borisovich
    zhukov sidor borisovich

    This was my first ever Hindi movie I had seen during my teenage years Since as a proud Tamil family we refrained from learning Hindi ,so I was not familiar with the language spoken in the film, but readers you don’t need language or full understanding of all dialogs here as long as you start seeing the emotions and acting of it SRK was the first Hindi actor to make a strong impression in my Mind with a wonderful performance, Kajol and Shilpa were pretty and also had meaty roles.. The villain was diabolical and The Mother of our hero hapless but great acting by allPro’s : + “+” Shahrukh Khan “+” Interesting story “+” Good screen play and Not bad “=” directionCON’s : “-” IT’S in Hindi and a typical commercial movie”-” Ending was sad but overall movie Could have been betterI recommend this even for people like me who don’t understand Hindi and had a bad fortune of not having English Subtitles

  • julie-pollard-bell
    julie pollard bell

    I was in Class 7th when this movie got released in 1993. Even after so many years and so many movies , this remains to be my favourite SRK movie. Baazigar along with Darr(which released approximately one month after Baazigar)created a hysteria that only SRK fans could wonder. Never ever audience realized that even a villain (Antihero term would be more suitable )will take all their whistles and sympathy, such was the conviction with which Shah Rukh Khan portrayed these roles. Coming to the movie , the film was quiet a trendsetter for its time . After Baazigar, Darr & Anjaam(1994) there was a flood of movies like Daraar, Dastak, Fareb, Agnisaakshi & Yarana where heroes played the role of villains. Baazigar had an amazing story, super music and some good acting by the starcast. Kajol, Shilpa Shetty(in her debut movie), Dalip Tahil, Johnny Lever and Raakhi all did true justice to their characters.But the film belongs to Shah Rukh Khan in his breakthrough performance.You can not take your eyes off him whenever he is on the screen. I as a child, use to copy his hairstyle, his laugh and his expressions.During those times there was no internet so I used to wait for the trailer and songs of this movie on our TV sets. I can not remember how many times I have watched this movie.Such was the impact of Baazigar on me. The movie is first rate with a great repeat value. Some of the scenes which are worth-watching are the Car race, Murders committed by SRK in the movie, scene where he changes his contact lens, SRK’s flashback scene in the office, Scene where he reveals his true identity to Daleep Tahil and the climax scene. Everything in this movie is perfect to the core. Till date, no actor has played the role of an antihero with such a long lasting impression.

  • joseph-de-rodriguez
    joseph de rodriguez

    An awesome crime thriller film with really awesome direction and superb acting.The storybis really very good and brilliant.The direction was good and awesome man.The screenplay was nice.Though its a lil long film but the editing was very good and its not at all boring.Not even a sec 8 feeled bored.And nows comes to the acting guys guys guys what can I say about Srk just three word to tge legend Hats off to him yaar for his superb acting.Kahol and shilpa shettyb acted well.So guys its a must watch film before you die and a must for Srk fans and I bet that those who don’t like Srk they will become a fan of him after watching this film.

  • david-burnett
    david burnett

    The less known about the plot, the better the viewing experience for this drama. Briefly, Shah Rukh Khan plays a man who is courting two sisters (played by Shilpa Shetty and Kajol) under two different personas. He has pressing reasons, which the viewer learns through well-told back story as the film progresses.This often tense film delivers an impressive surprise early on, and keeps the viewer on edge through out. Khan delivers an excellent performance, and Kajol and Shetty do well, also. The music and choreography are only average, keeping the movie from a rating of ten. Otherwise, this is an impressive, suspenseful, and emotional film (reminiscent of Hitchcock) that is well worth watching.Cast also includes: Master Sumeet, Johnny Lever, and Dalip Tahil.

  • pan-witold-cieloch
    pan witold cieloch

    Hello, this film Baazigar is one of my favorite thrillers. Shahrukh Khan was just mind-blowing as Ajay Sharma/ Vicky. Dilip Tahil as the villain was also superb. Kajol and Shilpa Shetty were very pretty. Anu Malik’s music was one of the best of his career. Songs like Baazigar o baazigar, Ae mere humsafar, aye Kali Kali aankhen were and still are very enjoyable to listen.

  • agneta-ostlund
    agneta ostlund

    This was a gritty Bollywood film where SRK really stood out. I found the story compelling and the pacing on point! Worth checking this iconic classic out if you haven’t already.

  • thomas-ayers
    thomas ayers

    One of the Best Thriller movie ever made in the History of Indian Cinema.. When we comes to Negative characters No one can’t play better than SRK.

  • yolanda-de-coll
    yolanda de coll

    As always Shah Rukh Khan did a great perfume in this film, which i can say it is one of the best characters SRK did ever, Kajol wins the heart, and storyline is amazing, after watching this movie you will fall in with the Villain, is that freak? NO, it is for surewatch it, you will not be regret

  • pan-ignacy-dziadowicz
    pan ignacy dziadowicz

    Love it. One of the best performance by SRK. Great acting by leading actors. Lovely music and songs. One of the best revenge story, reel life Anti hero made real life 🌟.

  • zvonka-vidic
    zvonka vidic

    He Never Fails To Entertain You Where Ever He Play Negative Role Or Others. Just Phenomenal Movie Doing By Shah Rukh. Love You Khan Saab

  • gabriella-ts-iplets-yan
    gabriella ts iplets yan

    Baazigar is perhaps the first film that i watched as well as understood as a child. From then it had been one of my favorite films I’ve ever watched. I remember its promos (that was something new in India at that time since before that publicity through promos could have hardly been seen as there were rareley few channels apart from Doordarshan.)I loved its story line, Abbas Mustan’s direction, and Shahrukh khan’s, Kajol’s and Shilpa Shetty’s performances. Abbas Mustan’s direction and screen play at many instances resemble the ones that we used to have in 80’s Amitabh Bachhan flicks. Specially Rakhi added to what i say by her typical ‘ma’ performance. Also I love the film’s beginning and what follows before casting like 80’s movies. That has too much intensity that initially raises expectations about the film and indulges into the story line and ‘what would happen next’. Shahrukh Khan had done a superb job and he takes all sympathy even though giving a full fledged negative performance. This proved his potential as an actor and won him well deserved Filmfare Award. It was because of this film that he became favorite to Yash Chopra which catapulted his career. Kajol and Shilpa Shetty are incidentally my favorite actresses since then; Kajol in terms of her attraction and natural performances and Shilpa Shetty in terms of her beauty and leaving a great impact on audience even after doing a relatively small role. Music of the film was great but it is difficult to believe how ‘Anu Malik’ could give such unforgettable tunes and numbers.Overall a must watch film, as i’ve watched it innumerable times but still won’t feel bored if have to watch it again.

  • kalinin-galaktion-valentinovich
    kalinin galaktion valentinovich

    First off Bollywood produces a lot of CRAP. There are only 2 movies I would ever recommend to someone who hasn’t grown up with Bollywood movies – or seen lots of them. Sholay and Baazigar. This film launched Shah Rukh Khans career and with a string of other good films at the time made him into the superstar that he is today (notably ‘Darr’ which was released at a similar time)This is without a doubt my favourite Bollywood film – it’s so different than all the other stuff that comes out – for a start the storyline is quite complex and isn’t totally based on a love story (well it is – but its more about revenge). I am a huge Hollywood movie fan and compared to the other stuff Bollywood produces this is the best thing you’ll find. Lagaan is also amazing but it isn’t really Bollywood IMO.I don’t like explaining what happens in a movie in a review (spoils it) but this is a definite must see. Shah Rukh Khan is brilliant- the songs are also good and it has a decent storyline and is the closest you’ll probably see an indian movie to Hollywood (other than ‘Kaante’ which was made in the USA)Definatley a must see – I dont understand why it has such a low rating – most people who watch Bollywood films are only in it for the songs and love story anyway. Unfortunatley there hasn’t been a film out of Bollywood since that could even rival this (and this is MUCH better than the film its a remake of – check Movie connections of IMDB)

  • daadaa-prnnv
    daadaa prnnv

    Baazigar is inspired by the Matt Dillon flick A Kiss Before Dying, which itself is a remake of the 1956 near-noir classic of the same name. The film revolves around 2 sisters, Shilpa Shetty and Kajol, and the men that come into their lives. Both men are played by Shahrukh Khan, so you can imagine the complications that will create. The first one’s the typical Indian college student: perfect grades, dead father, sick mother……The second one is a race car driver (the cool one). Each has his own reasons for being with the girl and it’s these motives and their repercussions that form the crux of the film. Now if you LOVE Bollywood movies, then stay away from this one. There is no happy resolution, or songs in the Swiss Alps, or Designer Clothing for the hero. In fact, the wardrobe and makeup departments seem to be on strike during this movie. But that’s really a blessing because the actors’ “natural” look complements the film’s dark tone. Baazigar is a twisted tale of revenge with much tasteless violence, so you wouldn’t want your hero cleaning blood off his GAP shirts every ten minutes (of course we wouldn’t have such concerns if Salman had accepted this role). That reminds me, the acting in this movie is …… well, it varies. The supporting cast doesn’t impress: Rakhee’s okay, Shetty’s pretty weak (as are the two fathers), and the inspector is just sad. ON the other hand, Kajol gives a sincere performance that’s a hint of things to come. She breathes life and brings restraint to a character that’s usually butchered by over-the-top Indian actresses who substitute crying for acting. She’s only 17 or 18 but her confidence and chemistry with the Rukhster are quite evident. But this is Shahrukh’s movie. After Salman wisely turned it down, Shahrukh saw this as his big chance and capitalized. From studying for his exams and manipulating Shilpa Shetty, to racking up the body count and bringing down the house with Kaali Kaali Aankhen, the man held nothing back. He was still an actor at this point and played the dual role well. You’re always able to tell which character’s onscreen. This movie is like Darr – which was released a few months later – in the sense that whether you like it or not has nothing to do with the film itself and everything to do with the lead’s performance. The film could have spent more time in the editing room as many portions drag, and some scenes feel flat due to the aforementioned lack of funding. In the end, Baazigar may or may not be good filmaking but it’s a must for Shahrukh fans.

  • tiit-jurgenson
    tiit jurgenson

    I grew up watching many a Shah Rukh Khan film and after watching this I am an even greater fan of his acting. This films proves how versatile of an actor he is. I won’t reveal much of the plot but if you’ve seen A Kiss Before Dying starring Matt Dillon you’ll somewhat get the picture. At one moment, you experience the fun, lovable, and illuminating essence that SRK is known for. At another moment, you see SRK as an evil, obsessive, and enraged force to be reckoned with.If you want to experience a film which has both styles of SRK then watch this. It’s not a perfect Bollywood film. There are a few flaws with the special effects and it gets gory towards the end but you will enjoy yourself and you will be asking yourself, “How does SRK pull this off?”

  • gintalas-giedrius
    gintalas giedrius

    Baazigar can correctly be regarded as a classic of Hindi cinema for three major reasons. The primary reason that Baazigar works so well as a movie is that the expectation for Hindi films, especially romances as this one first appears to be, is for the good guy to beat up the bad guys, and yet Shah Rukh Khan here assays a malevolently likable character who steals the scene as well as our hearts, all while playing a psychotic killer. In all fairness, Shahrukh’s Ajay Varma is given a fairly sympathetic back story to not completely dehumanize him, and yet the victims of his aggression often seem to be innocent and unaware of his background. Secondarily, the performance by Kajol as the younger sister of Shahrukh’s first victim is so heartfelt and genuine that you could swear that she had been acting for decades. In addition, her chemistry with Shahrukh Khan’s character leaves the viewer in the unenviable position of wishing the best for these star-crossed lovers even while fully knowing the evil that Ajay has done and plans yet to do to Kajol’s Priya. Finally, the action and fight scenes depicted in the film, while definitely cheesy by todays much more bloated standards, are all fairly well choreographed to give true emotion. Unlike the Dabaangs and Rowdy Rathore’s of today, where visual effects create super-humans out of corrupt cops and serve primarily to distort the laws of physics, Abbas-Mustan have managed to capture so much raw emotion through the fight scenes on a very personal level. This is not to say that Baazigar is without faults. Despite the wonderful acting by both Shahrukh Khan and Kajol, we are never quite sure (and this actually may be a strength instead of a weakness, but that is up to interpretation) what Ajay’s intentions are for Priya, or whether, after learning about his true character (and so much more within the last 10 minutes of the film), Priya still loves Ajay in the end. Also, while much of the acting is good, some of Shahrukh’s scenes, especially this early in his career, are fairly hammy and overdone. In addition, Shilpa Shetty’s portrayal of the classic abla naari, while decently portrayed, does very little to garner support for her character. All in all, if you are looking for a pure emotional roller coaster of a film, Baazigar is definitely up your alley. Just be ready for what you are getting into, as some of those emotions will be very dark.

  • univ-prof-ehrenfried-huhn-mba
    univ prof ehrenfried huhn mba

    Definitely one of the best of Shahrukh Khan. Shahrukh Khan was always “one of my favourite” but this flick kicked the “one of the” far away. I’m not really a fan of Kajol but her work in the film is pretty good. And yes Shilpa Shetty looks ravishing in the movie. So apart from the awesome cast, the direction of the movie takes it to the next level. Then obviously comes the concept. It is based on one of the most interesting and fascinating concepts of Revenge or more appropriately… Vengeance. It is about a man seeking to avenge his destroyed family by dragging the guilty to a similar fate. Now as we know Revenge is sweet, this movie offers a lot more than what you bargain for. It is a complete Bollywood masala movie consisting of everything, from action to romance and some quite decent music. A definitely must watch for any Shahrukh or thriller fans.

  • tiiu-trei
    tiiu trei

    Baazigar is really a best thriller of 90’s. Shahrukh khan made this movie as a remarkable thriller of 90’s.When 90’s didn’t have much thrillers Baazigar made a good job in India and also in United States. Shahrukh khan’s Performance received critical appreciation all over the world.Shahrukh Khan acted in this movie when was not a top hero.Baazigar was the only thriller of 90’s which was repeatedly watched by all the Audiences.Even Shahrukh Khan made thrillers like Darr and Ram Jaane in 90’s Baazigar was considered as the best thriller of Shahrukh Khan in the 90’s.Audiences were thrilled to see the cleverly murders taking place in this movie.If anybody wants to watch a thriller Of Shahrukh Khan Please watch this movie.I would proudly say that Shahrukh Khan was the only man to give best thriller like this in 90’s.

  • brenda-mitchell
    brenda mitchell

    I am not a big fan of Mr Shahrukh Khan but i have to say this that this movie was one of his best performances to date, he is a good actor and i should like him but i don’t please don’t ask me why? i think he is okay but not all that, there are much better actors in the industry today, i have to say this though he is the popular one though.Kajol played her role very well and she was very young in this film, she too is a great acress, i want to see in her more films in the future too, they made a very nice couple in the movie and the music was great in the film too, everyone should watch this movie once in their lifetime, it’s a great movie and this made him into a really big star, i don’t want to give too much away to spoil the movie but you guys should watch it.

  • suzana-rijetkovic
    suzana rijetkovic

    Baazigar is a wonderful suspense thriller made by Abbas Mastan, but the real reason it is well-known today is quite clear, and it’s called Shahrukh Khan. Disregarding its unoriginality, the film is extremely entertaining and interesting, more towards the second half. In the first half, the point is a bit unclear and the film does not flow well, but the film takes a major plot twist after an hour or so when we get to see a rather shocking scene, which is completely unexpected and is the film’s most drastic turn. Following this scene, it starts getting increasingly thrilling with inflaming and unusual proceedings and great suspense. I appreciated the film for its good script and for its loyalty to the general Hindi film style despite a very distinct and innovative formula, but I would still delete several comic scenes which are unnecessary and at times even pathetic. The film quite clearly belongs to Shahrukh Khan who skillfully displays something very disturbing within his personality. It is a very balanced performance, and Khan successfully portrays the many sides of his character, whether it’s the simple guy whose pain motivates him to take revenge, the romantic hero, or the psychopathic murderer. Kajol is splendid in a performance that is both natural and intense. She comes across as a very brave and smart girl. Shilpa Shetty gives a brilliant debut performance (and she is hot!). Raakhee is typecast as the suffering mother who loses her mental sanity, and she does it well. Johnny Lever is at times hilarious and at times unbearable, Dalip Tahil does not impress much, and Siddharth is adequate but he too is a bit annoying in some scenes.Anu Malik’s soundtrack is very good: “Baazigar O Baazigar” is lovely, “Kitaben Bahut Si” is wonderful, “Ae Mere Humsafar” is melodious and “Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhen” is too cool. Overall, Baazigar is an extremely enjoyable flick. While the first half is a bit boring, involving all the possible Bollywood masala, including action, romance and silly jokes, the second half enjoys a fantastic development of story, involving the most unconventional moves a Hindi film could have at that time. Towards the end the film gets to be even more intriguing. A very sad flashback is followed by an unpredictable ending which is heart-breaking yet satisfying. The final verdict is therefore highly positive. I recommend.

  • john-ballard
    john ballard

    If I had to recommend just one Shah Rukh Khan film, this will be the one. Baazigar is a story of revenge – a thriller romance. Ajay Sharma’s family is betrayed by the villainous Madan Chopra. Subsequent events lead to his father and sister dying on the same night (the latter, in his arms). His mother is so traumatised she loses her mind. Ajay’s anger and thirst for revenge is justified. As an adult, he plots Chopra’s downfall and Chopra’s two daughters are his tools. SRK is so convincing you forget he’s not really Ajay. Some of the scenes make you grab your seat and go “Wow”. Kajol is, as usual, a dynamic performer. Shilpa is OK. Johnny Lever must be one of the few people who can crack jokes in a serious film and not make you tear your hair out in frustration. His Babu Lal is an effective comic relief.The songs are not too bad. If you’ve heard Anu Malik’s previous songs, you’ll realize that Baazigar has a number of rehashed tracks. Typical of Anu Malik, no? Overall, this film deserves at least an 8. I don’t understand why its rating is low in here.

  • berends-dumins
    berends dumins

    What can i say about his movie apart from what i mentioned above, can i add awesome. This is the best movie directed by the duo Abbas Mustan who have made great thrillers like Khiladi and Race. I first saw Shah Rukh Khan act in Deewana but didn’t care too much. I next saw Shah Rukh Khan in Raju ban gaya gentlemen and once again didn’t care too much. I then saw baazigar and boy did this film impress me or what. This is the movie that made Shah Rukh Khan a instant superstar, in my opinion gave a dynamic powerhouse performance. He deserved the Best actor Filmfare award for this as it was a tough nominations list that year. Kajol delivers a great performance as well as Shilpa Shetty. This is borrowed from Hollywood movie Kiss before dying, but let me tell you Baazigar makes Kiss before Dying look like garbage. If you are a Shah Rukh Khan fan and you have not seen his best film,the go watch it now.

  • jose-morton
    jose morton

    Films like Mother India, Sholay and Lagaan may be the greatest Bollywood movies of all time and I agree that they are but Baazigar is also included in my list. It was the first Shah Rukh Khan film I’ve seen and that is how I liked him and I still do although he played a villain in the film. Baazigar is the most intelligent revenge thriller I have ever seen even comparing to any Hollywood movie because it is directed by Abbas-Mustan and no one makes better thrillers than them. They are simply one of my most favourite directors and I have always liked their films they are completely unforgettable like Daraar, Ajnabee, Humraaz, Aitraaz, 36 China Town and Naqaab.The story is beyond fantastic about Ajay (Shah Rukh Khan) who steals the hearts of Seema (Shilpa Shetty) and Priya (Kajol) the daughters of his greatest enemy Madan Chopra (Dilip Tahil). Years ago Madan Chopra snatched away Ajay’s family business and property. Now Ajay is grown up and has come back to avenge the death of his father and baby sister. But Ajay didn’t plan on falling in love with one of chopra’s daughters. Will he forsake all for his love? Or will he forsake his love for the sake of his family? This blockbuster hit will definitely keep you riveted to your seat. It is simply SRH’s and Abbas-Mustan’s best film ever. Shilpa Shetty was introduced but also SRK and Kajol have appeared for the first time together and they are a landmark couple of Bollywood. The movie also has excellent comedy mainly by Johnny Lever that is still funny. I have seen it more times than any other film and is about 15 years old and I still love it. Music is also good and the best songs are Baazigar oh Baazigar & Yeh Kali Kali Aankhen.

  • niels-kallen
    niels kallen

    An excellent movie.A must watch.One of the best from Bollywood.The story is excellent.It tells about Ajay who lives with his widowed mother.he falls in love with the Chopra sisters Seema and Priya.One day murders Seema by throwing her out of a building.,The reason he does it to take revenge on Madan Chopra.Years back Madan was employed in his fathers company.Madan took control over it.Ajay and his family were thrown.One day his father and baby sister died.Years later he is back for revenge.The movie is plain excellent.This movie can only be the best debut for Srk( Deewana(1992) his first flick was a crap but not a mega crap).His performance is magnificent.Kajol does well.Shilpa is okay.Dalip did good.Rakhee supported well.The dialogs are great.Cinematography is excellent.The direction is excellent.Johnny Lever was good.The music is wonderful.A great movie.Go and watch it. Rating-9/10

  • mateja-galesic
    mateja galesic

    ‘Baazigar’ is probably the first commercial Hindi film that centres around the anti-hero. It ‘loosely’ rips off ‘A Kiss Before Dying’. It’s not a scene by scene copy and the director duo did smartly Indianize it (unfortunately a lot of it is too Bollywood e.g. the ‘dishum dishum’ fight sequences). To an extent, as a film, it is better than ‘A Kiss Before Dying’ as the twists are changed to appeal to the Indian audience. The songs are pleasant but some of the tunes are ripped off too. The whole comedy track featuring Johnny Lever and co deserve to be fast-forwarded. What mainly makes ‘Baazigar’ more watchable than it’s ‘original’ source is its performances. The film belongs to Shahrukh Khan who does his first anti-hero act and blows the audience away with a strong balanced performance of a multi-layered character. Kajol is lovably hyper in the beginning but she shows her character’s gradual maturity with grace. Shilpa Shetty gives a stunning debut act. Rakhee plays the typical distressed mother again. Johnny Lever is irritating as always. The rest of the cast do not impress much either. Technically the film could have used a lot of improvement but one should keep in mind that this is a film of the early 1990s. The end sequence is a disappointment and it sadly brings the film down by a notch but on the whole, ‘Baazigar’ is enjoyable to watch. In spite of the plentiful plot holes, there are some fine moments like the scenes where Ajay manipulates Seema, Priya discovering the truth about her sister, Priya confronting Ajay…Even though one knows what happens in the end, there’s something about the film that makes you sit through it.

  • nejc-filipic
    nejc filipic

    Baazigar is a 1993 Indian Hindi film directed by Abbas-Mustan. Based on Ira Levin’s 1953 novel A Kiss Before Dying.Baazigar at the time it came was a sort of trendsetter mainly for the reason it had an anti-hero in the lead role; thus breaking the conventional image a hero seemed to have.The film shocked its Indian audience with the violation of the standard Bollywood formula which was unexpected.It was one of top 5 highest grossing films of 1993.SHahRuKhan received much critical acclaim and tremendous popularity as this film shot him into prominence Some criticism is due to the way Priya is portrayed as behaving when all secrets are revealed, though that is surely a minor point.so coming to the film Khan proved to have a great screen presence as well, and was good at almost everything which a Bollywood hero should possess. Right from dancing well to excelling in histrionics and those one or two light comedy scenes, King Khan was a treat to watch. Though he went overboard more than a couple of times in the climax, it showed his energy, boiling n popping inside him and coming out with a blast whenever it required.Kajol was quite effective in her role . Though she was not looking vey gorgeous because of lack of make up and beautiful costumes.Shipla shetty gave decent perforamce on her debut and looked cute.Rakhi was good as usual.dalip tahil also did his job well.The comic portions were genuinely funny.I really enjoyed watching.Johny lever was very popular comedian at that time and one of Abbas-mustan favorites.Since Khiladi, the brothers have cast Johnny Lever in every single one of their movies except Naqaab.The music of movie was superhit of that time and as a result bagged 2 filmfare awards in music department of total of 4.Anu Malik was at his very best there.Movie’s various songs rocked the chart for several weeks.At the end i will recommend it to everyone specially for srk fans.I know if u watch it today you may find it somewhat old (awkward hair cut and dressing sense,dancing,etc)but remember when it was released i.e 1993 so from that point of view it was excellent.Rest Its Success Speaks itself.A must watch.