A cruel circus owner beats and abuses his pregnant wife. One day the circus receives a leopard newly captured in Africa, but the animal soon dies. However, an evil creature that was inside the leopard bursts out of the animal’s body, burrows into the wife’s body and takes over her fetus. It soon starts demanding blood, and the woman goes searching for victims for her new “baby.”

Also Known As: Neaniko aima, Дитя крови Soviet, Baby blood, The Evil Within, Baby Blood

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  • cara

    peoples reviews are too long just say whether you liked it or not.

  • anonymous

    peoples reviews are too long just say whether you liked it or not.

  • valentin-tabacu
    valentin tabacu

    *Minor Spoilers Ahead*What I liked the most about this movie was just the basic concept: A pregnant woman killing people and drinking their blood, as per the telepathic instructions of her unborn baby. How could you go wrong?Although the version I saw (“The Evil Within”) was heavily sliced and diced before its American release, the gore actually wasn’t half bad. The uncut version is much more graphic, but all the dialogue is in French (with no subtitles) and plus it has to be special ordered. The easy-to-find edited version is well worth your time, but I’m sure the French import is much better.

  • pauline-gorlitz-b-sc
    pauline gorlitz b sc

    This film is a bit different, especially how the woman ( Yanka ) is impregnated. Like the other comments, the English version is a bit sliced, but a cool aspect of this version, is that the voice of the unborn baby’s telepathic messages is none other than Gary Oldman ( un-accredited, of course).

  • yolanda-de-coll
    yolanda de coll

    This Gallic horror oddity sees an ancient parasitic embryo burst out of its circus animal host in order to impregnate a big-breasted, gap toothed strumpet named Yanka (Emmanuelle Escourrou), who is then compelled by the creature to kill ugly French men (in order to feed her new ‘baby’ blood—hence the title).Baby Blood is certainly quite splattery, with a lot of the red stuff splashed around and the occasional moment of graphic dismemberment, but even with the high gore content, I found the movie rather tedious in places, due to some rather drawn out and uneventful scenes between the visceral stuff. The story is way too simple to be stretched over feature length and needed more depth in order to fully hold this viewers attention.Director Alain Robak shows some flair for the visuals (in fact, the opening scenes reminded me a bit of Peter Jackson’s directorial style), but his treatment of the story—an uneasy mix of horror and bizarrely comic moments— ends up making the film feel disjointed. Had the film been either totally serious in tone or more outrageously silly, it might have impressed me more. As it stands, it all seems a little awkward in style.On the plus side, the gore effects are well handled (lots of stabbing, a beheading, a head smashed in) and the Lovecraftian creature, seen towards the end of the film, is an impressively original looking critter—all slimy and pink, with moist quivering bits (which, for some strange reason, has reminded me to mention that star Emmanuelle Escourrou spends a lot of her time with her kit off!).

  • noah-da-conceicao
    noah da conceicao

    Baby Blood is set in France & starts at a circus where a young woman named Yanka (Emmanuelle Escourrou) works as a performer, after taking delivery of a new animal earlier in the day the circus people find all the animals dead in their cages & set out to find what killed them. Meanwhile Yanka is in bed sleeping as an ancient creature slithers it’s way into her caravan, onto her bed & crawls inside her taking the route between her legs to do so. It seems that this creature is millions of years old & just wants to be born, it also speaks perfect English. It is is able to communicate with mother to be Yanka & forces her to feed it, the only problem is that it needs fresh human blood so Yanka has to kill to satisfy it’s appetite. As the creature grow’s inside her the time for it to be born edges closer…Also released under the title The Evil Within this French production was co-written & directed by Alain Robak & I personally thought it was terrible, Baby Blood has a pretty good reputation as an extreme French horror gore film but I thought it was terrible & just can’t understand why it has any sort of following at all. The script is just plain baffling & surreal, nothing that happens has any real logic or sense behind it & the character’s are awful cardboard cutouts with zero personality. Maybe it just wasn’t conventional enough for me, maybe some want a totally surreal & bizarre film but I don’t. I want a film with a story that makes at least some sort of sense, some character’s who actually resemble human beings & I want to be entertained. Baby Blood lacked any of those core requirements for me, thus I thought it was terrible & couldn’t wait until it was over. I sit through all of it, I did give it a chance but ultimately I just didn’t like it. At 85 minutes long Baby Blood feels longer & feels like they were making it up as they were going along, there’s no logic or narrative that I could make out & not even the gory bits saved this one.Available in a cut & uncut version in both English dubbed & English subtitled version I watched the uncut version with the English dubbed soundtrack but I doubt it would have mattered which version I saw as I still wouldn’t have liked it. I keep hearing about how gory this is but I didn’t think it was particularly bloody, there’s some blood splatter, a decapitated head & a few dead bodies but not too much else that I can remember. There’s a bit of nudity as well if that’s your thing. I can’t say I thought the film was atmospheric or scary or suspenseful to be honest, I just thought it was rather plain & forgettable.The acting isn’t great & Emmanuelle Escourrou is an unusual choice for the lead with her gaping teeth, I can’t say I was impressed by her. Apparently Gary Oldman voices the baby in the English version but maybe that’s just a rumour.Baby Blood is a film that I didn’t like at all, maybe there is a market for such a pointless & surreal film as this but it’s certainly not me, I couldn’t in good heart recommend it at all to anyone.

  • milena-androshchuk
    milena androshchuk

    Oh yes, this one made me think of Angel Above The Devil Below, were an vagina is possessed by the devil and starts talking to the girl. Here we gave a fetus talking to the girl. The storyline is a bit weak but the gore is really intact, the red stuff is almost at all times on screen. The movie surely is a low budget one, the clothes are terrible and the non gore effects are a big laugh like the carcrash and the bus exploding. Anyway, it’s a french one and almost better than the overacted German gore. The acting is also terrible except for Emmanuelle Escourrou. She makes the movie. Alain Robak, the director gives his voice to the fetus. The monster himself is also well done, so it’s sure that they didn’t spend money except on the gore. And for the creeps out there, yes there is frontal nudity. It’s an easy one to catch but be sure to buy the French version, that’s the only uncut version, a bid bad is that the dubbing in English is not that clear. Anyway, enjoyable flick, second part is coming in 2009 called Lady Blood.

  • kyara-gomes
    kyara gomes

    Yeah, I found this movie better than expected. It really has a bizarre twist to it. Its “gross out” science fiction premise: ugly worms crawling inside of people, is really a front for a slasher movie. I thought, perhaps, I might not even be able to watch it. And again, the “gross out” images were minimal. And perhaps a later anthologist will put it an offshoot “vampire” film category. With the films female protagonist, Escourrou, drinking so much blood. (By the way, to some other reviewers: Escourrou is incredibly beautiful and hot) So the movie is really overlapping several genres. It, of course, has its origins in “Alien”, and “It’s Alive”, and other films as well. And watching the dubbed version, really harks back to the seventies horror films. Primarily, Italian.

  • mijo-bursic
    mijo bursic

    BABY BLOOD (1990) ** Uneven horror film from French filmmaker Alain Robak (who co-scripted with Sege Cukier) about a young woman (the ethereal Emmanuelle Escourrou) becomes impregnated by a primordial monster whose incubation leads to a telekinetic communique between host and parasite ….and buckets of bloodshed to slake its thirst to thrive and grow from within. While body horror enthusiasts may rejoice in the splatter-ific f/x one can only wonder what a real artist like David Cronenberg could’ve done in this horribly written (the dialogue is laughably awful) slog yet the buxom (frequently nude; thank you!) gap-toothed Escourrou acts up a storm not unlike Isabelle Adjani in POSSESSION which this genre pic is a kissing cousin to but not as gonzo-for-broke nuts as it could’ve been.

  • ingegerd-nilsson
    ingegerd nilsson

    If you’re looking for something a little off the beaten path, Baby Blood might just do the trick. It’s a story about a woman who gets pregnant and starts hearing the voice of her unborn child telling her to kill and drink the blood of her victims. Wanting to be a good nurturing mother, she does what her baby wants and gets into all sorts of trouble.Baby Blood might be stylish and filled with nasty special effects, but it also suffers from redundancy midway through. It turns into a series of murders as the lead character lures one hapless victim after another into her web, killing them, and drinking their blood. Pretty soon after, her baby gets hungry again and she does the same thing. The first few times, it’s somewhat shocking and interesting, but it gets old after awhile.Thar said, Baby Blood does deliver the gore, so if that’s what you’re in the mood for, you could do much worse.

  • leticia-goncalves
    leticia goncalves

    Baby Blood is filled to the brim with gore and haunting imagery, but it does leave a funky taste in one’s mouth when all is said and done. The plot doesn’t quite gel together as well as it should and it can be a frustrating, fragmented, and episodic viewing experience as the lead character goes from person to person on a mad killing spree, trying to satiate her unborn baby’s appetite for human blood.

  • david-ritchie
    david ritchie

    Alain Robak’s fantastic Rosemary’s Baby ripoff/homage exists in the same tonal limbo occupied by Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead 2: both are part straight genre movie, part genre parody, and part self-parody. Sexy gap-toothed circus performer Yanka (Emmanuelle Escourrou- who is naked alot) is impregnated by a slimy prehistoric creature that crawls between her legs. Returning to France, she lures unsuspecting men to their deaths at the urging of the unborn monster (“Feed me blood!”) and drinks their blood- I guess she’s eating for two now. A true feminist horror film, all of the men are jerks who exploit women; Yanka deals death accordingly. The dialogue between the mother and the monster child is hilarious; they should spin this film off into a sitcom. Episodic to a fault, this film is first great until near the end, where it goes too far over the top (death by oxygen mask? no one notices that she’s covered in blood? No one notices the monster on the bus?). The (cut, dubbed)American version (The Enemy Within) is pretty easy to find on tape. The bootleg of the subtitled French version is uncut. Fans of the French comedy Baxter look sharp for the star of that film in a cameo. CS

  • sr-diego-viana
    sr diego viana

    A circus-bound tentacle incubating in a lion escapes into the womb of a pregnant woman named Yanka.The alien womb turns the woman into a ravenous,voracious male killer reminiscent of the Marilyn Chambers character in Cronenberg’s “Rabid”.This bizarre and gore-drenched horror comedy is filled with enough gross moments to put a smile on the face of any self-respecting gorehound.There is also a nice amount of full-frontal nudity provided by Emmanuelle Escourrou.While the action drags sometimes,the gore is splashed all over the screen.The direction by Alain Robak is solid and some scenes are slightly disturbing.Overall,”Baby Blood” is an extremely gory film which manages to be both darkly-humorous and entertaining.Give it a look.

  • dean-kirk-jones
    dean kirk jones

    Seeking a human host, a murderous parasite that is obsessed with humanity attaches itself to a leopard to enter the human world and be birthed by a human female. When the leopard is brought to Le Cirque de Lohman, the parasite kills the cougar and infests the curvaceous acrobat Yanka – or Bianca – (Emmanuelle Escourrou), who was impregnated earlier by her abusive ass of a husband. After finally reaching her limit of abuse, Yanka gathers her belongings and leaves the circus. A month after she flees her abused life, she begins to hear her ‘foetus’ talking to her, telling her to kill in its name and feed it the blood of the victims.Over a decade-and-a-half before ‘À l’intérieur,’ France brought us another pregnancy horror: ‘Baby Blood’. This is a strange film to say the least. Not just the crazy subject matter, but the overall feel and style of the film, mostly due to the collapsing seriousness of the film. It starts out rather seriously and I thought I was being set up for a cool, violent, and intense horror flick. However, the mood progresses into a rather strange, almost ‘Peter Jackson’-esquire, horror comedy. The direction is nothing all that new or original, but it’s enough to get the job done. The story progresses smoothly and only lags a couple times. There’s gore and violence galore, almost all performed by the lovably psychotic Yanka. And the gore is done very well. Not too ridiculously over-the-top, but still enough to keep our bloodlust satisfied. Also, on the other half of horror fan’s needs. . . Yanka shows off her curves more than a few times. In the infamous words of Ulla Inga Hansen-Bensen-Yanson-Tallen-Hallen-Svaden-Swanson: “When you’ve got it, flaunt it. Show your assets, let them know you’re proud.” In its own odd way, ‘Baby Blood’ is rather charming. . . quirky and strange, in that ‘psycho parasite posing as an unborn baby’ kinda way.Final verdict: 7/10. It’s very enjoyable, and I recommend it solely as a spectacle, if nothing else.Note: The sequel, entitled ‘Lady Blood,’ is due out this year.-AP3-

  • adriana-martinez
    adriana martinez

    I caught this movie a while back, but I still remember it a bit. This one is kind of like the science fiction horror movie “Horror Planet” only this time it happens on earth. This one has a woman impregnated by something or another. Her baby has a special thirst for blood so the mother must kill in order to feed her baby, so you can tell the title for this one is quite accurate. This is nothing new as I have already mentioned a movie where this was done before, what makes this one freaky is that the baby actually communicates with the mother. It tells her what he is and what his intentions are. Quite frankly, there is nothing for the world to worry about. This one is okay in places, but it does move a bit slow at times as well. It is worth a look see, but I wouldn’t buy it or anything. It is a bit interesting to see how the mother reacts to the baby as sometimes she loathes it and at other times she loves it. In the end it primarily shifts to a more basic horror movie.

  • anita-samoilenko
    anita samoilenko

    Hot chick with big boobs? Check. Lots of blood and gore? Check. Pretty unique story and creature? Check. Good production value? Check. Great addition to any horror lover’s movie collection? Hell yes.Baby Blood or Evil Within, whatever you wanna call it, starts with the incredibly sexy and voluptuous Emmanuelle something or other getting impregnated by this alien type worm thing. Due to hating her boss/boyfriend and possibly knowing somethings up she leaves her job as a carny and hits the road. Not long after, this evil worm thing is talking to her from within her belly. I’ve heard the evil baby thing is actually voiced by Gary Oldman…which is pretty damn cool of Gary. Anyways, the worm/baby/thing demands death and blood so that it can grow, and the hot chick has to put out or else. What follows is a real cool flick that held my attention firmly but softly for about an hour and a half. If you’re looking for a pretty unique film with gore and a hot ass chick, check out Cemetery Man, but you can also check out Baby Blood cause it’s just as good, and it has a weird alien/worm/baby/thing supposedly voiced by Gary Oldman. 8 outta 10

  • dipl-ing-hulya-zanker
    dipl ing hulya zanker

    Another killer fetus movie… I seriously have too many of these in my collection. I swear it’s unintentional. With Baby Blood I must admit, I found myself drifting from the beginning of this film, but found most of the film quite riveting, minus the ending, which I will not discuss. The plot is basically a wormy thing bursts out of a leopard and impregnates one of the employee of the circus, where the leopard was held. She was living with this real jerk, but then again most of the men in this film are jerks. Think of it like this, instead of all the women in a horror movie being stupid and annoying, all the men are just jerks. Anyways the fetus talks to the new “mother” and she leaves el-jerko and goes on a killing spree, feeding on the blood of her victims for the fetus. Seriously.It is a gorefest, that’s for sure, and I was put off guard originally. The cover said gorehound’s delight, and the first 20 minutes was not really compelling, and did nothing to prepare you for what was coming.The communications between the mother and the fetus are quite funny sometimes, and the fetus’ plan to overthrow humanity it’s so ridicules that even the mother starts laughing. I also found it hilarious when, during the climax, the mother runs around the city just showered in blood and parts of people, and no one seems to find it weird. I mean it doesn’t even get a weird stare. I really enjoyed how the mother, played by Escourrou plays her victims. This has been done many times obviously in many movies, but this one was really compelling, and both felt realistic and felt like dark comedy.Overall I enjoyed this one, despite some flaws, so I give it 4 bloodthirsty fetus’ out of 5.Now there supposedly some bad cuts of this film going around. Apparently the original US cut is pretty terrible, taking away most of the movies edge. Though I can’t testify to this myself I could definitely see that. I can’t even imagine trying to change this movie into a palatable, typical horror movie. And in my “fully restored” addition there is some really good dubbing… sometimes. Ya, that’s right… some of the dialogue isn’t even dubbed. The movie just reverts between french and English at whim. During the french parts I had no idea what they where saying, despite being able to understand some french. Guess there IS a big difference between Canadian french and French french.Now will you like it. Well put it this way, if you think you might you probably will, and if you think you won’t you probably wont.

  • theophile-gkiritzione
    theophile gkiritzione

    I used to live in Southwest Florida where Sarasota used to (maybe still does)have a French Film Festival. Probably in 1990 or 1991 Baby Blood was one of the featured movies and I saw it on the big screen which was quite an experience. It is a good movie and definitely with a French style. My recollection is also that the director was there at the festival and screening and took questions afterwards. This was before the explosion of film festivals all over the world and so was pretty unique. They had a nice mix of films and some great viewing venues. This one sticks out in my mind because it was surprisingly good and I wasn’t expecting much based on the title and description. Sometimes it’s a lot different seeing one on the big screen than on TV. Those were some fun times. I haven’t seen this on DVD.

  • shane-olson
    shane olson

    This French horror movie is more comedy than horror. Even though it starts out sorta seriously, the story quickly turns into a gruesome horror comedy as the pregnant woman with the monster inside her keeps on killing (mostly stupid) men in a series of vignettes strung together haphazardly. The style of filmmaking is typically French. If you seen French commercials or other French dark comedies, you’ll recognize the ever present kooky camera angles and the sometimes fast-forward bits. There’s nothing very serious about the film, including the somewhat feminist angle (a woman killing a lot of ugly, violent and stupid men). I say somewhat because even though most of the victims are men, the film concentrates mainly on the love/hate relationship between the monster and the woman, which causes her a lot of pain and suffering, and if there’s one thing French cinema is known for, it’s gleefully showing young women suffering in the name of art. So, the director’s attempt at a feminist statement is ridiculous because the script enjoys putting the woman (who’s often naked) through a series of degrading events that belie its feminist intentions. Emmanuelle Escourrou is not really hot or beautiful and this is probably the only “feminist” thing about the movie but I doubt the producers intentionally chose an ordinary looking woman. Something tells me a lot of actresses refused to play the unattractive part and the producers were limited in their choice of actresses willing to go through all the sanguine action.I’m surprise Troma didn’t pick this movie up for release. The ending, which turns into full gory comedy, is very Troma-like. Like when the woman walks around with her face covered in blood and all the men around her don’t notice this, or the scene when the new born baby pulls the man inside the car, his legs dangling wildly out of the window. Or the scene when the woman enters a bus full of drunken sports fan who try to gang rape her. Over-the-top silly.Was it worth watching THE EVIL WITHIN? Well, sorta. I can say it was okay but no one will confuse it with great filmmaking. It’s a very grubby-looking schlocky, sometimes funny, more often tedious, horror comedy.

  • amy-van-soest-van-berkel
    amy van soest van berkel

    An ancient evil parasitic creature impregnates sexy circus performer Yanka (an incredibly wild and fearless performance by the strikingly gorgeous and voluptuous brunette knockout Emmanuelle Escourrou) and forces the poor tormented young lass to embark on a cross country killing spree in which the lovely lady drinks the blood of her victims in order to feed the foul and wicked fetus growing inside of her. Better still, the nasty little nipper even talks (an uncredited Gary Oldman does the baby’s monstrous voice in the dubbed American version!). Director/co-screenwriter Alain Robak gleefully pours on the ghastly graphic gore by the gloriously disgusting and excessive bucketful: throats are slashed open, heads get bashed in, one dude messily explodes and the red stuff spurts all over the place with joyously appalling abandon. Moreover, Robak relates the exceptionally insane and tasteless premise with a hilariously sick sense of hysterically grotesque black-as-midnight humor (the single funniest moment occurs when the baby admonishes Yanka for trying to smoke while pregnant!). Since the guys in the film are a bunch of hateful and repulsive leering lecherous creeps, the movie takes on a singularly warped and surprising psycho feminist slant. Why, we even got a shockingly substantial amount of genuinely touching pathos to be relished in the peculiar love/hate relationship that develops between Yanka and the bestial bloodthirsty baby. Carlos Acciari’s funky, throbbing, percussive score, Bernard Dechet’s bright, slick, agile cinematography, and the comely Escourrou’s occasional eye-popping nude scenes further enhance the delectably deranged and depraved fun. A splendidly strange and startling one-of-a-kind stunner.

  • gowrgen-parhavyan
    gowrgen parhavyan

    Here’s an interesting concept;; Alien like pregnancy with a woman instead of the John Hurt character in that overrated bore fest. The unfortunate baby host is Yanka(Emmanuelle Escourrou). A reptile sort of creature wanders into her uterus and has a thirst for blood. The good mother travels from village to village, killing anyone available to feed her growing fetus’s voracious need for plasma in order to grow into a really large and dangerous monster.The little one is very verbose, having funny conversations with its’ host. Yanka is sexy and often naked, which adds to the entertainment value this atmospheric thriller. Baby blood provides buckets of the red stuff, as expected, and I thought that the acting and script were pretty good for this genre.The director, Alain Roback, has an eye for detail and a sense of humor. The talking baby is a different twist, and it works in Baby Blood.

  • joso-vucin
    joso vucin

    “Baby Blood” follows a downtrodden circus performer, Yanka, who finds herself carrying a mysterious parasite that has entered her uterus against her will. Now, she’s eating for two, but not the usual meals— the parasite craves human blood, and will stop at nothing to make sure it gets it.Given the tendency of French cinema to err on the side of the extreme (especially when it comes to genre films), it’s no surprise that “Baby Blood” is as unabashedly gruesome as it is. For all of its other attributes, the film is, at its core, a gross-out body horror splatter flick that delivers mind-numbingly gruesome violence that manages to be legitimately discomforting at times. The film also plays itself as something of a first-person slasher film as well, with the caveat being that the “killer” is operating by proxy.But there’s more to it than that; there is also a well-shaped psychological dimension to the film that is captured effectively through macabre voice overs in which the parasite inhabiting the protagonist’s womb speaks within her mind, commanding her moves and actions and chastising her when she doesn’t do what it wants. The interplay between the mind, the body, and the invader is well-realized and offers opportunity for scenes that are unnerving and scenes that are darkly funny. Emmanuelle Escourrou gives an instinctive and engrossing performance here that is impressive given she is reacting mainly to herself. Overall “Baby Blood” is a generally strong horror flick that excels as both an exercise in psychological torment as well as a no-holds-barred body horror splatter flick. Shades of dark humor and a playful edge give the film an extra bit of zest, but it doesn’t even really need it, as there is enough clever writing and buckets of blood to keep the most hardened horror fans engaged on some level. 8/10.

  • pusskr-cndnaa
    pusskr cndnaa

    I was expecting absolutely nothing from BABY BLOOD, so I have to admit I was VERY pleasantly surprised upon my initial viewing. I haven’t seen too much in the way of horror films come from France, but this film does show that they have some potential, too…This one starts out with a big-jugged, gap-toothed circus worker who is impregnated when a tiger (or leopard, jaguar…whatever…) explodes and some sort of evil evolutionary parasite is released, which decides to crawl into bed with, and up into her. From there our “anti-heroine” runs away from the circus and spends her days in squalor trying to satisfy the evil “fetus’s” thirst for blood. The “thing” talks to her and basically guides her on her day to day routine, sometimes going so far as to crack jokes about the losers that he’s trying to get his host to murder. Sometimes the “baby” is compassionate, other times mean and spiteful. Basically it’s a lose-lose situation for both “mother” and “child”…as mom doesn’t want some evil spawn inside of her, and “baby” wants to be reborn to continue it’s evolutionary process but has to wait until it’s strong enough to be “born”…BABY BLOOD works on a lot of different levels. The gore comes quick and thick but never quite gets too campy. There are a few “dark-comedy” elements, but those that classify this as more comedy than horror must not have been watching the same film that I saw. I found BABY BLOOD to be pretty bleak and may even prove to be a little too much for the “average” horror film-goer. The atmosphere of the film really reminded me of a Henenlotter film, a la BASKET CASE or maybe more closely related, BRAIN DAMAGE – without the funny parts. The performances are all strong, especially from the lead actress, who although may be a little hard on the eyes (the few reviewers who thought she was hot must also have not seen the same film I did…) was superb as the “mother” torn between her repulsion of what is growing inside of her, and her natural motherly instincts. The basic concept of a parasitic or evil fetus may not be an especially original one, but BABY BLOOD does more with the concept than any film I’ve seen since ROSEMARY’S BABY. The only real gripe I had with the film was that it would sometimes switch from English to French dialog mid-scene for no reason – but this only happened a few times and didn’t ruin the overall feel of the film. I HIGHLY recommend picking this one up if you dig more “extreme” horror fare. 8.5/10

  • ron-vestergaard
    ron vestergaard

    Over the years, plenty of film fans have turned director and churned out ultra-cheap gore-fests which go out of their way to desensitise the viewer with endless bloody murders and guts splashed all over the place. Most of the time, these independent filmmakers come from America or the U.K., and thus the ’80s and ’90s are full of little-seen films like THE ABOMINATION. BABY BLOOD is a French take on this sub-genre of movie-making, a dark little splatter film with a bizarre plot that capitalises on the late ’80s/early ’90s trend in “evil baby” films, perhaps set off by US flick THE UNBORN. While it’s cheap and sometimes badly acted, BABY BLOOD tells a simple story that moves along at great speed. Essentially, it’s about a woman possessed by her primeval baby, who turns out to be a slithery Lovecraftian creature with a penchant for blood.Along the way the woman becomes a blood-drinking maniac who, in a distinctly feminist angle, goes after the men who slight her, before turning her sights on all men in general. After a series of murders and vehicle accidents, the baby is born with predictably disastrous consequences. BABY BLOOD succeeds in creating some eerie moments, mostly in the creepy voice of the killer baby (word has it that Gary Oldman dubbed this role for the American release). As the heroine, the voluptuous Emmanuelle Escourrou isn’t afraid to spend much of the film in the nude, adding to the exploitation value, and she transforms her character from an attractive and fragile victim to a blood-soaked maniac with a certain level of convincingness. The male characters in the film are all pretty stupid and sleazy, so it’s hard to work up empathy when they get their guts torn out.At heart, this is a gore film and director Alain Robak focuses on the bloodshed throughout. There are knife murders, people getting crushed and run over by cars, bodies being torn to shreds and severed heads galore. The blood is liberally sprayed all over, pushing the boundaries of good taste on many occasions, and the low budget special effects are surprisingly decent. One of the most disturbing sequences is a nightmare in which the heroine sees bloody hands emerging from her stomach – a truly stomach-churning and weird moment. Robak also creates a brilliant and offbeat sequence of the heroine staggering down the street, where the actress is shot from a low angle and there’s a look of animation to the shot. I can’t quite describe it, but it’s one of the most inventive things I’ve ever seen. Bizarrely, despite the downbeat, degrading nature of the story and all the darkness and brutality of the murders, the baby turns out to be quite a humorous creation and engages in some comedic question-and-answer sessions with its mother as it tries to find out more about the human world. The final set-piece, on a bus full of drunken footballers, is well-executed with some memorably slippery special effects work, and the final shots are neatly portrayed. BABY BLOOD won’t rock anybody’s world, but it is a well-made and distinctive little shocker.

  • guguli-macharashvili
    guguli macharashvili

    Well, The Evil Within (Baby Blood) is definitely a different sort of movie. It isn’t just the loads of blood that make this movie a fun choice, it has good atmosphere and a great horror storyline that keep things interesting throughout.The story circles around a young woman named Yonka. Yonka is a very unfortunate woman as she is impregnated by an alien being. Not from outer space, I might add. Anyway, poor Yonka, the baby inside of her can communicate with her telepathically and forces her to kill people and suck there blood to feed the creature inside. The whole story takes place over nine months and has one misadventure after the next, until the very bloody end.I first saw this movie under the title of The Evil Within many years ago. It is better now then I remember it being when I first viewed it. The movie is incredibly bloody. Not so much during the first hour of the movie, but the last thirty minutes is something else. Of course, I have seen far more bloody, but, if you are not used to this type of thing, it can be quite disturbing.The storyline in itself is quite original and simple at the same time. What makes it so cool to watch is the relationship Yonka is forced to have with this evil being inside of her. It can be quite horrific and humorous all at the same time.If you like horror I don’t see how you couldn’t like this film. If you like Frank Henenlotter’s work, movies like Brain Damage or Basket Case, I think this is right up your alley. 9/10

  • zhdanov-parfen-averianovich
    zhdanov parfen averianovich

    ‘Baby Blood’ is a superb overlooked French horror movie that deserves a much wider audience. The beautiful and voluptuous Emmanuelle Escourrou stars as a circus performer who is impregnated by some kind of mutant monster. On the run, her unborn “child” begins to speak to her and demands blood – lots of it. Reluctantly she complies by murdering men she encounters. Eventually she develops a strange love/hate relationship with the monster within her. This is a brilliantly entertaining variation on the killer baby theme (see ‘The Unborn’ and ‘It’s Alive’), with plenty of gore and nudity from the stunning Escourrou. I say steer clear of the American dubbed version as it is cut. ‘Baby Blood’ is one of the most underrated horror movies of the last twenty years. I thought it was a classic piece of exploitation and I can’t recommend it highly enough!

  • mnddl-abhilaassaa
    mnddl abhilaassaa

    French cinema isn’t exactly known for its many horror masterpieces (the exceptions that prove this rule are “Les Yeux Sans Visage” and the more recent “Haute Tension”) but, as much as in every other country, there are always some gore-loving genre fanatics that sooner or later direct their own independent cult gem. Alain Robak clearly is such an enthusiast filmmaker and his “Baby Blood” is a hugely entertaining and cheerful splatterfest, despite the poor and inept screenplay. The relatively unknown but impressively voluptuous Emmanuelle Escourrou (what’s in a name) stars as the unhappy fiancée of a circus artist who gets impregnated by a parasite that burst out a newly imported cheetah. The fetus growing inside Yanka is pure evil and demands her to kill men so that it can feed on their blood. This results in some of the most over-the-top bloody and sadistic massacres ever shot on film, with cut off heads, slit throats and many outrageous knife-attacks. Of course, this exaggerated amount of bloodshed makes it all blackly comical and “Baby Blood” therefore shouldn’t be taken too seriously. This isn’t the fist horror film handling about ferocious fetuses/infants (there’s also “It’s Alive”, “I don’t want to be Born” and even the premise of “Rosemary’s Baby” is remotely similar) but “Baby Blood” is much more creative and tongue-in-cheek than anything you’ve ever seen before. The camera-work is quite nifty and there are several cameos of eminent Frenchmen, like Jacques Audiard (director of “Read My Lips”) and Alain Chabat (who played Caesar in “Asterix”). The script is very man-unfriendly, which is quite a new approach for exploitation! Nearly every male is presented as a weak and imbecile creature whereas Yanka gets stronger with every murder she commits. “Baby Blood” is ingenious, somewhat bizarre horror fun.