Ankara in neutral Turkey : World War Two. A town of intrigue and of provocateurs. The Germans are planning to leak maps apparently proving that the Russians are about to invade the country. American Joe Barton is in the know and in the middle, along with Zaloshoff and his sister who may or may not be Russians. What is clear though is that odious Colonel Robinson is a full-blown Nazi.

Also Known As: O Expresso Bagdad-Istambul, Hvepsereden, Salahanke Ankarassa, Komplott i Ankara, Expresso Bagdad-Istambul, El expreso Bagdad-Estambul, Истоки опасности Soviet, Intrigues en Orient, Le spie, Peligro a fondo, Spion im Orientexpress, Background to Danger, Intrigen in het oosten, Ston ilingo tou kindynou

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