Marcus and Mike have to confront new issues (career changes and midlife crises), as they join the newly created elite team AMMO of the Miami police department to take down the ruthless Armando Armas, the vicious leader of a Miami drug cartel.

Also Known As: Mauvais garçons pour la vie, バッドボーイズ フォー・ライフ, 絕地戰警For Life, Băieţi răi 3, Bakhourim Ra'im Le'Tamid, Loši Momci Zauvek Bosnia and, Os Bad Boys III, Bad Boys for Life, Bad Boys 3, Loši momci zauvek, Bad Boys Para Siempre, Băieți răi pe viață, Bad Boys: Mindörökké rosszfiúk, Pahad poisid 3, Bad Boys Para Sempre, Pasele vyrukai amziams, Zločesti dečki zauvijek, Những Gã Trai Hư Trọn Đời, Podli fantje za vedno, Лоши момчета завинаги, Bad Boys For Life, Bad Boys Navždy, Плохие парни 3, Погані хлопці назавжди, Плохие парни навсегда, Bad Boys para siempre, Bad Boys For Life New, Bad Boys: Her Zaman Çılgın

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  • bob

    Sad boys Sad boys,everything about this movie has been done over and over and over and over again,the lust of the flesh the lust of the eyes pride of life and death,if men went to heaven the third heaven and sat on clouds all day this would be a great movie BUT sad boys sad boys retire why don.t you.

    • paganini

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    Jonathan E. Howard

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  • rango

    meh-directed by no name.Lawrence looked like bear ready for hibernation.No charm just cruel action.6/10

    • qwaasa77

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  • franc-kastelic
    franc kastelic

    More jokes more action actually better than the 2nd one that came out 17 years ago their chemistry has improved a lot intense scenes it also got some original actors like Theresa Randle and Joe Pantoliano from the previous films which is awesome

  • isabelly-alves
    isabelly alves

    I watched all installments and I must say this 3 rd installment has been absolutely great from beginning to the end. This Duo work great together and had an amazing team (AMMO) working with them In this film and showed many genres from heart warming, comedy and action. A must see movie. 👍

  • miroslav-tolj
    miroslav tolj

    This movie was excellent. I liked the story. Lawrence and Smith had no trouble finding their natural chemistry again, like they had in Bad Boys 1 and 2 as well. You could notice that Michael Bay was off and El Arbi and Fallah on. I missed a moment were Burnett and Lowrey encouraged each other verbally around bad guys and then reach for their guns (BB1: “It’s for your lack of respect for other people’s property). I also missed some experimental camera work (BB 2: “A bullet in the head will really mess up your extensions”). I enjoyed what the AMMO team brought to the table. This could have been worked out a lot better, I think. Hopefully they do that in Bad Boys 4. Hudgens, Ludwig and Melton did a great job, bringing their own humour and style. There were some references to the other movies, but there could have been more. I really hope there will be a next installment with the same directors, and that El Arbi and Fallah will have a very rich career ahead of them. If you liked this movie, then check out Gangsta, El Arbi’s and Fallah’s film before this one.

  • eva-daragan
    eva daragan

    Everything about this movie was awesome. Great story, great acting, and great action scenes!! There was actual emotion in this movie that was lacking from the 2nd movie. I hope they make another one.

  • dr-fodor-attilane-kiraly-veronika
    dr fodor attilane kiraly veronika

    Bad boys for life was such a great movie from start to finish this movie was so funny had great action scenes while it had a quite a few emotional scenes will Smith & Martin Lawrence great as always bounced of each other the new edition’s too the cast was great they really added something fresh to the movie. Overall this movie was a kick ass rival the the franchise filled with great humour and badass action scenes

  • jeffrey-watson
    jeffrey watson

    Awesome 3rd installment! Funny and action packed with a good storyline! Highly recommend it!!

  • kadri-oun
    kadri oun

    Best in the trilogy by a mile. And I loved 1 and 2! Watched in screen x

  • wilson-borges-tavares
    wilson borges tavares

    I just can’t believe what I watched! The best movie I’ve watched in 2020! Thanks to Martin Lawrence and Will Smith from the bottom of my heart for their acts!

  • indrjit-senaadhiish
    indrjit senaadhiish


  • lisa-sanna
    lisa sanna

    I enjoyed my time … That’s all what I can say. Martin will Smith is back , Martin Lawrence will make you laugh the whole movie. I love the twist by the end of the movie

  • evi-lutterveld
    evi lutterveld

    Bad Boys for store line well written, you couldn’t guess what was going to happen. The visual effects on point and the stunts where stunning.

  • elisabeth-eklund
    elisabeth eklund

    If you like bad boys 1 and 2, you will love this! The new crew is great, but doesn’t steal the show. I started grinning after the first scene and almost rofled at the cinemas in other scenes. Fantastic humor, a few lame parts, but every movie has those.

  • stephanie-williams
    stephanie williams

    I was really surprised that I had the chance to watch the movie yesterday, which wasn’t my intention at all, but my friends wanted to give it a chance .First of all, the trailer couldn’t hype me for the movie coupled with the abscence of Michael Bay, who actually has a cameo along with other stars from the second movie. Yet, it turned out unexpectedly great. I won’t try to hype people unnecessarily and as a result of that someone to end up dissatisfied. However, if you want plenty of humour and action just to have fun for two hours, then you won’t be disappointed. Again we have the hard R raiting, which is something that contributes a lot to the movie with bloody scenes and deadpool like humour. If I have to compare it to other movies, it is far better than the soulless “Hobbs and Shaw”, who had 200 million budget and nothing special to deliver. If you are a fan of 21-22 Jump Street, then you will experience the same ride. Only this time we have a decent villain with pretty good twist, which solely set up the tension for an epic ending, reminding me of the ending of Beowulf, where they were pretty hight stakes. I even felt a vibe of the ending of “Under The Red Hood” , but the movie itself (Bad Boys) wasn’t so dark, disturbing nor deep to deliver such conclusion with the potential the villain had. Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t reach the same level of those movies I’ve mentioned, but it was only because of the comedy settled tone of the whole movie.I won’t go further in more details, but if you want to escape your stressful atmosphere, the third part of the franchise is packed with non stop comedy and action. Likewise, the cast is great and so the new additions. Both Martin Lawrence and Will Smith stole the show and if a good, yet less better movie Ride Along menaged to earn about 140 millions domestic gross, then Bad Boys will become a hit this month if people are still nostalgic about it and attend to see it.

  • fiona-evans
    fiona evans

    We hadn’t planned to watch this movie and ended up going because there was nothing else particularly interesting in the theater. It was not a movie I was anticipating and have been pretty disappointed in all the blockbuster movies in the last year (Star Wars, Avengers, Lion King, etc) so I wasn’t expecting much after being let down so many times. I was a huge Will Smith back in his prime, but was never particularly excited about the other two Bad Boys. This movie was probably one of, if not the best movie I’ve seen this year. I ended up being pleasantly surprised! This movie was action packed, had a pretty good plot and was hilarious. It’s by no means a masterpiece, but for what it is, it was great. Will Smith is making a come back after Aladdin and now Bad Boys.

  • niks-zvaigzne
    niks zvaigzne

    Seen this today. Wasnt expecting much if I’m honest but how wrong was I. Thought it was superb, the best of the three in my opinion. The story was very good, the action exceptional and a good few laughs too. It’s rare now a good action movie is made and this one did not disappoint. A must see. Will there be another? Hope so!!!

  • urska-popovic
    urska popovic

    A throwback film to the nineties, but it isn’t nostalgic. It reinforces the classic concepts of Action Comedies, and captures the magic of traditional buddy cop films and tv shows.Watching the film as a standalone, I havent seen the first two installments, the film is easy to follow and has a fresh feel to it. It is a must see for action and comedy fans.

  • rolando-macias
    rolando macias

    Martin Lawrence and Will Smith return to there famous roles, to the point where it feels like they never left. I liked the the other Bad Boys movies, but didn’t love’em. I mean Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are fun to watch together, and have this budding chemistry that makes the films work, and action scenes are awesome, but the villains and the plot in the last two films pretty much went nowhere.But that all changes with Bad Boys for Life, here the plot is pretty well told has the two main characters realize that there age is catching, and that there not has young has they once where. And this time the villains have a bigger part, and has a somewhat connection to one of the main characters. But not just depends on Lawrence and Smith, the supporting cast also really shine. Great action, great humor , and great suspense.

  • dott-pierfrancesco-galli
    dott pierfrancesco galli

    Bad Boys for Life is an incredible third installment and welcome return to the franchise that’s fast paced, surprisingly emotional and more mature than it’s predecessors. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are once again incredible and instantly recapture their perfect chemistry and are also extremely funny throughout. Joe Pantoliano is great and newcomers Alexander Ludwig, Vanessa Hudgens, Charles Melton and Paola Nuñez are all great. The direction by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah is amazing, consistently stylish with well filmed action sequences that are ridiculously fun and gleefully over the top. The music by Lorne Balfe is excellent. However, it is brought down slightly by some very brief but still weak CG.

  • james-burton
    james burton

    This is a great movie for fans that grew up watching Will and Martin TV shows, movies, etc. Usually movies these days cater to new audiences only. This movie is a grown-up flick!

  • michelle-woods
    michelle woods

    I love the movie. The plot. The characters. Just everything. It is worth going to the cinema to support this project. hope Bad Boys 4 is coming.

  • arthur-peterson
    arthur peterson

    The (Bad) Boys are back in town!!! 25 Years since Bad Boys hit the Cinema and this 3rd outing has to be the best yet. Playing to a hole new audience, Mike and Marcus have aged like a fine wine and got better with age, well apart from the Beard dye. There’s the usual Fast cars, Fast Women, Guns, Bullets and Explosions, everything we loved about the other films. But, this film has more than that! Some great storytelling which fills in some of the unanswered questions from the previous films. Without spoiling it for you there are some old faces making a comeback but do they all make it to the end? Plus Mike has a new arch nemesis, or to put it another way, he’s met his match, literally!!

  • tarmo-vahtra
    tarmo vahtra

    I wasn’t sure what to expect but I know that I love Martin and Will Smith! I have been waiting for this for a while now and I was not disappointed at all. This movie had a little bit of everything. It had action, emotional moments, comedy, and suspense. I cried, laughed, and bit my nails a few times during the suspenseful scenes. I wouldn’t mind watching it on the big screen again. It was worth every second and every penny.

  • dietlinde-zorbach
    dietlinde zorbach

    Bad Boys for Life is an incredible action packed comedy to enjoy for the whole audience who wanted the new Bad Boys movie. It’s more action packed than the second, and it’s hilariously funny. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back together, and nailed their main characters again. Vanessa Hudgens did pretty good working with the main cast members, and she’s hot. And it’s a good thing that I never forget this quote from the second film.We ride together, we die together. “Bad Boys for Life”.

  • anica-bizjak
    anica bizjak

    So damn good I’d say this is the best one in the series! Hilarious, great action, cinematography is beautiful, and bigger budget; glad I saw in IMAX day one. Bad Boys for Life had everything I’d want it to, I think it’s good Micheal Bay wasn’t involved in any aspect. Loved the movie so much I’ll definitely wanna own when available, highly recommended!

  • scott-curry
    scott curry

    Will Smith and Martin Lawrence steal the show with other talented actors and some eye candy along the way with good budget action. I cant give away too much but this movie was great and lived up to the hype of Bad Boys 1 and 2 respectively.