Focuses on a young man Gaurav Rawat aka Bala (Ayushmann Khurrana) plagued with premature baldness and the way he copes with the situation. Revolving around his everyday struggle due to hair loss, the film also explores Bala’s relationship with the two women in his life, played by Yami Gautam and Bhumi Pednekar.

Also Known As: Bala

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  • cory-taylor
    cory taylor

    Very relatable subject with people having similar situations faced in their lives. Bala is a story of a person who used to be a style hero in his school days later turning out to be hairless in his mid 20’s. Desperately, he tries all possible solutions to save himself from being bald.Loved other characters from the film – Latika, Pari and the families. 10 on 10 for the performances, screenplay and dialogues.

  • tijn-haack
    tijn haack

    Watched the move. Outstanding performances by Ayushmann Khurrana and Bumie..

  • dr-scott-ayala-dds
    dr scott ayala dds

    Deserves all the stars.. realistic comic entertainment.

  • ana-sophia-cardoso
    ana sophia cardoso

    Each and every cast in this movie is a living gem, including script writer, director etcA must movie for every citizen living in this country, behold for this new generation of good content

  • zoe-matthews
    zoe matthews

    Second half is very boring…. good for those who faced sleep insomnia

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    arto rinne

    #FinalVerdictProducers Dinesh Vijan’s Maddock Films & Jio Studios’ Bala is about inherent beauty where any physical flaw seems immaterial if one has the heart to identify real beauty. It is surely not-to-be-missed! Brilliant!Bala works so well because it takes its subjects seriously enough to also be able to gently laugh at them. So all of the characters are played with a heartwarming sincerity that makes them genuinely likeable & relatable. There are very few times when one gets to laugh, cry & experience other emotions as the tale unfolds onscreen. Director Amar Kaushik has achieved that in this bittersweet comedy. Double thumbs up for him! The people & the settings are real which makes the message of Bala even more relatable.Niren Bhatt’s story has apt & simple ingredients which makes for an impressive tale. Dialogues, also by Niren Bhatt, ensure one feels with the characters. The film Bala laughs with, rather than mocking those who are unluckily rated low because of their appearance. What transports Bala into an exemplary film are the wonderfully light touches with which director Amar Kaushik unpacks the story. It also benefits from perfect & gimmick-free cinematography (Anuj Rakesh Dhawan) and instantly likeable BGM/soundtrack (Sachin-Jigar). Bala has been shot beautifully and the terrific background score supplement the tale. Director Amar Kaushik has ensured that Bala never seems made up. His direction is terrific.Ayushmann Khurrana knows how to crack the code of the right script every time. Flawless act! Bhumi Pednekar makes sure her issues & predicaments seem relatable & she plays the part with consummate grace. Yami Gautam portrays her part with elan & she is a delight to watch as a girl obsessed with constantly looking good. Abhishek Banerjee is simply outstanding. Jaaved Jaaferi’s comic timing is impeccable. Saurabh Shukla and Seema Pahwa’s appearance, mannerisms & dialogue delivery are exemplary.On the whole, Bala is brimming with solid content with a relevant message. Watch it for the heartfelt spirit it is made in. Bala will be Ayushmann Khurrana’s 7th consecutive success in a row. Super-hit!

  • maurice-irwin
    maurice irwin

    This generation should go and watch this movie in theatre, specially young age people

  • ante-bertosa
    ante bertosa

    Excellent performance by Bhumi Pednekar and Ayushmann Khurrana. The story will give a personal touch to people having no hair or those who are balding. Overall the story is good but there was lot of room for improvement. The side characters are not used. At the end of the movie the story gets predictable. Overall the movie is a good watch

  • santeri-aaltonen
    santeri aaltonen

    Complete copy of Gone Kesh, watched all 3 movies, Ujda Chaman, Bala and Gone Kesh, Gone Kesh is good, Bala is copy without any emotional touch, Ujda Chaman is best, entirely different and with a beautiful message not just about baldness.

  • bert-peukert
    bert peukert

    The movie started just fine..but after that the plot went down the hill so soon. There were no punches .. there was no story..and let me tell you clearly ayushman khurana is not that great as it seems…the only saving grace here was bhumi pednekar…..I could have given it a 5 ..but after seeing constant 10 it bothers me so much that we have forgotten what a movie really means…it’s just a 15 minute movie stretched for too long

  • odintsova-agata-filippovna
    odintsova agata filippovna

    I don’t understand why this half baked movie was even made. The first half was built up well but through uneven scripting and haphazard direction, the second half felt rushed.There was a lack of clarity towards the end. Please don’t make movies with a social message unless you know how to impact the audience.The message is great but the delivery is poor.

  • kelsey-harper
    kelsey harper

    What a amazing movie….dedicated to all takle’s 😂😂

  • cristobal-georgescu
    cristobal georgescu

    Come fall in love with yourself. Don’t judge others with their complexes. When you will love yourself then work will love you. 😊

  • mark-taylor
    mark taylor

    Aayushman khurana has been delivering movies on social issues and has been nailing those roles again and again. Bala too, will be considered as one of his finest performance because he potrays the emotions so nicely that even though you laugh at some scenes, you still feel sad for him. The supporting cast also nails and fit perfectly in there roles. The UP accent, family drama, all these things make you believe that indeed you are in kanpur. Yami Gautam also has been given some good scenes and has played her role nicely. Just one problem with the film was the casting of bhumi pednekar. The make up done on her is really distracting whenever she comes in screen and also just opposes to the social message that the film wants to deliver. Still you ignore this because of the way Bhumi played the character of Latika and you feel for her from the first scene itself. Constantly entertaining and not even a single dull moment ! Go for it !!

  • irina-lazarenko
    irina lazarenko

    Its a good Movie. Really Loved it .Ayushmann proves again that he is the promising leading man of Bollywood. This will surely be another blockbuster hit of 2019

  • dragan-blazic
    dragan blazic

    The film is all and all out entertainer but overstretched. Problem of baldness and dark coloured girls is hyped out of proportion and in the end remains short to deliver justifiable massage. Movie is for diehard fans of Ayushmann Khurana. Talent of Bhumi Pednekar is wasted. One time pass.

  • rhaisa-prhoshyan
    rhaisa prhoshyan

    Went in with low expectations but this movie just blew me away. Ayushmann proves again that he is the promising leading man of Bollywood. This will surely be another blockbuster hit of 2019. Bhumi and Yami also rocked their parts. Can’t wait to watch it again with my friends .

  • hicsonmez-dumanli
    hicsonmez dumanli

    Bala seems slightly better of other choices in this weekend. Good story line & all characters were awesome including Bhumi, Yami and Mega star Ayushman. . Actually a superb family movie with social criticisms through comedy.

  • ecaterina-toma
    ecaterina toma

    Watched Bala ki 🙂 . Enjoyed a lot . Both social criticism & comedy worked out very well. Had been a good entertainment for my children too.

  • leon-legovic
    leon legovic

    To be frank …. The movie was simply amazing. Ayushman proves to be the most talented actor in bolywood. The jokes were hilarious. Hats of to the director for making such an amazing movie

  • margarita-castillo-carrillo
    margarita castillo carrillo

    BALA REVIEW :-Bala generated heavy buzz and attraction with promising trailer and songs. The other reason to be excited for this this one was director Amar Kaushik who delivered a superb film like Stree on Debut is paired with Ayushmann Khurrana who is on dream run currently. Bala is a perfect take on sensitive topic keeping emotions and content at right place. It has comedy, entertainment, good writing, strong performances, great direction and a much needed social message that, ‘we don’t need to change ourself, people will accept you if you are ready to accept yourself’.Bala is a story of Balmukund aka Bala (Ayushmann Khurrana) who used to be a style hero in school days and facing hair loss at young age. His school friend Latika is born with naturally dark skin and she faces trolls for her black face. Bala meets a TikTok sensation, a young beautiful girl with Fair skin, Pari (Yami Gautam) and approaches her for marriage without telling her about his hair problem. Later she gets to know the truth and Bala learns a Lifetime message. Acting wise Ayushmann Khurrana is truly Unstoppable in Bala, he is fantastic in every frame whether it is emotional scene or a comedy scene. His coming timing is excellent and those mimicry scenes were hilarious. Bhumi Pednekar as Latika delivers a sensible act. Pari aka Yami Gautam makes you fall in love with her cuteness and straight forward thinking on life. Rest of the cast including Saurabh Shukla, Seema Pahwa, Javed Jaffrey and Abhishek Banerjee is fantastic.Bala is blended with terrific screenplay because it never lose the engagement from the start till the end. There is lot of entertainment and comedy well supported by whistle worthy scenes and crunchy dialogues. The first half of the film is total fun riot while the second half focuses more on content and drags little bit just after the interval to make sure that it going to end up on a strong note. Music is Good and all songs are situational except that one Party number in the end credits. Director Amar Kaushik does an excellent job with a strongly written story. He gets the humour right, he gets the characters right, he gets the content right therefore he gets the film right.Overall, Bala is thoroughly funny and takes care of content as well. The best thing about Bala is it never made that content look smaller than entertainment. Excluding those little bit drag moments post Interval there are no boring and useless moments in the film. This one will be another super successful film for Ayushmann Khurrana and a special mention to director Amar Kaushik who delivers 2nd consecutive super film after Stree. Go and watch Bala to fall in love with yourself…RATING- 7/10*

  • heather-blevins
    heather blevins

    Third hit of Ayushman…in this year . Fit for all styles. Police officer in Article 15 to a funny husband. This is a story of all of us . I give 9 stars out of 10..

  • caue-peixoto
    caue peixoto

    Really enjoyed desi movie in pardes…i loved that kanpuria slang .learnt the basics (.Dont be shy…!) great job done by all cast and crew

  • nauseda-sonata
    nauseda sonata

    A must watch laugh riot with a very good social message! Once again ayushmaan has done wonderful job,bhumi,yami and all other supporting character’s are fabulous.

  • sandra-melton
    sandra melton

    Earlier those were only for ekta kapoor’s web series. But now they have reached to bollywood cinema. How can we trust imdb after this kind of situation.There is no objections for Bala. And um sure it will be a great one. Let great be greater.. stop this unethical things