This is the story of a donkey and the somewhat difficult life it leads. During a summer holiday, the baby donkey is a child’s pet but when they return home, it begins it’s life of misery. It works as a farm animal, pulling a delivery cart and working as any manner as various owners require of it. Meanwhile, the young girl who first acquired Balthazar as a pet grows up, only to be badly treated herself by an indifferent and selfish boyfriend.

Also Known As: Vétlen Balthazár, Au Hasard Balthazar, Rastgele Balthazar, Zum Beispiel Balthasar West, Al azar de Baltasar, Au hasard Balthazar, A Grande Testemunha, Balthazar Doko e Yuku, Hvad med Balthazar?, Min venn Balthazar, Наслука, Балтазар, Na los szczescia, Baltazarze, Stin tyhi o Balthazar, Al azar, Baltasar, Al azar Baltasar, Nagehan Baltazar, Peregrinação Exemplar, Balthazar, Min vän Balthazar, Наудачу, Бальтазар Soviet

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