The Dark Knight of Gotham City confronts a dastardly duo: Two-Face and the Riddler. Formerly District Attorney Harvey Dent, Two-Face incorrectly believes Batman caused the courtroom accident which left him disfigured on one side; he has unleashed a reign of terror on the good people of Gotham. Edward Nygma, computer-genius and former employee of millionaire Bruce Wayne, is out to get the philanthropist; as The Riddler he perfects a device for draining information from all the brains in Gotham, including Bruce Wayne’s knowledge of his other identity. Batman/Wayne is/are the love focus of Dr. Chase Meridan. Former circus acrobat Dick Grayson, his family killed by Two-Face, becomes Wayne’s ward and Batman’s new partner Robin the Boy Wonder.

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  • justin-farrell
    justin farrell

    Batman Forever is the third installment for Warner Bros. Batman franchise, only Tim Burton and Michael Keaton decided to jump ship, so now we’re stuck with Joel Schumacher, Val Kilmer and writing so campy it’ll make you want to pitch a tent and make some s’mores. What we see in this film is a systematic destruction of absolutely everything that made the first two Batman films so popular.Kidman and Kilmer have been great in other films like “Moulin Rouge” and “Tombstone,” but Joel is simply incapable of getting any good performances out of his actors. Don’t believe me? There’s a scene where Kidman’s character tells Batman to meet her at her place at midnight. Even though she’s expecting company, she decides to sleep in the nude before he shows up. I can understand her character trying to seduce Batman, but why go to bed and fall asleep while you’re expecting company? Just listen to her character’s inner conflict when she says “I can’t believe it. I’ve imagined this moment since I first saw you… and now I have you and… guess a girl has to grow up sometime.” I guess I can’t blame Kidman on doing the best with the crap she was given. Someone needs to fire Mr. Script Writer. Joel, in the tradition of Burton’s previous Batman film, decided to use two villains at once: the Riddler and Two-Face. Personally, I wonder why the director would want to use two villains when he can’t get one character right.In previous Batman films, the villains were layered characters. The Joker was back-stabbed in a set up, Catwoman was in a mid-life crisis and sick of being taken advantage of, and the Penguin was a social outcast playing the sympathy card so he could get revenge on Gotham. While these character motives are little more than “I want revenge” at least it’s something. Joel enjoys making the villains of his Batman films silly cardboard cutouts which don’t make any sense at all.Joel turned Harvey Two-Face, a steely, no-nonsense crime boss, into a laughing idiot that hops up and down whenever he blows something up. There’s a quick twenty second explanation of how Harvey Dent had acid thrown on him during a trial, so he swore revenge on Batman… what? Batman didn’t throw the acid. Two-Face is pretty much Tommy Lee Jones copying Jack Nicholson’s performance as the Joker, except with different makeup, and the Riddler isn’t far behind. Jim Carrey was acting like… well… Jim Carrey. As “good” as Carrey’s performance might be, there’s really no room for non-sequitur dance sequences and goofy voices to be thrown into the middle of a scene– but that’s what Jim is good at doing, I guess. As for Edward Nigma, they briefly explained how he became the Ridler (he was fired from his job, I know that tends to make people become super-villains), but never explained why he likes making riddles. His master plan: become the smartest man alive by reading the minds of Gotham’s citizens and then… and then… uh… well, it doesn’t matter because we all know Batman will save the day.As if a poorly done treatment for Two-Face and the Riddler, and a poorly done romance subplot added into the mix weren’t enough, we have another poorly done subplot thrown in: Robin! The most hated side-kick in the world. Joel introduce Robin as a character who wants revenge on Two-Face and offers absolutely nothing else significant to the story. There’s not much to say about Robin, except that he kicks ass at doing laundry. He’s just eye-candy so the ladies (and Joel) have someone to swoon over in this poor excuse for an action film. The biggest crime in Gotham was how Joel rebuilt the city. He demolished Burton’s Gothic atmosphere and added colored lights and large bronze statues to turn the desolate wasteland of a city into a sparkling Las Vegas wonderland. He also introduced the phosperhous gang, a group of guys who glow in the dark and play heavy metal music… drug trafficking never looked so fabulous! Big naked man statues, face-painting gangs, and rubber nipples summarize everything that Joel has added to the franchise.I’ve heard some arguments standing up on Joel’s defense, claiming that the movie would’ve been better with the deleted scenes put back in. Namely, two scenes: one which shows TwoFace escaping from Arkham, writing some sort of anti-Bat message in a victim’s blood, and other scene where Bruce gets amnesia and has to remember why he’s Batman. The first scene was supposedly cut for being too scary for kids, but I can safely say that it was filmed and edited to fit into the rest of this crap fest perfectly. And the amnesia scene was utter crap. Honestly: AMNESIA. As if a bullet grazing Bruce’s forehead and causing amnesia isn’t far fetched enough, how about the fact that he cures it in under five minutes? That scene wasn’t cut for being too dark, or too slow, it was cut for being too stupid. It could be worse. You could be watching the next installment “Batman and Robin.” At least the plot for Batman Forever wasn’t as poorly juggled as that movie. The worst you get with this movie is a bunch of clichés, poor acting, nonsensical moments (as in “why would only thirty or so members of the circus audience slowly form a circle to look at the the dead trapeze artists?”), and an undoing everything dark and dramatic that made the first two films good. What we’re left with is a campy, kid-friendly movie that anyone with a brain can tell is just a cheap knock off of the first two Batman films.

    • the-truth
      The Truth

      Seriously…. who writes this? Its like a 2 thousand word essay that repeats the same 2 single points?…. Just allow it. It was meant for kids bro…… Get laid…. immediately

  • a-fodor-katalin
    a fodor katalin

    I know a lot of people don’t like this movie, but it’s one of my personal favorites, so please hear me out. The movie goes deeper into Bruce Wayne’s fractured psyche more than all the other films put together. Val Kilmer’s “red book” speech gives me chills every time I watch. There is so much passion between him and Dr. Chase Meridian (Kidman) that the screen can barely contain it.I always love to see an actor break out of his usual mode, and Tommy Lee Jones does just that. He usually plays characters that have a very dry wit, but Two Face gave him room to play. He was a flamboyant, homicidal psychopath, which is quite a departure for him. Some may describe the Riddler as “a typical Jim Carrey performance”, this is not the case. Although his utter insanity is seen in other films such as “The Mask” and “The Grinch”, there is something different about this one. There are a few quiet scenes where Carrey has subtle, creepy moments which are unnerving. Chris O’Donnell also does a wonderful job as the young Robin, hell-bent on vengeance. The smart script and skillful direction of this film made it a brilliant commentary on the human tendencies of revenge and obsession.I hate it when people confuse this movie with 1997’s “Batman and Robin”. Let me go on record by saying that I hate that movie, but it’s predecessor is well worth your time and money.

  • bailey-ross
    bailey ross

    I loved the first two Batman movies, and honestly would have loved to see Burton go on to direct more entries in the series, but Joel Shumacher’s Batman Forever is not at all an unwelcome change. I think some people recollect this film and automatically associate it with Shumacher’s awful second Batman attempt, Batman & Robin. That is the bad movie. This is not. People also seem to forget how big of a hit it was. Artistically, there were things it got wrong and didn’t do as well as the others, but there were things it did so much better, too. For one thing, this is the only ‘Batman’ with a decent soundtrack to its name (including 2 great songs by U2 and Seal).In some ways you can look at this as a transition from the dark, tortured Batman to a Batman who has finally conquered his personal demons and gone on to be happier in being a man who fights crime in the night dressed up in rubber. For this one it was good, ’cause that’s essentially how it ends, but the result of this led to the campy and just plain boring 4th episode.But I really was surprised at how psychological of a movie Batman Forever is. I’m not saying it’s particularly deep, but when you look at Edward Nygma’s obsession with Bruce Wayne (stalking him, to imitating him right down to the mole), Harvey Dent’s schizophrenia as Two-Face, and the fact that both Bruce Wayne AND Batman end up romancing the same psychologist is all enormously amusing. The romance isn’t to be taken that lightly, though. I thought out of all 5 films Chase Meridian was Bruce’s best girlfriend. The whole Vicky Vale relationship was pretty stale if you cut out all of the conflict with the Joker, and obviously Selina Kyle didn’t work out so well for Bruce. Having this woman who could understand the mind of the tortured Bruce Wayne was a great idea, and I don’t need to tell you that the gorgeous and talented Nicole Kidman pulled it off well.Something I liked (and would have liked to have seen more of) was the competitive relationship between Bruce Wayne and Edward Nygma. They’re enemies as Batman and The Riddler but also as regular people in everyday life. Take that scene at the Nygmatec Ball when Edward gloats about how well off he is, but Bruce is totally unflinching. Jim Carrey does a great job with a character that is so obsessed with this person; who idolizes him but hates him at the same time and is generally evil, but still can make us fall on the floor laughing.This is a rousing and dynamic picture. It’s basically the lighter side of being Batman. It was exciting with some great action sequences: I loved the end where both Robin and Chase are dropped and he saves them both. That piece of Elliot Goldenthal music when Batman finally grasps Robin’s arm is excellent.I liked Burton’s 2 films and obviously Batman Begins better than Forever, but when you’re in the right mood for it, it really is a fantastic movie that, if nothing else, thoroughly entertains.My rating: 7/10

  • teresa-brennan
    teresa brennan

    Although this movie might not be the best ever made, I loved it as a child, and cannot let go of the memories of this film. This film has a unique theme (music, set, characters, environments) that newer film just don’t have. The whole bat cave invasion was a all time favorite. And seeing Batman & Robin partnering up is another. I love the score and just get minor flashback of the old days when I hear it. Say what you want about this film. It was loved when it came out, and shouldn’t be hated, now that something better came out. I love this film and no matter what they say, I’m rolling with this film until its no more. Val Kilmer & Chris O’Donnell needs to do it again. 95 + Batman = Classic

  • verner-schultz
    verner schultz

    Batman forever fails to follow in the footsteps of the first 2 movies, after Tim Burton and Michael Keaton were replaced with with Joel Schumacher and Val Kilmer. Schumachers approach is too comical and Gotham has lost the sinister ora that Burton created, Val Kilmer is OK as the bat, and he certainly helps save the film from total disaster.All the other characters are new, Nicole Kidman (Dr. Chase Meridian) brings sex appeal, but her character delivers little more. Chris O’Donnell is introduced as Robin, and his martial arts antics do add something to the film. Tommy Lee Jones plays Two-Face and as usual his performance is decent, but the star of the show is Jim Carrey as the Riddler; his performance is both camp and eccentric, and it hits the mark brilliantly.The problem with the movie, although i did enjoy it, is the total change in style; the backdrop of Gotham city is no longer dark and Gothic and the series is moving away from Batmans comic roots.This was the beginning of the end, and it was followed by Batman and Robin. Thank god for Batman Begins.6/10

  • patrick-wilson
    patrick wilson

    It’s true, Batman Forever is a silly, overblown, cartoonish riot of buffoonry. But so what? It’s also awesome in it’s own way, and inhabits a certain corner of the Batman culture, the side of things that is rooted in camp and unhinged wonderment. Now, there’s an important and discernible difference between taking things far and taking things too far. That difference is delineated on one side by a willingness to be goofy, colorful and not take this superhero stuff too seriously. The other side of that of course is a disregard for limits, throwing every ridiculous line, costume and awkward scene into it you can imagine. I’m referring to Joel Schumacher’s followup to this, Batman & Robin. Everything that is weird, wonderful and extravagant about Forever just revved up to much in Robin, resulting in a pisss poor typhoon of mania and over acting. Not to say that Forever doesn’t have over acting. Ohhhh boy is there over acting. Between Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey, the thing is liable to give you epilipsy. But it somehow works despite its madness, a lucky stroke that Robin couldn’t have cared less about adhering to. Val Kilmer is the sedating antidote to Jones and Carrey, a remakably laid back Bats and a pretty solid casting choice, both as Brooding Bruce and Buttkicking Bats. Eternally broken up about the death of his patents, Bruce fights off Harvey Two Face Dent (Jones) in a garish, disarming Gotham City that resembles Mardi Gras in Dr. Seuss land. Jones’s Two Face is so far over the top, so rabid that it’s a wonder he didn’t give himself a bloody heart attack in the first take. Anyone who’s interested can read up on his performance, and how he pushed himself right to the heights of bombast in order to try and out-Carrey the Jim. Carrey, playing the Riddler, is a ball of twisted nerves himself, set loose on the wacky sets and basically given free reign to.. well.. go friggin nuts. It’s one of his most physical performances too, prancing around like a loon in green spandex that leaves nothing to the imagination. Aaron Eckhart’s Two Face may have had the edge for grit, but Jones has the rollicking clown version, and runs away to kookoo land with mannerisms that even call to mind The Joker in some scenes. The only thing I’ve seen him more hopped up in is Natural Born Killers, but hell man its hard to top his work in that. The story is all over the place, involving a nonsensical subplot with a mind control device, multiple elaborate set pieces, endless scenery chewing and the eventual arrival of Robin, played by Chris O’Donnell who is like the cinematic Buzz Killington. Michael Gough and Pat Hingle dutifully tag along as Alfred and Commissioner Gordon, both looking tired at this point. Debi Mazar and Drew Barrymore have amusing dual cameos as Two Face’s twin vixens, and Nicole Kidman does the slinky love interest shtick for Bruce as a sexy psychologist. Watch for an uncredited Ed Begley Jr. Too. There’s no denying the silliness, but one has to admit that the achievement in costume, production design and artistry are clear off the charts with this one, and visually it should be a legend in the franchise. Say what you will about it, I love the thing.

  • tammy-sexton
    tammy sexton

    First one essential thing: this film is not really a sequel to any franchise. Actually, the only thing that links it to the Tim Burton works are the basic characters (like Batman, Alfred, Gordon and Gotham) and the fact that this is a Batman movie. But one thing should be once more told: one shall not start comparing. Because this is going to influence everything that ensues our analysis. People say that this movie is bad because Batman is a dark and Gothic character. But doesn’t anyone remember the comic book which inspired the COLORFUL and HUMORISTIC series? That’s right, this movie is actually an incredible powerhouse remake of the camp 50’s series: Robin’s circus clothes, the Riddler’s green, etc. And the movie is a reformulation, a new deal, which faces the whole Batman concept in a whole new way. What has been done here was experimenting. A “what if” situation. “What if Batman lived in a colorful neon-filled city, with giant statues and colorful thugs in the alleys? What if his car and his boat and his plane were slicker, faster and more beautifully designed? What if Batman was younger, stronger and sexier? And what if the movie had humor?” One has to face the truth: there is nothing in the Batman series like its gift to inspire our awe. The film starts in a way that never stops. And I never saw villains like the ones depicted here. First and really important: they make a great chemistry, an essential fact which didn’t work between Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy. Second, they are GREAT actors. Third, they create characters with charisma which make us decide between loving them or hating them. All the set design ideas are 100% effective, 100% inspiring and 100% passionating. My favorite is the scene where Riddler’s sign uses the Batsign as part of the question mark. This Gotham is a city where we actually wanna live in. There are enormous statues, car overpasses, artistic graffitis and neon lights. And this is the most spectacular thing in Batman Forever: its atmosphere. This could be a movie where the characters ignored their surroundings, but here helicopters fly through eye-wash signs, and the Batmobile climbs up a wall (what a spectacular shot). This is the shake the Batman movies always wanted to have. And this one rendered the action of the first two positively arthritic. We had two movies centered around a Gothic city, with dark settings all Tim Burton’s own. This movie said “now let’s try something completely different”. And the fact that it is the highest grossing movie of 1995 isn’t casual. It has a reason. Its novelty was the reason. Unfortunately, this would be also the last time Batman would reach such novelty. Batman & Robin proved the volatility of the concept…. or maybe the director… or maybe even the characters… fact is that Batman Forever is a very special movie. It combines amazing action sequences with dream-like surroundings (just check out that circus) and charismatic leads. It is without a doubt the best movie by Joel Schumacher and it is without a doubt one of the best movies of the Batman series.

  • karine-kacharava
    karine kacharava

    I really don’t understand the criticism that this movie receives. Some people compare it to Batman & Robin, a truly awful movie, but Batman Forever actually accomplishes what it set out to do quite well. The actors (big names like Jim Carrey, Tommy Lee Jones, Val Kilmer, Chris O’Donnell, and Nicole Kidman) fit well into their roles. The plot is quite simple: Batman vs. the duo (or should I say trio!) of Two-Face and the Riddler.Now for a little more about the casting: Jim Carrey is a funny man, and I think that no one else would have been as fun to watch. Sure, he acts the same way in every movie, but you have to like it. How could you not? Chris O’Donnell was likable as Robin. I think the casting directors and screen writers made a wise choice in picking an actor older than the Robin character is supposed to be. I know that this a complaint among fans, but it made a lot more sense and actually helped the film. Two-Face was not portrayed in this movie like he is in the comics, but I still liked Tommy Lee Jones in the role. Nicole Kidman adds to this movie as well. She had the right look. She reminds me of a living comic book character, even though she was not in the Batman comics.Val Kilmer gets his own paragraph because he’s a bad ass. I think that he was perfect for the character. He was actually believable as Bruce Wayne, which I think Michael Keaton had a harder time with. Though I probably like Michael Keaton’s Batman better, I like Val’s Bruce Wayne better. Val has such a low voice. Specifically when he is yelling at Robin in the bat cave. Val Kilmer is so cool! He can do no wrong! I think the reason that this movie is set apart from other movies is the unique look that it has. Many people hate the colors, but I think that they makes it look like a living, breathing comic book. There is still a gritty sense of darkness in Gotham, but it is a unique world that you cannot figure out. It’s surreal.Watching this movie is a feast for the eyes. I actually like to pause this movie at points and just stare at the scene. Some shots are just so beautiful. There is one scene in particular that sticks in my mind. It is when Batman and Dr. Chase Meridian are talking next to the bat signal on top of the building. I love the colors behind them. The look is unbelievable! This alone makes the movie worth a watch.Anyone who tries to take this movie too seriously is going to be disappointed because Batman Forever is not meant to be dark, tortured, or sad. It’s supposed to be triumphant, a little over-dramatic, and somewhat loony. Despite all of this, I don’t think that you can say that this is a kids movie. It can be enjoyed by all ages. It has a mass appeal that the other Batman movies were not able to capture. If you ask hardcore Batman fans what their favorite movie is, they’ll most likely say either Batman 89, Batman Returns, or Batman Begins. However, if you ask any random person on the street which one they like the most, they are most likely to say Batman Forever.The moral of this story is that people who are huge fans of the Batman character don’t immediately gravitate towards this movie, but the general public appreciates it more. I think that sums up the movie. It is a piece of pop culture that has style as well as edge-of-your-seat action. But don’t immediately write-off Batman Forever as a dime-a-dozen action film, because there is so much more to be enjoyed. For example, the costumes, sets, and props are top notch.If nothing more, this movie is an entertaining way to spend two hours. I’ve seen it at least fifteen times, and it is still as good as the first time I saw it back in 1995.

  • jolie-remmers
    jolie remmers

    Wow! This is really an excellent, nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat action-packed ride that is based on one of the best comics of all time! That is the main thing that I can say about BATMAN FOREVER. When the security guard was tied up at the beginning, I got really squeamish. It’s hard for me to tell you specifically why. When Batman (Val Kilmer) and Chase (Nicole Kidman) kissed, I got all warm and tingly inside. Now, in conclusion, I recommend this excellent, nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat, action-packed ride that is based on one of the best comics of all time to all you Val Kilmer or Nicole Kidman fans who haven’t seen it. When you see this movie, hold on tight and prepare to be taken on a wild ride. I guarantee you you’ll be blown away.

  • amanda-carey
    amanda carey

    How can you not like Batman Forever? It is excellent. Jim Carrey is awesome as The Riddler. His jokes are so funny, you want to cry. Two-Face is a good partner. Although overshadowed by Carrey, Tommy Lee Jones does a great job as Two-Face. Val Kilmer is decent as Batman, but is the worst one out of the three who played the caped crusader. Chris’O’Donnell and Nicole Kidman act great in this movie. Batman Forever has it all.

  • scott-norris
    scott norris

    Nicole Kidman? Excellent.Jim Carrey? Psychotic, yet still excellent! Tommy Lee-Jones? Again, psychotic, yet excellent! Val Kilmer- Pretty Good! Chris O’Donnell? Awesome as a kid with no family because they were taken away by Two-Face.I also love this movie because of the excellent cast, brilliant writing, and just overall fun!But thats just my rating, pretty much no one else thinks this movie is good, because it is a “superficial film” I don’t know about you, but when I go to see a movie, I don’t think about it for about 5 hours and go, “What is wrong with this film, and how can I bash it?” I try to have fun, and I usually do. 10/10

  • thomas-flores
    thomas flores

    I am astonished looking at the reviews I’m reading here “reviewing” this movie. hm, more like bashing it. I’ve never seen a more pompous bunch of self righteous internet morons then the ones you see within the superhero fanboy community, Especially now in aftermath of the Chris Nolan “dark knight” movies (more like Dork knight). I have never seen a series of supposed “superhero” movie’s take itself so damn seriously in my life. Did Nolan forget these movies are about a guy in a cape who dresses like a freaking BAT? I mean, yes we have to believe in it to some degree, but there’s only so far you can go with trying to “legitimize” a comic book superhero. For crying out loud, he made the batmobile into a tank. A TANK! my Lord, that’s the dumbest thing ever.So, here we have Batman Forever, a favorite childhood film of mine that I must have watched a million times on video along with the other 2 batman films. Its a film that does NOT take itself ultra seriously, a visual feast for the eyes and senses. It can indulge in its over the top comic book origins and knows how to have fun with it. People saying batman has to always be dark and beating criminals up to a bloody pulp are ignorant and have not seen or read many comic books, as this film is purposely taking its cue from the 40’s and 50’s comics which has sillier humorous elements but still were taking itself seriously. This is the BLOCKBUSTER batman that was much needed after the pretty depressing if misunderstood Batman Returns. This was wild summer entertainment in that year of 1995, everything was so great. Jim Carrey was at the top of his game with the ace ventura films, the Mask, dumb and dumber and is a riot as the Riddler. Tommy Lee Jones is a clearly having a blast as two-face, Nicole kidman has never ever been sexier then she is here. Val Kilmer may not be as quirky cool as Michael Keaton, but he looks great in the suit and is very physical, and batman has 2 of them in this movie including the “sonar” suit. Robin is brought in, and done convincingly well, not a corny Burt Ward robin at all. Pity he went from tough vengeful crime fighter to corny goofball in the next one, but here he is as a modern robin should be, tough with a sense of humor and not at all a goofball so its you can take him seriously.Gotham city is vibrant and lit up for the first time, which looks pretty spectacular. Batmans got a host of new rides including a more supped up batmobile with what I always thought was really neat blue lights through the ribbing, as well as a new batboat and batplane. The action scenes are incredible, things like the batmobile climbing up the wall, the bat boat and bat plane riding to claw island, batman and robin running into the bat signal. The iconic moments are there and it makes the film hugely enjoyable. unlike the recent overly serious drivel, this is a comic book film that’s not at all afraid of being a comic book film. No attempt to be anything more the an amazing action adventure fantasy and it can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone. I watched this as a kid, loved it then, love it now. Saw the new ones and went what the hell did they do to my favorite superhero? Sad day. The “complaints” that you read about all the time by the nerds are, well, stupid. Yes, stupid. They cry the usual same mantra they have for years, “batnipples!” and “neon!”, when the fact is, who REALLY cares about these things when actually watching the film? Do these minor details really destroy the entire film for these unfortunate people? Well, despite the losers down rating this, the fact is the film was hugely successful back in the day and most people still seem to enjoy it, and why not? It a very easy film to watch and its not SO kiddy as to block off all adult watchers. Comic book movies trying to be as realistic and dumb as they have been, I look at it like what a waste. The Batman film’s used to be fun, inventive, wild and imaginative, as evidenced in this film. They filled the kid’s as well as the adults with a sense of awe and wonder. Now hes a bore, catering to a society that has lost all sense of creativity and imagination. I think they should have stopped at Batman & Robin, because they are not getting any better, only worse.

  • jennifer-riley
    jennifer riley

    When i had exceptions to see a Batman flick. I wanted to but that awful Batman & Robin franchise which was ruined by Joel Schumacher was not my favorite anymore. Despite the certain changes and lame dialoge in it. But when i had a chance. I saw Batman Forever with my sister and it was awesome.Batman Forever is a completely different Batman film not because of the way it’s made or designed. But because of the way there is no jokes involved and of course how good it really is. But the way Joel Schumacher did this movie is great. I give him praise and respect for being a great director. Plus the script as i would say would count at least for this film too.But most importantly we have both new villains here and one is The Riddler played by (Jim Carrey) and the other is Two-Face played by (Tommy Lee Jones) and next we have Batman played by (Val Kilmer) and of course Robin played by (Chris O’ Donnell) Of course Val Kilmer is better then George Clooney was in Batman & Robin. And who could forget that actor anyways. Trying to be better then Val Kilmer. Well i have 2 words for George Clooney, He is not better, Nor does his performance entertain. It’s horrible and because Val Kilmer is better then him I’m not gonna talk about George Clooney anymore or Batgirl for that matter.The Riddler and Two-Face are loose in Gotham City. Batman and his sidekick Robin must stop them before they escape. However The Riddler is obsessed with riddles and Two-Face must exact his revenge on the city. With their plans and challenges for the heroes Batman and Robin. Nothing is gonna stop them and they will make both heroes pay.This film’s special effects are awesome, A lot of times we don’t get to see what actually happens. But then there is something going on. And the CGI was awesome too like in the fight scenes which totally makes this film a great film in my case. So apparently nothing is missing from the effects so it’s all good. Because i like it that way.Two-Face played by Tommy Lee Jones in this film is scary, Yet violent, In this film he deals with both justice and revenge against the boy wonder and in a way. Robin the boy wonder wants his revenge on Two-Face but yet confusing here is that Two-Face has henchmen at his side who wear the same red and black Two-Face masks. I don’t get it. Does it simply mean that they were burned or did they really have to wear them. Also why do they use guns that look like lazers. I don’t get this either, Is it like they could zap someone with them like Batman or the boy wonder Robin. Because that is some evil henchmen that Two-Face has got.Also The Riddler played by Jim Carrey is indeed among funny. He has starred in movies like Ace Ventura Pet Detective, The Truman Show, And many more of his films. He recently did a good job in Batman Returns because he would always give people riddles and questions about how evil he is and what he’s thinking. So he is smart and he does want to get rid of Batman in order to become evil. But what will it take him and why. That’s only up to someone to decide weather his plan will be put into action or not. But still it’s amazing too.Also this film has funny scenes all throughout it. Like some where Batman is taking out the bad guys and also hurting the henchman is amazing and is something to laugh at.Also if you are a fan then get Batman Forever, A great film for the Budget! Yet this is the best Batman film out there from Joel Schumacher and better then Batman & Robin. A great storyline, Plot, And concept makes this the ultimate film to see of all time.

  • odarka-dubas
    odarka dubas

    OK I am writing this in retrospective, but this movie is still the best of the Batman series. We have now had 4 different Batmans (Keaton, Kilmer, Clooney and Bale) and 6 movies. This movie was the complete package, solid story, plenty of action and brilliant bad guys.Be honest before you rate my review…in EVERY Batman movie we have rated it by the quality of the villain. And Jim Carrey as Riddler was the best rendition of a comic book villain. (The Joker movies had impressive acting but took Joker way out of scope) As a bonus they threw in a good performance from Tommy Lee Jones and nice little parts for Drew Barrymore and Debi Mazar. Kilmer does a low key job as Wayne and Batman, which is what Batman is SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE. Hey even Chris O’Donnell as robin only added to the comic color pages. Top it off with the best song in any of the batman movies, U2 – Hold me thrill me kiss me.Action is fantastic, filming is rich and colorful (not just looking like it was filmed in a basement). Batmans toys were used and seen when needed…not just talked about like in other movies.Of all the Batman movies this is the one I find myself watching the most. It also has fantastic action without seeming wimped down. It is still safe for kids 10 and older. Well worth owning.

  • emily-kennedy
    emily kennedy

    Batman Forever is a good Batman movie maybe not the best. Val Kilmer does a good job as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Chris O’Donnell does a good job as Robin, Jim Carrey does a good job as The Riddler, Tommy Lee Jones does a good job as Two-Face, and Nicole Kidman does a good job too. This film got nominated for Best Cinematography and it deserves it. This movie was well directed by Joel Shumacher. This movie has great action and humor. This film is a ride to watch. This movie also has great sound and visual effects. The first time I saw this movie I hated it and then it grew on me. This movie had a lot of bad reviews but I liked it any way. I thought this movie was better than Batman Returns.

  • ing-elena-farias
    ing elena farias

    Batman Forever is easily one of the more enjoyable superhero movies ever produced in my opinion. It has a perfect balance of comedy, drama, action and adventure, and romance to satisfy pretty much any film enthusiasts. Even though this film had its quirks, especially from a Batman fan’s point of view, this Bat-Film is just overall too much fun to let those itty bitty problems bother you.Batman Forever is the continuing story of Bruce Wayne (in this film played by Val Kilmer) continuing his conquest of ridding Gotham City’s criminal underworld of crime to avenge his parents as the mysterious hero, Batman. The film follows two of Batman’s most notorious villains, Riddler and Two-Face (played by Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones, respectively), the two hatch a plot to steal mind waves from unsuspecting citizens of the world, and use the information from their minds to get access to deep, dark secrets and other high profile things like bank codes and such. Yes, their plan sounds kind of out there, but it really doesn’t play too much into the overall story of the film, it is really just a reason for Batman to show up at the end and beat up the bad guys. The bulk of the story is about Batman having a romance with the beautiful Dr. Chase Meridian (played by Nicole Kidman), and his growing relationship with this young man from a Circus who saw his parents murdered in front of him, this man is named Dick Grayson (played by Chris O’ Donnell).This film is often considered by many Batman fans to of been the point where the Batman film franchise began to go down hill, and I must say I couldn’t disagree more. This film is fairly true to the 1940s roots of the comics, where Batman wasn’t an all out camp fest like he was in the 60s, but wasn’t entirely at all realistic like it is now in the comics, allowing this film to have more fun. The creativeness of the city of Gotham in this film is amazing and spectacular, it is truly one of the finer interpretations of Gotham ever put on film. Another thing that is truly worth mention in this particular movie are the action sequences, each one scripted to perfection, this particular Batman film being really the only one that successfully portrayed Batman as a hero and not an anti-hero, which once again many hate that part of this one, but I personally don’t mind it, it allows for much more entertaining escapism. The best part of this film though was Jim Carrey as the Riddler, his high octane performance never has a weak moment, and he keeps the laughs coming while still being a sick and twisted villain. The other cast members were really great as well, but Jim Carrey just really stole each scene he was in from the other actors.Overall, this is easily the most crowd pleasing Batman film of them all, and it is a joy to watch from beginning to end. The only minor things that get on my nerves are the annoying Batnipples on the Batsuit in like the last twenty minutes of the film, but since it is only twenty minutes of them, I can take it.I give Batman Forever a fun and entertaining 10 out of 10!

  • erik-green
    erik green

    But I consider this to be the best Batman movie. Well, to tell you the truth it was the very first one I watched, as I wasn’t much of a Batman fan before. But when I learned Jim Carrey was playing the Riddler, I knew I had to see it. But I’m not just a fan now just because of Carrey, because overall this is a good super hero flick! Sure, the new Nolan movies are pretty good since they’re expressing Batman in the dark nature he’s supposed to be presented in, but you can’t blame Schumacher for wanting to have a little fun with Batman (although I will admit he took it too far with Batman & Robin. What was the deal with that Bat credit card?). Val Kilmer, although not Michael Keaton at all, is still better than Clooney as Bruce Wayne/Batman (Clooney was just the guy from ER in a Bat suit, that’s all!), does what he can with the role, and does pretty well. Although I’ve never been a fan of Robin, Chris O’Donnell presents the role very well, making me actually care about him. But the villains steal the show here. Carrey as the Riddler? Just plain rocks, that’s all I can say. Tommy Lee Jones is normally a serious actor while the character of Two Face is normally a serious one, but Tommy has a lot of fun portraying this character and so do I!And the other thing I enjoy about this is how well it balances the darkness and the humor. Batman should always be dark, (OK, we’ll cut the Adam West show some slack) as he became that way because of the murder of his parents and same way with Robin. The scene where Bruce stands in front of the picture of his parents with the flashbacks of their deaths really stands out. And same way with Dick Grayson, with his wanting revenge on Two Face (what happened in the next movie, Chris?). Schumacher is pretty damn good when it comes to mixing these elements together (Lost Boys, anybody?)So while it is not Batman Begins (or the Dark Knight, which I know will be awesome), give it a break since it’s not Batman & Robin

  • megan-grant
    megan grant

    I don’t know why people are bashing this movie, but I thought it was very good. Val Kilmer was good. Tommy Lee Jones played his part of Two Face very well, but Jim Carrey is the one that truly shines. His performance makes this one worth seeing as he adds a lot of humor. I see people complaining that this one isn’t as dark as the first two. I in no way see that as a handicap. It seemed a bit more glorious, and Batman had a very good image, but still had the flashbacks of his parents’ death.Great movie.

  • elsbeth-schulz
    elsbeth schulz

    Batman Forever is a hoot of a sequel!. There are so many colorful characters, and wonderfully entertaining action sequences, I couldn’t help but enjoy myself. Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey play fantastic villains, and often play off one another, beautifully. I also thought Val Kilmer did a very adequate job as Batman. While he’s no Bale or even Keatman, Kilmer did a commendable job as Batman, despite his criticism. I also liked the playful tone it had a lot of the time, it was a refreshing departure from the very dark 1st two. I think die hard fans were angry at the time, because Keaton wasn’t cast, therefore there mind had already been made up on this film, because I really don’t see what there isn’t too enjoy about this film. It has an above average batman, tremendous action, a good love story, and most importantly it has the smarts it needs to succeed.Performances. I’m not Val Kilmer’s biggest fan, but he is a steady Batman in my opinion. He had a bold task, by playing the famous crusader. Val surprisingly has the charisma to succeed as Batman, which really surprised me, believe me. His chemistry with Kidman was very good, as well. Tommy Lee Jones&Jim Carrey are terrific, hammy villains. They play off one another wonderfully, and gave an entertaining show. Nicole Kidman is very sexy, and played her mysterious, yet classy role as the Dr. well. Chris O’Donnell is a big annoyance, and hampered the film somewhat as Robin, I wanted to slap him one. Michael Gough is once again Class as Alfred, but by now he can do this in his sleep. Barrymore and Mazar do well in there respective roles.Bottom line. Batman Forever is an immensely entertaining sequel. I loved every minute of it, and rank it as one of the more underrated sequels in the series. Ignore the 5.4 rating, and give this one a chance, you might love it like I did!.8 1/2 10

  • anneli-aru
    anneli aru

    (.o.) This movie is really good. I’ve seen this movie a bunch of time and I never get tired of watching it. It’s kinda nice to see Batman with two enemies not just one, ’cause if there’s more than one. There is a lot of suspense, you just never know what will happen, if those two villains will be in the same thing or just go their separate ways but still one goal which is to kill Batman. Unlike the two previous movies, this time he’s got a partner. Robin, played by Chris O’Donnell. They picked the right person to play Robin. The acrobats he did is really cool. Tommy Lee Jones did a wonderful job being the TWO FACE guy. The question mark person/the whacko one, Jim Carrey is really funny. He’s a great actor who can play the good or the bad guy and still his funny side has never disappeared. He is one of my favorite actors and he really is unique. Drew Barrymore didn’t do a lot of stuff in this movie but that still made the movie more better. The more stars in it, the more people will watch it. Nicole Kidman’s part is a little boring but that’s okay I don’t really care. The special effects were great, the crew did a wonderful job and I hope they make another movie “Batman & Robin”. For all Batman fans, this movie should be on your list. Buy it or rent it, it’s worth it. I give this movie a perfect 10.

  • alfonso-alicia-mares-limon
    alfonso alicia mares limon

    While the Batman franchise has been much maligned in recent years due to the disappointing performance of the last live-action film, Forever was second in quality only to the first Bat-film. It added color back into a Gotham that had gotten way too claustrophobic, and brought the tone back to something resembling the comics. Jim Carrey is a scene-stealer and dead on as The Riddler, and Val Kilmer is the perfect Bruce Wayne and Batman. Tommy Lee Jones does a great turn as Two-Face, unfortunately he isn’t given enough to do and therefore comes across too cartoony, minus the angst of the character in the comics. One other big complaint is the new score – gone are Danny Elfman’s orchestrations. Elliot Goldenthal’s music would have been fine if not for his predecessor. Most people tend to lump this one in the ‘lousy’ section, it seems, but it was one of the biggest movies of ’95 and a very faithful adaption overall. Now if they’d only release the director’s cut

  • dakota-mitchell
    dakota mitchell

    Most people would definitely disagree with me on this statement. But of the non Christopher Nolan Batman films, I like Batman Forever the most. Of course it’s far from The Dark Knight or Batman Begins. That’s why I say of the non-Christopher Nolan Batman films. There is something about Batman Forever that works very well. I know it doesn’t have the creepiness or seriousness that the first two had. But in this film, we have Jim Carrey to lighten up the series. Carrey is probably what makes the movie for me. Any film that Carrey is in that is supposed to be serious turns out not to be. I am convinced that Tommy Lee Jones is a villain. I suppose Jim Carrey is villainous as The Riddler. Jim Carrey brings more of a mood the third time around. I know that some of the film is corny. But for some reason I like it more than both Batman and Batman Returns. I know Val Kilmer isn’t as good as Michael Keaton. I know Joel Schumacher isn’t as good as Tim Burton. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion.The Plot: Batman returns once again to stop The Villainous Two-Face and stop The Riddler from brainwashing everyone.

  • richard-lyons
    richard lyons

    I don’t know about you, but I truly enjoyed this movie. It actually made me more excited than the previous two. It was very silly, and it was quite a surprise to see Drew Barrymore on the set, but not Jim Carrey seeing how he was on the actual cover of the movie.After a circus accident, Robin wants revenge for Two-face for killing his whole family, and he happens to stay with Bruce Wayne and break into his bat lair and steals his car. Amazing. He now has to convince Batman or Bruce Wayne to let him join him.. or them. Same people, you know.I have to say that this is a very underrated film, but then again, I can see how people can hate it. It can be a little bit too silly, the idea of the heroic and epic Batman having a silly sidekick is kind of ridiculous, but who cares? Try it out, check it out.

  • dean-hernandez
    dean hernandez

    I found this third feature in the series the most exciting. Mainly because of the way the characters are all integrated into the story with just about even screen time (it appears anyway). Val Kilmer’s Batman/ Bruce Wayne is very serious and major steps above George Cooney’s rendition.Kilmer is believable. The origin of Robin is handled well and the introduction of Two Face (Tommy Lee Jones) and the Riddler (Jim Carrey) is well done. Both actors are well over the top in their performances and are aided by very explosive special effects. Finally to round out the quintet is the lovely Nicole Kidman as a renowned pyschologist (psychiatrist?) who is this movie’s love interest.The battle scenes are exciting and the movie doesn’t have any dull moments. There definitely is not a “Tim Burton” feel to the movie, outside of the psyches of the characters. The humor his the right tempo and doesn’t go totally on the stupid side as in the later BATMAN AND ROBIN. It is one movie that has a great opening and a great ending, like those good old James Bond films.