A group of tenants in an apartment block are being forced to move out so that it can be demolished. The tenants are reluctant to move, so the developers hire a local gang to ‘persuade’ them to leave. Fortunately, visiting alien mechanical life-forms come to town. When they befriend the tenants, the aliens use their extraterrestrial abilities to defeat the developers.

Also Known As: Bez baterija, Las baterías no están incluidas, Miracle sur la 8ème rue, Miraklet på 8. gade, Prieteni de departe, Батарейки не додаються, Elem nélkül nem megy, Cudez v 8. ulici, *batteries not included, *Piller dahil degildir, Piles non comprises, Rozladowane baterie, Miracolo sull'8ª strada, To thavma tis 8is leoforou, Das Wunder in der 8. Straße, O Milagre Veio do Espaço, Das Wunder in der 8. Straße West, Батарейки в комплект не входят Soviet, Nuestros maravillosos aliados, Das Wunder in der achten Straße West, 8. kadun ihme, Csoda a 8. utcában, Miraklet på 8:e gatan, Milagro en la calle 8, O Milagre da Rua 8, Το Θαύμα της 8ης Λεωφόρου, Bez baterii nie działa, Батарейки не прилагаются, Mirakel på åttonde gatan, Miracle on 8 street South, Mirakelet på 8. gate

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