Parma, 1962. Balancing between his Marxist ideology and his forced integration into the system, the twenty-year-old student, Fabrizio, is both repelled and attracted by his parents’ bourgeois way of life. Still unable to come to terms with the untimely demise of a dear friend, and while preparing for his marriage to his statuesque and affluent but apolitical girlfriend, Clelia, Fabrizio finds himself distracted after the sudden arrival of the refined but troubled Milanese Aunt Gina. Now, confused, Fabrizio has no other choice but to give in to lust. Will Fabrizio embrace fate and his predestined ordinary life?

Also Known As: Prieš revoliuciją, Prima della rivoluzione, Kakumei Zen'ya, Przed rewolucją, 革命前夜, Før revolusjonen, Vor der Revolution West, Antes de la revolución, Vor der Revolution, Före revolutionen, Devrimden Önce, Πριν την Επανάσταση, Antes da Revolução, Ennen vallankumousta, Перед революцией Soviet, Before the Revolution, Forradalom előtt

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