Three movies are being shot simultaneously and Charlie is an overworked scene shifter. The foreman is waited on hand and foot until all the shifters but Charlie go on strike. A girl looking for work pretends to be a man and helps Charlie. Charlie discovers her gender and falls in love with her. The foreman thinks they are homosexual and in the ensuing fight they become involved in a long pie throwing scene from one of the movies in production. The frustrated workers dynamite the studio.

Also Known As: Chaplin ve filmovém ateliéru Czech, Charlot, debuta en el cine, Valkokankaan takana, Charlot Maquinista, За кулисами кино, Chaplin i Filmsatelieret, Carlitos no Estúdio, Chaplin, a kellékes, Kulissimies näyttelijänä, Charlie gra w filmie, Charlot machiniste, Charlot macchinista, Behind the Screen, Charlot, actor de cine, Le machiniste héberlué, Chaplin a filmstúdióban, Charlot, artista de cine, Detrás de la pantalla, Derrière les coulisses, Charlot, tramoyista de cine, Kulissenschieber, Chaplin i filmatelieret, Πίσω απο την οθόνη, Phia Sau Man Anh, Charlot operatore, Bakom kulisserna, På filmateljen, Charlot, tramoyista, In culise, Hinter der Leinwand, Зад екрана, Charlot fait du ciné, The Pride of Hollywood, Charlot, entre bastidores

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