Generally absent French army rescue helicopter pilot Nathan Delille’s teen son Damien Delille is the model student in his Alpine village school. He takes self-defense lessons from veteran neighbor Paolo, needed as non-provoking victim of class bully Thomas Chardoul, doting adopted son of petty cattle farmers Jacques and Christine Chardoul. Unaware and questioning that Damien is the innocent party when the principal, who guessed right, thus punishes both as fighters, his mother, local Dr. Marianne Delille, takes Thomas in after diagnosing his mother pregnant. The boys are forced to play friends, fight in secret, yet bond over confidences as closet gay Damien’s grades slip due to a crush on Tom, who takes over a class champion thanks to home tutoring. They are separated as their now irrelevant fights come out, yet reunite intimately after a family tragedy.

Also Known As: Когда тебе семнадцать, Ko imaš 17 let, 17 años, Quando hai 17 anni, Mając 17 lat, Yaş 17, Quand on a 17 ans, Being 17, Quando Se Tem 17 Anos, Când ai 17 ani, Cuando tienes 17 años, Septyniolikmečiai, Mit siebzehn, Имати 17 година

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