Two men with questionable pasts, Glyn McLyntock and his friend Cole, lead a wagon-train load of homesteaders from Missouri to the Oregon territory. They establish a settlement outside of Portland and as winter nears, it is necessary for McLyntock and Cole to rescue and deliver food and supplies being held in Portland by corrupt officials. On the trip back to the settlement, up river and over a mountain, Cole engineers a mutiny to divert the supplies to a gold mining camp for a handsome profit.

Also Known As: 怒りの河, Hameno karavani, E o Sangue Semeou a Terra, Zakręt rzeki, Landet bortom berget, Mot fjerne horisonter, Les affameurs, Maa vuorten takana, Cotitura râului, Na okuci reke, Mod fjerne horisonter, Bend of the River, La caravane vers l'ouest, Horizontes lejanos, Gaip Kervan, Χαμένο καραβάνι, Là dove scende il fiume, Bend of the Snake, Завоят на реката, Излучина реки Soviet, Where the River Bends, Landet bortom bergen, Meuterei am Schlangenfluß, De karavaan naar 't Westen, A folyó mentén, Tierra y Esperanza, Caravanã spre Vest, Jornada de Heróis, Meuterei am Schlangenfluss West, Zakole rzeki, Zasadzka nad rzeką

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