Beyond Borders is an epic tale of the turbulent romance between two star-crossed lovers set against the backdrop of the world’s most dangerous hot spots. Academy Award winner Angelina Jolie stars as Sarah Jordan, an American living in London in 1984. She is married to Henry Bauford son of a wealthy British industrialist, when she encounters Nick Callahan a renegade doctor, whose impassioned plea for help to support his relief efforts in war-torn Africa moves her deeply. As a result, Sarah embarks upon a journey of discovery that leads to danger, heartbreak and romance in the far corners of the world.

Also Known As: Yli rajojen, Pera apo ta synora, Beyond Borders - Amore senza confini, Sans frontière, Jenseits aller Grenzen, Bez granic, Πέρα από τα σύνορα, Amor sem Fronteiras, La granita, Beyond Borders, За гранью, Anapus sienu, Preko vseh meja, Отвъд граници, Amar peligrosamente, За межею, Amor Sem Fronteiras, Teispool piire, Au-delà des frontières, Határok nélkül, Más allá de las fronteras, Iza granica

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