Left to rot in prison for the past thirteen years after the blood-drenched events in Re-Animator (1985) and Bride of Re-Animator (1990), the misunderstood virtuoso of mayhem, Dr Herbert West, finds an unexpected ally in the person of the young medical doctor, Howard Phillips. Behind the thick walls of the impenetrable Arkham State Penitentiary, the blasphemous duo of dreamers set up a secret laboratory to test an entirely new reanimating serum, which–when combined with West’s original phosphorescent reagent–can work miracles on the prison’s inmates. Now, the stage seems set for the ultimate experiment; however, once more, this is easier said than done. Can the good doctors escape from this concrete pit of death?

Also Known As: Resurrección satánica: un nuevo comienzo, Πέρα Από Τα Όρια, Beyond Re-Animator, Soro Maléfico - O Regresso, Возвращение реаниматора, Re-Animator 3, Pera apo ta oria, Cuando la muerte es el principio, Повернення реаніматора, Re-Animator: Fase Terminal, Reanimátor - A visszatérés

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