After The Poseidon Adventure (1972), in which the ship got flipped over by a tidal wave, the ship drifts bottom-up in the sea. While there are passengers still on-board waiting to be rescued, two rivalling salvage parties enter the ship on search for money, gold, and a small amount of plutonium.

Also Known As: Пленники Посейдона Soviet, Reencontro Dramático no Poseidon, Merten saalistajat, Kolasi sto navagio tou Poseidona, Poszeidon kaland, Return of the Poseidon, Poseidon se intoarce, Jagd auf die Poseidon West, Aventura más allá del Poseidón, Poseidons hemmelighed, Havets marodörer, Poseidons hemlighet, Poslednja Posejdonova avantura, Po tragedii 'Posejdona', Noi aventuri pe Vasul Poseidon, Para Além da Aventura do Poseidon, Κόλαση στο ναυάγιο του Ποσειδώνα, Poseydon'a dönüs, Más allá del Poseidón, Harpatka B'Posiedon 2, Le dernier secret du Poséidon, Отвъд приключението на Посейдон, Terug naar het Poseidon avontuur, L'inferno sommerso, Mas allá del Poseidón, Terug naar het Poseidon Avontuur, Dramático Reencontro no Poseidon, Beyond the Poseidon Adventure

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  • rebecca-bruce
    rebecca bruce

    Maybe here in Sydney we are all poop side down and as a result we get to lap up floaters like this s-eek!-uel in classy theaters. Released here in 1980 this hilarious all-tar drama was greeted with howls of delight at the session I attended. In fact the audience were so into the ludicrous antics on screen it played like a Rocky Horror session. Within 5 minutes we all knew it was a real disaster: the tug boat scene where you can see the buckets of water tossed in from off-set. after that it was every patron for himself and the cinema rang with advice, cheering for bad acting and oo-waah reactions. The gunfight in the hold among the crates is especially idiotic and allows drunken viewers with friends in altered states also watching to contribute appropriately. I call these films with Michael Caine his holiday house films as I always reckon he agrees to do them because he has seen a house he likes and doesn’t want to spend his savings. Like Jaws 3 or 4 or whatever it was called.

  • antal-mate-laszlo
    antal mate laszlo

    Wretched. Talk about botched. BEYOND THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE is bad in every respect. Salvagers Michael Caine and Karl Malden decide to tow the wreck of the eponymous ocean liner with a really creaky tug boat. They’re challenged by ruthless Telly Savalas and his gang of machine-gun toting goons. This part sequel, part remake has Caine, Malden and ANOTHER group of Poseidon survivors making a similarly dangerous trek out of the sinking ship. Among this group are Shirley Jones, Slim Pickens, Peter Boyle, Shirley Knight and Slim Pickens. Jack Warden plays a blind man. Surely, you’ll wish you were blind after seeing this mess. Sally Field is particularly annoying as a stowaway on board Caine’s tug.Disaster master Irwin Allen not only produced this one, he decided to direct it as well.

  • rizos-lumperes
    rizos lumperes

    Awkward disaster mishmash has a team of scavengers coming across the overturned S.S. Poseidon, hoping to loot it before it goes under for good. Irwin Allen’s sequel to his 1972 blockbuster “The Poseidon Adventure” arrived in theaters SEVEN YEARS LATER! Never mind that nobody cared anymore, why give us such a shoddy production, filled with dim characters and miscast actors, only to trash the memory of your biggest hit? One might end up feeling really sorry for Michael Caine, Sally Field, Peter Boyle, Jack Warden, Karl Malden and Shirley Jones were it not for their lost-at-sea expressions (good for a few stray laughs). There’s a moment when saintly Jones is tempted into taking some treasures just for herself and she timidly starts stuffing her pockets that is an unintended hoot. The film was a career bungler for all concerned, most especially Allen, who never quite recovered from this. * from ****

  • brian-long
    brian long

    If you liked the original “Poseidon Adventure” then you can not find one redeeming feature of this lamebrained “sequel” that represents exploitation for a quick buck at it’s worst. Paul Gallico’s novel, while not stellar, at least brought back Rogo, Martin and Manny Rosen while this time out the orignal cast and characters is gone completely apart from an obscure reference to the helicopter that picks them up.I won’t bother dissecting the horrible performances by the actors in their uninteresting roles. I would like to gleefully note the absurdities of the entire plot when compared to it’s predecessor. As two others have noted, it is impossible to believe that there could be no other rescue ships out to the scene at this point. And did anyone else notice how the ship seems strangely much more intact than it did in the original? Fred Koenekamp’s cinematography in the original was dark, grimy, realistic and effective. This time out, this search crew ends up back in a spotless looking kitchen which in the original was devastated by a flash fire and then submerged only moments later! The photography is much too bright, the settings too spotless, and the story just plain stupid. The bigger mystery is why, after being humiliated in “The Swarm” did Michael Cain ever agree to work with Allen again?Pretend this film never happened and just stick to the original, which is far more intelligent.

  • bostjan-popovic
    bostjan popovic

    “Beyond the Poseidon Adventure” is Irwin Allen’s follow-up to his excellent 1972 box office smash “The Poseidon Adventure”. However, this one doesn’t come close to matching the danger and excitement of the original. In fact, I found myself laughing most of the time at the absurdity of it all. Michael Caine reteamed with Allen after “The Swarm” for this soggy sequel about two salvage crews (one good, one bad) that race each other to probe the upside-down wreck of the luxury liner Poseidon, which as you’d recall got turned over by a 90-foot tidal wave in the first film. The usual all-star cast is here, but this time around a brand new cast comes on board. Most of them make total fools of themselves. Caine takes over for Gene Hackman as the one who barks orders at everyone (instead of a reverend, Caine plays a tugboat captain). Sally Field embarrasses herself as Caine’s sidekick (Field has said that this is the worst movie she’s ever made and on the basis of her performance here, she’s right). Peter Boyle (TV’s “Everybody Loves Raymond”) has the Ernest Borgnine role as the one who’s yelling and complaining all the time (no, he doesn’t reprise Borgnine’s role from the first film). Telly Savalas looks silly as the doctor who actually has an agenda of his own. Slim Pickens has the goofiest role in the film as an alcoholic Texan who spends the entire movie holding a bottle of wine. Karl Malden, Jack Warden, and the two Shirleys (Knight and Jones) have the only good roles in the film. These roles should have been put into a better, different movie. There are two actors who star in “Beyond the Poseidon Adventure” in early roles before they hit it big on television: Veronica Hamel is in this film a few years before she was cast on the great TV show “Hill Street Blues” (she also appeared in Allen’s next film: “When Time Ran Out”), and so is Mark Harmon (before “St. Elsewhere”). Now I’ll grant you there are some good scenes in this film, but not enough of them. So take my advice: stick with the original film. You’ll be glad you did.** (out of four)

  • jennifer-phillips
    jennifer phillips

    My Take: Formulaic disaster movie, but has its moments with its well-known cast. Otherwise, a pretty weak disaster movie. This sequel is not as good as its hit predecessor “The Poseidon Adventure” was, but easily passable, depending on the yardstick you measure it with. I really like Irwin Allen’s production films. They really show a great and realistic disaster and a great well-known cast. This elements would set the pattern to today’s disaster hit films. Many bad things has been said about this failed sequel to the 1972 classic, so I guess this is quite a guilty pleasure to me. It’s hardly a good movie, in fact its quite a mess upon further observation (plot holes, needless back stories, and one character is disposed of without explanation), but I did kinda enjoyed it on a “it wasn’t the complete disaster” way. The film resembles a little like the original disaster was. But I think it was meant to be that way. Anyway, most of the cast die heroically. Michael Caine gives a fine performance, but I really liked Sally Field here. She really gives a spunky performance. Field’s character is the one Caine’s character likes to call “monkey”, but she turns out to be his love interest in the film. Telly Savalas makes a really good villain as Dr. Svevo. Jack Warden and Shirley Knight are fine as the couple who never seems to lose hope for each other. The other cast includes Karl Malden, Shirley Jones and Peter Boyle, do their best without being too embarrassing. But Slim Pickens is quite weird in his role as a Texan drunk, who never seems to let go of his priceless bottle through the entire film. Overall, I kinda liked “Beyond the Poseidon Adventure”, though I think a large amount of suspension of disbelief is required. Non-disaster buffs won’t dig it, but for nostalgia, fans of the original may want to check it out. It wasn’t as good as that film, but along with THE SWARM, it’s kind of a guilty pleasure. Rating: ** out of 5.

  • lucy-mcgill
    lucy mcgill

    4 Oscar winners, Karl Malden, Sally Field, Shirley Jones, Michael Caine. Great character actors Telly Savalas and Peter Boyle. 1 hour 54 minutes of sheer tedium, melodrama and horrible acting, a mess of a script, and a sinking feeling of GOOD LORD, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?Irwin Allen was just trying to cash in on the popularity of the original classic disaster film with a grade D minus script, the actors were obviously just in it for the paycheck as well,… the horror, the horror!How insane are the characters that Caine, Savalas, Malden and Field are playing? Go into a potentially deadly sinking ship that’s 1. on fire 2. Hot from steam 3. Slippery from water and oil, 4. boilers that are exploding every 5 minutes, etc., all for the love of money? Greed? 5. They have very little equipment, not even a pair of gloves or work boots in sight, much less a grappling hook, rope, etc.Stupidity!What were they thinking?Peter Boyle overacts so much that I just wanted to smack him! Stop it! And what’s the deal with the bad toupee? Also, there is no way you can believe his character was a WW2 veteran.Caine, Field and Malden find all that gold and money and they are happy–whoopee! We’re rich! (We may not live to spend it, but hey…)And yee haw, it’s the great character actor Slim Pickens!Survivors galore! Jack Warden and Shirley Knight, too!The final dramatic sub plot about that scary plutonium never really went anywhere, it’s like they forgot, sort of? Lots of holes in the script.This film has an illness that the strongest pill couldn’t cure. I’m surprised Alan J. Smithee’s name wasn’t on the script, I’d be embarrassed to have penned this one!Oh the insanity, Oh The humanity! Oy Vey!The Horror, The Horror!It’s like a bad two hour TV movie.At least the sets were made from recycled material from the first movie.The script needed to be on the compost heap…

  • vlado-orsulic
    vlado orsulic

    The Poseidon Adventure is one of the greatest films I had ever seen and I didn’t see it at all until recently so imagine my shock and near excitement when I discovered that a sequel had been made. I mean typically speaking this is not the type of film that would have a sequel so I thought it would be gutsy of them to try and make one and whether or not it would make any sense to the original. Remarkably co-creator and producer decided to helm the sequel, Mr. Irwin Allen who of course was no stranger to epic disaster flicks or action films but I think part of the problem with this sequel was that it was rushed. That being said…the concept of the film is actually quite brilliant!! The film takes place DURING the storm that capsizes the Poseidon on a small fishing boat nearby. When the Captain spots a rescue helicopter (presumably the same one carrying Poseidon Survivors from the original) he realizes a ship must be in trouble and therefore available for salvage. Enter a cast of characters including a fake medical team desperately seeking a bomb aboard the capsized ship, and several survivors left behind inside the ship.Part of the problem is the enormous cast and lack of character arc to any of them. The original had a big cast but the characters were so brilliantly written and you became completely enthralled with each one of them and that can’t happen with the sequel despite some good actors. Michael Caine, now a legend of course, plays Captain Mike Turner. He is determined, stubborn, a little mean but at heart a hero wanting to save everyone. He desperately attempts to channel a little Gene Hackman but character is mostly vapid. However out of everyone he probably has the best character and does a decent job with what he is given. Sally Field plays young and eager Celeste Whitman and she almost becomes endearing but mostly you find her annoying. The romance between her and the Captain is forced and never really takes off and the chemistry between her and Caine is average at best. Telly Savalas is downright boring as the fake Doctor who wants to recover his package from inside the hull. Savalas looks menacing enough…I mean he’s Telly Savalas but he’s just far too together and average and calm to ever be anything great in this film. Peter Boyle is Frank Mazzetti who is trying his best to channel the great Ernest Borgnine’s character from the original. Mazzetti is desperate to find his daughter whom they shockingly find very quickly into the film. Boyle and Caine don’t have near the chemistry that existed between Hackman and Borgnine’s characters but they try. Jack Warden and Shirley Knight are the elderly couple, Shirley Jones as the nurse, Slim Pickens as the faux rich oil baron, Angela Cartwright as the daughter of Mazzetti and Mark Harmon as her savior and newfound love. All these cast members and they are all…every last one of them average at best. You don’t get to know or care about any of them and if anything happens to any of them you just don’t care.The plot although wrought with different action scenes including a gun fight, a murder, and water pouring in and repeated explosions from the ship much like the first one keeps the action going at a watchable pace. The film is god-awful but it is made for TV content on a movie budget with a rushed script and no thought to making sure at least a small portion of the original magic existed. I give them kudos for coming up with a sequel to a disaster film…especially the Granddaddy of them all but this one falls flat because of some major errors in judgment. Still if you love the original like I did it’s not a bad trip back to the doomed boat. It was better than the Made For TV remake of the original!! 6/10

  • tulay-karz
    tulay karz

    Sequel to The Poseidon Adventure.Every Single Cast Member Is Outstanding. How often can one say that about a Disaster movie, or any movie?I have watched the 1979 film about 25 times on video. The way the characters/actors react to each other and the very memorable lines they come out with are all wonderful. Sally Field brings incredible humour to simple every day terms like, “Oh brother”, or “are you going to kiss me now?”, and despite her public comments on how much she hated the movie and disliked Irwin Allen, this stands out as the best of Sally Field, to me.Michael Caine recently said on a British talk show that, “Irwin Allen’s The Swarm was the worst movie I have done”. So I guess Beyond/Poseidon is not too high on his list. I don’t care. The way his character takes command of this disaster movie and his encounters with Telly Savalas (this was also my favourite Savalas show) and Sally Field are nothing short of great entertainment.I could do another 20 quotes from the other players. This movie had an okay musical score which picked up in the end credits.Great movie!

  • imiyeong

    Wow. I must be the only person who loves this movie. Maybe it is the context. I saw both the original Poseiden Adventure and Beyond Poseiden when I was a kid in the 70s. They were on TV so I was maybe 7…9? Anyway, perhaps the people who do not like Beyond Poseiden took the first movie too seriously. Illogical plot? Well…. Inconsistent with the first movie? Well why do a preacher and a retired cop know more about there being no more survivors than the salvage guy who comes by a few hours later? I just figured the conclusions the first gang came up to were just wrong.Meanwhile Beyond Poseiden has just as many, if not more stars, shows us more cool areas of the ship, and is more adventurous!

  • mirthe-wutke-van-den-broek
    mirthe wutke van den broek

    Irwin Allen’s production of Beyond the Poseidon Adventure was very exciting to watch. It was always intended for Irwin Allen to make the sequel, but some delays caused it to be shelved for seven years. Micheal Caine acted for Allen for the second time giving the same tempered performance as he did with Allen the previous year in The Swarm. He plays a scrapper and with Karl Malden and Sally Feild who discover the Poseidon still floating upside down and decide to go in her. From the moment they get in there the action and thrills never stop. Then as in the first film they realize they have to get out again and go through the ship as the the survivors did in the first Poseidon Adventure. Allen also directed this action packed sequel.

  • pusskr-rcnaa
    pusskr rcnaa

    This film ranks up there with Psycho II as being one of the greatest sequel ever made! Irwin Allen returns to the setting of his first major picture to create one of his last. Irwin Allen ignored all the aspects of the novel that was written for him, and comes up with a storyline that far surpasses the novel. Watching an all-American film from a British Citizen’s point of view is always exiting, normally i would laugh at a character like Tex but in this, it works surprisingly well! Micheal Caine is an inspired choice as a salvage captain. I was a bit unsure of Sally Field’s character at first but as the film went on her character added so mush to the story. Telly Savalas, what can i say? This man is a legend! Ever since i first saw him as Blofeld in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service he was the ultimate villain and in this he doesn’t disappoint. A lot of the supporting cast are quite memorable too..Slim Pickens as Tex, Peter Boyle who i did get a bit bored of all we seemed to hear was “where’s my daughter?” which got a bit annoying after a while.This film does have it’s faults, why is still afloat with a hole in the bottom, and most of all WHY THE HELL DOES THE DAMN BOAT EXPLODE AT THE END?? Overall Fantastic effort, no way would this ever surpass the original but it’s racing in at its heels.

  • martins-licis
    martins licis

    While there was so much that is awful about this, I did still enjoy it. The Poseidon Adventure was one of the best films ever made, but you’re better off, watching this never having seen it, as much of the original plot is ignored here, like certain areas that flooded are now clear. Why did the original escapees not stumble across anyone at all in the final third while escaping?Granted, almost every character is annoying at some (most) parts and also incredibly cliched, with every tipe of person being portrayed. Why can’t people in these situations ever just all get on with each other?The idea of a sequel could’ve been excellent. You can’t help but wonder what happens after people escape these disasters and the concept of a boat stumbling across the ship & salvaging what they can is not an unrealistic one, so this could have been better. It was ruined for me by having ‘guns’ as any part of the plot at all. It’s ridiculous really to have escaped a sinking liner only to be shot by a villain moments from safety. By all means have 2 groups competing over the salvage, but shooting each other? Telly Savalas escaped a little too easily for me too.Otherwise, still enjoyable, if you don’t get too involved in the characters.A low 6/10

  • brenda-soto
    brenda soto

    How many movies get the chance of being made by the extraordinary,proficient,astonishing Allen and/or having Caine,Mrs. Field,Savallas,Shirley Jones in the cast?Caine’s role,in itself,is a jewel;he just fits in.He is energetic, lucid,sharp, intelligent,manly,as fit as a fiddle.Caine knows how to make a super-action flick,without needing to be Willis or Ford.He should be very proud of his role in “Beyond …”.For me,this is one of the most cherished Caine shows.(Caine is himself a cinema,he did an incredible number of good flicks.)Mrs. Field is enchanting,natural, inventive, fresh, luminous, spontaneous,funny,resourceful.(How do I miss an actress like her when I see that imbecile girls in so many cheap-looking shows!With few exceptions,such as Miss Rachel Luttrell,Miss Torri Higginson,or Mrs. Blalock,did you notice how many imbecile-looking girls crowd to fill the sets of the shows?)The action does not stagnate for a moment.Savallas got his bigger/better roles elsewhere;but the villain he does here is,as such,memorable and a landmark for the genre.He coins a comic strip villain.(I mean,Nero in Die Hard 2 ,Alan Rickman in Die Hard ,are zero compared to Savallas in “Beyond …”.)The colors of this movie are delightful.And how many shows offer so much fun?For me,only the first two episodes of Stargate Atlantis (Rising (Part 1)&Rising (Part 2)).Many people,who commented “Beyond …”,have expressed a lot of reserves and reticence,about various things;I think they were unjust,and way too exacting.Between 56 and 64 years,Allen made (i.e,directed and/or produced) several disaster movies:the diptych The Poseidon Adventure ,1972,and The Towering Inferno ,1974—for the movie theaters;then, another diptych—for TV this time: Flood! ,1976,and Fire! ,1977;then a trilogy,for the big screen again: The Swarm ,1978, Beyond the Poseidon Adventure ,1979, When Time Ran Out… ,1980—an activity that was ambitious and often successful.In ’80,Allen was 64 years old.In his disaster movies that he made during the ’70s,Allen uses the entire palette of the genre.His main merit is,of course,that of creating a very pure form of adventure movies.During ’72-’80, The Master of Disaster also found time for some important TV work.So,he was for disaster,he was for Sci-Fi,sometimes he was for both of them—and always for fancy,adventure and fun. Fortunately ,he had the opportunity to develop fully his thoughts and to express himself plenary.Some fans complain that The Master of Disaster’s work was uneven,unequal;anyway,his best films are matchless in their genre.The man made at least 9 remarkable feature movies (of which some 6 are very good—the 5 feature films made between ’72 and ’80,and also Five Weeks in a Balloon ,1962;but the movies from ’59-’61 are worth watching as well …),several interesting TV movies (in the ’70s and ’80s),and also several TV series and/or miniseries.I do not know any other director to be able of such a continuity in a couple of genres (the disaster/adventures,and Sci-Fi).

  • gabriel-moraes
    gabriel moraes

    Those too young to remember the 70s probably can’t appreciate the significance of the “disaster movie” genre to moviegoers of that decade. The canon of this genre included “Airport”, “Earthquake”, “The Towering Inferno”, and of course the original “Poseidon Adventure”. These wowed audiences with big budgets and state of the (pre-CGI) art special effects, but at heart, the central disaster and exacerbating obstacles were really just a vehicle to drive the interaction of the all-star casts, resulting in pithy dialog, personal revelations, budding romance, and noble sacrifice. Because of the epic, apocalyptic nature of these movies, there was generally a solid sense of closure and finality at the end. This made sequels an even more dubious concept than usual for movies. There were two progressively worse sequels to “Airport”, and this movie follows a similar pattern. It’s characterized by a lower budget, lesser “stars”, and a much more contrived plot than the venerable original.The contrast between the two movies is stark from the beginning. Whereas the first opens in the grand ballroom of a luxury cruise ships, this opens with Michael Cane piloting his teeny tugboat across the Atlantic through a the same storm that is capsizing the Poseidon not far away. I laughed out loud when the “waves” broke over the deck, clearly thrown from buckets just off camera. The storm causes him to lose his cargo, which consists of three crates lashed just behind the wheel house. Desperate for money, he stumbles onto the capsized Poseidon and decides to loot it under the “international laws of salvage”. Luckily for him, after rescuing the surviving cast of the original movie, everyone else left, without making any attempt to recover anything from the ship or locate additional survivors. Simultaneously, another, nicer boat arrives, carrying Telly Sevalas and his sinister looking, white-clad crew. He claims to be be a doctor looking for survivors. If it’s a “spoiler” to tell you he’s lying, then you’ve never watched *any* movies.They all enter the boat and, yada yada yada, survivors, setbacks, revelation, romance, betrayal, sacrifice, pretty much everything on the checklist. Disaster movies are never particularly believable, but this one doesn’t even try. It starts with the absurd premise that the original rescuers left after picking up just the folks who happened to be standing under the hole at the time, goes on to the fact all the lights are still on, and includes contrived obstacles and magic water that floods some decks above other decks which are dry. At one point, they’re crawling through a ventilation shaft and not only is it inexplicably lighted, but the lights are *upright* on the upside down ship!Not to say the movie didn’t have a few redeeming features. Michael Cane can usually elevate a role, and Sally Field was at the peak of her “spunky” period. There was an interesting pairing of Mark Harmon near the beginning of his career with Agnela Cartwright (“Lost in Space”) near the end of hers.So, an interesting distraction for people of a certain age, but don’t go out of your way to see it.

  • dr-kristina-norgaard
    dr kristina norgaard

    Oh my goodness, what could have possibly possessed Irwin Allen to make this ridiculous sequel to the original classic. The premise of this movie is unbelievably asinine, the acting is atrocious (especially by Sally Field, who gives the most embarrassing performance of any Oscar-winner ever), the sets are hideously cheap, and the cinematography is abysmal. It’s a little disconcerting to think that actual paychecks were handed out in the making of this project.First of all, do the script-writers really want us to believe that anyone in their right mind would enter a sinking, exploding, and UPSIDE DOWN ship without any sort of equipment, JUST TO LOOT IT??? If that’s not ridiculous enough, a gunfight breaks out between several of the characters while the ship is continually exploding and sinking. After the gunfight, the group led by Michael Caine (who is horribly miscast as a gruff tug-boat captain) decides to rest, giving Sally Field and Shirley Jones a few minutes to discuss their love lives (I’m not making this up!). Do these characters really not sense the danger they’re in?? As a side note, this movie isn’t even possible to begin with since in the original, the water practically CHASED the cast to the engine room, meaning all the decks below were flooded. In this movie, the water seems to have receded, as if the ship were some sort of flesh eating monster waiting for fresh meat to drown and devour.Avoid this movie unless you are interested in seeing top-notch actors embarrass themselves.

  • gregory-medina
    gregory medina

    I haven’t seen a film try to be so serious, yet I mistook it for a comedy. The performances were hilarious, the dialogue was awful, and for the life of me, I don’t remember the music, so THAT must have been really bad!! LOL. Another one of those great Irwin Allen films that are filled with hammy actors and bad special effects–but what a fun time to watch!!

  • sophie-farias
    sophie farias

    This formula disaster movie from Irwin Allen (Towering inferno) concerns about the famous ship , previously winner of numerous Oscars and some former footage is sprinkled into the opening sequence . Later wreckage Poseidon during New year’s eve , when a tidal wave overturns it , now Michael Caine is the captain of a crew (Sally Field,Karl Malden) which race each other commanded by Telly Savallas for obtaining reward and loot . After sea tragedy Poseidon centering on survivors from liner passenger and the rescuers of the shipboard .This mediocre sequel blends action , intrigue , gunshots , disaster spectacle , suspense and emotional byplay with romance included . Our heroes get stuck in the ship before it sinks . The protagonists spend most of their time devising grisly ways for avoid to die like the first part . The picture isn’t bad but deeds better and more spectacularly filmed in ¨The Poseidon adventure¨ . The explosion , pyrotechnics , floods are spectacular but the film is just another usual Hollywood product . Succeeds only in wasting various talented actors , an all-star-cast formed by Michael Caine in a similar role Gene Hackman-alike , Jack Warden as a blind passenger , Slim Pickens as a habitual role , Peter Boyle as a zealous father of his daughter Angela Cartwhright enamored by Mark Harmon , besides appears Veronica Hamel , Shirley Knight , Shirley Jones…Lively score musical by Jerry Fielding and colorful cinematography by Joseph Biroc . It’s an Irwin Allen’s rehash of former disaster movie clichés that even the splendid casting cannot save . The picture is one of the last Allen’s flops along with ¨Swarm¨ and ¨When the time ran out¨. Rating : Average but entertaining , it’s a fairly watchable disaster movie .

  • santiago-dalia-alba-barrera
    santiago dalia alba barrera

    All the other opinions are correct on this one. I still have ‘Beyond the P.A.’ on tape, too! I can’t believe someone else noticed the ludicrous music. ‘Beyond’ suffered from Shelly Winters sacrifice in the first one. Shirley Knight, Karl Malden, Peter Boyle all had to die heroically, so to speak, but I still don’t know what Malden did to die. He just…swam away? shirley Knight stood as the one true bright spot, doing the best she could with what she had. She is probably the one seen least of all as well, as she died first. I have always considered Caine in this one and his work in ‘Swarm’ and ‘Jaws 4′ to be the Bermuda Triangle of his bad performances. His screaming at Veronica Hamel to remove her dress to make a dangerous jump is laughable, as was other attempts at over-seriousness, such as Shirley JOnes getting Jack Warden to want to live after Knight’s death, Caine weeps over Ms. Knight (like Hackman did over Winters in the first one). You can bank on when Caine is onscreen, he will be unbearable. I especially liked the change from hotpants in the first movie to hip-huggers in the second. And Veronica Hamel taking the henchman out with the axe after she had been shot was cool also. Pity she didn’t make it.We did laugh, however, at Slim Pickens line “Who the devil is Suevo (Savalas’ character)? For that matter, who the devil is Suzanne (Hamel)?” Note of Interest, to anyone who does watch this: observe when Knight’s arm is hurt trying to help the blind Jack Warden. Watch what the others are doing. Malden, Mark Harmon, they are playing with the cane? Later, when she drowns, watch everyone else go up the ladder ahead of the injured woman who must hold on with one hand and is in alot of pain. There is an explosion scene where we see everyone scramble like rats that I have always noticed, namely for the way once again, the women like Angela Cartwright and Shirley Knight must fend for themselves. Haven’t watched it in a while.

  • natalia-girona-bou
    natalia girona bou

    Being stuck in bed with the flu and feeling too rough to get up to find the remote, I actually watched this abomination from start to finish (how many people can say that? And for any who can – what’s your excuse?). My God, has there ever, EVER been such a total mess released by a major studio? There is not one second of genuine tension in a supposed “thriller”; the script is inept and ludicrous; the sets look like they were leftovers from a low-budget TV movie; and the cast … WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!!! Sally Field gives what is without doubt the worst and most embarrassing performance of any Academy Award winner in history. Her irritating nasal whine and stupidly perky behaviour in what is meant to be a life-threatening situation are truly asinine. It’s a wonder she didn’t use all her future earnings to buy up and destroy every print of this turkey. Michael Caine, who now pontificates endlessly on the art of screen acting – even running master classes for would-be thespians – should be taken out and shot (preferably by one of Telly Savalas’ henchmen). Angela Cartwright, an actress I usually like (and whose name isn’t even in the opening credits, poor soul), is ten years too old for her role, and her horrible matronly yellow prom dress must haunt her nightmares to this day. Slumming it are Karl Malden and Shirley Knight – hopefully they collected a big pay packet to assuage their involvement. The whole film is a series of bad scenes, but one that especially sticks in my mind is the explosion which results in the “ceiling” (if an upside-down ship’s deck can be termed as such) collapsing and a load of empty cardboard boxes falling through! Ooh, how scary! Really, really, terrible.

  • vera-kelic
    vera kelic

    Beyond the Poseidon Adventure is the follow -up to The Poseidon Adventure and I enjoyed watching this, despite reading bad reviews.Two rival parties board the upturned wreck of the Poseidon and rescue more people and also go looting after some gold and plutonium. They go their own ways and a motley collection of people are found including a blind man and his wife, the ship’s nurse, a drunk and a father, daughter and her boyfriend. After several deaths, they manage to escape just before Poseidon explodes and sinks, taking with it the party who went for the plutonium.Although not as good as The Poseidon Adventure, this sequel isn’t too bad with decent special effects.A good cast too: Michael Caine (Zulu, The Italian Job), Telly Savalas (Kojak), Karl Malden (The Streets Of San Francisco), Sally Field (Mrs Doubtfire), Anglea Cartwright (Lost In Space, reuniting her with director Irwin Allen), Peter Boyle and Slim Pickens.If you like 1970’s disaster movies and Michael Caine like myself, I recommend this.Rating: 3 stars out of 5.

  • sabrina-nascimento
    sabrina nascimento

    it took awhile for me to get into this movie.but somewhere along the line,i actually started to enjoy myself.once you get around the wafer thin plot,it’s not half bad.the trick with this movie is to not take it too seriously.for instance,as soon as the bad guys show up,you know they’re bad long before they reveal their intentions.the only other thing they could have done to telegraph they were bad would have been to have been for them each to have a neon sign over their heads saying villain.it’s that absurd.and there’s some cringe worthy dialogue.however,the are some very witty one liners mostly courtesy of Sally Field,and their was an interesting,and(mostly)likable mix of characters.there were actually even a few exciting moments.of course,there are endless explosions.this movie doesn’t hold a candle to the original Poseidon Adventure.it was actually fairly pointless,when you think about.but it was fun,and actually quite entertaining.for me,Beyond the Poseidon adventure is a solid 5/10

  • bay-tevs-ocalan
    bay tevs ocalan

    A lot of people don’t like this picture, but, I think it works. It is helmed by a strong cast of principle performers and carried off by a unique twist on the sequel impetus. The idea is fairly original, as opposed to the usual: for this story, one would normally expect they’d just focus on another group of survivors and how they get out. Instead of dealing with people wanting to get out, the plot is spurred on by people wanting to get IN. Then, ironically, they become trapped and become the people who have to get out, along with some of those aforementioned survivors to keep with tradition. I also have to give the film credit for that little bits of continuity, like Linda’s body is still lying near the entrance of the ship the crew uses, the same hole the original movie’s survivors escaped from. In the end, the movie isn’t as bad as it is often called.

  • priit-must
    priit must

    This horrifyingly bad and automatically inferior sequel to “The Poseidon Adventure” came and went in theaters so quickly that one could be forgiven for not even realizing that it ever existed! The real victim here was Paul Gallico, the author of the original story. When “PA” was made into a film, the writers changed several things around (as often happens). When plans of a sequel came about, Gallico wrote the sequel to the novel based NOT on his own great little book, but on the FILM’s storyline. Then the filmmakers discarded his novel “Beyond the Poseidon Adventure” and went with the version found here. So he adjusted his characters and story to fit Hollywood’s version, only to have it abandoned in favor of this rehash. In it, two disparate groups join up to either salvage loot from the overturned vessel or rescue any leftover survivors. Instantly they are trapped as the boat belches and rocks continuously, yet they stay inside to find salvage, linger over conversations with newly discovered passengers and finally run around shooting at each other! The inexplicable cleanliness of the sets and utter illogic of the storyline pale in comparison to the hilariously bad dialogue and the banal music score. Previous, greater disaster movies had majestic scores done by excellent composers. This music has no memorable opening theme and features inappropriate and discordant music during scenes (often a whimsical “Flight of the Bumblebee” type of thing is heard.) Some of the dialogue has to be heard to be believed. One classic scene is when Knight dislocates her shoulder after grappling to save her blind husband Warden. Award-magnet Knight does a terrific job of displaying her injury and is carried over to a corner and revived realistically with smelling salts. Then purportedly-kind nurse Jones reveals an utter lack of bedside manner. Does she resort to the standard “You’ll only feel a slight prick” or “This won’t hurt a bit”??? Nooooo She grabs Ms. Knight’s arm and goes, “This is going to hurt a great deal Mrs. Meredith, I’m so sorry!” Apparently, the violence of this scene was so intense that it had to be filmed through debris (fully obscuring Jones’ face!) so as not to shock the audience! The characters are unwaveringly pathetic and annoying (and in many cases, just thinly disguised versions of folks from the original film.) Boyle is mercilessly loud and obnoxious, taking Ernest Borgnine’s “type” to a new level of irritation. Cartwright is a little old to be playing the little girl sort of role that Pamela Sue Martin already did. Her costume makes her look like a frump. Pickens is hilarious, drawling out lines like, “Who’s Svevo? As a matter of fact, who’s Suzanne?” in a thick Texas accent. Jones’ character is a drippy nurse and has to dredge up her own long-ago award just like Shelley Winters’ swimming medal, to no good effect. Warden and Malden vie for audience sympathy with their afflictions, but don’t get any. Field rubs immediate tarnish on her Oscar for “Norma Rae” with her over-the-top, “Three’s Company” – level comedic attempts and Caine should have known better, but this was his period of making bomb after bomb. Still, it’s fun on a camp level to watch once and future Oscar-winners slumming badly. Hamel, for the brief time she is on screen, is both alluring and amusing. Sadly, this and “When Time Ran Out” would slam the lid on any hopes of a film career, but she rebounded on television. Knight adds some much needed class, desperately trying to underact and say her lines with dignity amidst all the squalid overacting and preposterous situations. She is done no favors for this. Sadly, the old VHS and now the newly released DVD shear 8 minutes off the film’s running time, cutting a lot of Warden, Knight and Jones’ scenes, even removing the fact that Warden and Knight are authors! These were sentimental moments between all three and must have been spliced out in order to keep the action, such as it is, moving. It’s a pointless, grave-robbing hack job intended to wring more money out of the classic original, but which sank like a stone at the box office. At least now it can be enjoyed for the audacious mess that it is!

  • akboga-ozdogdu-seven-zengin
    akboga ozdogdu seven zengin

    Since the original Poseidon Adventure raked in so much dough, Irwin Allen wanted to get a sequel off the ground right away. It would eventually take him 7 years to get it made and in that space of time it would go through many changes.To begin with, Beyond the Poseidon Adventure was to star Borgnine, Buttons and the rest of the survivors. After being rescued by the French Coast Guard they were to be transported to safety by train through the French Alps. A tunnel cave-in was to trap them all over again amid other, more sinister, drama.That idea was soon squashed. Hackman didn’t want to return (as Reverend Scott’s brother!) and even though poster art was created (you can still find the train/gun image out there), that’s about as far as production got. Allen focused on making other movies for the time being. Then, in 1978 he asked Paul Gallico to write a sequel. Gallico obliged but died before Beyond was published. His novel had Rogo, Martin and Manny Rosen being forced at gunpoint to return to the ship to plunder its secret cargo. Bandits, pirates, double-crosses and macabre plot developments followed.Unable to convince Borgnine and the others to return at this point, Allen changed the story to accommodate a bunch of new characters. This Mike Rogo became Mike Turner (Michael Caine) and Bandits and Pirates became Stefan Svevo (Television Savalas) and his group of terrorists.Beginning just before the storm in which the Poseidon capsized, Turner and his crew (Sally Field and Karl Malden) are out in Jenny the Tugboat. Turner loses his cargo and worries about the bank taking his precious boat away. New Years Day arrives and the sea is calm once again. Turner sees the French Coast Guard chopper buzzing overhead and figures there must be something interesting over the horizon.Interesting indeed. An abandoned 5-star, world-class super-liner designed to carry hundreds of wealthy passengers. There’s sure to be riches to plunder and a quick trip down to the Purser’s Office (the idiot who chose to die in the first) might save Jenny from the banks greedy hands.’Doctor’ Stefan Svevo (trying saying that while drunk) and his group of suspicious men dressed in impeccably white clothes follow Turner inside, hoping to save some remaining survivors. Yeah right! Svevo just happens to be after a secret cargo of guns and plutonium and has an agent still stuck on-board.Turner and his crew find the Purser’s safe quite easy and load up on the loot. But they also find a bunch of stranded passengers including a very young-looking Peter Boyle, Slim Pickens, Mark Harmon and Jack Warden as a blind writer. His quick trip to pinch the riches turns into the much more noble task of leading the rest to safety. But once they discover Svevo’s plot a fight breaks out.I think that BTPA has had an unfair amount of criticism. Until the 2006 DVD release the film suffered 27 years of pan and scan TV screenings and videos, which completely screws up the scope photography. Seeing the film in widescreen, as intended, gives it a much slicker look. But I wasn’t too impressed with the set-decoration and lighting. The Poseidon was already trashed and unstable before the first survivors escaped. By now it should be seriously threatening to sink or explode and the sets should reflect how much stress the ship is under. But they do look too spotless and the lighting is too bright and un-atmospheric. And, just so you know, a ship of this size would have more than one kitchen. So moans about it ‘already being flooded’ are invalid.And I do think that the ending is kind of abrupt and rushed. It was a bit of a let-down having finish with such a lame, flippant finale. And, despite, previous criticisms, I do think that the characters are just as good as before. I felt sorry for Jack Warden when his wife died, or when Michael Caine realised that he lost the gold. Wilbur (Karl Malden) was a good character too and I think that his exit from the film was less than what he deserved. There is also more continuity with the original than the negative reviews proclaim. So don’t let that put you off.It’s had a bad reputation, but BTPA isn’t as bad as pretentious movie zealots would have you think. If you are a fan of the original then it is at least worth a rental.