From the producers of Company of Heroes and starring Sean Patrick Flanery, Tom Sizemore, Kip Pardue with Stephen Lang and Rutger Hauer, comes an intense thriller from the front-lines of World War II. As Operation Valkyrie prepares to assassinate Adolph Hitler, an Allied special ops team prepares to extract the man destined to lead post-war Germany. But after Valkyrie fails, everything changes. Now, unlikely allies must work together to stop a group of Nazi Officers from fleeing to Argentina and establishing the Fourth Reich.

Also Known As: Walkiria: Świt Czwartej Rzeszy, Depois de Valquíria, Valkiria: El amanecer del cuarto Reich, Beyond Valkyrie: Morgendämmerung des 'Vierten Reichs', Beyond Valkyrie: Dawn of the 4th Reich, Operazione Valchiria 2 - L'alba del Quarto Reich, После Валькирии: Рассвет Четвертого рейха, Επιχείρηση Βαλκυρία: Η Αυγή του Τέταρτου Ράιχ, ビヨンド・ワルキューレ カリーニングラードの戦い, Opération Valkyrie: La peur au ventre, The Fourth

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  • spoiler-boy
    spoiler boy

    I liked the part with the huge orgy in the submarine on the way to Argentina. One guy smuggled a secret weapon in his pants.

  • megan-mccullough
    megan mccullough

    Like one reviewer said a solid B movie not quite realistic and gritty for instance like Saving Private Ryan, or Fury or Valkyrie with Tom cruise……but they put some budget in the German vehicles and uniforms and weapons, had Sizemore in a little bit, and Rutger Hauer for some names and Stephen Lang. Of course all the German Soldiers where easily killed and no commandos get killed except one Yankee at the end. ALl in all was interesting at the end they said they believe that 9,000 Nazi officers escaped to Argentina I find that hard to believe, but there is a big German community there this day. If you like a okay WW II action Film check it out. Some Documentaries say Hitler Lived there in south America maybe.

  • mette-jensen
    mette jensen

    Watched this movies because of a couple of the actors starring in it and I was not disappointed. Lots of action and intriguing story line. Writing could have been better, but the action and characters kept me interested. A blooper or two–unlimited ammo for the allies, frequent use of the word ‘fuck’ by one of the characters (especially in front of a woman–unheard of in the 1940s), and one or two time-period wardrobe errors. Other than that, this movie was enjoyable.

  • kayla-roberts
    kayla roberts

    Whe someone steals a name to make an el cheapo movie to hang on the back of a winner, it usually shows up as poor. this is no exception. Overlong, nice uniforms (inaccurate here and there) some special effects. Awful dont bother, just re-watch one of the many Stellar War movies (Patton,Fury,The Longest Day,Bridge too far,even Where Eagles Dare. All had proper actors, plot acting, not just an attempt at “pace”. I score a generous 2 for budget on vehicles, uniforms effects etc.

  • sop-io-lomize
    sop io lomize

    But poorly told, in a rather comic-book fashion. Both the allied planning for the post-war recovery of Europe and the nazi planning to escape the debacle and rebuild the Reich in Argentina are worthy of further examination in the cinema. But here we had comic-book heroes with comic-book lines – the token Brit was portrayed as a trouble-making Cockney with a foul mouth and no sense of teamwork. A welcome appearance by Rutger Hauer, alongside Julie Engelbrecht as anti-nazis, raised the level a bit and the idea of Yanks and Ruskies working together in a common cause was well intentioned. But one was left with the impression that this was just another episode of Captain America.

  • vojtech-novotny
    vojtech novotny

    Everything doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. I found this to be enjoyable, unrealistic, but entertaining to watch. The story was interesting, the characters likable, the actors were decent (I’m a Rutger Hauer fan so disappointed he wasn’t in much of it), and it had a nice satisfying ending. It sort of reminded me of the old timey war movies of the 50s and 60s.

  • cheyenne-nichols
    cheyenne nichols

    It was OK, unfortunately it seemed the allies had unlimited ammo. The StG 44 German Automatic weapon only has a 20 round magazine. It was pretty funny that it seemed like it was unlimited.Tom Sizemore had a rank of master sergeant but was wearing an officers uniform with officer insignia with the Master sergeant rank on the sleeve. you would think they would have done more research. The Germans looked like they had proper rank and uniforms.The movie was entertaining, I really like the fact that so many Germans were killed.I thought the acting was OK, nothing spectacular. I liked the movie.

  • tanbay-suphi-yuksel
    tanbay suphi yuksel

    When I watched this movie, it reminded me a lot about the videogame series “Commandos”. I think the director must have played these games himself :)Yes, it’s not a very realistic movie, but the acting and special effects are ok, the action is fun to watch, the story was interesting enough for me to watch the whole movie, etc.The movie also reminded me of older war movies like: Where Eagles Dare, The Guns Of Navarone, The Dirty Dozen, etc.

  • emelianov-mstislav-averianovich
    emelianov mstislav averianovich

    For a fictional not big budget WW2 war movie it is good for what it is. An American / British team go behind enemy lines in Prussia and team up with a Russian team and a good Fraulien to stop the 4th Reich from being formed.The cast isn’t very famous except Tom Sizemore and an elderly looking Rutger Hauer. Liked the actress Julie Englebrecht – she’s pretty and convincing in her role as a good German.There is a feel good video game logic to the story but it’s actually quite good. Of course there is some unrealistic aspects like the respective kill ratios. But who cares, it’s quite enjoyable and the fictional elements are inspired by a factual framework.The message of this movie is the U.S. and Russia fighting on the same side against a common enemy is a good idea.

  • jillian-marshall
    jillian marshall

    Was this a made for TV movie? Disappointing. Not very well done. Didn’t seem to stick to script regarding “Valkyrie.”

  • molchanova-angelina-sergeevna
    molchanova angelina sergeevna

    Some people have commented that the Roman Church helping the Nazis is unbelievableIt isn’t. Here are a couple of excerpts from https://en.Wikipedia.org/wiki/Ratlines_(World_War_II_aftermath)– Spain, not Rome, was the “first center of ratline activity that facilitated the escape of Nazi fascists,” although the exodus itself was planned within the Vatican.– By 1946, there were hundreds of war criminals in Spain, and thousands of former Nazis and fascists. According to then-United States Secretary of State James F. Byrnes, Vatican cooperation in turning over these “asylum-seekers” was “negligible”. According to Phayer, Pius XII “preferred to see fascist war criminals on board ships sailing to the New World rather than seeing them rotting in POW camps in zonal Germany

  • diamantoula-mpotziore
    diamantoula mpotziore

    Omg!*spoiler alert (almost)* I watched a little bit more than 20 min of this movie. That was not a completely waste of my time, because i gave it 2 stars. (i like 2ww theme) The message is totally clear in this film. Germans are/was idiots. I don’t care to explain because i don’t want spend more time talking about this stupid movie. I just want to warn everyone else and no more. This is a spoiler. The heroes flies a (“historical”?) glider …. witch has a motor … and … explodes.See: if you like 2 world war action movies when people shoot Germans and you don’t care much about history. Don’t see: if you respect anything.

  • jill-kaufman
    jill kaufman

    So the story is entirely fictional. Well, not entirely, I suppose. There really was an Operation Valkyrie – a failed attempt by the military to assassinate Hitler in the weeks after D-Day. Beyond that, this is pretty much fictional. The plot has a number of high-ranking Nazi officials along with a German Catholic Bishop planning to make off with a huge amount of gold bullion, escape in a submarine to Argentina and, with this war lost, try to establish the Fourth Reich. Yes, there were a number of high ranking Nazis who escaped to Argentina as the war came to an end. Yes, the Catholic Church had some involvement in those escapes. But there’s no evidence that I know of that any huge amount of German gold went with them or that there was any intention or desire to start a “Fourth Reich.” Most of them just wanted to escape prosecution for war crimes. So, there’s a grain of truth to this story (as there generally is with all legends) but it is a fictional story – and to its credit, it makes no claim otherwise. It opens with captions offering a description of the anti-Hitler German underground – although it overstates the significance of the movement: the vast majority of Nazis (and even every day Germans) remained loyal to Hitler, or at least unwilling to do anything against him – and it closes with captions describing the exodus of some Nazis to South America, and then offering some thoughts about the co-operation between the Americans and the Soviets during the war.Now, there’s the point of the story, I think. Using the aftermath of the failed Operation Valkyrie as the context, the movie really offers a portrayal of a group of American (and one British) members of a special ops team parachuted into East Prussia to extract an anti-Nazi German officer who has information valuable to the Allies who are forced to co-operate with a Soviet special ops team working in the same area. The American team is led by Sean Patrick Flanery as Capt. Blackburn and the Soviet team by Pasha D. Lychnikoff as Maj. Kulkov (who I recognized from his turn as an astronaut on a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory.) Personally, I thought Lychnikoff offered the stronger performance of the two. Distrustful of each other at first, the two teams have to begin to work together against their common enemy (and, as they were deep behind enemy lines, their common threat.) A lot of that is pretty typical war movie stuff. There are a lot of firefights, and most of them are entirely unbelievable as this small number of Allied soldiers repeatedly takes down innumerable German soldiers. But it’s a war movie. You expect that.The most intriguing character in the movie was probably Elke – the very pretty secretary of one of the German officers seeking escape to Argentina – who was actually a part of the Kreisau Circle, which was in fact one of the major anti-Hitler conspiracies. She was played by the very pretty Julie Engelbrecht, an actress largely unknown on this side of the Atlantic, most of whose work has been done in Germany. She is, indeed, very pretty – and she does a good job in the role, and I thought Elke was an important character who in a way represented to me the future of Germany, torn between East and West. Actually, the whole movie seems to be a sort of setting up of the Cold War more than counting down the last days of World War II.No one is going to watch this and think it’s one of the great World War II movies. The whole story is just a bit too outlandish to be taken seriously. But it has its moments of excitement. (6/10)

  • jennifer-reyes
    jennifer reyes

    As if to capitalize on the success of the Tom Cruise film of Operation Valkyrie, the conspiracy among the German military to assassinate Hitler, “Beyond Valkyrie: Dawn of the 4th Reich” is an embarrassing attempt at a sequel.The gist of the film is that an elite group of British-American parachuters land in Germany and unite forces with members of the Red Army to thwart an insidious plan of some Nazis to escape with a horde of gold bullion, flee to Argentina, and seek to revive the Third Reich, after the failed attempt to kill Hitler in Operation Valkyrie.The most ludicrous of the characters in the film is a high-ranking member of the Catholic church, dressed to the nines in his purple church vestments, who is accompanying the Nazis on their trip to South America. Was the prelate intended to provide legitimacy to the restored Reich in Argentina? To add even less credibility to the already far-fetched plot, the fight sequences in this film invariably pitted a large number of Nazi soldiers from the Wehrmacht against the Mission Impossible team of allies. Invariably, the Nazis were incompetent and somehow outwitted by the elite allied team that included a beautiful blond German woman who was working undercover to aid in the overthrow of Hitler.The film unwittingly turned to comedy, especially in the climactic scene when the action converges on Königsberg and a German submarine intended to carry the Nazis and their gold bullion to Argentina. The ending was fitting for a film that fizzled from start to finish.

  • dolores-planas-rosado
    dolores planas rosado

    This movie is sub-par. It is very poorly acted and everyone looks the same. The screenplay and plotting are over wrought and not the least bit compelling. I cannot say enough bad things about this movie. At the very least it could’ve had some decent action, but no. It was severely lacking in this department as well. It was flat and dull and excruciating to watch. Watching a heart monitor with a flat-line for 100 minutes would be more entertaining. Whoever was in charge of foisting this to the movie-going world was sorely misguided. If you’re going to be bad at least be bad with some excitement. There wasn’t a single exciting moment in this movie. AVOID!!!!

  • mare-turina
    mare turina

    ****Only watch this movie if you have a family member in the cast or crew.****With all the production values of a ‘Young Indiana Jones’ Movie from days of yore, and indeed the star himself, this movie deserves to be no better than it is.The story is nothing we haven’t seen before, the script is pretty dire and the hackneyed plot, containing ham-fisted leaden interludes intended to develop the audience’ rapport with the cardboard characters are almost too painful to watch.I was particularly intrigued by the superficial performances of all the German characters, whose stereo-typification seemed to be based entirely on those WWII mini comics they used to publish between the 1950’s and 1980’s in the UK. I am only surprised the entire script didn’t ask for every German soldier to say ‘Achtung’ before speaking every line.This movie made at this time is anachronistic in the extreme, why bother – in the 1960’s it might have had some legs (although its no Von Ryan’s Express), in the 80’s it would be a straight to DVD, nearly 70 years after the fact, why bother, no one cares and that includes the actors for the most part.We in the movie business call this (technical jargon warning) a real stinker, a total pile of dog….., you get the picture.My advice is don’t bother. I gave it 1 star, not because it is that bad, but because I watched it as it had 5.4 stars. I wanted to redress the balance as someones clearly been inflating the IMDb stars to ensure reviews like mine.****Only watch this movie if you have a family member in the cast or crew****

  • cornelio-reina-tellez
    cornelio reina tellez

    Please stop with Tom Sizemore. He was once great and now he is just plain bad. Having him in a movie will make me actively avoid the movie from now on. I was once a fan, but this is the last time I will be faked into watching another movie where he gives a horrible performance. And on top of that he’s hardly in it. He has completely lost it. This should’ve been an easy job to give a good performance, but he’s embarrassing. Stop casting him. I’m done. And “Beyond” Sizemore, the entire cast is horrible except for Stephen Lang. I mean where did they find these actors. They all have frosted blonde hair and look ridiculous. I didn’t believe for a minute they were from the time period. They acted like Hollywood actors — soft, sensitive, metro sexual. Men that fought this war were men. They had some cajones. These guys were limp. And now to the movie. It was bad. Not one single exciting moment. And the West meets East thing felt like it was pandering and stupid. I could go on and on and on, but I will just say this — go watch “Saving Private Ryan” or “Where Eagles Dare” or “Band Of Brothers.” Stay away from this sophomoric slop!