A twisted tale told by Harley Quinn herself, when Gotham’s most nefariously narcissistic villain, Roman Sionis, and his zealous right-hand, Zsasz, put a target on a young girl named Cass, the city is turned upside down looking for her. Harley, Huntress, Black Canary and Renee Montoya’s paths collide, and the unlikely foursome have no choice but to team up to take Roman down.

Also Known As: Birds of Prey e la fantasmagorica rinascita di Harley Quinn, 猛禽小隊:小丑女大解放, Birds of Prey: Cuộc Lột Xác Huy Hoàng Của Harley Quinn, Ptice grabljivice, Aves de Rapina: Arlequina e sua Emancipação Fantabulosa, Aves de presa y la fantabulosa emancipación de Harley Quinn, Ptice Grabljivice: I Fantasično Oslobođenje Jedne Harli Kvin Bosnia and, Vtáky noci a fantastický prerod jednej Harley Quinn, Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn, Yırtıcı Kuşlar, Aves de presa, Αρπακτικά Πτηνά: Και η Φαντασμαγορική Χειραφέτηση της Χάρλεϊ Κουίν, Birds of Prey, Хижі пташки, 猛禽暴隊:解瘋小丑女 Hong, Yırtıcı, Birds of Prey et la fantabuleuse histoire de Harley Quinn, Birds of Prey: The Emancipation of Harley Quinn, Ptaki nocy, ハーレイ・クインの華麗なる覚醒 Birds of Prey, Ragadozó madarak, Хищные птицы, Arlequina em Aves de Rapina, Хищные птицы: Потрясающая история Харли Квинн, Birds of Prey Czech, Păsări de pradă și fantastica Harley Quinn, Birds of Prey New, Хищни, Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey, Plesriosios paukstes ir fantastiskoji Harle Kvin, Ptice roparice in fantasticna osamosvojitev Harley Quinn, Aves de presa y la fantabulosa emancipación de una Harley Quinn

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  • sonja-vidovic
    sonja vidovic

    What an absolute waste of money w the stupidest script. Of all the talented writers that must be out there – why would you choose to produce an obviously idiotic story like this ?? I just don’t get it. You have this chance of putting something out there of value – all this sweet Hollywood money and this is the best you can come up with ?? Really ??

  • jonathan-glenn
    jonathan glenn

    If you are not driven by the imperative need of understanding precisely what is happening in your movie, you might enjoy this psychedelic mix of disjointed cool visuals, great music, firecrackers, fragments of good acting… Birds Of Prey is a mess presented in a messy way, it hardly holds together as a story but it offers moments of fun.

  • roza-masiala
    roza masiala

    Highly disappointing! Margot Robbie in my opinion wasn’t at her best as before. Her voice work seemed off & body language seemed restricted & constrained. I felt I got what the director & writer had in their imagination, but it wasn’t what came out. The BEST THING about this movie was Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s appearance and performance. Evan McGregor was flawless too. Other than them, it felt like every character was under utilized. Most scenes were either hurried or trimmed abruptly. Music at some places was really good and really boring at others. Imo, the points where music was very good needed to be louder. Action didn’t excite too much and the props used for that seemed to come out of nowhere. This team had tremendous potential if the story could have been told differently and action scenes were tweaked at some places. With some more inter character tension, this could have been a blockbuster. Hate to say this, but highly disappointing.

  • pan-daniel-klosek
    pan daniel klosek

    If u want to watch a really bad movie, I recommend this movie.

  • cory-jones-ii
    cory jones ii

    They were most likely warner bross bots trying to pull this garbage by ears from pits of low-scoresAbout 10.000 watchers (not counting lunatics/bots with 10/9 stars) though this movie is good or very good.Makes me wonder. Do people REALLY think this is good? or is this some kind of leming rush combined with lack of proper sense?This movie preys on all people affected by the twisted feminist ideology.It’s just bad.

  • bayan-egenur-adal-inonu-demir
    bayan egenur adal inonu demir

    The plot is so simple that everything that happens, happens for the sake of the plot.Nothing is interestingNothing is newNothing is creativeEven the action is dull and boringThe acting could not save the boredom of this movie !!!

  • maarit-virtanen
    maarit virtanen

    Straight comparison to suicide squad : this movie’s total mess..Horrible script, lack of characters development even there are some attempts yet miserably failed, wasted main villain potential, and so on..Now Wonder Woman 1984 has a tough burden to redeem this junk.

  • reinis-rudzitis
    reinis rudzitis

    Train wreck of a movie. Robbie looked like she was trying to be an extra in My Name Is Earl. Seriously, Jamie Presley would have done a way better job. The only thing that was ok about this film was the soundtrack. Best way to describe this movie would be mix Deadpool, Boondocks Saints, Suicide Squad and Charlie’s angels together, mix in some really really bad acting and you get this gem

  • apostolos-solomon-pouliezos
    apostolos solomon pouliezos

    The acting was good, most of the actors gave it their all, but the film was just so UGLY. Gave me a headache just looking at it. Also the dialogue was so cringe worthy. It wanted to sound and look edgy, but ended up being a complete mess of a film. Feel sorry for a character with such a strong fan base.

  • ilona-dochioiu
    ilona dochioiu

    I haven’t walked out of a film in 30 years, until tonight. About 45 minutes was all I could take. There literally wasn’t a single scene that wasn’t absolutely stupid in every way.I just there squirming, feeling so embarrassed for Margo. Please do not waste your money on this awful film.

  • nenad-debelic
    nenad debelic

    I’ll just go straight for it, if you’re going to downvote this review for defending a genuinely entertaining violent film, i get that. Literally just WATCH THE MOVIE! This movie is anything but a “men are trash” movie. It’s a fun flick about a heist where it’s all knives at eachothers throats. Genuinely formulaic at times, sure, but that’s practically a given for these types of films! Margot Robbie gave a fantastic performance as the Quinn herself, and the side characters had their moments as well! Gotta give a FAT shoutout to McGregor for his role. He brought just as much flame and fire as Margot gave her role. Go ahead and do yourself a favor. This is a good ass time to watch!

  • tiffany-logan
    tiffany logan

    I was one of the many fans of Margot Robbie who was wowed by her initial performance as Harley Quinn and looked with anticipation for the character’s return. I never imagined the pathetic sequel that has been released. EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE! The Director and the Scriptwriter who created this stink bomb should be banished from Hollywood and Margot should have held out for a better script instead of accepting her payday. Very disappointing.

  • vasyl-novak
    vasyl novak

    Birds of Prey: and the Fantabulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn, is a movie I had high hopes for but it fell flat. I will start off this review with the positive aspects first such as: Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn was a great casting and continues to be where I think she gives a better performance then her one in Suicide Squad, and Ewan Mcgregor plays a decent version of Black Mask. The use of colours and costumes I thought were great and I found some moments of entertainment through some of its action sequences.However, This film has a lot of problems, most of the performances in this film are very shoddy, especially from Rosie Perez who is a walking cliche’ as Renee Montoya (and I know that’s what they were going for but it just doesn’t work}, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Huntress who gives us some very cringey at times acting, and I think some of this has something to do with the screenplay which I also think is average at best. The humour that they’re going for doesn’t work at all I chuckled maybe once, and it was the same for my theatre. They also butchered Victor Zsasz which I found extremely disappointing as I was looking forward to his inclusion in the DCEU, the way he was portrayed was nothing like how he is in the comics and it seems like he is just trying to be some knock off version of the Joker. Also why is the film titled Birds of Prey? This is a Harley Quinn Movie, just like the trailers the Birds of Prey are barely in it and when they were they had small glimpses of being cool characters but for the most part they were some of the most cliched early 2000’s era superhero characters I have seen since that era.Overall, I found Birds of Prey to be a disappointment I came into this film very optimistic but got let down, due to the fact that this films writing was just plain bad. If Margot Robbie’s and Ewan Mcgregor’s performances weren’t as great as what they were with the nice compliments of the characters costumes it would have been completely boring and cliched garbage.

  • antoine-laurent-levy
    antoine laurent levy

    Some of the action scenes were okay. Nothing special I was really hoping to see something worth watching. This is quite a disappointment. A lot of hype as usual What can I say? I’m just hoping when Venom comes out. I’ll have something to enjoy. I don’t recommend of this one.

  • sonia-borras
    sonia borras

    This movie was awful. It’s a jumbled mess of missed jokes and shoving girl power and “men are evil’ down your throat. There isn’t one male in this entire movie that isn’t some kind of evil misogynist caricature.You can raise women up without doing that. GOOD movies about strong females make good money because people enjoy them, men as well. But when you go the route of wokeness from the promotion to the actual film, you’re going to suffer at the box office….then blame the people you’re alienating. It’s a clown show.Who is this movie aimed at? Most of the woke crowd don’t really want to see it, you alienate your biggest audience and then complain that they don’t want to go see it? Make good movies instead of using them to inject your agenda into entertainment.Maybe if they keep losing money they will learn…probably not.The best things about this movie was a CGI Hyena and MEW.

  • hans-solberg
    hans solberg

    If you like Suicide Squad, this is for you. If not, this is a hard pass. Don’t even bother.The good: Harley Quinn is perfectPerformances are goodit’s visually pleasingThe bad: For being R-rated, the violence feels neuterednot comic accurate at the least, infact it’s a huge “f u” to the comicsit’s not original, it’s just a gender-bent version of Deadpool 2The ending isn’t deservedThe story is bland, sloppy, and allover the placeCostumes looked cheap

  • zenon-pikros
    zenon pikros

    With badly driven character arcs and nonexistent plot, “Birds of Prey” is a directionless mess. Instead of showing you a fun and interesting story, they would rather talk you through expository dialogue and narration. Beneath this pile of wasted potential is a sadly missed opportunity for an interesting story about some of DC’s most interesting characters. The most compelling part of the movie for me was Hunteress, who had less screen time than an adolescent pick-pocket. But the best part of the film isn’t even about the film, but the critics response. Even the top critics, whose job it is to judge movies by their story and characters, say that the fighting was so cool that it makes it a good movie. So then, why isn’t Green Lantern considered a good movie? Man of Steel? Suicide Squad? These “critics” are either to dumb to realize an awful movie when they see one, or they’re afraid to criticize movies because of the backlash they might get.In conclusion: Don’t make the same mistake I did and waste your hard earned money on this two hour long mood swing.

  • meszaros-a-eva
    meszaros a eva

    Margot Robbie is pretty awesome as Harley Quinn however even with that, this movie is one step up from unwatchable. The plot is all over the place, the dialogue is horrible, the characters other than Harley Quinn are inconsequential, and basically the producers are just spitting in the eye of anybody who has been a fan of the comics. There were a couple good laughs and a couple good fight scenes but otherwise this really was nothing but a loud, garish Suicide Squad spin-off. I’d be all for a real DC Birds of Prey movie, but this film should not even have had that name in the title.

  • baghram-azgaldryan
    baghram azgaldryan

    What a joke of a movie. Boring slow dull and the plot is daft jumps from one scene to another with no interest. How can any critic that’s says this is good be genuine cause there no way they are.

  • sean-aguirre
    sean aguirre

    This could have been such a good movie! The movie took a few steps too many into the woke space. While some of the elements fit in well with the theme, it becomes tiring if the same message is constantly being repeated over and over and over. It simply spoils the movie

  • adrien-lucas-carlier
    adrien lucas carlier

    Before we saw this movie, my son told me that there were lots of 1/10 reviews on IMDb from people who hadn’t even seen the film. Well, here’s a 1/10 review from someone who has.Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn reminds me a lot of Lori Petty in Tank Girl (1995), another comic book film that really ground my gears. Like Petty’s character, every quirky mannerism and snarky comment by Harley got right on my tits, as did her horrible fashion sense. In addition to Robbie’s diabolical performance, we get equally obnoxious turns from Rosie Perez as a tough cop, Ella Jay Basco as an annoying pick-pocket, and Ewan McGregor as camp crime boss Roman Sionis, plus an absolutely pointless tribute to Marilyn Monroe, lots of dumb, supposedly amusing captions, a tiresome self-aware voice-over, and a horrible CGI hyena.Director Cathy Yan (who?), working from a charmless script by Christina Hodson, is unable to do anything interesting with the admittedly wafer-thin plot, which can be boiled down to just a handful of words: “everyone is looking for a diamond”.A muddled, noisy, gaudy mess, full of poorly constructed action scenes and goofy humour that falls flat on its face, Birds of Prey is possibly the worst film I have seen at the cinema in recent months. And I saw Cats and Bombshell (another Margot Robbie disaster).

  • dr-szabo-p-eva
    dr szabo p eva

    I like women. I like equality. I don’t like idiotic political agendas like “all women good – all men bad”. Besides that, the whole feels cheap and stupid. Margot is an excellent actor so I think this was a missed opportunity to make something cool. They should have learned from the Joker.

  • igor-matesa
    igor matesa

    While Margot Robbie is a good Harley Quinn, the character was not given enough arc. The plot was predictable and mainstream, especially due to lack of a strong antagonist. The main antagonist, played by Ewan McGregor, was not developed and hence did not add significant value to the plot story. Although some of the fight scenes were entertaining, the film as a whole was truly forgettable.

  • ziga-pintaric
    ziga pintaric

    Target demographic (12-17 year old girls)Movies rating (R18+)Whoever thought this was a good idea definitely needs to reconsider. Your own audience couldn’t see it.It’s easily the worst of the 8 DC films to date. You want female empowerment watch Wonder Woman.

  • gorbachev-ustin-avgustovich
    gorbachev ustin avgustovich

    The movie title is “Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn” but I believe it should’ve been called, “Harley Quinn and the birds of prey” or “Harley Quinn and … (insert any name here)” because this is not a team based movie at all, it mainly focus on the character of Harley Quinn – sadly not in a meaningful way – and her fight against what can be described as a faded image of Black Mask.I’m OK with making a movie far off the original animations and comic books in what seems to be a shadowed completely different characters who only share their names from the original adaptation but even considering this fact in this movie it’s still considered a huge let down on all aspects, from the shallow silly plot to the corny acting by everyone specially “Margot” and the the sexual orientation twists that turns almost every lead male and female character into either bisexual or gay while leaving the rest of the minor male characters to look like jerks which is no more than a sad attempt for female empowerment movie, not to mention the too much colorful scenes and cheesy directing throughout the whole mess.There are many huge missed opportunities here that could’ve turned this into an amazing piece of art, I believe it was deliberately missed by the childlike script and performance by all adding the all over the place sets decorations and directing.I understand that a Harley movie must be colorful and chaotic but there’s a huge difference between artistic anarchy and this mess which feels it was directed by a crazy extravagant fashion designer! The movie had its very few moments though, for example the fight scene in the evidence room which I believe is considered the level that the whole movie should’ve been developed upon or even darker! not too girly and childish like this one.Harley Quinn is a very dangerous character, sometimes even sometimes more crazy and sadistic than the joker, an unstable yet funny lady in a dark way and what was represented in this film had nothing to do with Harley’s character, I don’t think this movie will be enjoyed by most fans of Harley Quinn or DC generally, I for one sure didn’t enjoy it this much, my opinion is this, “Margot” will never be a true to heart Harley Quinn… she doesn’t look the same, she doesn’t feel the same and sure as hell doesn’t sound the same.Just like people admired “Jack Nicholson” for being the Joker, No one knew back then that there will be “Heath Ledger” and “Joaquin Phoenix” to rule the role on their own way and the same goes for Harley, I believe nerds drool over “Margot” because they didn’t see any better versions yet and I’m sure if the role was given to someone else who is close to the original Harley it’ll dazzle everyone. I recommend if DC decided to use “Margot” again at least ask her to go learn from “Arleen Sorkin” how to say “Puddin” or “Mr. J” properly and for f’s sake just give her a bigger adult oversized mallet for some wild skull crushing instead of that childish toy she had to hit people with!