Petr is 17 years old and starts work as a security worker against shoplifting in a busy self-service shop. His boss gives him pretty basic instructions, and Petr is pretty unsuccessful at work. He doesn’t do much better at the dance hall either, and at home his bombastic father lectures him about how useless he is.

Also Known As: Asul de pică, Černý Petr, Petros kai Paola, Musta Pekka, Czarny Piotrus, Black Sheep, Črni Peter, Черен Петър, L'as de pique, Svartepetter, Det svarta fåret, Der schwarze Peter West, Pedro e Paula, Sorte Peter, Peter and Paula, Black Peter, Fekete Péter, Cerný Petr, Pedro, el negro, Maça Asi, Черный Петр Soviet, O Ás de Espadas, Pedro, o Negro, Peter e Paula, L'asso di picche

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