Martha Travis is a medium who makes contact with spirits “on the other side” and connects them with their loved ones still alive, in public performances. Trouble begins when she gives a message to Mary Kuron from her husband, Tom. But Tom isn’t dead – yet. And Martha not only knows he will die, she also knows who killed him. And the murderer knows she knows. Her exploitative elderly alcoholic father and manager, Walter Travis, and Gary Wallace, a skeptical investigative reporter fascinated by the story who eventually falls for Martha, try to protect her, and so does the skeptical police – or do they.

Also Known As: Чёрная радуга Soviet, Svart Regnbue, Arco-Íris Negro: Além da Vida, Arco Iris Negro, I ekti aisthisi, Más allá del arco iris, Arco-Íris Negro, Arcobaleno nero, Musta sateenkaari, Fekete szivárvány, Svart regnbåge, O Arco-Íris Negro, Czarna tęcza, ブラック・レインボウ, Black Rainbow, Magie noire, Black Rainbow - Schwarzer Regenbogen West, Brujería negra, Черна дъга

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