The hero of the film is a murderer. He is an ex cop who served eight years in prison for the murder of his wife’s murderer. Upon release from prison, he decided to return to his hometown to escape from his past. En route to his ancestral home in Georgia, one of his friends gives him a gun that fires grenades, smoke bombs, steel balls, rockets, and several other types of projectiles. One day, while just looking through the scope of his gun for no apparent reason, he happens to spot a large buck. He follows the deer with the scope and is surprised when he witnesses a group of local boys poach the deer. The hero puts the gun under the floorboards of the porch, where it remains until very near the end of the movie. Upon investigating the poaching, he uncovers a horrifying poaching ring run by a man from Hong Kong who is paying the locals a couple of thousand dollars per deer and using bits of the animals for Oriental medicines. Our hero decides to clean up the ring. However, he runs into difficulty when he finds out that the whole thing is sanctioned by his former best friend who appears to make the rules in the town from the comfort of his logging company, in total disregard of the local laws and police. The hero’s daughter shows up and complicates matters. The confrontation escalates and people around the hero begin to die. He decides to take revenge. After his daughter is killed, he breaks out the gun under the porch…

Also Known As: Oikeuden soturi, En panser går amok, Blastfighter, l'exécuteur, Взрыватель Soviet, Jigoku no senshi: Burastofaitaa, Warrior of Hell: Blastfighter, Con la justicia en sus manos, Rando - Orgismeno aima, Blastfighter, Blastfighter, la furia de la venganza, Arma Explosiva, Osamljeni obupanec, Force of Vengeance, Chong feng xian zhen Hong, Blastfighter - Der Exekutor West, L'exécuteur exterminateur

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